Which is the Best Air Cooler in India 2023? Top 11 Picks

Best Air Coolers in India

Get ready to beat the heat graciously by bringing home the best air cooler in India. Undeniably, air conditioners have been ruling the market with their cooling capabilities. But you know what inspired me to talk about the top air coolers available? Number one, they are way cheaper. So, if you are under a budget … Read more

What is Inverter AC? Inverter AC Vs Normal AC

What is Inverter AC

What is Inverter AC? Are you looking for the answer to this question? Then this article is for you. Here we will try to answer all your possible questions regarding Inverter AC.   When you think of buying the best air conditioner in India, you often hear about inverter AC. Have you ever wondered what … Read more

AC Power Consumption – Balancing Performance and Energy Savings

AC Power Consumption

At this point, with the climate being unpredictable and harsh, an air conditioner is a necessity. Summer months are near-scorchingly hot and can make life extremely uncomfortable if you don’t have an AC. With how widespread electricity is nowadays, and the generally better economy, people can easily get themselves AC units. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Types of Air Conditioner Filters and How They Work

Types of Air Conditioner Filters and How They Work

A filter is essential when you’re getting an air conditioner. The more filters, the better. If you’re about to buy an AC, then learning about air conditioner filters will help you significantly. Benefits of an AC with Air Filters There is a lot of air pollution in countries where industrialisation is present. Your home can … Read more