Dual Inverter Air Conditioner vs Conventional Non-Inverter Air Conditioner – The Consumer Guide

Dual inverter air conditioner vs non inverter

Air Conditioners; these cooling appliances have come such a long way. Rather than just delivering cool air, the modern versions ensure you get fresh and clean air as well. The emergence of dual inverter technology has made such an appliance even more tempting. Buying the right air conditioner is not an option anymore; it’s pretty … Read more

10 Smart Ways to Clean a Microwave Oven

Smart Ways to Clean a Microwave Oven

Cook, Bake, Heat! What do you use your microwave for? Most people use it for pretty much everything. But what about the aftermath? Do you use it and leave it filthy? Most people also do that. However, that can land you in some troublesome situations later on. In the end, you’ll have to end up … Read more

Is Microwave Cooking a Healthy Option? Explained!

Is Microwave Cooking a Healthy Option?

Microwave Ovens: A healthy or unhealthy option? This debatable discussion seems to be endless. Most people want to enjoy the comfort of a microwave oven but are in a dilemma. Do microwave ovens cause cancer? Is microwave radiation harmful to health? I know you have all kinds of questions in your mind. Your mind is … Read more