Different Types Of Water: Everything You Need To Know

Different Types Of Water

You’ve probably heard of Sparkling Water or Alkaline Water- similar to these; there are different types of water out there. You must know the composition and health impacts of each kind so that you can keep yourself as healthy as possible. Some water types may seem safe but, in reality, need more purification to be … Read more

What Are Convertible Refrigerators? A Comprehensive Guide

What Are Convertible Refrigerators

You’ve probably noticed how popular convertible refrigerators are, with all the big brands calling them the next big thing in the refrigerator market. So, what are convertible refrigerators? Are they any better than your standard refrigerator? Read on to find out as I go into detail and talk about how these refrigerators work.   What … Read more

IEMs Vs. Earbuds: Which Sound Better?

IEMs Vs. Earbuds

Whether you’re vibing to your favourite song or are immersed in a game, audio is a crucial part of the experience. And what you use to listen to your audio can make all the difference. In this article, I’ll compare IEMs Vs. Earbuds and help you figure out which one is better for you. Everything … Read more

11 Convenient Ways To Get Rid Of Refrigerator Odour

Ways To Get Rid Of Refrigerator Odour

Have you ever had your fridge start smelling weird all of a sudden? That’s a very common refrigerator problem and an unpleasant one at that. It’s even worse when the smell is particularly strong, as that means it’ll stay for a while. However, you can skip the wait and immediately remove such smells. I’ve written … Read more

The Best Juicers In India – Top 9 Picks 2022

Best Juicers In India

With so many diseases spreading lately, eating and drinking as many healthy things as possible is a must. That’s where homemade organic juices come in; they strengthen the immune system greatly. Want to make these juices conveniently and easily? Well then, we’ve picked out and reviewed the best juicers in India to help you out. … Read more

Most Common Refrigerator Problems And How To Fix Them

Most Common Refrigerator Problems

At this point, refrigerators have become a major part of people’s everyday routine. If your own refrigerator malfunctions, you’ll have a monkey wrench thrown into your plans for the day, and if the problem is significant enough, you even have to deal with spoiled food. Worry not, though- I’ve got your back. Here’s a comprehensive … Read more

How To Reduce Refrigerator Noise: 7 Effective Tips

How To Reduce Refrigerator Noise

Everyone loves the convenience of having a fridge until it starts making horrendous sounds. A buzzing compressor, rattling loose condenser coils or fans that sound like jet engines can be incredibly annoying and disruptive. However, there are a few ways you can take care of these issues without putting in too much effort. In this … Read more

13 Things You Should Not Put Into A Microwave Oven

Things Not To Put Into A Microwave Oven

Being cautious whilst using an oven may seem like an obvious thing to do. However, you’d be surprised to know how many people end up dealing with kitchen fires along with a myriad of other disasters because of the things they put into their microwaves. Don’t let yourself be in their shoes- it goes a … Read more