Microsoft Office Vs. Google Docs: Which Office App Works Better?

Microsoft Office Vs. Google Docs

Microsoft Office and Google Docs Editors are two of the best word processing tools available. Office is Microsoft’s flagship writing tool, offering incredibly advanced features, while Google Docs offers more accessibility. Each suite is pretty similar in many ways, so which one is the truly good one? In this article, I’ll talk about Microsoft Office … Read more

7 Easy And Effective Ways To Reduce Humidity From Air Cooler

Reduce Humidity From Air Cooler

A good air cooler can be an excellent companion during summer. It can lower the temperature of a room by several degrees and make it more comfortable to stay in. However, one problem that air coolers can cause is increased humidity in the air. This can be particularly troublesome in areas with high humidity levels … Read more

What Is Dry Mode in AC? – Function And Benefits Explained

What Is Dry Mode in AC

Sleep mode, timer, fan control; all those Air Conditioner settings are incredibly handy. However, there’s one more feature you’re probably missing out on, as it’s often overlooked in favour of regular cooling. I’m talking about Dry Mode. What Is Dry Mode in AC? It’s an excellent feature that can make your room twice as comfortable … Read more

Stainless Steel vs ABS Plastic RO Water Purifier Tanks – Which One Is Better For You?

Stainless Steel vs ABS Plastic RO Water Purifier Tanks

When buying the best water purifier, it’s important to consider the entire water purifier’s construction material. However, it’s especially important to consider what the storage tank is made of. After all, that’s where your water is going to stay. Stainless steel water purifier tanks are generally preferred over plastic storage tanks. However, the latter still … Read more

8 Reasons For Why Tap Water Tastes Bad

Why Tap Water Tastes Bad

One of the essential steps to follow when buying a water purifier is identifying the content in your tap water- a good way to do that is through taste. Clean water normally tastes bland, but if it has a foul taste, that could be an indicator of various contaminants. In this post, I’ll tell you … Read more