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What is a Smart TV

What is a Smart TV? Know it from the Tech Expert

When the phones and other home devices are getting smart, why not your television? What is a smart TV? Let’s find out. The release of smart TVs in India opened …

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What is Android TV

What is Android TV? Everything you need to know

What is Android TV? I bet most of you are perplexed about this concept. While you are on a spree for the best TV, you certainly will come across different …

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What is 8K TV resolution

What is 8K TV resolution? Everything You Should Know About It

Woah, believe it or not, 8K resolution is actually here! There’s no secret that the TV industry loves big numbers. From 4K to 8K resolution, it has travelled in very …

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4K UHD vs 4K HDR

4K UHD vs 4K HDR: Know the Difference from the Experts

Buying the best TV for your home is no more a duck-soup. With all the tech jargon popping out, the process can be intimidating to any commoner. In the vast …

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Smart TV Buying Guide

Smart TV Buying Guide: What are the must-have TV features?

The revolutionary appliance has overwhelmed everyone with its technological advancement and array of features. This is certainly very pleasing. But the major obstacle comes in with the whopping number of …

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How to select the thickness of mattress

How to select the thickness of mattress?

Did you know that there is a strong connection between mattress thickness and beauty sleep? And that’s why I am here to guide you on how to select the thickness …

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How to clean a mattress

How to clean a mattress? Best & Easy Ways

Let’s begin with some honesty. How often do you clean your mattress? Well, I am sure you don’t remember the last time you did it. There’s nothing to shy about; …

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Is RO purified water safe to drink

Is RO purified water safe to drink? REVEALED!

Is RO purified water safe to drink? Lots have been spoken on this subject. In fact, I would say it’s been quite a debatable topic. Yes, certainly, RO (Reverse Osmosis) …

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How to choose a Washing Machine Capacity

How to choose a Washing Machine Capacity? Expert Speaks

Much has already been spoken on which type of washing machine is the best. Inverter vs non-inverter washing machine, Front-load vs Top Load, Fully Automatic vs Semi-automatic; we have vocalized …

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Dolby Digital Plus vs Dolby Atmos vs Stereo

Dolby Digital Plus vs Dolby Atmos vs Stereo: Surround Sound Explained

Dolby Digital Plus vs Dolby Atmos vs Stereo – Together, we will take a deep dive into each one of them and discuss all the intricacies. Once you decide to …

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Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker: Which one is better?

Ever heard of the phrase – change is the only constant in life. Well, it holds true even in the case of this tiny little gadget. The look and functionality …

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Neckbands vs True Wireless Earbuds

Neckbands vs True Wireless Earbuds: Which one should you choose?

Hey, music enthusiast! I am so glad to have you back. Your passion for music makes me want to guide you more on having a mesmerizing experience. Neckbands vs True …

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Active vs Passive Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Active vs Passive Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Which one is better?

Are you on a spree of finding yourself the Best Bluetooth Earphones? Well, you certainly have come across a few technical terms then. Do they sound a bit confusing to …

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Inverter vs Non-Inverter Washing Machine

Inverter vs Non-Inverter Washing Machine: Know the Difference

Certainly, a washing machine is no more a luxury home appliance. It’s become a necessity for every household now. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our dependency on this …

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What is an Auto Clean Chimney?

What is an Auto Clean Chimney? Everything you need to know

The invention of the best auto clean chimney has certainly been a game-changer in the working of a kitchen. Smoke, fume, contaminants, odours! All of these are part and parcel …

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