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The 7 Best Front Load Washing Machine in India(2022): Expert Picks

Last Updated on 12 January, 2022 by Sourav Roy

Washing machines are sure to provide an excellent wash quality. But why choose the best front load washing machine in India over a top loader?

Number one, they are very gentle on delicate clothing. Number two, Front loaders consume less water in comparison to their counterparts. Number three, the appliance comes in a large loading capacity. Number four, they consume less detergent. Number five, all big brands are promoting the idea of selling a front load washing machine. So, why not?

Best Front Load Washing Machines in India

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So, let’s explore the options and get you the most reliable one. We are in this together!


1. LG 9 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

According to our experts, this 9 kg Inverter Washing Machine by LG is more than qualified for being one of the best front load washing machines in India. Let us briefly talk about some of the significant features, advantages and disadvantages of this washing machine.

LG 9 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 9Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1400RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 74dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 54Kg
  • Dimensions – 70.3 x 58.5 x 157.5  cm

Key Features

  • Robust 6 Motion Direct Drive motor delivers excellent washing performance.
  • It can effectively remove stubborn stains as well as prevent damage to clothes.
  • Inverter technology reduces power consumption.
  • Inbuilt heater for better washing performance.
  • Low vibration and low noise.
  • The robust drum is made of stainless steel.
  • SmartThinQ app for connecting to smartphones for control.

Reason to Buy The LG 9 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

6-Motion Direct Drive: This is one of the technologies that make the washer stand out the most, and it’s the first feature that caught our attention. The principle behind the technology is drum rotation in multiple directions. With such rotation, the washer can clean much more effectively. In fact, it can even remove stubborn stains. Despite how well it cleans, though, we noticed that even though it has to give a powerful wash to get rid of hard stains, it doesn’t damage any fabric. Hence, it won’t be a threat to delicate fabrics.

Aside from this main benefit, there are plenty of other good side effects as well. As it’s a direct drive, that means there are no belts or pulleys on the motor. Without these, the machine produces less friction, which in turn leads to reduced noise and vibration.

Low Power Consumption: The washer already uses very little power. There’s more to that, though. It comes with Inverter technology, which is a must-have in any good washing machine. With the motor running at varying speeds based on the load inside it, there will be even less power consumption. We consider this washer to be one of the most cost-effective ones on the market. It does cost some money initially, but it has the best combination of features and long term savings.

Inbuilt heater: We all know that hot water helps remove stubborn dirt and allergens from clothes quickly. This machine uses hot water but in a much more effective way. It has its own heater, which can heat the water all the way up to 60° C. So, it’s more than well equipped enough to remove all sorts of stains and allergies from your laundry. Do note, though, that the washer doesn’t use the heater to dry clothes faster.

Auto-Restart: A large issue you’d usually face with normal washing machines is power cut accruing during wash cycles. All custom settings are removed, and the device is reset to the default settings. But luckily with this washing machine, you don’t have to get into this kind of trouble. Because of this feature, the washer resumes to the same cycle where it was shut down during the power cut. You’ll be saved from having to reset the cycle and starting everything from scratch.

SmartThinQ support: This feature is certainly worth a mention. Usually, you can only get it with higher-end washing machines. So, we just had to check this one out and see how it works. And everything is just as we expected- it takes away so much effort needed for maintenance. Washers are prone to run into problems as they’re run often. This feature can analyse these problems and provide instructions to fix them easily. The instructions are accurate, too, so you’ll certainly like this feature.

  • 6 Motion Direct Drive motor.
  • Inverter technology.
  • Inbuilt heating technology.
  • Child lock feature.
  • Auto-restart function.
  • Waterproof control panel.
  • Somewhat expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions you might have about this particular washer.

How much does it dry laundry?

With the high RPM speed, it can dry clothes by 80%-85% based on how thick they are.

How much are the chances of clothes tangling up?

This washer is designed specifically to prevent tangles, so there won’t be any.

Which kind of tap should I connect to this washer?

You can use either a plain tap or a pipe fitting one.

Can I wash blankets and carpets?

Yes, you can.


Judging from the results of our test, you won’t face any issues that may hinder you from using this washer. It has a good wash performance, and the high RPM also means that it’ll be able to dry many kinds of fabrics efficiently. For the most part, it will be more than enough to satisfy you once you get through the expensive initial price. It’s a great option for a big family- not only because it has decent capacity. It also has high durability. The build material itself is stainless steel, which is excellent for a washing machine. The machine is more likely to rust up with so many people using it, so having such steel will be incredibly convenient for you.


2. IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Of all the washers, we can easily agree that this 8kg Washing Machine is one of the best front load washing machines in India. The biggest reason is that it has its own combination of unique features, all of which are state-of-art. They’re some of the latest you can find on the market.

IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 8Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1400RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 56dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 56dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 70dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 80Kg
  • Dimensions – 61 x 60 x 85 cm

Key Features

  • Unique Air Bubble Wash feature efficiently removes sticky stains.
  • Aqua Energie feature to solve hard water issues.
  • 4D Wash System for better washing performance.
  • Crescent Moon Drum protects clothes from being damaged.
  • Child Lock function for better safety.
  • The Laundry Add feature allows adding laundry during a washing cycle.

Reasons to Buy The IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Air Bubble Wash System: This is the main attraction of this washing machine, as it plays a large role in its wash quality. The system emits millions of agitated air bubbles. These air bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric and expel stubborn dirt from the inside. We’ve tried putting some clothes with chocolate and sauce stains into the washer to see how well it can clean. And the washer has managed to remove these stains efficiently, which shows that the wash quality is as good as LG says it to be. After all, stains like these are some of the hardest to get rid of.

Aqua Energie: If you live in a place with hard water, this feature might save you from a lot of trouble. It converts bicarbonates of water into tiny crystals, softening the hard water. If you don’t treat the hard water before washing your clothes, the troubles you’ll face will be quite significant. For a start, you’ll end up having some health problems. You won’t be able to use detergents with hard water either.

In fact, the issues you might face being in an area saturated with hard water go even higher. The washing machine itself can get damaged- white layers of residue build-up in the drum and supply pipe due to the use of hard water for a long time, eventually destroying both. So, you can see at this point that having such a feature can help you in all sorts of ways. It gives this particular washer a large edge over the normal washing machines, especially if you live in a saturated area.

4D Wash System: This wash system is one of the best features of this washing machine. Its design is fairly simple but can provide very effective results. There are nozzles in the drum, which spray water with a fair amount of force in all directions towards the clothes. This imitates some of the force gained from hand scrubbing, allowing the detergents to penetrate deep into the clothes. As a result, all the stubborn stains are removed from the laundry, leading to an enhanced wash performance.

Crescent Moon Drum: At first glance, this feature looks like a mere design choice. However, it offers plenty of practical benefits. This Crescent Moon-shaped drum can prevent your laundry from rubbing against the walls of the drum. As a result, your clothes stay protected from being damaged while washing.

Child Lock: On top of all the fancy features and high-end performance, this washer also comes with a convenient Child Lock. You can disable the control panel and prevent any kids from altering the washer’s settings and causing issues.

Laundry Add: Here’s another feature that makes this washer stand out among the traditional washing machines. In a traditional washing machine, you cannot add any extra clothes after starting a washing cycle. This feature gives you the flexibility to add clothes by stopping the washer, even during a washing cycle.

  • Excellent features like Air Bubble Wash, 4D Wash System.
  • Capable of saving water and electricity.
  • Protection against voltage fluctuations.
  • User-friendly LCD panel.
  • Auto Balance system.
  • Makes a significant amount of noise.
  • The display shows inaccurate information about wash time.
  • Not all modes work well with full capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions you might have about this particular washer.

How hot can the heater be?

The maximum temperature of the heater for this washer is 95°C.

Can I use washing powder with this machine?

No. You’ll be much better off using liquid detergent.

Does it need extra attachments to wash with hard water?

It doesn’t.

How often should I wash the drums?

You should wash it every 6 months.


We’ve got plenty of good things to say about this washer- it is in our list of the best washers for a reason, after all. Its wash quality is decent, and so is the drying power. The noise can be ignored; it doesn’t always make so much of it. The other two issues might prove to be a hindrance, and our experts offer some advice to help deal with them. The wash time is only an estimate. Add a little more time to the numbers you’re shown to get a much better idea of when the cycle is complete.

The modes, on the other hand, do work alright for the most part. The problem usually shows up in the modes that aren’t supposed to be used as often. If you’re using other modes, just be sure to put in clothes a little below the 8kg capacity to get the best possible results.


3. LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This fully automatic washing machine from LG has a decent capacity. Moreover, it is one of the most proficient we’ve seen among front loading washing machines. This 7 kg washer is not only light on the electricity, but it also uses very meagre amounts of water. Besides, it washes your clothes efficiently with its broad array of cleaning facilities.

LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 7Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1200RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 74dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 60kg
  • Dimensions – 60 x 44 x 85 cm

Key Features

  • High-class efficiency with a 5 Star rating.
  • 10 preset programs allowing for increased washing flexibility.
  • 6 Motion Control for efficient cleaning.
  • Reduced noise, vibration, wear and tear.
  • Turbo-wash for quick washes.
  • Stainless Steel Drum to ensure your clothes stay healthy and clean.

Reasons to Buy The LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Multiple Programs: The first notable thing about this washer is that it can offer you plenty of wash programs. The more programs there are in a washer, the more flexibility you get. You can take advantage of the earlier mentioned washing facilities by utilising these programs. They should be enough to clean off most fabrics effectively. But, in case they’re not, then you can download even more programs at your convenience.

6 Motion Control technology: This technology allows you to enhance the benefits of the aforementioned programs further. With this technology, the washer moves its drum in various directions. As a result, the clothes get ultra-clean. And, from what we noticed, the fabrics don’t get damaged in the process at all.

Turbo-wash: The Turbo-wash can clean your clothes up in less than an hour. The presence of a quick wash function is only seen in the best washing machines, and so you can expect a lot from this 7 Kg LG front loader. Plus, it doesn’t bother your clothes while it works to clean them up as fast as possible.

Gentler Cloth Washes: There’s more to this washing machine than just its wash performance. It doesn’t use a belt or a pulley, which means that it has less friction. Because of that, there’s less noise and vibrations. An even better thing is that your clothes get to stay safer from wear and tear because of the reduced friction. On top of that, they stay safe in a different way too. The rust-proof Stainless Steel Drums keep harmful elements like bacteria and germs away.

  • Safe for clothes.
  • High spin speed.
  • Child lock.
  • High cleaning efficiency.
  • Zero noise production.
  • Improper weight distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions you might have about this particular washer.

What is the usual wash time?

It depends on the mode selected. It’ll take 30 mins, though it can also last as long as 3 hours. Though, we did notice during our tests that some of the other modes also tend to take shorter, like somewhere around 2 hours.

How many clothes can the faster wash function take before the washer starts to have noticeable vibrations?

It can take 4-8 clothes.

What's the minimum wash time for rinse and dry?

It’s about 30 mins, though we noticed it works a little faster in some instances where there is less load.


The washing machine is good overall and can provide you with satisfactory performance for the most part. It’s packed feature-wise as well- there are plenty of other less notable but very convenient features, like the Smart Diagnosis function. It operates oddly sometimes, though. During our tests, the washer seemed to have a bit of inconsistency in noise production. Sometimes it washed while being incredibly quiet, while other times, it started making noticeable noise. However, that’s likely from the uneven weight distribution. If you can look past that, then this washer will more than likely work out for you.


4. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is the fourth product in our list of Best Front Load Washing Machine in India. Regardless of that, it’s just as good of an option as all the others. IFB is renowned in India for manufacturing front load washing machines with superior quality. This product comes with many advanced features and an attractive price.

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6.5Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1000RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 68dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 220V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 66Kg
  • Dimensions – 59.8 x 50.6 x 85.8 cm

Key Features

  • 3D Wash System provides sparkling cleaning performance.
  • AquaEngine technology to deal with hard water issues.
  • Different wash programmes for every kind of fabrics or stains.
  • Crescent Moon Drum protects your favourite garments from being damaged.
  • Cradle Wash takes extra care of your delicate clothes.
  • Voltage fluctuations protection feature enhances safety.

Reasons to Buy The IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

3D Wash System: We’ve spoken of similar tech before and how effective the results can be. The water spray doesn’t come out in as many directions as the brand’s higher-end washers, though. Similarly to the 4D Wash System, the washer uses nozzles to spray water at 360 degrees around the drum. As a result, the detergent sinks deeper into the fabric and cleans your clothes from the inside. The drum also has more dynamic movement, which means the process will be more efficient. Hence, you won’t have a hard time dealing with stains, and your clothes will always be sparkling clean.

AquaEngine: Any washing machine that can clean well in hard water is a high-quality one, in our books. This one can perform well in such water, thanks to IFB’s patented AquaEngine technology. As a result, clothes will get washed very well, even in hard water. Especially combined with the rest of the high-end features. For example, the washer softens hard water, allowing the detergent to dissolve. And then, the 3D Wash System comes in and pushes the detergent into the fabrics properly.

Multiple Wash Programs: Fabrics and stains are always of various kinds. Considering this, this washer comes with 14 different types of wash programs to this washing machine designed for different types of stains and fabrics. So this product can always provide you with a suitable wash program depending on the specific type of cloth or stain. Do note, though, that there is a significant caveat to this feature. While trying out the different wash programs, we’ve noticed that only one program can actually work with the 6.5kg capacity. The rest can only take up to 3kgs of load.

Crescent Moon Drum: A great drum design is always a good thing to have in a good washing machine. We’ve spoken of the feature earlier, so we’ll summarise it for now. The drum’s design significantly reduces the chances of clothes tearing by rubbing against its wall. So this washer is ideal for both a good wash and a safe wash. It works with another feature called Cradle Wash to further enhance the safety of more delicate clothes, including those made of silk or satin.

Laundry Add: With this feature, you can stop the machine during a washing cycle and add clothes in. So, you’ll find the washer to be even more convenient.

  • 14 different types of wash programs.
  • Capable of working with hard water.
  • Convenient LCD panel.
  • Voltage fluctuation protection.
  • Child Lock function.
  • Laundry Add function.
  • Makes some noise.
  • Wash programs could use some improvement in regards to capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions you might have about this particular washer.

Does this washer come with a lint filter?

Yes, it does.

Can it wash blankets?

Yes, this washer is capable of cleaning blankets. In fact, it can wash the bigger blankets, like the heavy double bed sized ones.

How much is the stand for this washer?

A compatible stand should cost you around Rs. 1600, more or less.

Is it adequate for a family of 3-4?



It’s a great model to go for if you have a small family or are living alone. However, if you’ve got a big family, then this product won’t fit you. For one, it takes a while to wash- it has the wash time of most of the standard washing machines. Our experts believe that it’s a detriment, as some of this washer’s advanced features consume extra power. That means that it can cost you much more electricity bills with each use. Nothing against the performance, though- it can wash at least twice as well as the regular washers at the same price.


5. Bosch 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This washer comes equipped with plenty of high-end features, which tie in together to provide a satisfactory washing experience. Bosch is also a premium washing machine company, which means that you’ll find the washer to be extremely durable.

Bosch 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6.5Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1000RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 65dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 65dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Steel
  • Overall Weight – 62.6Kg
  • Dimensions – 60 x 60 x 86 cm

Key Features

  • ActiveWater technology saves both water and electricity.
  • VairoDrum takes care of your delicate fabrics.
  • The antiVibration design ensures better stability.
  • SpeedPerfect feature reduces wash time by upto 65%.
  • EcoPerfect option saves power upto 66%.
  • Child Lock function for better safety.

Reasons to Buy The Bosch 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

ActiveWater: This is the first feature that deserves mention. It’s a feature exclusive to Bosch washers and one of the ones that set it apart from washing machines from other brands. It can help you save water and help the environment as well. The washer uses multiple sensors to determine the type and weight of the laundry. Afterwards, it automatically adjusts the amount of water taken based on the information from these sensors. You get one more benefit too- we’ve noticed that the washer eats up much less electricity.

VarioDrum: VarioDrum is Bosch’s own specialised drum design, and it can offer you plenty of advantages. Due to the unique design of the drum, this washing machine can easily remove stubborn dirt. Not only that, but it also takes care of your delicate garments during washing so that they do not become damaged. The results are even more satisfactory considering that the washer uses much less water than the standard washing machine to provide even better results.

SpeedPerfect: If you’re a busybody, this feature will make you feel right at home. It may not always be possible for you to wait for the long washing cycle to end. With SpeedPerfect, you don’t have to wait for the long washing cycle to end. This option is capable of performing up to 65% faster washing than a conventional washing machine. So you can finish the entire washing process in a short time. One thing to note here is that SpeedPerfect consumes more electricity due to faster washing.

EcoPerfect Option: The washer may consume more electricity through SpeedPerfect, but the EcoPerfect Option balances out that flaw. Instead of washing fast, you can choose to wash slow. This option consumes 66% less electricity than a typical washing machine by significantly reducing the washer’s power. Though, from what we’ve observed, there’s no compromise in wash quality.

AntiVibration Design: Excessive vibration and noise is a common problem with traditional washing machines. This washer is specifically designed for both reduced vibration and noises. The design ensures that the washer is always properly balanced, which significantly enhances the washers ability to run more quietly.

Reload Function: It’s essentially a Laundry Add feature. You can quickly stop the washer and add laundry if you forget any.

Child-Lock function: Having a feature to disable controls is always handy if you have kids at home.

  • Premium built quality.
  • Capable of working on low water pressure.
  • Faster washing performance.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Child lock function.
  • Vibrations still happen occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions you might have about this particular washer.

Is the RPM adjustable?

Yes, it is.

Can it do hot water washes?

There’s no mention in the product description, but yes, it can.

What is the tub material?

Same as the body. Steel.

Can it wash heavy clothes?

Yes, it can. It can even wash doormats.


This washer offers excellent value for money. It’s rather popular on the market; even the amazon page has plenty of reviews, with the washer’s combined rating being rather high. And from what we’ve seen from running the washer by ourselves, it deserves the fame it has. Even the design is unique. It could use more drying speed, perhaps, but 1000 RPM is more than enough at this price.


6. Samsung 6.0 Kg Fully-Automatic 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine

As like every other best front loading washing machine, this one uses a lot less water. On top of that, you get Samsung’s excellent design that further improves the machine’s water efficiency. So, you no longer have to worry about water- but it’s not just the water usage that’s low. This 6 kg Samsung washer is also very energy-friendly; you won’t have to worry about paying high electricity bills because of it.

Samsung 6.0 Kg Fully-Automatic 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6.5Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1000RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 61dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 220V
  • Build Material – Plastic
  • Overall Weight – 54Kg
  • Dimensions – 45 x 60 x 85 cm

Key Features

  • Water and Energy efficient.
  • 5 Star energy rating ensuring high energy efficiency.
  • The 6 Kg capacity is ideal for single people and couples.
  • Hygiene Steam cycle for powerful cleaning.
  • Diamond Drum protects clothes.

Reasons to Buy The Samsung 6.0 Kg Fully-Automatic 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine

Hygiene Steam cycle: If you deal with messes on your clothes often, then you’ll love this feature. When you wash with the Hygiene Steam cycle, the washer can weaken stains even more effectively.

Diamond Drum: The Hygiene Steam cycle alone is good, but this drum is the topping on the cake. The drum uses a unique “Soft Curl” design to wash clothes well while treating them with care. So, the clothes themselves will stay utterly safe despite all the cleaning.

Ceramic Heater: As you may likely know, a washer with a heater can be twice as effective as one without one. ANd this particular washer can be even more so. Rather than a standard heater, it comes with one made out of ceramic. The primary goal is for it to remain free of rust and keep it running effectively. However, in our tests, we’ve also noticed that it can heat water much more than a regular heater can.

Faster Performance: This washer is speedy in plenty of ways. For a start, it comes with Quick Wash, which allows your clothes to dry up in about 15 minutes. Even the process afterwards is faster- the washer can dry out clothes effectively and in a short time, with its high spin speed.

Digital Inverter Technology: Something else we noticed is that this washer utilises inverter technology better than most other washers. While the presence of this technology makes it consume very little power, the stronger magnets used also make it produce much less noise, even when it’s running at high power.

  • Affordable, with excellent value for money.
  • Robust design that protects both the machine and the clothes.
  • Low noise production.
  • Safe for clothes.
  • Child lock.
  • A little bulky.
  • Doesn’t fully dry clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions you might have about this particular washer.

Is the control panel waterproof?

Yes, it is.

What length are the inlet pipes and outlet ones?

Inlet pipes are 1540 mm while outlet ones are 1400 mm.

Can it wash wet clothes?

Yes. If your clothes get wet from the rain, load them in and set the wash programs. You’ll get very satisfactory results.


We might have had only a few words to say about this washer, but that’s one of the things we like about it. The features are simple yet advanced and effective at the same time. We’ve tried out so many kinds of fabrics in it and have managed to get good results each time. It doesn’t have Direct Drive, though, which is a bit of a letdown. But that doesn’t create any issues with the washer- we’ve taken a close look at everything about this washer, and it can be a solid option that lasts nearly a decade.


7. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This model from Bosch may be at the end of the list, but it’s way better than several of the other options above, in some aspects. If you want something reliable that performs well and has convenient features, then you should definitely go for this washer.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 7Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1200RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 65dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 65dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Steel
  • Overall Weight – 62.6Kg
  • Dimensions – 60 x 60 x 86.5 cm

Key Features

  • ExpressWash function washes your laundry within 60 minutes.
  • EcoSilence Drive Motor reduces noise and saves electricity.
  • AntiVibration Design increases stability.
  • VarioDrum technology takes care of your delicate clothes.
  • ActiveWater technology reduces the wastage of water.
  • VoltCheck function protects the washer from voltage fluctuations.
  • Allergy Plus program for hygienic and allergy-free washing.

Reasons to Buy The Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

ExpressWash: This feature is the washer’s own variant of fast wash. Don’t expect the process to be too quick, though. It’ll still take an hour at least, but that’s much faster than the regular wash time. The washer takes so much time to ensure that your clothes get cleaned well, without any sort of damage that can come from high power washes.

EcoSilence Drive Motor: This is another notable feature. Due to this brushless motor, frictional noise is much less. That allows the washing machine to run almost silently, and you get rid of annoying noise. At the same time, EcoSilence Motor reduces power consumption, effectively reducing the stress on the washer and allowing it to serve you for a very long time.

VarioDrum technology: As always, VarioDrum is an excellent feature to have if you wear a lot of delicate clothes. It keeps your clothes safe. On top of that, there’s one more feature that further compliments this one.

Allergy Plus program: While the drum keeps your clothes from being physically damaged, the program ensures that they’re clean at a deeper level- it eliminates germs from the clothes through high levels of heat, so your clothes remain truly clean and healthy.

ActiveWater technology: This washer also has a host of features to help you in special situations, this one being one. As we know, ActiveWater reduces both water and electricity consumption. It does so by detecting the load and the type of cloth with multiple sensors and automatically controlling the flow of water within the drum, based on the information. If you’re short on water supply, then we highly recommend this washer.

VoltCheck technology: As an Indian, you’ll likely have a high appreciation for this feature. India is plagued by voltage fluctuations and other power issues, as it’s a developing country. The VoltCheck technology is fairly simple but effective against combating such issues. We’ve tried to make it run on different levels of voltage in our lab, and the results seem to be just as we expected. The washer is able to keep a check on its voltage supply. Whenever it goes beyond the limit, it shuts itself off, and when we make the voltage the usual levels, it’s able to restart automatically.

AntiVibration design: Our experts truly admire this washer, as it offers little conveniences on top of all the big features. This exclusive design reduces vibration and increases the stability of the washer. That is why this washer gives you an almost silent washing experience compared to a standard washing machine.

  • Premium Quality and excellent performance.
  • 7 kg capacity ideal for families with 4 to 6 members.
  • ActiveWater function reduces the wastage of water.
  • EcoSilence Drive Motor reduces noise and saves electricity.
  • ExpressWash function for faster washing.
  • Hygienic and allergy-free washing.
  • Comparatively costly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions you might have about this particular washer.

Do I need a stabiliser if the washer has the VoltCheck feature?

No, the VoltCheck feature will be more than good enough.

How well can it clean blankets?

It can clean blankets plenty well. The heaviest blanket we got it to wash was a 6kg one. And on top of that, the blanket also needed to be in a very dry condition.

Does it come equipped with a filter?

It does.

Is the bottom of the washer open or covered?

It’s covered.


You can likely see by now why we think this washer can easily trounce its competitors. When compared to standard washers, this model is even more brilliant. Aside from the high cost, we haven’t got many criticisms about this washer. In fact, it’s one of the most underrated washers. Though we did notice that it uses up a bit too much detergent, but that can easily be ignored. It isn’t an issue significant enough to be considered a reason to not go for this washer. Plus, if you want to keep your clothes as healthy as possible, this washer is one of the few options you have, as such washers are rare. We’ve checked the market to make sure of that.


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Best Front Load Washing Machine in India – Buying Guide

Best Front Load Washing Machines in India – Buying Guide

Older people may still remember that there was a time when Indian women spent all day cleaning their clothes. It was a time consuming and laborious task. Today we are very fortunate in that direction. Washing machines have made our lives more comfortable now.

Even a decade ago, washing machines were not within reach of middle-class Indians. But now the situation has changed completely. Demand for washing machines has increased day by day in the Indian market over the past decade. In line with that increasing demand, the leading washing machine brands have been providing excellent quality washing machines at affordable prices.

In the past, Indians used to consider washing machines a luxury. But with the busy life of today, the situation has changed. Now, a washing machine is an essential appliance for every Indian household.

When you decide to buy a washing machine, it is natural for you to get confused with the different types of models and their various features, especially if this is your first purchase. In the following guide, we will briefly discuss all the essential aspects of a front load washing machine. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to choose the right product for you among the best washing machines in India.


Front Loaders Vs Top Loaders – Which do I get?

Front-loaders can be perfect for a variety of situations, but so can be top loaders. You might be concerned about which washer might fit your needs more. So, we’ll provide the advantages and disadvantages of both, so you can compare and make an informed decision.


1. Front Loading Washing Machines

Front-loaders are easy to spot, as they’re quite bulky and have their own distinct design. Unlike top loaders, these have a wash compartment at their front, so the user needs to load clothes in differently. The internals, including the wash mechanism, are different as well.

Advantages of Front Loading Washing Machines

  • They use up far less water compared to top loaders. The water consumption can go as low as 40%.
  • The tumbling mechanism provides an efficient wash for all types of fabrics, without needing too much water.
  • They can clean delicate clothes more gently without losing wash efficiency.
  • Front Loaders don’t need as much detergents as top loaders in order to perform a good wash.
  • They have more load capacity- it’ll be easier for you to wash large pieces of fabric.

Disadvantages of Front Loading Machines

  • Front loader models are only fully automatic.
  • Their wash process is slower than that of a top loader.
  • More pricey due to the larger capacity and better wash performance.
  • Harder to load clothes into- you’d either need to squat or bend.
  • They’re bigger than most top-loaders and can take up a significant amount of space.
  • Germs and bad odours come from the drum because more detergent accumulates on it. It needs more maintenance.


2. Top Loading Washing Machines

Top loaders are great if you appreciate mobility and more affordable pricing. These washers can clean almost as well as front loaders. You can easily get the best top loaders at the price of a mid-range front loader.

Advantages of Top Loading Washing Machines

  • They’re more compact and have wheels, so they’re incredibly easy to move around.
  • They don’t need maintenance as frequently as front loaders do.
  • You can insert clothes in the midst of the wash cycle.
  • They’re less prone to creating bad odours after frequent usage.
  • They’re space-efficient and taller as well. As such, they can fit in anywhere, and you don’t need to buy an extra base for convenience.

Disadvantages of Top Loading Washing Machines

  • They use up more water.
  • They’re rougher on delicate clothes due to the central agitator, which creates a lot of friction. As such, they can harm such clothes often.

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In the end, it all boils down to personal preference. The best advice we can give you is not to focus on the price gap between both types. Get the type that serves your needs the most. Inexpensive mid-range top loaders can still offer you good performance if you get them from a reliable brand. Most of the best front load washing machines in India might seem incredibly pricey, but they’re a great investment and will save you a lot more money in the long run.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Front Load Washing Machine in India

Washing machines come with a host of exciting features. In fact, there are so many that sometimes the entire feature list becomes a jumbled mess. So, to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best washing machines, we compiled a list of the things you should focus on. These will have the most impact on how your washing machine will perform.


1. Capacity

When you’re looking to buy a washing machine, your first concern should be its capacity. The capacity, usually represented in Kg, means the number of clothes it can wash per cycle. As such, you should choose the capacity based on the size of your family. Otherwise, you’d end up using a lot more water and electricity than you need, and then pay for the wastage later on.

As a reference, if there are only one or two people, then any washing machine less than 6 kg should work. If you’ve got 3-5 people in the household, you’d be better off going for more than 6 kgs. Anything less than 8 kg but beyond 6 kg should perfectly meet your needs.

Lastly, if you have a large household, then go for a capacity of more than 8 kg. Do note, however, that the higher the capacity goes, the higher the price rises.

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2. Wash Settings

Most of the best washing machines will come with a lot of wash programs, which provide you with a lot of flexibility. Though, if you’re on a tight budget, you probably won’t be able to enjoy such luxuries.

When looking through budget options, you should at least make sure that a Gentle Wash program. This reduces the machine’s speed, making it safer for your more delicate clothes.


3. Spin Speed

Spin Speed might not seem like a big deal at first- but it can change the way you use your machine. So it’d be best if you make sure you get the right spin speed. Most of the best front load washing machines tend to come with high spin speed. The spin speed allows the washer to squeeze out water from wet clothes. As such, your clothes dry up quickly. The speed influences the washing speed as well, making the wash time shorter.

Although, the faster spin speed will also produce extra noise and might damage your more delicate clothes. If most of your clothes need more care, then it’s a good idea to get a machine with a low spin speed.


4. Drum Material

Washing machine tubs can either be of plastic or stainless steel. There are also some made with porcelain-enamel. Low-priced washing machines come with plastic drums, which are neither reliable nor durable.

The drum can affect the performance, so you should choose from the other two. Porcelain-enamel ones are strong but inefficient. Stainless Steel ones the most durable, with the best overall performance. They are a bit more pricey, though. So, keep that in mind.

On a side note, if you want a high-quality drum, Samsung has a distinct Diamond Drum design. With this drum, their washing machines are quite efficient in cleaning clothes safe and well.


5. Inverter Motor

If you’ve bought an appliance, you’ve probably seen the Inverter technology at least once. For instance, the best refrigerators use this technology to cool efficiently.

The washing machine motors use the same technology. It means that the motor manages itself according to load. If you have a machine with a high capacity, and only wash two or three shirts, the motor would work slower than usual.

And like that, the motor will keep adjusting its speed based on the load. If the load is light, the sensors will detect that and slow down the motor. As a result, it reduces excess power consumption. This makes up for your initial costs by saving you a lot more money in the long run.

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6. Quick Wash Feature

A Quick Wash may sound like a novelty, but instead, it’s something that will save you a lot of trouble. Standard front loading washing machines take a long time to finish washing. Still, sometimes you might be in a hurry. For example, if you suddenly got invited to an event.

Most Quick Wash functions on washing machines take only 15 minutes to work. As such, you can save a lot of time and finish your washing in time. In fact, this fast washing facility goes well with a good spin speed, as clothes pretty much come out ready to be worn.


7. Inbuilt Heater

Warm water is vital if you want the best cleaning results. It helps washing by helping you get rid of the toughest stain or dirt. Hence, you can see how useful warm water can be.

Besides, in standard machines, you have to pour hot water in manually. That can take a lot of effort, but the best models have a feature that covers the problem. That is the inbuilt heater. It uses some sensors to heat the water to the required temperatures for washing. Once the water reaches that temperature, the heater turns off.


8. Child-Lock Feature

Children like pressing funny buttons, that’s a fact. And most washing machines are as short as older toddlers or kids. With these two together, your child would probably end up messing up the wash settings often.

Of course, if you live without youngsters, you wouldn’t be bothered. If you do have them, however, then the child lock is undoubtedly a must. It’ll keep your wash settings safe from the hands of playful children. Luckily, most of the best washing machines do come with Child-Lock functions. So make sure whatever you pick, consider if you’d need the Child-Locks or not.


9. Auto-dispense Feature

Thinking up how much detergent you should add to the wash can be tedious. Moreover, people new to using these machines have an even harder time figuring things out.

If you add extra detergents, the machine will have to use more water to get rid of the detergent. Not only that but when the load is light, the detergents might get wasted.

Newer models come with auto-dispensing technology. This technology assists you in determining how much detergent to add. Most of the high-end models have this feature as well. It’s a brilliant feature that helps in saving water.


10. Noise & Vibration

Suppose you’re going to fit the washing machine into a small room or anywhere near a living room. In that case, you might want to get a washer with noise reduction.

You’ll be hearing a lot of annoying noises from washers with high vibrations. These noises might even run over an hour until a wash cycle is complete. To be free from such annoyances, you can pick products from the more popular brands. Their washing machines generally come with their own noiseless designs. However, most lower-level washing machines don’t carry such features.

Hence, make sure you get something with the feature if you don’t want to be disturbed by these sounds.


11. Energy Efficiency

The next thing you should be considering is the energy consumption of the machine. The first thing you should check is the star rating of the washing machine. In other words, the higher the star rating is, the less energy the washing machine will consume.

You can keep an eye out for a specific feature. If the washer uses inverter technology, then the electricity bills will come down a lot.

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12. Smart Connectivity

Smart Connectivity is a recent addition to washing machines. The ones that have this feature are the perfect fit for a smart home.

Smart washing machines are incredibly useful in the way that you can run them from anywhere. Not only that, but some also come with an intelligent diagnostics feature. You can use the included phone app to check for issues with the feature. Sometimes, there’s even a feature that lets you download more programs through the app.


13. Direct Drive Technology

At present, Direct Drive is a must-have for every washing machine buyer. It offers an incredible amount of convenience. You can say that a washer with Direct Drive technology has twice the efficiency of a washer without one. The technology itself is fairly simple. Standard washers use belts and pulleys to make their motor and drum run in conjunction with one another. Direct Drive washing machines don’t use such equipment. Instead, motor and drum are designed so that they run with a direct connection to one another, without any pulleys or belts.

Due to such a design, the drum can move smoother and cause fewer issues. In fact, the reduction of friction that’s caused by pulleys and belts can offer many benefits. To begin with, the drum is gentler on delicate clothes. The noise production goes down too. Even the power consumption is reduced, as the washer doesn’t have to work as hard to counter the friction caused during the washing process.

And the best thing of all- the technology doesn’t give you any direct disadvantages. The only issue is that Direct Drive washers can be a little more expensive than standard ones. However, the benefits are definitely worth the investment. Plus, they can also save you more money in the long run.


14. Price

To begin with, you should always keep in mind that newer features, in general, will increase the price. Still, any recent washing machine will include energy-saving features as well.

As such, even with the somewhat higher upfront cost, they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your purchase between Rs 20,000 to Rs 45,000. Anything cheaper will have some sort of compromise. The models within our suggested price range usually come with a lot of high-end features. They also have more extended durability.


15. Warranty

Front loading washing machines are expensive, and thus they are a significant investment. So, make sure you get something with a strong manufacturer warranty.

With most washing machines, you’ll get a warranty period of 2 to 4 years.

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Front-Loading Washing Machines: Maintenance Tips

You’ll be using your washer often. As such, you’ll need to look after them often and keep them in top shape. Here, we will give you some tips on how to maintain your washing machine.

  • Take out your clothes as soon as the wash is complete. If the wet laundry stays in the tub too long, mould can grow.
  • Keep your dispenser clean as well, as the mould can grow in there as well.
  • If you clean the rubber seal, you can stop the mould growth.
  • Always use the right detergent. HE (High-Efficiency) front loading washing machines need HE detergent. Anything else will produce excess build-up.
  • Some cycles are only useful in particular situations. We suggest you don’t use them outside these situations. For instance, if you use heavy wash cycles or the high-speed spin mode too much, your machine might get damaged.
  • Though cold water is more efficient, you should occasionally use hot water. We advise you to do this because the hot water is good for rinsing off leftover residue.
  • Don’t put in a huge load at once. Putting in too many clothes can disrupt the machine’s performance.
  • Remember to change the wash cycle according to the laundry.
  • Always check cloth pockets for solid objects. Things like pieces of metal can end up damaging the machine.
  • Make use of the smart diagnosis feature if your machine has one. Use it sometimes, even if the washer seems fine on the outside.

Most of the best front load washing machines in India are generally of good build quality and come with facilities that make maintenance easier, like a Self Diagnosis feature. Keep an eye out for such features.

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Best Front Load Washing Machine Brands

The brands in this list have been approved by both our experts and a large majority of the populace. Their products can be incredibly reliable and perform very well. Most of the best front load washing machines in India are produced by one of these brands.

1. LG

It’s inevitable that LG would be our first mention. The brand dominates a large amount of the market for nearly every home appliances. That applies especially to the washing machine market. LG washers are very powerful and have excellent build quality. The brand has also introduced some technologies into the market that have changed how washers work. The Direct-Drive technology and Turbo Drum technology are prime examples.


2. IFB

Most people who know a lot about washing machines easily consider IFB to be a top-tier brand. That goes for both experts and regular users. In fact, IFB’s best washers are very efficient and have comparatively lower prices. Not only that, but they actually offer more power at the same price than most other washers on the market do. IFB washers are also good at efficiently using detergents.


3. Bosch

Bosch is a long-running washing machine brand. Its products are very reliable and offer excellent performance. The build quality and customer service are top-notch as well. Along with all that, the brand is also praised for its drum designs, which are great for cleaning clothes and cause no harm to the aforementioned clothes.


4. Samsung

Of course, no home appliance list would be complete without a mention from Samsung. You can expect the washers from this brand to offer you a great amount of satisfaction. It has both the experience and the resources to provide you with a truly powerful product. There are many benefits you can get from Samsung washing machines. Their washers have great performance and some of the best features available on the market.

Durability is great too, as these products last a very long time. On top of that, the brand can offer you the best customer service- there’s almost always a customer care centre that you can find nearby.


5. Whirlpool

While some brands may specialize in a certain type of washing machine, Whirlpool is one of the few that produce excellent washers for both the front loading and top loading categories. Many of their washing machines can easily make their way into just about every top washing machine list. In fact, it can be rather hard to single out one good washer, as most Whirlpool washers are equally deserving of being considered the best.

The best thing about Whirlpool products is that while providing a host of features meant to simply improve performance, they also provide other versatile features that just increase convenience.

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Best Front Load Washing Machine In India: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many loads can a front loading washing machine take?

You’ll see that a few machines come with a fill line, while some don’t. Either way, we suggest you only fill the washer up to 80% just in case. With the remaining space, water can move better through clothes.

Moreover, if you overload the machine, then your clothes might not come out entirely clean. Afterwards, you’d have to clean them all over again. As such, too much load can hamper your machine performance.


2. How long do front loading washing machines last?

You’ll get a warranty period of 2 to 4 years from most manufacturers. But, an average machine can last as long as 15 years. If you get a good quality machine and maintain it well, that is.


3. Can mould growths occur inside the front loading washing machine?

They can. Mould growths are one of the most common problems with front load washing machines. You can keep the growth down by taking good care of the appliance. Use only HE detergents and try to avoid using too much soap or fabric softeners.


4. If the water doesn’t seem to be moving inside, will my clothes still be cleaned?

They are getting cleaned, but you’ll barely notice the movement. Front-loaders only consume almost half as much water as top-loaders do. When the clothes spin and tumble during a wash cycle, the washer sprays the water instead. This way, less water is used, and you still get excellent results.


5. Water doesn’t drain completely from my machine. What can I do?

If your water doesn’t drain properly, then the drainpipe is probably blocked. You can unblock it by cleaning it out of things like lint and dirt. These can prevent the water from flowing. Overfilled washing machines can hamper drainage as well.


6. How can front loaders be economical when they’re so expensive?

We can understand that the initial cost can put you off, and make you question the purchase. But, front loaders quickly make up for the spent money. They do so by reducing water, electricity and detergent consumption.


7. What’s the best temperature for cleaning clothes?

The best front load washing machine in India can provide excellent washes if the temperature is reasonable. Some can even wash with temperatures as low as 30°.


8. Can clothes get tangled in front loaders?

No, unlike their top-loading counterparts, front loaders don’t use agitators and impalers. Instead, they use a tumbling mechanism. This mechanism keeps the clothes free from ending up tangled. If you want to ensure your heavier clothes don’t get tangled, you can put them in mesh bags.


9. Do front loaders work better than top loaders?

It’s all up to your preferences. The best top load washing machines are suitable in a few areas where the front loader aren’t.

But suppose you want to save water and electricity while using detergents effectively. In that case, then front loaders are a perfect choice. They can also handle heavy loads well.


10. How much detergent do I need to use in a front loader?

You don’t need to worry about the detergent amount when it comes to these machines. Fill the dispenser up with the detergent. The washing machine will use its sensor to put in the needed detergent automatically.

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We talked about India’s best front load washing machine in India so far. We hope this article has answered all your questions regarding the front loader washing machine. Now if you have any specific questions, let us know in the comment box below, we will try to answer as soon as possible.


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