Top 9 Best Laptops Under 70000 in India 2024: Expert Reviews

Last Updated on 17 February, 2024 by Sourav Roy

If that’s your budget, then Bravo! Yes, I will make sure you find yourself the best laptop under 70,000.

Best Laptops Under 70000 in India

Well, that’s a big budget. And if you are expecting to find the most appropriate one, you are absolutely right. I am here only to help you make a clever and wise decision.

Firstly, you must know that all the big brands like – Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo are super competitive and efficient. So, choosing one of them is a tough call. Therefore, to simplify the process, I have mentioned every little detail you can expect from each of them. Also, what type of laptop are you looking at? Yes, I have a recommendation for every requirement.

Further, proceed to the buying guide to know every aspect you must look into to find your suitable companion. I have picked the top 9 laptops under 70,000 only so you can access all the information under one platform. Should we begin?


1. Lenovo IdeaPad S540 10th Gen Intel Core i5 15.6-inch Laptop

We’ll start off with Lenovo’s IdeaPad S540, which is a powerful set of specifications that just about anyone is looking for. There’s no doubt about this laptop’s quality- if Lenovo can make good ones at even lower budgets, they can make an even better laptop at a 70k budget.

Lenovo IdeaPad S540 10th Gen Intel Core i5 15.6-inch Laptop


  • Recent generation i5 processor that can perform all sorts of tasks quickly.
  • Zero lag due to combination with a high amount of RAM and SSD support.
  • Comes with a powerful dedicated GPU for smooth graphical performance.
  • Has a great battery that can run a long time into the day without needing a charge.

This laptop isn’t the best because it has unique features which are rarely available in other laptops. Instead, it’s considered one of the best because it offers seamless performance and very reliable build quality. For a start, this laptop uses an Intel Core i5 processor, which is only slightly weaker than it’s i7 variant and is all around a very powerful processor.

If you’ve seen an i5 processor perform before, you can expect this one to perform even faster as it’s a very recent generation processor. 10th Gen processors are some of Intel’s newest right now and offer significantly faster performance than all their older variants.

Multitasking is a breeze with this processor, especially with the 8GB RAM. Even if the apps start getting out of hand, you can easily upgrade the RAM to 16GB.

The S540 also utilises hybrid storage, which means that it has an SSD alongside its HDD. As such, the speed of bootups and app loading is fast as well. The processor isn’t only equipped for multitasking but for very heavy tasks as well. It uses an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 2GB GDDR5 as it’s GPU, which is the laptop equivalent of the GT 1030 GPU from NVIDIA.

So, regardless of the application is extremely processor-intensive like a spreadsheet full of formula or if it’s graphics-intensive instead, the laptop will run fast either way.

Video editors work without any lag, though you might notice a slight lag if you play any games that came out after 2019. If it’s from earlier, the GPU can run it with seamless performance.

Moving on, the laptop is also good for going outside with, as it’s design is slim and it also comes equipped with Anti-Glare. If you take it with you, you can make it last even as long as 9 hours. The battery on this laptop is excellent, even more so because it can be charged very quickly. It charges fast enough that a mere 15 minutes of charge can pull you through a whole two hours.

Lastly, this laptop also supports storage expansion alongside the RAM, so you can upgrade it to be more powerful in the future if you need it. Overall, this laptop is certainly a great laptop for anyone, as it can offer so much power at such a convenient price, and it’s so efficient it doesn’t even heat up easily.

  • Has a dedicated GPU.
  • Good processor.
  • Long battery life.
  • Has Anti-glare.
  • Long-lasting battery with fast charge.
  • Good cooling.
  • Trackpad is a little buggy.
  • The camera could be better.
  • The keyboard feels slightly uncomfortable.
  • Weight could be lighter.


2. HP Pavilion x360 Touchscreen 2-in-1 FHD 14-inch Laptop

This touchscreen laptop from HP is a graphics designer’s best friend, with its high-end productivity features and slick looks.

HP Pavilion x360 Touchscreen 2-in-1 FHD 14-inch Laptop


  • Processor that comes optimised for smooth performance along with a good balance of power consumption.
  • High-quality display that’s perfectly suited for graphic design.
  • Long-lasting battery so that you can work on your project comfortably at any place.
  • Special convertible form for more convenient use.

The processor in this laptop is one of the best you can find in this budget. The i5-10210U is optimised for not only performance but also for power efficiency. That means that the CPU can run everything fast without costing too much battery life.

Even better, that also means that the processor won’t heat up easily, as it won’t waste its power working on unnecessary processes. It can go up all the way to 4.2GHz if you need it to, but even without going that far, you can enjoy unparalleled multitasking and overall performance.

Design programs like Photoshop or other applications like AutoCAD run on it easily without any hitches. If that’s not enough for you, you can still upgrade the laptop’s RAM upto 16GB.

The x360 doesn’t come with a dedicated GPU, though, so you can’t run high-end graphics applications on it. However, the integrated graphics is part of a fairly recent processor, which means it holds up well with most apps, just not for gaming. This laptop is more centred towards artists, architects and the like.

While its power may not be that of the other laptops in this list, it makes up for that by having one of the best displays among these laptops. For a start, the screen is Full HD, so images seem crisp, and the brightness also seems to be brighter than most of the laptops out there, and that doesn’t even affect this one’s battery life.

The touchscreen technology on this display is extremely responsive. It becomes even more similar to an actual piece of paper due to the thin bezels that blend in perfectly with the screen.

A small downside is that the manufacturer doesn’t include a stylus, which could complement the touchscreen very well. Still, you can find a cheap stylus to purchase separately, and the display is good enough to work well with any sort of stylus.

Moving on, the other aspects of this laptop are remarkable as well. Despite a touchscreen display being incredibly power consuming, the x360 can handle one with little effort, being able to last as long as 10 hours on medium use. As the laptop’s overall cooling is also great, you can expect that battery life to stay consistent most of the time.

The battery can also charge faster than an average laptop of the same capacity. Considering how compact it is, you can easily take it outside to do work where you feel more relaxed, or just go around travelling with it in general.

Speaking of travelling, there’s one more feature that makes it reliable for such purposes. It’s a convertible laptop, so you can just move the keyboard back to work on the display only. As such, you don’t always need to have a flat surface or need to sit down to keep the laptop on your lap.

Overall, this laptop has a good balance of power and comfort. There’s even the Alexa Voice Assistant installed to make things easier for you.

  • Touchscreen display.
  • Powerful processor.
  • Travel is effective with long battery life and compact form.
  • Works well with Alexa voice assistant.
  • Has a high brightness.
  • Keyboard feels a little cramped.
  • No dedicated GPU.
  • Doesn’t come with a stylus.
  • No Anti-glare.


3. Lenovo Yoga C640 10th Gen Intel Core i5 13.3 inches 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

The Yoga C640 is one of the most compact laptops you can find with reliable power and is easy to carry. Before we get to its physical form, let’s get the specifications out of the way first. Numbers-wise, it comes with everything you’d expect from a high-quality laptop; a powerful processor, high RAM that can be upgraded to a much higher point, and a decently large SSD.

Lenovo Yoga C640 10th Gen Intel Core i5 13.3 inches 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop


  • Can run all kinds of apps buttery smooth.
  • Reliable integrated GPU offers quality entertainment.
  • Premium display enhances the user experience greatly without costing a lot of battery.
  • Very portable and easy to carry despite its powerful hardware.
  • 2-in-1 form is excellent for graphics designers.

You also get good graphics performance, as the processor’s integrated GPU is very recent and can handle most medium-heavy tasks. You can do some video editing, as long as it’s something light. However, this laptop’s main strong point is being a good daily driver and being very portable. For a start, you can browse smoothly and even play a couple of lighter games for entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, there’s more to this laptop when it comes to its entertainment value. It also has a very beautiful display that offers rich colours and great contrast. You can even appreciate this display in its full glory while you’re out, as it has not only an Anti-Glare coating but also high brightness. Everything shows up clearly, even under direct sunlight.

Now, let’s talk about another significant reason this laptop might be perfect for you, especially when you go outside; it has incredible battery life. Among all the other best laptops under 70000, this one offers some of the longest battery life. If you use it properly, you can make it last as long as 15 hours, which is a lot for a laptop with high power and an FHD display.

That’s not even the end of the best the laptop has to offer. On top of everything else, it’s a touchscreen laptop. So, if you’re an artist, then this laptop can be a great choice for you as well. It even has a stylus and a convertible design to provide the full experience.

If you’re not one and prefer traditional input methods, then you’ll also feel comfortable using the keyboard and touchpad- both are very responsive. In fact, the touchpad is glassy, which means there will be less friction when you try to use it.

  • Great display.
  • Comes with Anti-glare.
  • Incredibly long battery life.
  • Performs well when multitasking.
  • Expandable RAM.
  • Comes with a stylus.
  • Has a convertible design.
  • Lightweight.
  • No dedicated GPU.
  • Speakers are mediocre.
  • Port placement is odd.
  • Thermal exhaust system placement is off.


4. Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Laptop

Whether you’re an average user, gamer or someone who needs to get work done, you’ll find this laptop to be perfect for just about everything. It comes with some of the highest specifications available in the budget.

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Laptop


  • Core i7 processor provides excellent performance and battery life.
  • Powerful dedicated GPU that breezes through most graphics-intensive tasks.
  • Lightweight design that’s perfect for outdoor use.
  • Efficient cooling and special audio features add to the convenience.

When it comes to pure power, this laptop is easily one of the best laptops under 70000. This is the first laptop on our list with a Core i7 processor. It can run faster than a laptop using an i5 one and has more advanced integrated graphics as well. Not only is it an i7 processor, but it’s also a 10th Gen one. When it comes to performance, the only compromise in this laptop is the limited 8GB RAM that can’t be expanded.

However, the additional power provided by the high-end processor makes up for it easily. The processor is also good at power management, so you can expect to use it for a while without having it plugged.

While multitasking is decent without the ability to add extra RAM, the CPU excels at running all kind of resource-heavy tasks individually. It can run an application even if it needs a lot of graphical power, as it comes equipped with NVIDIA’s MX350 GPU.

To give you an idea of how good it is, we’ve tested several types of applications on it. Of course, most GPUs have a set performance, but they aren’t always the same if the processor is different. This combo can run all sorts of high-end games and can even be used to do professional video editing.

The laptop’s physical design is also quite clean and practical. It looks good, but it doesn’t weigh much. You won’t feel it much if you place it on your lap, as it only weighs 1.35 kgs. As such, you can carry this laptop around comfortably. It’s not very big either, being only 14 inches.

One more thing that adds to the laptop’s portability is its excellent battery life. You can enjoy using this powerful laptop for longer than you’d expect, even with the laptop’s strong hardware and an excellent display. It can tank upto 10 hours of use before reaching low charge, with medium use.

Lastly, this variant of the Horizon Edition 14 also comes with some of the best features this series of models are known for. That is, it has enhanced cooling and audio. Quality cooling is a big advantage of any laptop, as laptops risk malfunctions due to heat more than desktops do. The audio enhancement is the DTS Audio Processing technology, which increases the quality of audio, especially surround audio.

Our verdict for this laptop is that it’s certainly one worth owning. The lack of expendable RAM is a downer, but it’s hard to complain about such a thing with the other features present. Plus, this is a laptop from Xiaomi, so you can trust the hardware to hold up, even if it seems unusually powerful considering its price.

  • Great display.
  • Has a dedicated GPU.
  • Efficient battery.
  • Reliable processor.
  • Doesn’t heat up easily.
  • Clean design.
  • RAM isn’t expendable.
  • The touchpad could be better.
  • The keyboard isn’t backlit.
  • No upgrade option for storage.


5. Dell Inspiron 5300 13.3-inch FHD Laptop

This list wouldn’t be complete without anything from Dell. They have plenty of premium laptops available at 70k, and this one is one of the best.

Dell Inspiron 5300 13.3-inch FHD Laptop


  • Good performance with expandable RAM.
  • Uses an updated integrated GPU for good basic graphics performance.
  • Immersive display with multiple viewing angles.
  • The battery can last a long time and charge fast.
  • Comes with advanced USB ports for increased versatility.

The hardware is the standard combination of most of the powerful laptops at this price range. You get a 10th Gen Intel i5 processor that has a maximum clock speed of 4.2 GHz. The RAM is 8GBs and can be upgraded to 16GBs if needed. This laptop’s actual performance is great as well; it can handle multitasking, browsing, and even some light video editing without any stutters. The presence of an NVME SSD also helps the performance gain a slight boost.

It still uses an integrated GPU, but it can handle common things like HD videos or casual video games. This laptop is more suited for studies, work or general daily use. In all three scenarios, this laptop can flash through tasks with maximum speed and efficiency. It does have some additional entertainment value, though, with the brilliant display.

The bezels aren’t very thick, and the display itself produces rich colours that stand out to the eye. It’s also more comfortable to look at. Even better, the display manages to be good and even offers FHD resolution despite the laptop’s smaller size, which is a mere 13.3 inches. The viewing angles are great as well.

Moving on, this laptop’s battery isn’t particularly bad either. In fact, it’s very good and can last you as long as 10 hours. We’ve tried doing some browsing and other sorts of daily tasks like watching videos on the Internet. From our tests, the results show that the laptop can last at least 8 hours with that kind of use. You don’t have to wait very long for it to finish charging as well. It doesn’t have a fast charge, but the charge up time is still relatively short.

Lastly, this laptop also comes with a USB Type-C port, which can help you use more powerful accessories or charge certain devices with the laptop. Alongside that, there’s an adaptive thermal mechanism that manages the laptop’s thermals to provide a comfortable experience for you when you’re using it on your lap.

  • Expandable RAM.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Great cooling.
  • Good audio.
  • Great display.
  • Uses an integrated GPU.
  • Zero lag.
  • Keyboard is incredibly cramped.


6. HP 15 AMD Ryzen 7 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

If you were looking for a laptop with AMD hardware rather than Intel, we’ve got you covered. This one from HP contains one of the best combinations of their hardware. With it, you’re guaranteed to get more power than most other laptops can offer at the same price.

HP 15 AMD Ryzen 7 15.6-inch FHD Laptop


  • Snappy performance on all applications because of the recent processor.
  • Uses AMD’s own integrated GPU that works better than its Intel equivalents.
  • FHD display optimised for a great visual experience.
  • Comes with long battery life and good cooling.

AMD’s mid-range processors always work better than Intel ones when it comes to pure performance. This laptop is a prime example. It uses the Ryzen 7-3700U, which is popular among many computer enthusiasts due to its efficiency as an all-around processor. It works even better with 16 GBs of RAM.

The laptop comes with 8GBs, which is more than enough, but you can upgrade it to 16GBs to get extra performance overall and graphics-wise. The SSD also provides very fast bootup times, and copy-paste speeds are great.

There is no dedicated GPU included with this laptop, but you can trust its integrated one as it’s also from AMD; the card itself is the AMD Radeon RX Vega 10. It performs very well, though we suggest upgrading the RAM to get the best performance out of it, as it siphons off your normal RAM just like other integrated GPUs.

You can also enjoy a good movie watching experience with the HP 15’s clean display. It has high brightness, and the colours stay just as vivid even at maximum brightness. The screen size is big, and the resolution is FHD, which is the perfect combo for good visuals. Plus, you can also see the screen properly from multiple viewing angles.

The battery life isn’t long compared to the other laptops in this list, but it’s more than what you’ll find in other laptops of the same price. It’s shorter than the other ones on this list because this laptop lies at the lower end of the 70k budget.

Plus, this battery life will be consistent as this laptop has good cooling; it took a lot of tasks to heat this laptop up than what’s typically necessary during our tests. There isn’t any special cooling mechanism; the laptop just has a good design.

  • Attractive design.
  • Incredibly fast bootup speeds.
  • High-quality display.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Good battery life.
  • Excellent overall and multitasking performance.
  • No LAN port.
  • No VGA port.
  • The keyboard could be much better.
  • No dedicated GPU.


7. Dell Inspiron 5408 14 inch FHD 5000 Series Laptop

The Inspiron 5408 is another great choice for those seeking a good laptop for studies or work. It is mostly focused towards these, and it can also serve as a laptop for everyday use.

Dell Inspiron 5408 14 inch FHD 5000 Series Laptop


  • Reliable processor that promises smooth performance.
  • Comes with a dedicated GPU for graphics-heavy tasks.
  • The display comes with all the features and quality of a higher-end laptop.
  • Battery life is comparatively good, and charging speeds are incredibly fast.

This laptop is good for all kinds of work, even the more resource-heavy ones like video editing or using AutoCAD. It has a 10th Gen i5 processor, so you can expect the performance to be buttery smooth. Better yet, it comes with 8GBs of RAM that you can upgrade to 16GB to get even faster speeds. And as the cherry on top, you also get a fairly large SSD that speeds up navigation and makes apps start in a snap.

Despite being fairly inexpensive, it does come with the rather powerful NVIDIA GeForce MX330 GPU, along with 2GBs of VRAM. Hence, you won’t have to worry about lags in applications that rely on the GPU rather than the CPU. This GPU is what makes the laptop perfect for video editing, and it can handle several video games as well.

The display is also well-designed. It’s an FHD display that offers great brightness and colours, even under direct sunlight. The screen itself looks big and immersive due to the narrow bezels. All these features together make the display extremely good for the price. Additionally, you can also look at the screen comfortably from various viewing angles.

On top of all that, the laptop offers good battery life as well. 7 hours may not seem like a lot, but it is still quite a lot considering the price. Even if you do run out of charge, you can quickly fill the battery up with the fast charge feature. It only takes 30 minutes for the battery to reach 80%, so you don’t have to worry about the charge running out.

  • Has a dedicated GPU.
  • Good brightness.
  • Heating is at a minimum.
  • RAM is expendable.
  • Charges quickly.
  • Great battery.
  • Keyboard feels a little off.
  • Webcam quality could be better.
  • Speakers aren’t loud enough.


8. ASUS ZenBook 13 10th Gen Intel Core i5 FHD Laptop

The Zenbook 13 calls itself the best laptop for an on-the-go lifestyle, and we agree. It has everything you’d need; good power, a thin body and incredibly lightweight.

ASUS ZenBook 13 10th Gen Intel Core i5 FHD Laptop


  • Comes with an SSD and a good processor to offer fast performance.
  • Uniquely designed display that enhances watching experience and the laptop’s looks.
  • Premium keyboard and touchpad offer enhanced productivity value.
  • The incredibly long battery, along with a lighter and more compact form, makes it the perfect travel companion.

Before we get on about the laptop’s overall performance, do note that it doesn’t come with a dedicated GPU. Its integrated one is good, though not something you can run a lot of high-end graphics applications with. Now, let’s talk about how fast the Zenbook 13 can run. If you don’t factor in GPU-reliant applications, this laptop can actually handle most very well due to the Core i5 CPU.

Multitasking does work well, and the apps work very fast with the help of both the CPU and the SSD. It would’ve been better off with more RAM, though. However, this is the biggest downside of the laptop; you can’t expand upon the RAM. You have to use the 8GBs of RAM it comes with.

The display itself is a work of art, as it looks good and produces good images as well. Bezels are much narrower than any other laptops at that price. In fact, this laptop actually has an 88% Screen to Body Ratio, so the bezels that are hardly noticeable. The laptop’s 13.3-inch screen feels more like a 14 inch one, without being the actual size because of this design. Colour reproduction is also good, and brightness is higher, being at 300 nits instead of the usual 250 nits.

Inputs on this keyboard are comfortable as well. The keyboard feels very solid and clicky, while the touchpad is covered with glass so that you can use it smoothly. Tests show that the response times are still excellent, despite it not being like the average touchpad. Even better, the keyboard is backlit, so you can use the laptop in the dark as well.

Mobility isn’t an issue with this laptop either. You can take it out and have it run as long as 10 hours, if not even more. The 13.3-inch size and super slim body make it easier to fit into any bag, and it’s easy to carry as well since it weighs only 1.11kgs. This laptop’s portability alone is enough to make it worthy of being one of the best laptops under 70000.

  • Great design.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Unique and attractive design.
  • A powerful processor that works incredibly fast.
  • Miniscule battery consumption.
  • Only one USB Type-A.
  • The webcam isn’t good enough.
  • No headphone jack.


9. ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 11th Gen Intel Core i7 FHD Laptop

It’s time to end our list, so we’ll end it with one of the most powerful laptops available on the market. This one can handle just about anything you throw at it, even if it doesn’t have a dedicated GPU.

ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 11th Gen Intel Core i7 FHD Laptop


  • Uses an i7 processor to provide maximum all-around performance.
  • Comes with hybrid storage for additional versatility.
  • Great build quality that offers a lot of durabilities.
  • The keyboard is excellent for typing comfortably and fast.

This laptop is extremely powerful for running every kind of application that isn’t GPU intensive. It can even handle some of the more graphical applications, as the i7 has the great processing power and comes with a powerful integrated GPU. Combined with the 8GB expandable RAM, it can be a beast in several circumstances.

Additionally, you also get an SSD, so the performance will be even smoother. Above all else, this processor is the 11th Generation one, so you can rest assured knowing that it will always be running at maximum performance and efficiency.

One more thing about the storage is that while it does come with a fairly large 256GB SSD, it also has a 1TB HDD so that you won’t run out of storage. Hybrid Storage is the most efficient type of storage in terms of space, though it’s a more expensive option than just one kind of storage drive.

The laptop also feels solid in hand and has ASUS’s signature build quality, so it can last several years on end. Even the general appearance of the laptop stands out and seems more attractive than the typical bland laptop.

The durability extends to the battery as well. It’s long-lasting as it doesn’t have to be damaged by heat due to the laptop’s efficient cooling. Lastly, the Vivobook Ultra 15 is also great for typing related tasks because the keys are very well spaced so that the user can use them comfortably and fast.

  • Expandable RAM.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Expandable storage.
  • Slim body.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Has a Core i7 processor.
  • Display isn’t IPS.
  • Low webcam quality.
  • Sound quality could’ve been better.


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Best Laptops Under Rs 70000 – Buying Guide

These are our picks of the best laptops under 70000 available on the market. If you want to get a laptop with more specific hardware, here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the right one for yourself.


Types Of Laptops Available Under Rs 70000

As per usual, the first thing you should consider before choosing a laptop for yourself is the type of laptop you need. Every laptop comes equipped with hardware for different scenarios. To clarify, certain components are far stronger than the rest, so the laptop isn’t ideal for the scenarios that depend on the weaker components.

At Rs 70000, you can find a large selection of laptops to pick from. Among this selection, you’ll see three types of laptops most of the time. They are; Business Laptops, Gaming Laptops, and Touchscreen Laptops.

There are various other types of laptops available to pick from, but they only have value at a lower budget. For instance, there’s no point in buying any basic laptop with 70k.


1. Business Laptops

Now, let’s talk about all the types individually. Business Laptops are quite powerful in their own right, but their specifications are more geared towards providing the user with more business-appropriate features. That mostly means that the laptop comes with a design that makes it easy to carry around and a processor that can multitask well without costing too much battery.

Additionally, these laptops also come with various security features as only high-profile businessmen purchase business laptops at such a budget. You can also use these laptops for everyday tasks, though if that’s the sole purpose of you getting a laptop, you might want to check out the other types.

Power-wise, these laptops come with a relatively high RAM and a powerful processor like a recent generation Intel Core i5. However, neither of these are as powerful as other types of laptops like Gaming Laptops, as they need to be cost-effective. Business laptops also have great battery life and come with mid-range GPUs if the user needs to do high-level graphical tasks.

Usually, you’d see something like 16 GBs of RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor and about 8-10 hours of battery life with such laptops. You also get the expansion for all the important components to upgrade them if you need them for other uses.

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2. Gaming Laptops

These are the most powerful laptops you can find at 70k. In fact, these are essentially the best laptops under 70000 when it comes to raw performance. They come with a lot of specifications from the get-go and can be utilised for other uses.

You just don’t get the more situational features of the other type of laptops. For instance, these laptops will only allow limited mobility, as they’re quite thick and heavy due to the combination of powerful hardware inside.

However, they also have a huge advantage; the cooling mechanism is of high quality. So, if you intend to do a lot of heavy tasks, you can just get this sort of laptop for cooling alone.

When it comes to specifications, they usually come combined with a very powerful processor, a high amount of RAM, and a GPU that can do just about run any high-graphics applications released a few years after its own release date.

As you can see, such GPUs are incredibly powerful because of being able to do that. The cards also have a lot of VRAM, which is part of why they’re so powerful.

Gaming laptops also have their own upsides design-wise. They may look thick, but they compensate for that by providing the user with an exotic appearance, which usually fits in with a gamer aesthetic. That includes attractive RGB lighting that can make the laptop stand out easily.

At a budget as high as 70k, you should be able to get a very high-end processor like a 10th Gen Intel Core i7. It can be a powerful processor from either one of the best CPU brands- Intel or AMD.

The RAM can also go very high from the start, being either 16 GB or even 32 GB. Some of the best GPUs are available on laptops at this price- including NVIDIA’s GTX cards which are very advanced and can reproduce gorgeous graphics with little effort.

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3. Touchscreen Laptops

Touchscreen laptops can also be considered Graphics Design laptops. Their mechanism is perfect for anyone who works in any sort of creative field, which requires precision and more freedom of input. That includes both artists and architects. The touch mechanism allows them to fully utilise the complex but incredibly powerful applications that can provide them with all the tools they need without costing any money.

Most of the time, these laptops are very much different from their counterparts- a lot of models can fold 180° or further.

Due to this unique design choice, you can flip the keyboard backwards and use the laptop like a tablet or even use the keyboard as a stand to do work more comfortably. They’re quite powerful as well, though most of the hardware quality is focused on the display. This further enhances the laptop for its intended use by producing accurate and rich colours for the user to draw everything out just right.

Although, you might not want to go for these if battery life is something you’d need, as such high-power displays can be quite taxing for the battery. There will be an hour or less of battery life reduction, though, as the high-budget allows the laptops to come equipped with reliably powerful hardware in other aspects.

In terms of specifics, most laptops come with 8 GBs of RAM, a recent variant of an Intel Core i5 processor and hybrid storage, which includes both HDD and SSD storage. Because of the combination of both, it’s possible to work on large project files fast, whether if you’re trying to load a Photoshop project or an edited video file.

These laptops also come with good midrange GPUs as they’re supposed to help the user do graphics related work. As such, these laptops can be used for video editing as well. Lastly, another notable thing about these laptops is that they also come with styluses, which are pen-like devices that allow the user to use the laptop as if it’s a real notebook.

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AMD VS Intel: Which is the best processor?

While you would have to consider extra care when buying a processor on a lower budget, you don’t have to do the same at 70k. Both Intel and AMD produce incredibly powerful chipsets at this price. From either brand, you can get any processor and use it at full power.

Even better, the processors that these brands manufacture at this price are extremely power efficient. They can manage their performance well without heating up easily, so your laptop’s speed won’t get throttled when it goes past a certain temperature.

The only things you have to consider when it comes to choosing a processor between either is the brand value and extra features.

Both brands are excellent when it comes to producing the chipsets, but if you want to be fully assured of the processor’s reliability, you can get an Intel one. Intel has been around much longer and has reiterated its processors every year to fix all the flaws and improve their performance.

AMD, on the other hand, is newer than Intel. However, the brand has advanced quickly and now stands toe to toe with Intel when it comes to processor quality.

In fact, some of the best laptops under 70000 use some AMD processors that are far better than their Intel variants. For graphics design, you might want to get an AMD processor as AMD has much better-integrated graphics.

Of course, laptops at this price come with their own dedicated GPUs. However, they still use the laptop’s integrated GPU from time to time, so it would be best to have a good one to avoid any hitches in performance.

Intel processors are still a good option- they provide better overall performance, so you might benefit more if you’re using the laptop for everyday or work purposes. They can offer some great advantages, including Optane Memory, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth V5.0, and Thunderbolt 3.

Optane Memory is practically a cheaper version of SSD that can speed your HDD up to match its superior variant’s performance without giving you the extra space an actual SSD offers.

Intel processors are slightly more expensive because of these advanced features. There are some other small downsides as well- a lot of Intel processors don’t have as many cores as their AMD equivalent offers, and they don’t support multithreading either.



Graphics Cards are very important when buying a laptop at this price. They’re not as much when you’re buying a cheap laptop, as there’s no way to get a good graphics card at a low price. However, at 70k, you have access to a huge selection of GPUs to choose from. There are two types of GPUs- only one of them is important- the dedicated GPU.

Although, you can still have a close look at the second type of GPU in the laptop, which is the integrated GPU. The laptop’s performance with certain applications doesn’t depend as much on the integrated GPU.

However, it’s still a good idea to have a decent one to have better performance when performing the more basic graphical tasks. Let’s take a look at both of these GPU types more closely.

Though the dedicated GPU may be more important, you’ll be considering the integrated GPU first. That’s because the GPU comes included with the laptop’s processor, which is always the first thing you should look at when buying a laptop. By ensuring you get a good processor, you ensure that you get a good integrated GPU.

A decent integrated GPU will prevent a slight dent in the laptop’s performance, as a weak GPU of this sort tends to use up some of the laptop’s main memory because it normally doesn’t come with its own or has very little video memory (VRAM). VRAM is important when running more intensive graphical tasks.

You need to have a good dedicated GPU to have enough usable VRAM. These GPUs come separately and can be fit into the laptop’s motherboard. They can run independently on their own, without needing to rely on the processor or the amount of RAM available in the laptop to work. As such, they can easily handle high-graphics applications without causing any performance issues.

Although dedicated GPUs are somewhat expensive. Fortunately, you’ll find that there are many good dedicated GPUs even at the lower end of the 70k budget.

While ensuring that the GPU is recent is the best thing you can do, there’s one more essential thing you should look out for. That is, the memory technology used as the GPU’s VRAM. Most of the best laptops under 60000 will at least come with GDDR5 memory, which is a type of RAM. Any lower, and you’ll notice significant performance drops when using applications.

GDDR6 GPUs are even better, as they offer more than superior performance- support for VR. As you’ll be getting a fairly expensive laptop, it would be best to ensure that the laptop has the potential to run such a technology. Between both, you should get the GDDR5 technology at least if you want to get the most value out of your laptop.

When it comes to specific models, you can find many to choose from. To make it easier for you, we’ve benchmarked some of the GPUs available at this price. At the lower end of 70k, the best GPU is NVIDIA’s GTX 1650. If you can go for the higher end, then a GTX 1080 is an ideal option.

GTX cards are a part of NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU series, and they offer very powerful performance. There are options from AMD as well, but NVIDIA GPUs work better on laptops. Regardless of whatever model you get, you have to make sure that the model is from the GTX series no matter what.

If you get a laptop with an NVIDIA GT graphics card, then you’ll essentially be wasting at least Rs 10000 on the laptop. These cards are only valuable when combined with a mid-range GPU.


HDD Vs SSD – The Best Storage Drive

Choosing between HDD and SSD takes quite a bit of consideration, as you need to factor in price and usage scenarios, along with durability. We’ll bring up all the essentials you need to know. You can take a look at our article about both for a more detailed explanation.

HDDs are the most common form of storage. They offer quite a lot of space at a low price. SSDs are newer, though they haven’t been able to replace HDDs just yet. For the most part, they’re used beside an already installed HDD, though some people use an SSD as their only form of storage.

However, we suggest not going the latter route. SSDs are very beneficial to the overall user experience, as they can make many things on the laptop significantly faster. There is a large downside, though. There’s way less storage space available to you than you’d have if you were to get an HDD at the same price.

If you’re not the sort of person who constantly stores large files within their laptop, then you can ignore this downside easily, as most laptops come with a 512 GB SSD if bought without an HDD, which is more than adequate for regular or medium use.

There are also some other options you can try- Hybrid Storage and Optane Memory. With Hybrid Storage, you can have both an SSD and HDD installed on the laptop. There’s no limitation to the sizes, so you can have either drive at any size. This sort of option is rather expensive, though.

You can go for Optane Memory instead if you don’t mind not having the additional storage regular SSDs offer. Optane Memory sticks come in sizes of 16 GB or 32 GB, and they’re very cheap. You’ll still be getting the best perk of using an SSD, which is the faster performance. It will just be enhancing the Hard Disk’s capabilities instead of simply running by itself.

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Things to consider before buying the best laptops under 70000

1. Processor

As always, the processor is the first thing you should ensure is of the best quality. Based on your needs, a certain processor might be more useful than its counterparts, even if it’s less expensive.

If you’re a regular user who wants to ensure that their laptop lasts a long time, then the best laptop under 70000 would be one that comes with an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 5. Processors like these will give you excellent performance and battery life while being cost-effective at the same time.

While you’re at it, you should also make sure that the processor is the newest generation of its variants to get the most out of your purchase. On the other hand, if you’re a very heavy user and plan to put the laptop under a lot of load, then you’d be better off getting a processor that offers the most power in the budget.

You should be cautious, though. If you get the wrong processor, you might end up sacrificing a significant amount of battery life just for raw power. A huge portion of the laptop’s battery is dependent on the processor, after all.

The earlier mentioned processors are also ideal for people looking for slightly higher performance, like graphic designers or video editors.

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2. RAM

RAM is the second most important thing in terms of performance. If you have a good processor, you can get by with a good performance. However, if the laptop doesn’t have enough RAM, it will start lagging after a while of using it.

In fact, the lag might make the laptop unusable based on whatever programs you install or use. As such, your multitasking ability will be very limited, and navigation will be glitchy and slow.

To ensure none of this happens, you have to get a laptop with a good amount of starting RAM at least. That way, you get to use it for a long while before you need to upgrade it. Alongside that, you can consider a few other things, which will make a significant positive impact on the laptop’s performance and usability.

The first is expandability- many laptops come with additional empty slots that you can insert RAM sticks into to expand the laptop’s overall RAM up to a certain limit. The best laptops under 70000 will at least give you expandability up to 16 GBs, or even 32 GBs, if you can invest a little more into the laptop. With the ability to upgrade the RAM, you can use the laptop for several years, even if some applications get more advanced and resource-intensive.

There’s one more thing that you need to do to make sure it lasts long enough, though. A modern laptop that performs well will come with DDR4 memory, which is the most advanced technology used in RAMs at the moment. The importance of these is not due to the significant performance increase but because they have more spares available in the market.

Older memory technology like DDR3 is still available to find, but not as easy. Not to mention, the latter restricts upgradability as most RAM sticks use DDR4. So if you need to expand your RAM or replace a stick that doesn’t work, you’ll have a hard time making the laptop last long enough.

As a side note, if you’re going to add additional RAM to a laptop you get, we suggest getting RAM sticks from brands like TwinMOS, Adata or even Corsair if you can afford it.

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3. Storage

Storage is always important, as it always dictates how you can use your computer. At a 70k budget, we suggest going for hybrid storage with a large HDD and a medium-sized SSD. The increased size of an SSD has no direct impact on your laptop’s performance, though you still have some of your essential applications stored there so that they can load up faster. There won’t be such an impact on bigger applications, though. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a large HDD alongside the SSD.

Opting for Optane Memory is also a good idea if you want to get raw power out of your laptop. SSDs are generally expensive, so if you go for their far cheaper alternative, you can have a laptop where the rest of its price was put more towards the other hardware. If you really need the extra space of an SSD, you can just go for a bigger Hard Disk, which will still cost you much less.

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4. Battery Life

You should be able to get excellent battery life in a laptop worth Rs 70000. It’s vital that you don’t make any mistakes when considering the battery of the laptop. The battery is essentially the most important advantage of a laptop. Having a weak battery limits mobility and can sometimes ruin your data as well when the laptop suddenly turns off due to a fully drained battery.

If a laptop has a good battery, then that’s a very likely indication that the rest of the laptop is good as well. You should try to avoid laptops with a bad battery, as that suggests that the manufacturers ignored a fundamental aspect of the particular laptop’s usage experience.

A reliable and decent 70k laptop can offer you a combination of both high power and a long usage time. Most of these laptops can last as long as 8 hours and even more. Not to mention, they charge incredibly fast due to special fast charge mechanisms. To see how long the laptop’s charge lasts, you should look through the reviews first and then the product description, as the second one isn’t always reliable.

Additionally, we’re also going to tell you about some things you can do post-purchase to have a battery that lasts a very long time. By following our advice, you can get a lot of general usage time out of your laptop battery, and you can also have it be healthy longer before it starts degrading due to continuous use. The first thing you should be doing is preventing your battery from reaching a certain level of charge.

Laptops use Li-ion batteries, which are prone to a slightly faster decay rate when they aren’t charged through a specific rule. When it comes to Lithium-Ion batteries, the user always needs to prevent the battery from draining completely or from charging all the way to 100%. These batteries should always have their charge at any point between 20% and 90%. The rule applies to any sort of device that uses Li-ion batteries, not just laptops.

If you follow this basic rule, you can get a slightly longer life out of your battery before it inevitably starts losing its effectiveness.

Other than that, you can also do some direct tweaks to your laptop to reduce its battery consumption while paying only a small price of convenience. The first thing is that you can reduce the laptop’s screen brightness- the display of any desktop or laptop is one of the most power-consuming components, so the more limited it is, the better.

If you have an anti-glare screen, you can still read most screens at medium-lower brightness even when outside. You can also sort through the list of your startup applications and turn off auto-start for those you don’t need to use as soon as you turn your laptop on.

Turning off connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is also effective, especially when you’re not using these features. There are a few other tweaks, but you can have these done automatically for you through a system optimisation app like IOBit’s Advanced Systemcare.

Lastly, you should refrain from using third-party charging adapters as well. Sometimes, they might clash with the laptop’s hardware and cause damage to the battery if they’re not compatible with the laptop. The best way to ensure that the adapter is perfectly compatible with the laptop is by getting one made for the exact model from the brand’s customer service or parts shop.

Once you do all that, you can experience a truly great battery life, which will increase your productivity and allow you to be more efficient with your laptop. On the side, you get some great performance improvements as well.


5. Display

There are plenty of advanced displays available on a 70k laptop. Aside from being Full HD and beyond, these displays are more energy-efficient and have great colour reproduction. Before looking into any extra features, though, you should make sure that the display has IPS technology and multiple viewing angles. Unlike the other features, these two don’t increase the laptop’s overall cost that much, and they can still vastly improve your viewing experience.

Anti-glare is also another special feature that needs to be present in the laptop display. It’s available in much cheaper laptops as well, so you should ensure that the laptop you get has this feature no matter what. It does exactly what the name suggests- it prevents your screen from reflecting the glares from bright lights. This sort of feature can be incredibly handy when you’re using your laptop in a harshly lit area, like a very bright room or under bright sunlight.

The feature is even more important if you’re a graphic designer going for a touchscreen laptop. It’s important in this scenario because nearly all touchscreen displays are glossy, so they tend to produce many glares. You need to avoid these glares as a lot of the time, you’ll be working on the screen directly.

One more feature you can look out for is a higher refresh rate. Most standard laptops come with a 60Hz screen. This refresh rate is enough to provide smooth enough visuals, but higher refresh rates can still improve the smoothness of the earlier mentioned visuals significantly. If you intend to play high-quality movies or competitive video games, then you should try to get a refresh rate beyond 60Hz.


6. Graphics Card

The best laptops under 70000 usually come with a lot of graphics power. Not only they have solid dedicated GPUs, but they also have great integrated graphics as they come with fairly powerful processors. Although you should always ensure that the laptop you get has a dedicated GPU though it’s acceptable if the laptop is a mid-range one and doesn’t have any dedicated graphics.

At 70k, a laptop is guaranteed to come with at least a mid-range graphics card. If the laptop you’re purchasing doesn’t have one, then that’s simply a scam. If you’re getting a laptop for everyday use and don’t want to have a GPU in it, then you’re better off going for laptops under Rs 50000

Having a dedicated GPU will also be handy later if you want to see 4k videos on the internet, do video editing or simply play high graphics AAA games. A good example of a high-value GPU is NVIDIA’s GTX 1650. You should also ensure that the processor is good enough to not bottleneck the GPU’s speed because of heat.


7. Screen Size

Screen size is less important for all-around use on a regular desktop monitor, but it can dictate multiple aspects of the hardware when it comes to laptops. The size does more than affecting your viewing experience. In some cases, smaller display sizes will fit your needs more than the bigger ones.

A bigger display is the best if you want to get the most out of your laptop hardware. Of course, you’ll get a more immersive display. However, on top of that, you’ll also get a larger keyboard, extra USB ports and even better cooling as there will be more space inside.

On the other hand, smaller screen size will offer you more mobility and make the laptop easier to carry. It will also reduce the display’s power consumption, as there will be less space for the laptop to power.

There are such significant changes because the screen size dictates the entire size of the laptop. The most common screen sizes are 14-inch and 15.6-inch. There is also 17.3-inch, but laptops with such a screen size are rare at Rs 70000. If you’re going to get a laptop with good entertainment value that can play movies and videogames well, you can go for the 15.6-inch variant.

The smaller sizes are ideal if you simply want more mobility. They’re not as good for the earlier mentioned tasks because they don’t have as much powerful hardware due to the smaller space inside. Bigger laptops will also have more connectivity ports, which will allow you to add more devices and peripherals, including Home Theatre Systems.


8. Number of Ports

Let’s talk about the number of ports while we’re on the subject. It’s not as important if you’re an average user. However, it has a lot of significance if you’re the sort that uses multiple accessories or even devices with their laptop. As we know, bigger laptop sizes can offer you additional ports, and not only just USB ports.

To begin with, there is still an extra benefit with the USB ports when it comes to a bigger laptop- you get more than two USB slots, which can be handy if you want to attach something to your laptop through USB while still keeping an external keyboard and mouse attached to it. There are other types of USB ports alongside the typical broad ones.

Newer laptops come with far more powerful USB ports called USB Type-C ports, which are several times faster than their USB 3.1 and 3.0 counterparts. It will be even better if you can ensure that the Type-C supports Thunderbolt 3. These Thunderbolt ports can transfer data incredibly fast, going up to as much as 40 Gbps in speed.

You can also try to get a laptop with an HDMI port. It’s a must if you want to connect your laptop to your TV, Monitor, or even a Sound System. For the most part, 70k laptops will offer you a lot of ports in general. You can read our article on laptop port types to know about many other convenient ports you should try to get.

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9. Keyboard And Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad are some of the most vital aspects of the laptop. You won’t always be able to drag an external mouse and keyboard you like, as these can add a lot of extra weight and limit mobility greatly. If you type a lot, a good keyboard will also be more comfortable for you, so you can write things down quickly and comfortably even if you don’t have your favourite keyboard at hand. The first thing you can do to ensure that you have a good keyboard is to consider your laptop’s screen size.

This size can change the spacing between the keys of the keyboard, making it much bigger. If you’ve got a bigger hand, you might have an easier time typing on this sort of keyboard. Similarly, you can go for a smaller screen one if your hand isn’t that big. On a side note, you should also know that smaller keyboards are more compact and don’t have a numeric pad on the right side like a standard keyboard.

Another handy thing to look for in a keyboard is lighting. Some laptop keyboards come with key designs that allow light to pass through the marks so that the letters can be illuminated with a light under the keys. This kind of backlit keyboard can be very useful for typing in the night or any sort of dimly lit place. So, you can also use your laptop in bed at night without having to keep an extra light or on or having to put your laptop’s screen brightness at an eye-piercing level.

The clickiness of the keys also matters as some people find it faster to type on louder keyboards since they can build rhythms based on the keyboard clicks.

On the touchpad side, there are some things to look out for as well. Some laptops tend to come with a touchpad that uses two physical buttons as left and right-click options. However, this design’s drawback is that the user has less space to move the cursor around. This can be a problem sometimes as touchpads are already quite small in general.

Touchpads without buttons are more effective- they can do more actions than just left-clicking and right-clicking, as they operate based on gestures which give the brand more options to fit in other useful actions like scrolling.

Making sure that the pad feels smooth and responsive to touch is important as well. Of course, you can simply opt to use a mouse, but you won’t always be able to carry one around, as mentioned earlier. Plus, mice need flat surfaces to work properly, so you won’t be able to use them while you’re in situations where you have a different sort of surface or no surface at all.

Good laptops will come with buttonless touchpads, especially at this price. In fact, nearly all of the best laptops under 70000 come with a gesture-based touchpad.


10. Cooling

Cooling is incredibly important when it comes to laptops, even more so than desktops. In desktops, the user can add additional cooling equipment themselves, but in laptops, they’re more limited as the insides of these devices are harder to modify. Even more, the laptop’s battery health also depends on how cool the laptop can stay.

If you’re not concerned with the battery life, you’ll still be bothered by the effects of overheating on normal performance, as laptop hardware isn’t powerful enough to stand up to desktop hardware when it comes to dealing with extra heat.

Hence, to ensure that your laptop stays at peak health and performance, you must ensure that it comes with good cooling facilities. You can check for special cooling equipment, along with how open the ventilation is. Having a good processor and speeding up the system can also help maintain the laptop’s coolness, as long as you’re trying to reduce the load off of it instead of trying to push past its limits.

You can also buy an additional cooling pad. You can keep the laptop on the pad and turn it on so that it keeps the main part of your laptop cool. Efficient cooling is always present in expensive laptops, so you should look through reviews to see how the laptop’s temperature fares when put to the test.

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11. Privacy and Security

No security is airtight, and there’s always a large chance of the laptop being hacked, especially with the number of hackers as of now. For the most part, your laptop’s security can either be compromised through files bought into it through storage media or the Internet. You have to take many steps to prevent the second one, as the laptop will often be connected to the Internet.

Before you take any of these steps, though, it can be beneficial to look at virus-related terms and the viruses themselves on trusted online guides. Once you’ve done enough research, the first thing you can do is install an Adblocker on your browser. That can prevent malicious ads from appearing that can infect your computer with adware.

If you want to keep Ads on to support your favourite website, we suggest trying the Brave Browser as it has its Adblocker replaces the website Ads with its own Ads. If the website is reliable and legitimate, it should be compatible with Brave.

You can then go ahead and do the obvious thing- install Anti-virus software. That can go a long way towards keeping your laptop safe. Just make sure that the software is legitimate. A good way to find a reliable Anti-virus is to look up some common ones and see if they have a Wikipedia page or just generally good reviews across multiple websites.

We suggest trying Kaspersky if you can invest money into a good Anti-virus or going for Avira if you want a free but somewhat less powerful Anti-virus software.

However, do keep in mind that these softwares are passive when it comes to scanning and sometimes overlook some malicious files. To avoid that, you have to do a manual scan, which makes the software scan the system with a fine-toothed comb. The process is long and drawn out, though, so make sure you have a lot of charges. Sometimes a Full Scan can even take as long as 6 hours if there are a lot of files on the storage drive.

There are different separate security apps for the Internet as well, so be sure to install a reliable one as well. You can also learn how to use the Windows Firewall, another Internet security tool that’s fairly easy to learn and blocks out a lot of unwanted connections, preventing malicious users from infiltrating your laptop.

Lastly, you should also use the most recent version of the OS you get and update it often. Never go for a laptop that uses an OS that is no longer supported by updates.

High security is more important to high-profile businessmen. If you keep sensitive files on your laptop, it’s always best to go for maximum security. You can do everything mentioned above, and there a few things you can get at the hardware level.

Some laptops come with a special microchip installed into them that retains sensitive information of a user, like passwords and other credentials. It’s designed so that it can’t be accessed by outsiders, even coming with a quarantine mechanism in case of a security breach.

Another small but handy security feature is a camera shutter. If someone gains access to the laptops’ main functions somehow, they can access the Camera and take pictures of you. So, though it may not look like much, it can provide you with a great level of safety, especially from the worst kind of hackers.


12. Optane Memory

We’ve mentioned Optane Memory several times in this article, and this time we’ll talk in-depth about it. This technology undoubtedly deserves its own place here because of how incredibly advanced it is. SSDs are very expensive, and the price goes up even higher with a slight increase in storage that ends up filling quickly anyway. You can save so much more money just by getting a bigger Hard Drive and combining it with a small and cheaper Optane Memory stick.

In some cases, it works even better than SSDs. It does everything you’d expect from a fast SSD- quick bootups, short loading times and even the overall system copy-paste speeds are faster. Before moving on, though, do keep in mind that this sort of memory is Intel-only.

Optane Memory is a recent form of storage that’s only supported by some of Intel’s most recent CPUs. It doesn’t have a lot of storage, coming at only 16GBs or 32GBs. However, that much space is just enough for the most important system files like boot files, cache files etc.

The Optane Memory is designed in a way so that it fits very closely to the CPU- closer than the HDD and RAM can be. Whenever the processor needs system data, it needs to go through fewer files when everything is stored on the Optane Memory. Without the extra hoops, said processor can retrieve data much faster.

As a result, the laptop runs at the same speed it would when being used with an SSD. Any laptop with this form of memory definitely deserves to be considered one of the best laptops under 70000.


13. Speakers

Integrated laptop speakers that have good quality can be incredibly convenient in many situations, like when you forget to take your earphones outside or when you’re watching something with other people.

To ensure that the audio is clear in times like these, you need to test the laptop’s speakers and see if they’re loud enough. If they aren’t, we suggest looking at the laptop very carefully, as that sort of quality isn’t acceptable at a 70k price range. Good speakers can also provide great entertainment values by providing higher levels of immersion. So, if you plan to watch a movie with someone, good speakers can ensure that you have a great experience.

While you’re looking at the speakers’ loudness, you can also see if they use any special technology. Several brands have their own special speakers equipped with Dolby Audio for the maximum audio quality.


14. DVD Drives

DVD Drives aren’t as important if you have good internet, but if you don’t, these can save you a lot of time. They’re handy for regular and business users that want to watch movies or install the software. They’re also great for gamers specifically, as many can save the time of downloading several gigabytes of data for a single game.

Even if you’ve got good Internet, there’s one more small benefit you can get from DVD Drive, and that’s when you’re installing an OS. Generally, users need to program an installer of the OS in a flash drive first before they can actually install it. However, with a DVD Drive, you can simply put in a CD that already has an installer in it and get to set up the OS right away.


15. Webcam

Webcams are one of the most notable features of laptops. If you don’t get a good webcam with a budget as high as 70k, you’ll just be wasting money buying an external one when you actually need it. Many laptop companies tend to overlook webcams in certain models and equip such laptops with very bad and pixelated webcams.

Always check if the Webcam’s resolution stands up to the price, as that’s enough of an indication of the Webcam’s quality. Usually, the best laptops under 70000 come with HD webcams that have decent quality.

Having a good webcam can also be great for when you call your loved ones that live far away or when you’re trying to be presentable at a work call. Lastly, you can also check if the Webcam has a privacy shutter, which is a nifty little feature that prevents a big breach of your privacy- someone being able to look through your laptop camera without you letting them to do so.


16. Extra Features

All the things above are the main features seen in laptops, but other brands also add innovative features that make the laptop more comfortable and even more fun to use. Take the 2-in-1 mechanism and stylus pen, for example. Both of these can be great for any designer.

The 2-in-1 feature allows the laptop to be foldable to make it more compact and use it like a tablet. This works perfectly with a stylus pen, which is a pen-like device meant to operate like one on any touch screen.

Blue light filters are also welcome additions- they’re usually bought separately, but you’ll find a good laptop every once in a while that comes equipped with one of these. Such filters are capable of blocking out blue light emissions, which can hurt the eyes.


17. Brand

The brand is obviously very important for every product, but it is even more so for laptops. A regular user can’t see everything inside a laptop without risking significant damage. Hence, the brand needs to be reputable so that they don’t end up scamming the user by providing low-quality hardware inside. Such hardware can have very high specifications without any legitimate quality- a stick of 8 GB RAM from a bad brand will only last as long as 2 months.

Of course, many brands can use the hardware they manufacture themselves, but for the hardware to be reliable regardless of source, the brand needs to be well-reputed and popular.


18. Warranty

Unless you’re an expert at repairing hardware issues, you need to get a laptop with a long warranty. Software issues are easy to resolve, and so are hardware ones, but that’s only for desktops. Laptops are more volatile, as they have more complex technology. They need to have such technology in order to provide appropriate power at the small size they have to work with.

This is why getting the laptop to the company specified technician is always a good idea, and with a good warranty, you can have free repairs for a long while, and you can even get the occasional free checkups.

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Recommended Configurations for best laptops under ₹70,000

  • Processor (CPU): 10th Gen Intel Core i5 or 11th Gen Core i7
  • Cores: Minimum 4 cores
  • Memory: 8GB with expansion to at least 16GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX330 with 2 GBs of VRAM
  • Graphics (For users that don’t need dedicated graphics): Intel UHD or AMD Vega 10 graphics.
  • Display: FHD display with IPS technology, good viewing angles and anti-glare.


Best Laptop Brands in India

1. Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese brand known for providing all kinds of digital accessories that have high quality at low costs. Some of their laptops may be average, but many of them are good enough to be considered part of quite a lot of “Best Laptop” lists. The models mentioned earlier certainly deserve to have a place in our list of the best laptops under 70000.


2. HP

HP is always a very frequent name in the world of computers and laptops. The company has been around for a long time, making laptops and even other important computer equipment. You can certainly expect their laptops to be of great general build quality and to be able to run better than many of their counterparts from other brands. There is also an abundance of spare parts on the market for HP laptops.


3. Dell

Dell laptops are the go-to for many businessmen and students, as they offer high levels of productivity and durability at a fair cost. Their hardware is undoubted of the best quality. If you’re not looking for the least expensive but good option, then you’d be better off going for a laptop from Dell.



ASUS has a special place in every gamer’s heart due to its incredibly powerful hardware. They even make fully-kitted laptops that have everything a heavy user will ever need, and they manage to create such excellent devices without going too far, like making the laptop a heavyweight that can’t be carried. If you’re looking for pure, raw power and don’t mind high price tags, you can easily go for ASUS laptops.


5. Acer

Acer laptops are also equipped for heavy use but in more of a general sense. Everyone ranging from a gamer to a graphics designer can find good use from these laptops without finding any features unnecessary. Acer laptops are also extremely budget-friendly. A lot of the best laptops under 70000 are made by this brand.


6. Xiaomi

Xiaomi doesn’t only make cheap but very reliable smartphones; it also makes similar kinds of laptops that offer specifications that are very high yet reliable, all without costing as much as their equivalents from other brands. The brand is as good as Lenovo is with cheap laptops, it just doesn’t make as many models. The smaller selection of Xiaomi laptops that’s available is already more than good enough when it comes to quality.

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Best laptops under 60000 in India – Frequently asked questions

1. How good can the battery be in a 70k laptop?

You can get about 8 hours to 10 hours with efficient use.


2. Are 70k laptops viable for video editors?

Laptops at this price range are very well-rounded, and they can be ideal for any kind of user, whether if said user is just someone who likes watching movies or is someone who does video editing.


3. What kind of laptop would be the best for a student?

If the laptop’s primarily going to be for studies, then you might be better off getting a laptop with a lower price, like laptops under Rs 40000 or anything slightly above that price point. Just ensure that the laptop comes with a decent low-end or a mid-range dedicated GPU in case you need it for other uses in the future.


4. Can I get a good gaming laptop at a 70k budget?

Certainly, this budget is perfect for such laptops. Most of the best laptops under 70000 can at least handle medium-graphics games, with the higher-end ones being able to play some of the more recent videogames.


5. How good are graphics design laptops at 70k?

They’re great, as you get more than a simple touch screen. You get all the advanced features like high-power GPUs, high resolutions, convertible forms and even digital pens.


6. How long will the laptop take before getting performance reduced from wear?

As long as you don’t put way too much stress on the laptop just because it’s powerful and do occasional maintenance, you can even have it last as long as a whole decade.


7. Do I need a particularly powerful laptop for online classes?

You don’t. Any laptop with a good webcam, comfortable keyboard and display along with a decent processor is more than enough for the sole purpose of doing online studies.


8. How can I make sure the laptop is fit for the future?

Suppose the RAM has expansion and the processor is particularly powerful. In that case, you can assume that the laptop is future proof and can easily handle applications, including ones coming out in later years. The more upgradability on the hardware, the better.


9. Are Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home the same in terms of performance?

Not really; the Home edition is slightly faster as it has less clutter due to the lack of advanced features like Bitlocker, or Group Policy Editor, which come with the Pro version.

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The laptops in our lists have gone through a lot of tests, and at least one of these best laptops under 70000 is going to be the right fit for you. If you still can’t choose, you can refer to our buying guide where we’ve mentioned all the important details about purchasing a laptop, including the often-overlooked things.

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