16 Most Important Features of Laptops You Can’t Ignore

Important Features of Laptops

Generally, you can get a great laptop with the right choices when it comes to basic specifications. However, there are some recent advancements in technology that are a must to have. Your experience can change completely based on whether you have these features or not. Most Important Features of Laptops 1. USB Type-C And Thunderbolt … Read more

How to Cool A Laptop – 7 Steps to Make your Laptop Cooler

How to Cool A Laptop

If your laptop runs fast for a while and then starts slowing down significantly, then your laptop is most likely overheating. It’s ideal to know how to cool a laptop, to keep yours at peak performance and to keep its hardware safe from damage. In this article, we’ll tell you about some effective ways to … Read more

7 Best Operating Systems for Laptops in 2023

Best Operating Systems for Laptops

There are a lot of OS options when it comes to laptops. Each of these operating systems has its own advantages, disadvantages and usage scenarios. Some certain laptops also come with obsolete operating systems. Hence, it can be hard to pick the right one for yourself. Of course, Windows is a great choice, but other … Read more

The 11 Best laptops under 40000 in India(2023): Expert Picks

Best laptops under 40000

If you are working from home right now, an entry-level model will certainly not be enough for you. Welcome to my blog on the best laptops under 40,000 in India. Why should you trust us? Experts have selected our curated list only to get you acquainted with the most efficient and incredible performers. What exactly … Read more

Chromebooks Vs Windows Laptops- Which one is the best for you?

Chromebooks Vs Windows Laptops

Recently, Chromebooks have been making great headway into the portable computer market. Not only are they extremely easy to use, but they’re also fast, lightweight and reliable even on lower-end laptops. ChromeOS keeps getting better and better as time passes, and it’s starting to compete with Microsoft’s own Windows OS. So, which one would you … Read more

Which are the Best laptops under 50,000 in 2323? Top 11 Picks

Best laptops under 50000

If you are looking for the best laptop under 50,000, you are in for a sweet spot. Undoubtedly, functioning without a laptop today is impossible. Work, gaming, watching a show, streaming music, taking up an online course and more. Well, you can use it for almost everything. From school going kids to working officials, every … Read more

Touch Screen Laptops- Advantages and Disadvantages Explained!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Touch Screen Laptops

If you’re a designer or an artist, then you might want to use touch screen laptops. After all, they can offer you a great amount of precision and control while also increasing the quality of your productions. So, we’ve made this article to help you figure out if touch screen laptops are a good choice … Read more

Different types of Laptop Ports Explained!

Different types of Laptop Ports

You’ve likely heard computer enthusiasts tell you that ports are very significant when it comes to laptops. And they would be right to say so, as you can’t change the number of ports when it comes to laptops as you can do with desktops. Which is why you should ensure that the number and types … Read more