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Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in India

Expert suggests 7 Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in India: 2022 Picks

Whether it’s summers or winters, keeping your skin hydrated is a need of the hour. And therefore, I am here to reveal the list of the best moisturizers for dry …

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Things Not To Put Into A Microwave Oven

13 Things You Should Not Put Into A Microwave Oven

Being cautious whilst using an oven may seem like an obvious thing to do. However, you’d be surprised to know how many people end up dealing with kitchen fires along …

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What Is A Rotisserie Microwave Oven?

What Is A Rotisserie Microwave Oven? All You Need To Know

Ever wonder why some microwave ovens are called rotisserie ovens? These ovens are a little different from your standard ones- they’re meant to cook meat in a specific way. So, …

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Common Microwave Oven Settings

Common Microwave Oven Settings: All You Need To Know

If you’re relatively new to microwave ovens, then all the settings you see on one might throw you in for a loop. I know the feeling- you wouldn’t be the …

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How To Choose Microwave Oven Capacity

How To Choose Microwave Oven Capacity- Expert Guide

Capacity is always the first thing you should think of when you buy a microwave oven. You wouldn’t want to run out of space or take too long to make …

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Microwave Oven Baking Tips

8 Microwave Oven Baking Tips That Will Let You Bake Like A Pro

Going out to get baked foods isn’t always convenient. I prefer to bake my own stuff at home in my microwave oven and enjoy the baking process itself. I’m sure …

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What Is The Auto-Defrost Feature

What Is The Auto-Defrost Feature On A Microwave Oven?

Everyone loves the convenience of microwaves, and I use mine for everything from defrosting and cooking meat to baking cakes. One of the best features I’ve come across while using …

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Different Surround Sound Systems

Different Surround Sound Systems Explained: 2.0, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1

Have you ever been to the cinema and felt like you were a part of the movie because of how it sounds? That’s because most theatres now use surround sound …

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Under-eye cream vs serum

Under-eye cream vs serum: Which one should you pick?

There’s only little you can do to prevent yourself from the most taxing under-eye concerns. If you are a victim of it, my blog on under-eye cream vs serum is …

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Best under eye creams for dark circles

Which are the Top 7 Best under eye creams for dark circles(2022)? Expert Guide

There’s no shying away from dark circles anymore! Allow me to bring forward a curated list of experts on the best under eye creams for dark circles. Dark circles can …

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Earphone Drivers

Different Types Of Earphone Drivers And How They Work: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s very important to understand earphone drivers to ensure you find a pair of earphones that actually produce good audio. A driver is what converts audio signals into sound waves. …

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Setting Up Home Theatre

8 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Setting Up Your Home Theatre

When setting up a home theatre, you have to be careful and avoid making mistakes. Mistakes, like buying a cheap TV and watching movies in SD quality or not considering …

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Common Earphone Myths

13 Common Earphone Myths Busted!

Earphones are a great way to enjoy your music and audio content on the go. However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about them that can stop people …

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Earphone Sound Signatures

Earphone Sound Signatures: A Guide For Beginners

When you’re trying to get yourself the best pair of earphones or simply trying to keep up with the latest tech, you’ll come across people using terms like “Bright”, “Warm”, …

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Tips to Blow Dry hair without damage 01

Tips to Blow Dry hair without damage: From the Experts

Just when we are ready to bid adieu to the year 2021, let’s say goodbye to dull and damaged hair as well. December is the month of love and the …

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