9 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on 30 March, 2021 by Sourav Roy

Are you looking for the best double door refrigerators in India? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place for it. In this article, we, with the help of our experts, will give you some tips for buying the best refrigerator you can find. We’ll also provide you with a list of the best double door refrigerators you can buy right now.

Best Double Door Refrigerators

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A refrigerator is a big purchase; once you get one, it can last more than ten years if it’s well made. A double door refrigerator doubles the benefits by giving you two separate compartments for freezing and standard cooling. It saves space, too.

But which one should you buy? A refrigerator is a common item, and the Indian market is brimming with all kind of refrigerators. So, let us help and find you the best fridge for yourself.

Best Double Door Refrigerators In India 2021

Best Double Door RefrigeratorsCapacityStar RatingsWarrantyView
Samsung 324 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator324 L3 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

LG 260 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator260 L3 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator253 L3 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

LG 260 L 3-Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator260 L3 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

Whirlpool 340 L 3-Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator340 L3 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator320 L2 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

Samsung 253 L 2-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator253 L2 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

Whirlpool 265 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator265 L2 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator256 L3 Star1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

Godrej 260 L 4 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator260 L4 Star 1 Year on product & 10 Years on compressorView at Amazon

1. Samsung 324 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

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Our list of the best double door refrigerators in India starts with the Samsung 324 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. Samsung is one of the biggest leading electronic brands in India. Like most of their products, this refrigerator comes with the most cutting-edge technologies.

Samsung 324 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Ergonomic 5 in 1 Convertible Mode.
  • Advanced Digital Inverter Technology to reduce energy consumption.
  • All-around Cooling system for more efficient cooling.
  • The cool-Pack feature keeps food frozen for 12 hours when the refrigerator doesn’t have power.

There are a lot of fantastic features that come with this refrigerator. Let us tell you about the best ones.

Let us start by pointing out that this refrigerator has a 5 in 1 Convertible mode. What this means is that the fridge is usable in 5 different ways. It adapts to your needs as they arise. Here’s an explanation about how that works.

In the normal mode, you have the fridge for regular cooling and the freezer above stores frozen food.

If you run out of space in the fridge to store the food, you can change the mode and use the freezer as a regular fridge. You certainly won’t be running out of space anytime soon, with this handy function.

On the other hand, you might not need that space if you’re alone at home and have less food to keep. in that case, you can turn the main fridge off and use the freezer as a mini-fridge.

If, however, you want a bigger fridge space, but the freezing is entirely unnecessary, then you can turn the freezer off completely.

All these functions can also save upto 70% of energy, depending on your settings. This fridge is a great tool when you want the full power of a good fridge but don’t want to waste any energy. You are the one in control of how much of its power you use.

As you can see, the 5 in 1 Convertible Mode feature is going to make your refrigerator extra convenient. Your needs will have fitting solutions in changing situations.

The Digital inverter within the refrigerator detects any temperature changes within itself and automatically adjusts the compressor’s speed depending on the cooling requirements. By doing so, it significantly reduces power consumption as well.

With the All-around Cooling system, the refrigerator can have separate airflows in the fridge and freezer, through its independent cooling system. This technology also prevents odours from mixing up.

And last but not least, the Cool-Pack can keep your food frozen upto 12 hours even during a blackout.

  • 3-Star Energy Rating.
  • Auto-defrost.
  • Reliable cooling.
  • Smooth slide-out shelves.
  • Somewhat expensive.


2. LG 260 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

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With the value and support of the LG Brand and the best inverter technology that’s available in the Indian Market, the LG 260 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is a shining star. It is one of the best double door refrigerators out there, with its sleek design and exceptional features.

LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator - Best Refrigerators In India


  • Auto Smart Connect to connect the refrigerator to your home inverter when the power goes off.
  • Multi Air Flow Cooling provides even cooling across the entire inside of the fridge, including all corners.
  • Moist Balance Crisper to balance moisture level and keep your food fresh longer.
  • Humidity Controller to regulate humidity in the fridge, ensuring faster and more efficient cooling.
  • LG Smart Diagnosing to help diagnose and solve any problems in the refrigerator quickly.

The product is excellent for both you and your food. It even comes with a technology called Auto Smart Connect, which connects the fridge to your home inverter whenever there is a power shortage. As a result, the food stays unspoilt, and your fridge stays cool. There are a lot more features that make this fridge worth having though, let us tell you about these.

There are multiple cooling air vents to distribute the cold air evenly, making sure everything remains stable. The cold air reaches every corner of the fridge to provide the best cooling.

We noticed that on some fridges, the items inside the vegetable box spoil fast. To circumvent this issue, LG incorporates an innovative lattice-pattern box cover to maintain the optimal level of moisture in the refrigerator.

The Humidity Controller in the fridge manages the humidity, so the air stays cool, and the refrigerator stays dry.

If you start experiencing problems with the refrigerator, then the Smart Diagnosing function is going to come in handy. You can use it to quickly find out the root of the problem and fix it in a flash.

  • High storage capacity.
  • Elegant steel body.
  • Excellent energy and cooling management.
  • Works Stabilizer-free.
  • Power-effecient inverter technology.
  • Shelves are not adjustable or removable. Fitting large bowls might be difficult.


3. Samsung 253L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

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This silent, durable and energy-efficient fridge from Samsung comes with a beautiful metal finish on the front and a ton of fantastic features. We have this one in our list of the best double door refrigerators because of how well it mixes amazing performance with good value.

Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Advanced Digital Inverter Compressor guarantees a long-lasting refrigerator.
  • A stable operation where voltage gets regulated to prevent damage.
  • Cool-Pack and Cool Wall combined to keep food fresh for long in time of power outage.
  • Rapid cooling technology that boosts either cooling or freezing at the touch of two buttons.
  • Door alarm alerts you when the door is open for too long.

For a start, this refrigerator uses an always active Digital Inverter Compressor that can automatically adjust its speed to meet cooling demands. Doing so ensures that the fridge lasts a very long time.

Furthermore, this is not the only function the fridge has that makes it so durable. Let us tell you more about its capabilities.

It has stabiliser free operation, which is a feature designed to prevent any kind of electrical damage or shorting. If the voltage increases too much, the fridge automatically cuts off power to avoid any further damage.

The refrigerator has a Cool-pack that keeps your food fresh upto 12 hours even if power gets cut off. If your electricity goes out, you can remain worry-free as the food inside will stay fresh.

Sometimes, you might want to freeze or cool something swiftly and cannot afford to wait for long. In that case, this fridge offers you two buttons, one for the freezer and another for the cooler. These buttons chill the contents of their respective compartments 31% faster with a touch. Make up cold drinks quickly and keep your food fresher with this unique rapid cooling technology.

Another unique feature that this fridge has is its Door Alarm. Whenever the door isn’t shut properly or is accidentally left open for more than 2 minutes, the refrigerator will alert you. Thus, you can quickly close it and save the cold air to keep your food fresh and even save electricity while you’re at it.

  • Easy-slide shelves.
  • 4 Star BEE rating.
  • Smart moisture management.
  • Evenly spread cooling.
  • Relatively smaller vegetable box.


4. LG 260 L 3-Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

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This fridge from LG is very efficient, providing you with the highest quality cooling. It has a beautiful design, and its practicality doesn’t disappoint at all. We’re glad to welcome this great refrigerator into our list of the best double door refrigerators in India.

LG 260 L 3-Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator


  • Inverter Linear Compressor to provide more precise temperature control.
  • Air flow goes all the way to the front of the fridge for enhanced cooling in the door area.
  • Dual Fridge technology to provide more cooling flexibility.
  • Smart diagnosis to solve problems quickly and smoothly.
  • LED Lighting to provide long-lasting interior lights.
  • Tough Glass Shelves that carry heavy load easily.

To begin with, this LG fridge comes with a brilliant cooling system. The Inverter Linear Compressor has a temperature range of ±0.5°C. That ensures that there’s much less fluctuation in the coolness of the fridge. Often uncontrolled temperature fluctuations tend to spoil food quickly, and that is where this function comes to the rescue. Your food is cooled evenly and stays fresh twice as long because of it.

The LG Door Cooling+ mechanism is far more convenient than any conventional cooling systems in the way that it provides you 35% faster cooling. This cooling method makes sure that there is cold air everywhere in the fridge and in doing so, reduces the temperature gap between the inner part and door side of the compartment. Thus, your food will stay fresh even longer for it.

There’s more to this excellent piece of technology, not only can it cool your food well, but it can also give you even more space than it shows. The freezer on top can be turned into a regular fridge for more storage space.

If you ever run into problems using it, those problems are easy to get rid of, with LG’s Smart Diagnosis system. It comes included with the fridge. All you have to do is contact LG’s customer care. And then simply bring your phone close to the refrigerator so that it can relay whatever problem it has to the technician.

And that’s not all of it. There are other small features make this fridge very comfortable to use. For instance, the shelves in it come reinforced with hard glass so that it can’t break easily. Therefore, you can fit more heavy items into the shelves without problems.

While it’s powerful and practical, it still manages to be very power efficient. Even the lights within the fridge are LED lights, further lowering the power consumption.

  • Works without a stabiliser.
  • Ice build-up prevented because of Auto-Defrost.
  • Double Twist Ice tray.
  • Takes some time to convert the freezer to a fridge.


5. Whirlpool 340 L 3-Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

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This futuristic fridge comes with everything you’d require in a good refrigerator and then some. It has advanced cooling systems, germ protection and a convertible mode for complete ease of use. You also get a decent capacity and a lot of unique functions.

Whirlpool 340 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Adaptive Intelligence Invertor technology for smart and power-efficient cooling.
  • IntelliSense technology adapts the cooling according to internal load.
  • Easy slide-out shelves that can be moved around to make necessary space.
  • Active Deo to keep it fresh inside the fridge.
  • Stabiliser free operation for smooth performance.
  • 6th Sense Deep Freeze for quick freezing.

This refrigerator from Whirlpool comes with a particular function that lets it manage power without losing any of its performance. It’s Adaptive Intelligence technology continuously analyses the Load, Weather and Usage Pattern to optimise the refrigerator for the best performance.

The IntelliSense Inverter technology is especially useful, as it adapts cooling according to the internal load. Not only does that reduce power consumption, but also ensures seamless performance during power cuts.

Moreover, to add to its practicality, you can adjust the slide-out shelves to suit your needs. For instance, if you need to put a large jar into the fridge, you can raise one of the shelves higher. They have a hardened glass, so they can effortlessly hold up any heavy load without breaking down.

The air inside the fridge compartments will also remain fresh, with the Active Deo function that eliminates the unpleasant odours, keeping your food from being touched by them as well.

The product does not need a separate stabiliser to run. You can use it without worrying about the fridge malfunctioning because of power fluctuations.

Freezing is also an effortless task as it employs 6th Sense Deep Freeze, something that makes the freezing process faster and better.

  • Flexible storage.
  • Bacteria protection for the inside.
  • 3 Star BEE rating.
  • Efficient power management.
  • Costly.


6. Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

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First off, this Double Door Refrigerator from Haier does come with a Inverter Compressor. There are other unique features in it as well that makes it stand out in our list of the best double door refrigerators we could find.

Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • 1-HIT Technology ensures faster ice formation.
  • Twist ice maker for easier ice production.
  • 2x Bigger Vegetable Box so that you can put more food inside.
  • Twin Inverter Technology saves energy by intelligently managing fan and compressor.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation offers low voltage support.
  • PUF Insulation to retain low temperatures evenly for better cooling.

When you’re waiting for ice cubes, you don’t have to wait very long at all. The fridge uses 1 Hour Icing Technology to ensure fast ice formation. The freezer temperature goes all the way down to -5 degrees, so you’ll have the ice ready in just 60 minutes.

The ice is also easy to produce, as it comes with a twist ice maker. When filled in, it can effortlessly provide you with ice. You don’t even need ice trays to get what you need.

The vegetable box is exceptionally spacious, and you can keep all your food fresh in it without running out of space. It also has multi air flow, to keep your food cooler and fresher than ever.

But that’s not all this refrigerator has to offer, though. You’d want an excellent cooling system in a good fridge. And we’re sure this one most certainly has one.

Moreover, the general cooling in this refrigerator is also very advanced and energy-efficient. You should know that both the compressor and fan run at different speeds, according to the load in the fridge.

The product also comes with an in-built stabiliser. If your power starts fluctuating all of a sudden, it will also keep itself safe from damage. This refrigerator can work on the power supply as low as 135V. Rest assured; you don’t have to rush to turn your fridge off when the voltage becomes unstable.

The door of this Haier refrigerator also comes with a comparatively thicker PUF insulation. This insulation helps the fridge conserve it’s lower temperatures.

Lastly, this fridge also has a rather large capacity. Its storage volume is 320 Litres, so it’s easily sufficient enough for five people and even more.

  • Large storage capacity.
  • Quick ice production.
  • Two times bigger vegetable box.
  • Hard glass shelves.
  • Only 2 stars BEE rating.
  • Insufficient manufacturer support.


7. Samsung 253 L 2-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

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While this fridge from Samsung has a comparatively lower BEE rating, it is still a very sturdy and efficient product. It can save your time and money with how effective it is. In other ways, it still holds up as one of the best double door refrigerators out there in the Indian market.

Samsung 253 L 2-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Moist Fresh Zone maintains stable humidity and keeps the moisture balanced.
  • Digital Inverter technology that creates less noise when working.
  • Power Cool and Freezing for super-quick results.
  • The cool-Pack feature that keeps food fresh without power.
  • Stabilizer free operation for better lasting.
  • Ergonomic design in the form of Easy Slide-Out Shelves, Convertible Modes, a Movable Ice Maker and a Recess Handle.

The Moist Fresh Zone offers a perfect balance of moisture. It makes sure that the earlier mentioned moisture isn’t excessive or too little. This way, your food stays perfectly cool and fresh without getting spoiled because of uncontrolled humidity.

You will also have to hear less noise as the fridge uses a Digital Inverter Compressor. That is because the Digital Inverter makes sure that the compressor starts up slowly before gradually gaining speed and then slows down to maintain the desired temperature without turning off. It won’t be running around uncontrolled and making any unwanted noises as it starts.

Not to mention, the refrigerator also comes with a fantastic Power Cooling and Freezing function. With this, you can easily have your items cooled or frozen in a few minutes, unlike the other fridges out there where you have to wait. Just activate either the power cooling or freezing and have it finish working for you in no time at all.

It also comes with some useful backup mechanisms to protect your food when you’re having problems with the electricity. If your power goes out, the fridge can keep the food fresh for upto 12 hours, and it won’t get damaged during voltage fluctuations either. It has its own stabiliser which helps it handle the low voltage.

Lastly, this fridge is also extremely convenient and easy to use. It comes with a beautiful yet practical design. Open the door easily with the Recess Handle and slide the shelves out effortlessly when you need to do so.

Even if you’re worried about running out of space, we’ve got you covered. The convertible mode lets you turn your freezer into a fridge anytime and even if that’s not enough, there’s a movable ice maker that you can bring out to make the refrigerator spacier.

  • Beautiful design.
  • More than adequately spacey.
  • All-around cooling.
  • Flexible upper compartment.
  • Low 2 Star BEE rating.
  • Light is only available in the lower door.


8. Whirlpool 265 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

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Whirlpool has been bringing out high-quality household appliances for more than a hundred years. Their Neofresh Refrigerator is more than good enough to be on our list of the Best Double Door Refrigerators. It comes packed to the brim with unique features that you don’t see in most if not any other refrigerators.

Whirlpool 265 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Stay safe from bacteria and keep your food fresh longer with Microblock Technology.
  • Air tower with strategically placed vents for excellent airflow.
  • The chilling gel that preserves cool air for emergencies.
  • Stabiliser Free Operation for protection against electrical problems.
  • Active Deo to keep fridge free from odours.
  • Freshonizer and Zeolite technology to further prevent food from spoiling.

The Neofresh contains a unique anti-microbial additive that prevents most bacterial growth and further keeps your fruits and vegetables safe. You have little to worry about in terms of your health as well.

The regular cooling system is fantastic as well; you get an efficiently designed air tower that has vents placed in areas that allow your fridge to get the even cooling in each space.

It comes with precautions against power shortage, too. The chilling gel stores cool air for use when your electricity goes out. It can keep the food fresh and your ice frozen for hours on end.

This refrigerator won’t start to malfunction with any kind of voltage fluctuations.

One more unique feature is that it comes with an anti-odour mechanism. While you’d have to sometimes deal with bad smells in regular fridges, this one’s Active Deo function keeps the odour away and always keeps the air inside your refrigerator fresh.

Lastly, its ability to keep your food fresh is more potent with the use of a Freshonizer and patented Zeolite technology. The Freshonizer keeps the oxidation levels in control so your food won’t spoil at all. Zeolite technology also keeps them in their original state by absorbing ethylene gas released by vegetables and fruits.

  • Easy to slide shelves.
  • Protection from power fluctuations.
  • Faster bottle cooling.
  • Multiple features to keep food fresh.
  • Low 2 Star BEE rating.
  • No LED Lighting.


9. Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

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Another double door refrigerator from Haier, this one is just as exceptional as the other one. It comes with a sleek, stylish design and a feature set that will make your living fresh and comfortable.

Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Flexible 8-in-1 Convertible to suit all your cooling needs.
  • Aesthetic, modern design that fits right into your kitchen.
  • Toughened glass shelves that support a heavy load.
  • Twin Inverter Technology for efficient cooling.
  • Save the environment and your electric bills with R600a Refrigerant Gas.
  • Enough for a medium-sized family.

When you’re about to buy a double door fridge, you might occasionally worry if you should get a fridge with a single compartment to save space.

Well, some of the best double door refrigerators have convertible modes that let you use switch specific compartments. You can switch between a fridge and a freezer for one of the compartments. So you won’t be short of space anytime soon with the Haier’s 8-in-1 Convertible mode.

The fridge also comes with a very polished steel finish and elegant looking glass shelves. The shelves are spill-free and sturdy. You can even put a heavy load on them without having them break. Pulling them out is also a straightforward task.

The fridge’s cooling system is also quite potent, cooling your food up or creating ice within a mere few minutes. If you’re not interested in waiting, then it’s cooling technology offers you quick and satisfying results.

That brings us to our next point, with such powerful cooling, the power consumption is also quite well managed. The fan and compressors will run at different speeds, adjusting themselves according to the load required to save power and still give you exceptional performance.

The use of R600a Refrigerant Gas also requires lesser power, cutting down on your electric bills while being less harsher on the environment.

To top it off, the storage capacity for this refrigerator is 256 Liters, which is more than enough to keep a medium-sized family satisfied.

  • Comparitvely high capacity.
  • Ergonomic design that combines power and durability.
  • Door Locking mechanism.
  • Thicker Polyurethane rigid foam insulation.
  • Few service centres.


10. Godrej 260 L 4 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

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While being a well-known brand in India, Godrej also specialises in high-quality kitchen appliances. This refrigerator from them is no different. It can easily provide excellent service to the people its meant for; a small family.

Godrej 260 L 4 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Jumbo Vegetable tray for extra space.
  • Anti-B Gasket to keep germs from coming onto food.
  • Energy-saving LED Lighting for best illumination.
  • Large tray chiller for easy bottle storage.
  • Tough glass shelves for pleasant appeal and functionality.
  • High-quality cooling system.

First of all, this fridge is very spacious even though its meant for a nuclear family. There’s even a large vegetable box included where you can keep all your vegetables safe without worrying about running out of space.

The anti-microbial resistance in the gasket helps keep the food germ-free. The air ducts also have DC Silver Ion technology for increased effectiveness against bacteria. It is a unique feature, and that’s merely one of the reasons we have put this into our list of the best double door refrigerators.

The LED light inside is also bright, and unlike the conventional lighting, this one consumes far less energy. It will help in the long run as it’s far more efficient and lasting.

The chiller tray also has the capacity of holding five 1 litre bottles, so you can always have fresh, cool water ready to be used.

Not only that, but it also comes with hardened glass shelves that let you put a heavy load on them without breaking and look good at the same time.

And of course, the cooling system of this fridge is definitely worth mentioning. In our tests, we’ve noticed that this refrigerator cools and freezes things faster than conventional refrigerators do.

  • Good capacity.
  • More than sufficient space.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Good manufacturer support.
  • Makes noise.


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Best Double Door Refrigerators – Buying guide and tips

Best Double Door Refrigerators 01

Picking the right double door refrigerator can take a bit of effort. You’d need to consider storage needs, special features, the storage capacity and so on to find the perfect fit for you. When you go for purchasing a fridge, you have to find just the right balance of power and energy efficiency as well.

That is why our experts have created this comprehensive list for you. With it, that you can effortlessly choose what fridge suits you among the best double door refrigerators, you can find. So with no further ado, let’s get on with our guide.


1. Double Door Refrigerator

Best Double Door Refrigerator

Double door refrigerators are fridges that come with two compartments, one a cooler and another a freezer. They can provide regular cooling and keep your items frozen at the same time. The best double door refrigerators often come with a set of convertible modes. The modes let you use the freezer compartment for other purposes like standard cooling and different specific cooling needs.

Advantages of Double Door Refrigerator

  • Comes with an auto defrosting mechanism and electric fans for better, more efficient cooling.
  • Well-suited if you have a family of more than three people.
  • Starts with 235 Litres of capacity, but can go up as high as 495 Litres.
  • Flexible shelving so you can fit things in effortlessly, with no chance of spillage.

Disadvantages of Double Door Refrigerator

  • If you prefer smaller capacities, then having double door refrigerators might feel somewhat excessive, as they come with a large storage capacity.
  • The larger capacity also means that power consumption will be 20%-30% higher.
  • With frost-free modes, double door refrigerators use automated fans which means they use far more power when compared to direct cool technology.


Single Door Refrigerator Vs Double Door Refrigerator

Single Door RefrigeratorsDouble Door Refrigerators
Single Door Refrigerators are good for small families.Double Door Refrigerators are good for families as big as ones with 4 to 6 members.
Singe Doors have a capacity of 50 to 250 Litres.Double Doors go from 235 to 495 Litres.
Direct Cool system consumes lesser power.Frost-free technology consumes 30%-40% more power.
Comes with smaller shelves and smaller freezer. The shelves are bigger, and freezer is more spacious.
Ice needs to be cleaned manually Automatically cleans ice.
Cheaper price ranging from Rs 6000 to Rs 20000 More expensive, ranging from Rs 20000 to Rs 60000.

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2. Direct Cool Refrigerator

Direct Cool Refrigerator

Cool air circulates inside these fridges through natural means, without the use of any external aids, as the name suggests. It also causes Ice to form around the freezer, which you have to defrost manually.

Advantages of Direct Cool Refrigerator

  • Power-efficient.
  • The fridge exterior doesn’t become hot.
  • The fridge exterior doesn’t become hot.
  • Great for small families.

Disadvantages of Direct Cool Refrigerator

  • Manual ice cleaning.
  • Not suitable for refrigerators with high capacity.
  • Exposure of coils by rear makes them gather dust.
  • Uneven cooling because of no temperature control.


3. Frost Free Refrigerator

Frost Free Refrigerator

Unlike direct cool ones, these make use of automated fans to provide finer control over temperature and provide uniform cooling inside the fridge. Cool air gets distributed evenly. Hence, without the coldness concentrating on specific places, no unnecessary formation occurs. Double Door Refrigerators use this kind of cooling system.

Advantages of Frost Free Refrigerator

  • Best way to keep food as fresh as possible.
  • Even distribution of cool air.
  • No Ice formation.
  • Defrosting is automatic.
  • Well suited to large family.

Disadvantages of Frost Free Refrigerator

  • Higher electric bill.
  • The exterior of the fridge gets too hot.
  • Not particularly economical.
Direct Cool RefrigeratorFrost Free Refrigerator
Cool air circulates through natural means.Electric fans cool the interior.
More economical.Relatively expensive.
Consumes less electricity. Higher consumption because of electrical fans.
Only present in single door refrigerators. Present in refrigerators with multiple doors.
Refrigerator capacity restricted between 50 to 250 Litres. This technology is present in higher capacity refrigerators.
Food remains moderately fresh.This technology is exceptional at keeping food fresh.
Manual defrosting needed to remove ice. Ice Defrosts automatically.
Exterior of the fridge does not get hot. This mechanism causes fridge exterior to heat up.
Exposure of coils causes rust accumulation.Coil is entirely covered in a frost-free refrigerator so no dust build-up.
Great for small families. Best for larger families.

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Things to consider before buying the best double door refrigerator

Now that we’ve talked about the types of refrigerators in detail, let’s talk about all the other aspects of the fridge you have to consider before purchasing. Here, we’ll talk about fitting the refrigerator to your requirements and what each of the features would be good for.


1) Capacity

The first thing you’ll notice when purchasing a fridge is its capacity, indicated with Litres. The larger the litre amount, the higher the storage capacity. You’d see as high as 250L of storage capacity for Single Door Refrigerators, while the Double Door ones come with more substantial storage ranging from 235 to 495 Litres.

Double Door Refrigerators are a great choice if you’ve got a large family or don’t wish to worry about running out of space.


2) Inverter technology

We recommend using fridges that come with Inverter compressors. This technology enables the compressor to run at different speeds with respect to the cooling load. When the temperature drops below the set amount, the compressor turns operates at a lower capacity. It only powers up again when the temperature goes back up.

This power management saves about 20%-30% of electricity consumption.

A regular compressor runs at it’s highest settings and stops when it reaches the optimum temperature. Once cooling is required, it turns again. This process of turning ON and OFF consumes extra energy.

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3) BEE Star Rating

BEE Star rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates refrigerators according to their power consumption. A 5-Star BEE rating means it’s the most power-efficient while a 1-Star rating means it’s the least efficient. The highest star ratings are also the most expensive. However, it might save you more money in the long run.

5-Star Double Door Refrigerators are quite rare in the Indian market, and they are quite pricey as well. 3 and 4 Star rated refrigerators are the best balance you’ll find for utility and power consumption. We recommend not going any lower than 3 Star unless you have no other option due to the tight budget.


4) Design

Double Door Refrigerators come with two separate compartments, one for the fridge and another for the freezer. The division prevents the cold of air of one compartment from escaping when you open the other. In a way, this also saves energy.

These refrigerators come in two different forms, though. Some have freezers mounted on the top while some have them at the bottom.

Top Mounted Freezer

The freezer is at located at the upper part of the fridge while the main refrigerator is at the lower part. This layout is the most common design in most double door refrigerators.

Bottom Mounted Freezer

Refrigerators with this kind of freezers are relatively recent. The freezer box lies at the bottom of the fridge with the main cooler above it.

This design might look strange at first. However, these fridges are made like that to make them more convenient to use. As the main cooler is what people use most often, they’d have to bend down to reach into it. Because of the freezer box being lower, it isn’t necessary anymore.


5) Convertible Functionality

Convertible functionality

This is an excellent benefit of owning a double door refrigerator. Some of the best double door refrigerators come with a variation of this functionality. Using it, you can convert one of the compartments to either a fridge or a freezer. What that means is that you’ll have the flexibility of having extra cooling space or using the freezer at any time.


6) Built-in stabiliser

Often you’ll end up with a fridge broken in some way because of voltage fluctuations, or rushing to turn it off. To save you the pain of doing either, we’ve included refrigerators that have a built-in stabiliser.

Having a built-in stabiliser means that your fridge’s power will remain stable without causing any damage, even if the voltage goes haywire. We highly recommend picking a refrigerator with this kind of feature.


7) Noise

Older refrigerators tend to emit high levels of noise, which can make being at home very annoying. To save yourself years of listening to the sound of your fridge, you should pick a newer model. Most older refrigerators are single door ones, and there aren’t many newer ones that come with low noise. For best results, you should pick a double door refrigerator, which is more recent and advanced.


8) Shelves

This part might be something a typical person would overlook. We recommend that you don’t go with grilled shelves that are hard to hold and prone to spill. Instead, pick the fridges which have shelves with no opening at the surface. A hard glass shelf is a good example, as it looks good, takes a heavy load and does not spill.


9) Price

Double Door Refrigerators aren’t typically cheap, as they come with a lot of powerful functions and a larger storage capacity. Don’t give in the temptation of one that’s super cheap, as it’s likely that the fridge will have a significant compromise one way or another. A good rule of thumb would be keeping your bar somewhere above Rs 20000.


10) Warranty

Fridges can generally last more than 5-10 years with high performance, before starting to degrade. However, since they are sometimes prone to electrical problems, it would be in your best interest to choose a fridge with a long time warranty.

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Best Double Door Refrigerators In India – Frequently asked questions

Best Double Door Refrigerators In India – Frequently asked questions

1. What is the price range for a good double door refrigerator?

To refrain from risking the performance and get the best value, sticking to refrigerator beyond Rs 20000 to Rs 55000 is a good idea. If you’re looking for budget options, checking out Haier and Godrej is a great idea. If you can afford higher value, then premium products from brands like LG, Samsung and Whirlpool are the best way to go.


2. Which brands have the best double door refrigerators?

Refrigerators from well-known brands like LG, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool and Godrej have some of the best double door refrigerators in the Indian market.


3. How to maintain a double door refrigerator?

To keep your refrigerator in top working condition, just follow those four small tips, and they’ll make a big difference about how long your fridge will give you a satisfactory performance.

  • Check the door seals.
  • Keep the coil clean.
  • Check the gasket often.
  • Always set a suitable temperature.


4. What is the size of the freezer for a double door refrigerator?

The size of a freezer is quite small in respect to its primary cooler’s size. The fridge to freezer ratio is 80:20. It is that way since most Indians vegetarians and need a bigger vegetable box. There are other sizes, but you can’t find them in India.


5. Double Door or Single Door, which is better?

The number of doors depends on your needs. If you’re good with small storage space and have a restriction on your electric bills, single doors are the best way to go. However, if you don’t want your fridge to have ice all inside it and then to remove it manually, then you’re better off with double doors as they defrost ice automatically.


6. Do double door refrigerators cool faster?

When it comes to cooling, double doors are undoubtedly superior. They use electric fans as the baseline of their cooling system. They can make ice in a mere one hour. Single door refrigerators, on the other hand, use a more natural method. This method results in much slower ice formation.

Some of the best double door refrigerators also come with a power chill-freeze function that boosts their cooling ability and shortens the time by a large extent.


7. Are stabilisers necessary?

They aren’t. However, we suggest you get something with stabilisers. Power fluctuations are frequent in India, so it serves as insurance in extreme cases where damage could occur.


8. Do double door refrigerators consume more energy?

Yes, they do. That is due to the usage of electric fans for cooling. They also have a larger area to cool, as they come with a high storage capacity. All in all, they consume 30-40% more energy.


9. How long do vegetables stay fresh in a double door refrigerator?

These refrigerators don’t generate any kind of frost. As a result, the vegetables stay fresh for longer. The vegetable box also handles moisture by keeping it balanced, further increasing effectiveness.


10. Why do double door refrigerator walls heat up?

There is a functional reason for this, and it isn’t dangerous at all. The heating is a result of the refrigerator trying to prevent moisture condensation. You must leave a 10-15 cm gap between the fridge and the wall, so that heat radiation doesn’t damage the device.

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As you see, double door refrigerators will be more convenient for you and profit in the long term. If you follow our guide, you will eventually be able to buy yourself the best refrigerator in India. Not only can you find an excellent fridge, but you’ll also find the best double door refrigerators using our guide, which essentially means double door refrigerators that can utilise their functions and potential to the fullest extent.

Take what you need from our list, and you’ll be satisfied if you choose from our pick of the best double door refrigerators. Otherwise, our buying guide will still help you a lot.

Have a fun time shopping and good luck!


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