Top 9 Best Hair Straighteners in India 2024: Recommendation by the Experts

Last Updated on 5 May, 2024 by Sourav Roy

Women and hair straighteners go a long way. However, using the wrong one can certainly damage your hair. And we are not taking any chances with that. My list of the 9 best hair straighteners in India is all you need right now.

Best Hair Straighteners in India

My list of trending hair straighteners deserves all your attention right now. Our experts have reviewed the best products and noted the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. The buying guide is thoughtfully mentioned to help you decide on one. You sure don’t want to miss any detail.

How We Tested: While reviewing these hair straighteners, we’ve considered every little thing, ranging from plate size to cord length. We’ve looked at both professional and budget models to find the best options for everyone. In the end, we came up with a list of hair straighteners that we think are the best all around.

PS: Girls with messy, curly, wavy and frizzy hair – It’s time to meet your new best friend.


1. Philips BHS397/40 Kerashine Temperature Control Hair Straightener

The BHS397/40 is the first entry in our list of the best hair straighteners in India. It’s a product from Philips, a manufacturer of various high-quality professional and casual personal care products. The BHS397/40 is one of these products, and it is in high demand in the Indian market. Read on to find out why.

Philips BHS397 40 Kerashine Temp Control Hair Straightener 1


Dimensions30.5 x 9.5 x 5 cm
Weight370 g
Suitable Hair TypeAll Hair Types
Temperature Range190°C and 210°C (2 Settings)
Plate MaterialCeramic Plates Infused With Titanium and Keratin

Why Do We Recommend Philips BHS397/40 Kerashine Temperature Control Hair Straightener?

  • SlikProtect reduces heat damage to hair by reducing exposure.
  • Combines Ceramic with Titanium and Keratin to protect your hair and make it slick.
  • Ionic conditioning reduces frizz and brings gloss to hair.
  • It can reach 210 °C to help increase styling precision.


  • Safely handles rough strands of hair.
  • Has protective measures to prevent hair damage.
  • Fixes coarse hair.
  • Heats up real quick.
  • 2 years of warranty.


  • The exterior heats a little.
  • No automatic shutdown.

Why Is The Philips BHS397/40 Kerashine Temperature Control Hair Straightener So Good?

Philips BHS397 40 Kerashine Temp Control Hair Straightener 2

  • Perfect For Hair Safety: Want to keep your hair healthy and damage-free while still being able to style it the way you want? Well, then, this straightener might be just what you need. One of its main draws is how much flexibility it can offer for hair adjustment without putting any of the user’s precious hair at risk.
  • Superior Build Quality: Philips is a name that’s synonymous with quality, and the BHS397/40 is no different. It’s built to last, with a sturdy design that can take some serious punishment. The plates are also infused with special materials to ensure even heat distribution and prevent damage to hair strands. And, as a topping on the cake, it comes with an elegant black finish and a flowery design that’ll add to the looks of any dresser.

Star rating: 5/5

Like what you see? Well, this straightener actually has much more in store. You can check out the full review in this post.

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2. Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener With Adjustable Temperature

Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener With Adjustable Temp 1

Havells is an Indian brand that has been making beauty-enhancing accessories for a while. Their high-quality items have earned them a reputation for being super effective. In fact, they’ve created some of the best hair straighteners in India using their expertise. We’d be doing them a disservice if we didn’t mention at least a few of these straighteners. Let’s start with the HS4121, one of their most popular models.


Dimensions4 x 6 x 32 cm
Weight390 g
Suitable Hair TypeAll Hair Types
Temperature Range150°C – 230°C
Plate MaterialCeramic Plates

Why Do We Recommend Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener?

  • Ceramic plates provide consistent heat distribution and smoothness while moving through hair.
  • Individual strands are safely adjusted by floating plates.
  • 5 Temperature settings allow users to be more flexible with their style.
  • Comes with a digital display for extra convenience.


  • Many temperature settings.
  • Fast heat up.
  • Safe for the hair.
  • Sturdy, long-lasting design.
  • Sleek and convenient digital display.


  • Body tends to heat up and cause slight discomfort.

Why Is The Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener So Good?

Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener With Adjustable Temp 2

  • Offers A Wide Variety Of Styles: The extensive temperature range easily makes this Havells hair straightener one of the most versatile options on our list. You can literally style your hair any way you want, and the risk of hair damage is lower than with most other straighteners. This is because the ceramic plates distribute heat more evenly, preventing hot spots that could potentially damage your hair.
  • Maximum User Safety: Havells is a company that takes user safety seriously. They have included several features in this straightener to ensure that it doesn’t overheat and cause any accidents. For instance, the floating plates are designed to prevent individual strands from being pulled or snagged. Additionally, the straightener will automatically shut off after 60 minutes to prevent accidents.

Star rating: 5/5

You can look at our exclusive review to learn more in-depth details about this Havell hair straightener.

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3. IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Adjustable Heat Hair Straightener

IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Heat Adjustable Hair Straightener 1

The Pro Titanium Shine is a sturdy and practical Hair Straightener from IKONIC. If you wish to take your grooming tools with you, then this product comes with just the functions you need to carry it securely. It also comes with a few performance benefits; keep scrolling to learn about them.


Dimensions6 x 5 x 38 cm
Weight800 g
Suitable Hair TypeAll Types of Hair
Temperature Range130°C-230°C
Plate MaterialTitanium Plates

Why Do We Recommend IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Adjustable Heat Hair Straightener?

  • The sturdy, sleek form makes it easy to travel with.
  • 6 adjustable temperature settings ensure you have maximum freedom working with your hair.
  • It heats up in a mere 10 seconds.
  • Floating titanium plates keep the hair safer.


  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Sturdy, long-lasting design.
  • Great for all kinds of hair.
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Gloves are a must for safe usage.

Why Is The IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Adjustable Heat Hair Straightener So Good?

IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Heat Adjustable Hair Straightener 2

  • Uses Special Plates: As it uses titanium plates instead of ceramic ones, this hair straightener is even gentler on hair, providing better protection. So, it can keep your hair perfectly healthy while providing good heating. Even better, the plates are really good at getting rid of frizz in the heating process as well.
  • Goes Up To High Heat Levels: Many hair straighteners don’t go above 210°C. On the other hand, the Pro Titanium Shine can go up to 230°C. This is great news if you have really thick hair that’s hard to straighten. While testing, we also noticed that it doesn’t cause any damage to the hair, even at high heat levels.

Star rating: 5/5

There are a few more bells and whistles with this straightener; you can learn about them in this post.

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4. Philips BHS378/10 Kerashine Straightener

Philips is a brand well-known for its hair products. Not only does this brand make premium hair straighteners, but it also makes some of the best hair trimmers. The BHS378/10 can make you look like you just came out of a Salon, as its 6 temperature settings allow you to get just your desired style. That’s not all it offers, though. Keep scrolling to see what else this model has in store for you.

PHILIPS Bhs378 10 Advanced Kerashine Hair Straightener 1


Dimensions5.4 x 34.6 x 9 cm
Weight413 g
Suitable Hair TypeDamaged Hair
Temperature Range160°C – 230°C
Plate MaterialKeratin Ceramic Plates

Why Do We Recommend Philips BHS378/10 Kerashine Straightener?

  • Thermo Protect Technology for less heat exposure to hair.
  • Long Plates effortlessly glide through any sort of hair.
  • Only takes 30 seconds to heat up.
  • Great for damaged hair with short-medium length.
  • Temperature can be adjusted, meaning you can get just the right amount of heat.


  • Has even heat spread on plates.
  • Temperature is adjustable.
  • Comes equipped with long, smooth plates.
  • Comes with two years of Philips India warranty.


  • Won’t work as well for curly hair.
  • The body heats a bit.
  • A bit heavy.

Why Is The Philips BHS378/10 Kerashine Straightener So Good?

PHILIPS Bhs378 10 Advanced Kerashine Hair Straightener 2

  • Efficient And Quick: This is the hair straightener for you if you want quick styling sessions. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up, which is pretty impressive. Additionally, the long plates make it so that you can style your hair much faster. You won’t have to go over the same spot multiple times to get the job done.
  • Excellent Exterior Design: This hair straightener can last a long time and can do so in style. The exterior is well-designed and looks premium with a pink finish. Additionally, it’s also one of the slimmest hair straighteners we’ve come across, so you’ll have an easy time storing it in a bag.

Star rating: 5/5

If you’re interested in full details about how all these features work, feel free to check out our comprehensive review of the model.

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5. Vega VHSH-24 Titanium Flat Hair Straightener

The VHSH-24 Titanium Flat Hair Straightener from VEGA gives the perfect healthy shine to your hair. With Titanium plates, it can provide the ultimate smooth gliding. Furthermore, the adjustable temperature setting allows you to go from 150°C to 230°C as per your hair type. Read on to see more about what it brings to the table.

Vega VHSH-24 Titanium Flat Straightener 1


Dimensions5.5 x 9 x 35 cm
Weight460 g
Suitable Hair TypeAll Types of Hair
Temperature Range150°C – 230°C
Plate MaterialTitanium Plates

Why Do We Recommend Vega VHSH-24 Titanium Flat Hair Straightener?

  • The digital temperature display offers precise information for more effective styling.
  • Equipped with titanium plates to keep hair free from any damage.
  • Heats up quickly in 60 seconds.
  • The swivel cord allows the user to style freely without any wire tangling.
  • Convenient lock system protects the device itself and makes storage easier.


  • High-quality plates.
  • Fast heating time.
  • Travel-friendly design.
  • Easy to store.


  • Heats up a lot because of the titanium.

Why Is The Vega VHSH-24 Titanium Flat Hair Straightener So Good?

Vega VHSH-24 Titanium Flat Straightener 2

  • Best Hair Straightener With Titanium Plates: Instead of ceramic or other materials, the Vega VHSH-24 uses titanium plates. These plates can not only go through any type of hair quickly, but they can also work effectively for a long time, thanks to their enhanced durability.
  • Convenient To Use: This straightener is one of the most convenient options we’ve come across. For one, it has a digital temperature display, so you can ensure you’re using the right temperature for your hair type. There’s even a swivel cord for extra flexibility.

Star rating: 4/5

We’ve got some more things to tell you about this product. If you’d like to learn more details, feel free to check our in-depth review.

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6. Philips BHS393/40 Selfie Straightener

The BHS393/40 Selfie Straightener from Phillips is on our list of best hair straighteners in India because it is equipped with ceramic plates for maximum safety and smoothness. It comes with SilkPro Care to help further protect your hair while you style, too. Not only that, but it offers so much more. Scroll further to see the rest of the features.

Philips BHS393 40 Selfie Hair Straightener 1


Dimensions30.5 x 9.5 x 5 cm
Weight330 g
Suitable Hair TypeStraight
Temperature Range190°C And 210 °C (2 Settings)
Plate MaterialCeramic Plates

Why Do We Recommend Philips BHS393/40 Selfie Straightener?

  • Goes to a maximum 210°C temperature to offer salon-like results.
  • Two temperature settings provide extra care and control.
  • Heats up quickly and is ready to use in 60 seconds.
  • The cord is heat resistant and is 1.6m in length for greater efficiency.
  • SilkPro Care removes static and adds gloss to hair.
  • With global voltage, it is easy to travel with.


  • Elegant, compact design.
  • Enhanced hair protection.
  • Handles long patches of hair smoothly and quickly.
  • Effects last for 2-3 days.
  • Heat-safe 1.6m cord makes usage more convenient.


  • Makes a buzzing sound after heating up.
  • No auto-shutoff.

Why Is The Philips BHS393/40 Selfie Straightener So Good?

Philips BHS393 40 Selfie Hair Straightener 2

  • Best Basic Hair Straightener: The Philips BHS393/40 Selfie Straightener is one of the best basic hair straighteners on our list. However, it’s far from being unfit to do the job. Though simple, it’s incredibly effective and can easily handle most hairs. The lack of advanced features also means it’s relatively light, so you can carry it around easily when travelling.
  • Excellent For Frizzy Hair: One of the main selling points of this straightener is that it uses SilkPro Care. This helps remove static from your hair while you style, adding extra gloss and shine. If you have frizzy hair, then the Philips BHS393/40 is a superb choice.

Star rating: 4/5

Want to check this model out in more detail? Then feel free to check out our comprehensive review on it.

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7. VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair Straightener

Vega is another India-based brand that dabbles in making beauty products. They’ve already made more than 500 unique products, which means they’ve got more than enough experience to have perfected the formula for the best beauty products.

VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Straightener 1

Therefore, we’re happy to include them in our list of the best hair straighteners in India. The VHSCC-01 comes equipped to deal with all kinds of hairstyle ideas.


Dimensions5 x 9.5 x 35 cm
Weight464 g
Suitable Hair TypeAll Types of Hair
Temperature Range210 °C
Plate MaterialCeramic Plates

Why Do We Recommend VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair Straightener?

  • 3-in-1 Styler for increased flexibility.
  • Ceramic coated plates, Crimper plates, and Curler allow the straightener to adapt to any needs.
  • Styling switch to make styling sessions much more convenient.
  • 360° Swivel cord stays tangle-free, even when moved around a lot.


  • Offers three ways to do different hairstyles.
  • Increased hair safety.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Ease of movement.
  • Designed to last.


  • Somewhat bulky.
  • No way to change the temperature.
  • No auto shut-off.

Why Is The VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair Straightener So Good?

VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Straightener 2

  • Includes Extra Attachments: Most hair straighteners come with only the straightening plates. However, the VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair Straightener comes with ceramic coated plates, Crimper plates and Curler as well. This gives you a lot more styling options without having to invest in extra products.
  • Excellent For Doing Curly Hair: The curl attachment works wonders on curly hair. It’s very effective at working on hair and gives you the option to have a lot of different hairstyles. Even better, the plates are well-placed, so you can go for that sort of hairstyle without damaging your precious hair.

Star rating: 4/5

The VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair Straightener is a very good product that offers you great value for the money. If you want to try it out, take a look at our full review of it.

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8. Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener

This one is another pick from Havells, who has produced many hair straighteners that suit a wide range of Indian hair types. It’s very good at mixing power with safety. Moreover, it’s also an excellent bang for the buck. The HS4101 is a great product and can hold up reasonably well compared to the other hair straighteners in this list. Keep reading.

Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener 1


Dimensions3.4 x 2 x 34 cm
Weight305 g
Suitable Hair TypeAll Types of Hair
Temperature Range210 °C
Plate MaterialCeramic Plates

Why Do We Recommend Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener?

  • Ceramic Coating prevents your hair from getting exposed to a lot of heat.
  • Uses Advanced PTC heating to spread heat intelligently.
  • Goes upto 210° C temperature, allowing the user to get salon-like results.
  • Instant heat technology ensures a quick start to any styling session.


  • Versatile plates that adapt to any hair.
  • Good at straightening and curling hair.
  • Heats up in little time.
  • Comes with two years of warranty and has top-tier durability.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Build quality is quite not upto the mark.
  • Manufacturing services are poor.
  • No temperature control.

Why Is The Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener So Good?

Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener 2

  • Good Build Quality: The Havells HS4101 has been made with good quality materials and shows. It’s a tough product that can withstand the rigours of daily use without a problem. Even storing it doesn’t come with any risk like some average straighteners, which tend to break.
  • Uses Advanced Heating Tech: This straightener uses PTC heating. This is a more efficient way of heating ceramic plates and results in better heat distribution. Your hair gets styled more evenly, and you can use it for longer without causing any damage.

Star rating: 4/5

There’s a lot more to this Havells product, and you can have a closer look at it in our detailed review.

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9. Nova NHS 901 Temperature Control

Nova is a brand well-known for its hair products. Not only does this brand make premium hair straighteners, but it also makes some of the best hair trimmers as well. The NHS 901 from Nova can make you look like you just came out of a salon. The adaptive temperature settings are designed to provide excellent safety to your hair, regardless of the type. And that’s only the start. Read on to learn the details about this hair straightener.

Nova NHS 901 Temperature Control Straightener 1


Dimensions31.1 x 8.3 x 5.3 cm
Suitable Hair TypeCoarse Hair, Normal Hair, Thin Hair
Temperature Range150℃-220 ℃
Plate MaterialCeramic Plates

Why Do We Recommend Nova NHS 901 Temperature Control?

  • A controllable temperature mechanism ensures maximum protection for all hair types.
  • Wider plates that easily work through thick, medium and long hair.
  • Super-durable ceramic plates that will keep the straightener working well for a long time.
  • Floating plates ensure minimal breakage and even heating.
  • Plate area stays cool, making it safe for double-handed use.


  • Heats fast.
  • Ideal for medium-long hair.
  • Great for use with two hands.
  • Auto-off for extra protection.


  • Plates rarely but still occasionally catch hair in-between them, leading to breakage.
  • It might dry out your hair.

Why Is The Nova NHS 901 Temperature Control So Good?

Nova NHS 901 Temperature Control Straightener 2

  • Keeps Hair Safe No Matter What: When it comes to styling hair without damage, the NHS 901 is one of our top picks. The 4 temperature settings mean that you can work on any hair. There won’t be any damage to the hair either, as we’ve extensively tested it out on different types of hair.
  • Excellent Durability: If you like using your hair straightener on a daily basis, then you’ll need one that’s built to last. This model from Nova is just that as it comes equipped with ceramic plates, which are super-durable; they’ll keep the straightener working well for a long time.

Star rating: 3/5

To get a better look at this Nova straightener, you can check out our exclusive review of it.

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Best Hair Straighteners in India – Buying guide and tips

There are a couple of features you need to look at before buying a hair straightener. But there’s something else you need to think about as well. You see, the effectiveness of the hair straightener will depend on the type of hair you have. So, with the help of our experts, we provide you with a buying guide on everything you should know, so you can buy the best hair straightener in India.

The right pick will last long, treat your hair well and get you the style you’ve always wanted without compromising anything.


1. Consider your hair type

man using straightener

This is a vital thing that most people overlook. Hair straighteners interact differently with each type of hair. For instance, there are many high-temperature straighteners on the market. However, if your hair is not suited for such, then it might do more harm than good.

Thick hair

Due to the thickness of the hair, the shaft is also thicker and therefore needs high temperatures and broader plates to get straightened out.

If you use the lower end of both of those, you could end up having to move the smaller plates over and over on the same hair sections. Such a thing can damage hair cuticles.

Fine hair

Fine hair means the hair strands are weak. This means you don’t have to spend money getting a hair straightener with high temperature because it’s relatively easy to straighten fine hair.

Curled hair

This type of hair is the hardest to straighten. It takes better heating and a lot more time to straighten out curled hair. As such, make sure to get a hair conditioner that has fairly high-temperature support. Additionally, we recommend getting wider ceramic-coated plates to cover larger patches of hair.

Damaged hair

It is better not to use a straightener on this kind of hair. But if you do want to use one for it, we suggest that you only do so occasionally and use heat protectants. It would be best if you use a straightener with round edges, as it would prevent snagging and breakage.

Chemically treated hair

Hair exposed to chemicals usually is sensitive and fragile. Accordingly, it needs a lot more care and using hair straighteners on it is risky. However, if you do wish to use one for it, it is best to buy something with low temperature and good quality plates. We suggest that you purchase something within or lower 230° C of heat.


2. Choose plates according to hair type

straightener plates types

You’d need to pick the right plate size to use your straightener well. Each comes in specific plate sizes, from heavy-duty hair straighteners to mini ones for travel. Let us briefly look at all the plate materials you will find in hair straighteners within the Indian market.

Solid Ceramic plates

These types of plates mean that the hair straightener will spread the heat evenly and keep the temperature at a constant level. It is a perfect option if you have frizzy hair. They are a great all-rounder and something you’d see in most hair straighteners.

Tourmaline Plates

Some of the best hair straighteners in India you can find right now use this coating. It is used on top of the efficient ceramic coating. As a result, the plates produce negative ions needed to counter the positive ions found in dry, damaged hair.

This specialised Ion technology seals in the natural oils of the hair and prevents damage from heat exposure. The infrared heat generated also gives the hair a smooth, shiny look. If you will be using a hair straightener regularly, this one is a good option.

Titanium Plates

While having the same characteristics as the Tourmaline mentioned above, Titanium is also very durable and highly heat conductive. Therefore, it heats up fairly quickly, as well. They can provide immediate and high-quality results regardless of the hair condition.

If you opt for these type of plates, then make sure to use with caution, though. Titanium plates can go up to extremely high temperatures.


3. Width of the plates

Hair straighteners come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can be either narrow or wide. Each one affects the hair differently. We will give you some brief suggestions on what plate sizes would be fitting for your hair. If you’re looking to get a straightener for travel purposes, narrow plates would be a good idea. If your hair is thick, then wider plates would suit you the best.

Although if you have fine hair, then refraining from those wide plates would for the best, as they produce more heat, which might damage your hair. Here are the exact plate measurements and what kind of hair we think they are the best for:

  • 2.5cm – 3cm Plates: They work the best with short hair.
  • 3cm – 4cm Plates: These are good for most short and medium hair.
  • 6cm Plates: These can work effectively on long, thick hair.


4. Looking at the Temperature

Hair Straightener Temperature Control

The prowess of a hair straightener depends on what type of hair it’s working with. Using the wrong temperature might end up burning your hair. As an example, using high temperatures on fine or damaged hair might end up receiving damage from heat. A low temperature like 180°C would be the best for this kind of hair.

If you have thick hair though, then you can pick a hair straightener that can produce anywhere from 190°C to 210°C of heat.

We suggest purchasing a hair conditioner with variable temperature settings for versatility. However, make sure to stay away from low-cost hair conditioners as they spread heat unevenly among their plates, often leading to damaged hair.


5. Weight and Grip

You must consider the weight of a hair straightener before you buy one. For instance, a heavy hair straightener can often feel bulky, and you can’t use it continuously in one go. On the other hand, if you use a small hair straightener, then you won’t feel much strain on your arms. However, they can get broken easily.

Another aspect that will affect your experience is the Grip; If you pick a grip size that doesn’t fit your hand, then you wouldn’t be able to hold it properly. For example, if you have small hands, then it would be best if you picked something with a small body or handle.

Additionally, smaller hair straighteners are also a great choice if you primary want one for travels.


6. Don’t opt for Cheap products

We know picking a hair straightener that works out best for you is harder and more time-consuming when you’re sticking to a budget. You could pick something that heats up fast, but doesn’t put a strain on your wallet. But remember that your hair can be prone to damage when you use a hair straightener not suited to it.

Cheap models are viable; however, they use low-quality plates, and that means the heat gets spread unevenly. As a result, your hair cuticles can get damaged, leading to split ends and breakage. Sometimes the hair might get burnt, too. In our article, we have tested many products and chosen the items in the list above. You do not need to worry about safety. Just select the one that meets your other requirements and hair type.


7. Brand Reputation and Warranty

While you pick from the many features and functions available, you should also keep brand reputation in mind. Little-known brands that offer many features often don’t last a significant and don’t come with a product warranty. For instance, a brand like Philips is used frequently by professionals. These brands will do better to hold up to their reputations and also provide a warranty, reducing repair costs. We’ve picked our straighteners from brands that are trusted and used by many.


Useful features to consider before buying the best hair straightener

Lock Button of Hair Straightener

  • Heat-up time: Some good hair straighteners come with advanced heating technology, which means you will have to wait for less time before they’re hot and ready to use.
  • Floating Plates: These plates move to adjust the pressure on your hair. This pressure adjustment protects the hair shaft from getting damaged and lowers the chances of split ends.
  • Infused Plates: Some hair straighteners use plates infused with essential ingredients like keratin or argan oil which promote hair health.
  • Sensor Technology: This technology allows the device to diagnose the hair and adequately regulate the heat within the straightening plates.
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Automatically shuts down the straightener after a certain amount of time to prevent overheating and scorching. It is a useful function to have if you possibly forget to turn it off.
  • Ionic Straightening: With this, the plates will use negative ions to lock moisture in the hair. In addition to that, it will also remove frizz by getting rid of static.
  • Infrared Heat: This makes the hair receive heat from the inside, reducing burn damage.
  • Push Button Locks: A lock button near the end of the plates lock them together so they can be stored easily. This feature makes the straightener fit for travel.
  • Worldwide Voltage: A broader voltage support means you can use find it easier to use during trips.

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Best Hair Straighteners in India – Frequently asked questions

In this section, we will discuss some of the questions that most people have when purchasing a hair straightener. You might get the answer for some of your questions and get better insights for your purchase.

Does using hair straighteners damage hair?

Yes, it does if you use it regularly. Some people even try to make curly hair straight right after a bath. As a result, they might face hair loss, as the hair gets damaged due to uneven heat distribution occurring to the dampness of the hair.

How does a hair straightener work?

Hair straighteners break down the hydrogen bonds present in the hair cuticle. Those bonds make the hair look curly. The straighteners do that by producing heat from their plates. Once the bonds break, hair becomes straight.

However, the bonds reform whenever the hair comes in contact with moisture. For this reason, a hair straightener can’t permanently straighten hair. The hair regains its original style after a bath or in humid weather.

Are there side effects to straightening hair?

There are side effects if the straightener gets used frequently. Especially if the person is more sensitive to heat. Some of those side effects include:

  • Hairloss
  • Frizzes
  • Irritations
  • Skin Rashes
Do I need to use heat protectants?

If you style your hair frequently, you should use heat protectants. They are a non-aerosol spray that adds a layer over hair cuticles to protect them and keep the moisture locked. You can also go for natural heat protectors like argan oil, coconut oil etc. Some hair straighteners also come with these infused into the plates.

Can I style my hair every day?

When you style your hair with a straightener regularly, the hair can easily get damaged, freeze or dry up. That is because the heat dries out your hair, making it more vulnerable to split ends and breakage. The more frequently you use it, the worse the damage will be. High heat also increases the damage if you use it while regularly straightening your hair. So try to avoid frequent use of these hair tools.

Why do my hands feel hot when I'm holding the hair straightener?

Some plates like Titanium tend to get very hot and start emitting intense heat. To use comfortably, try to use heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands.

Can I use the straightener when my hair is damaged?

We strongly advise that you not do so. Instead, try to repair the hair before usage. Otherwise, the straightener is only going to damage your hair further as you use it. If you really need to use one, then pick the one that causes the least damage.

Which temperature ranges are ideal for each hair type?

You have to use different heat settings on different hair types to attain the best style. Our experts suggest the following:

  • For thin or damaged hair – 300°F
  • Normal and medium hair- 310-390°F
  • For thick, coarse or curly hair – 390-450°F
Should I clean my hair straightener often?

Sometimes burnt hair and other elements can get stuck to your hair straightener, reducing its effectiveness. However, hair straighteners are easy to clean and therefore, it would be best if you clean it after every time of use.

Can I straighten my hair while it's wet?

No, if you do straighten it out while it’s wet, it can completely dry up before styling.

Can I find chordless hair straighteners?

Yes, some straighteners use rechargeable batteries over a direct power supply.

How often should the hair straightener be replaced?

There are some robust hair straighteners available in the Indian market. If you start using one of those, you would need to change it after a few years of use. Because at that point, the heating element or plate would lose the ability to distribute heat evenly, leading to massive drops in performance.

How do I curl hair using a straightener?

To curl hair with a straightener, pick one that has round edges to wrap your strands around the barrel. Once wrapped, hold them with the barrel for a few seconds depending on the temperature and then let go.

Should I pick Ceramic, Tourmaline or Titanium plates?

You can pick Ceramic plates as it’s good for most kinds of hair. Though if your hair is coarse, you can go for something more heat conductive and specialised, like Tourmaline and Titanium. If you do pick one of these, make sure to handle it with care, as they can get even hotter than the Ceramic ones.

What functions and factors should I look for?

With the number of hair straighteners available in the market, it can be hard to decide which straightener to buy. Below are some of the things you should keep in mind before you purchase; take a look!

  • Hair type
  • Size and weight of the straightener
  • Additional functions for increased safety like Auto-Off
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • The coating used on the straightener
  • Warranty

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Now that we’re at the very end of what we have to say about the best hair straighteners in India, you can safely go and purchase the hair straightener that suits you the best.

No matter what, heat can damage your hair. We have focused on finding the straighteners that will do little damage to your hair and give you the style you’re envisioning. Some of the straighteners in the list might seem like they have similar features; however, each has its unique features that make them better at something than the others. The same features will only assure the best treatment of your hair.

Now it is upto you to make the best of our list and find the perfect fit for yourself. Our guide will most certainly help you make sure you do so.

Happy shopping!

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