Top 9 Best Single Door Refrigerators in India: 2024 Trending

Last Updated on 17 February, 2024 by Sourav Roy

Being a bachelor or a couple, owning the best single door refrigerator makes complete sense.

First, get one thing straight. You do not have to buy a double door refrigerator because the world is doing so. A top single door refrigerator model will certainly suffice your requirements. It’s a wise decision to do so.

Best Single Door Refrigerators

Now that you are convinced, how do you decide which is the best one for your family? It’s simple. Begin with what capacity are you looking at. I have covered the best refrigerators with a capacity of 190 – 215 litres. Have a detailed look at the features, what each one’s offering. Every brand is competing with another. Every brand has its exclusivity. It would be best if you decided on which one fulfils your requirements. Also, paying attention to the energy efficiency of the refrigerators will be a great idea. I have differentiated the refrigerators based on the energy rating as well – 3 and 4 stars.

Lastly, the buyer’s guide will also help you decide the most suitable for your household. Well explained, elaborate and specific – that’s what my blog is. Let’s begin.


1. LG 190 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This stylish and sleek refrigerator from LG adds to the charm of your home while giving you unparalleled performance. It is the first on our list for a reason, and our experts agree that this is one of the best single door refrigerators you can find right now.

LG 190 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 63.3 x 53.4 x 117.2 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 190 Litres
  • Item Weight: 32.5 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 131 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 168 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 22 Litres
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 4 Star rating ensures that energy gets managed efficiently, saving bills.
  • Smart connect increases efficiency by assuring seamless performance even during power cuts.
  • An advanced ice production facility that gives you ice in a relatively short time.
  • Silent operation with a Smart Inverter Compressor.
  • Keep your food fresh and bacteria-free with an anti-bacterial gasket and moist-efficient box cover.

Reasons For Purchasing The LG 190 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Excellent Power Savings: This refrigerator is an excellent option if you’re looking for something with a small size that performs well. Despite that, its excellent performance does not stack up on your electricity bills thanks to the presence of the inverter. That’s one of the great things about this fridge, too- despite the fairly low price, it comes with an advanced and efficient inverter. The small size also makes sure that the fridge doesn’t eat up much electricity.

Takes Care Of Power Issues Easily: There are other ways this fridge can help you save up on money as well; let us tell you how. A fridge is often prone to damage from electrical fluctuations, often needing repairs at high costs. This is where the revolutionary Smart Connect technology comes in. With it, the fridge can automatically connect to the home inverter in case of power cuts and protect itself from damage or from spoiling your food.

Makes Ice Quickly: Though this fridge doesn’t come with a separate compartment for a freezer, it can still produce ice and so quickly. It takes a little more than 100 minutes to form the ice. You no longer have to wait hours because of the exceptional cooling system.

Keeps Food In The Best Condition: And to wrap it up, it also comes with a state-of-art cooling system that keeps your food fresh in more ways than one. It has a lattice-patterned box cover that keeps the moisture balanced, keeping your food fresh longer. Your food can stay healthier with its anti-bacteria gasket as well.

  • Compact design.
  • 4 Star BEE Rating.
  • High-efficiency cooling.
  • Relatively fast ice production.
  • Great for a small family.
  • Low storage capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was this fridge released?

This model was released in 2020.

Is there a base stand?

No, there’s no base stand.

Do I need to get a stabiliser?

No, this fridge supports stabiliser free performance.

Bottom line

We’re starting off our list with one of the most reliable brands on the market. Though somewhat small, this LG refrigerator is incredibly well rounded. It can keep your food fresh, last a long time and offer some of the highest power savings on the market.


2. Samsung 192 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

As a leading electronics brand in India, Samsung is known for its reliable performance and durable products. This stunning fridge is one of these products. Firstly, this refrigerator comes with a regal Grandé design and is available in a variety of colours. Not only is it a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen, but it comes with some features that make it an excellent tool to use. Let us tell you about these.

Samsung 192 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 64 x 54.9 x 130 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 192 Litres
  • Item Weight: 36 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 130 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 167 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 25 Litres
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Steel


  • Digital Inverter Technology guarantees durability for a long time.
  • Stabiliser free operation that offers excellent voltage protection.
  • Clearview lamp that lets you see well within the fridge and also looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Deep Door Guard that enables you to store larger bottles safely.
  • Base Stand Drawer lets you put in items that don’t need cooling, saving up kitchen space.
  • Anti-Bacteria Gasket to keep your food safe from contamination.

Reasons For Purchasing The Samsung 192 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Offers Efficient Performance: This refrigerator also runs with a Digital Inverter Compressor that prevents the fridge from taking excess stress. This compressor does that by handling its speed intelligently according to cooling demands. Not only does this save power, but it also prevents the compressor from exerting itself unnecessarily and reduces noise output.

Can Handle Voltage Fluctuations: A stabiliser free operation further compliments the efficiency of the compressor. If the voltage increases too much, the fridge can cut off its power. Another thing to note is that the compressor can even operate at 50°C. With all these features, you wouldn’t need a separate stabiliser.

Practical Design: You can keep things in storage without worrying about space. For one, it can take upto 192 Litres but not only that, the Deep Door Guard can also store large bottles without running out of space quickly. There’s also another way to store items even when you’re not cooling them. The base stand of this refrigerator is a drawer that can hold non-refrigerated fruits and vegetables inside.

Better Interior Lights: The fridge also comes with much improved lamps. These Clearview lamps don’t eat as much power as the lamps on regular refrigerators and are also much brighter.

Keeps Your Food Healthy: Lastly, the stored food will also remain fresh and hygienic because of the unique anti-bacterial gasket that keeps the door liner clean and keeps bacteria and fungi from building up inside.

  • 4 Star BEE rating.
  • The compressor uses 50% less power.
  • Tough shelves for safe storage.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Defrosting process takes some time.
  • Not ideal for small families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a base stand to increase its height?

Yes, you can buy a separate stand and use it to do that.

What sort of refrigerant does the fridge use?

It uses R-600a.

Is the whole back covered up?

Yes, the back has a smooth cover.

Bottom line

This Samsung model is more than good enough to be on even grounds with the LG fridge we spoke of earlier. You could go for this one if you want even more durability. Other than that, it pretty much comes down to which brand you’d prefer between the two. We’d recommend Samsung since the customer service for their products are significantly better. Although, there aren’t any large differences between the actual fridges performance-wise.


3. Whirlpool 190 L 3-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This 190L refrigerator from Whirlpool is a good fit for any small family with three or more people. It has a neat and straightforward design, yet it’s filled with excellent features for seamless performance.

Whirlpool 190 L 3-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 119.1 x 53.5 x 61.9 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 190 Litres
  • Item Weight: 32.4 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 168 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 158.5 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 14.3 Litres
  • Inverter: No
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Wire
  • Material: Steel


  • Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology that provides 9 hours of cooling retention, even during power cuts.
  • An easy manual defrosting mechanism that reduces your effort and makes defrosting a breeze.
  • Pocket Handle that makes the front of the fridge look sleek and modern.
  • Jumbo Bottle Rack for more bottle storage.
  • Large freezer with stackable ice trays to offer you maximum storage space.
  • Chiller to better store cans and milk, with optimum cooling.

Reasons For Purchasing The Whirlpool 190 L 3-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Equipped To Deal With Long Power Cuts: First off, this fridge comes equipped with a feature that lets you keep your worries of spoiled food away when power gets cut. The Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology provides the food with 9 hours of cooling retention whenever the power goes out, ensuring that it stays fresh.

Easier To Maintain: The best thing about a Frost Free fridge is that you don’t have to spend any effort in defrosting. However, such benefits aren’t available in Direct Cool fridges, making them a troublesome purchase for some, despite the less expensive price tag. This model, though, comes with a more improved version of the Direct Cool mechanism, so you’ll find it more convenient to defrost than standard Direct Cool fridges.

Better Lasting Shelves: You’ll also be able to keep away from spending too much on shelves. They’re not glass shelves, but rather wired ones, so the chances of them breaking is minimal. Although, that means you’ll have to deal with higher chances of spillage.

Clean Design: It looks elegant in just about any kitchen. Part of the reason for that is the lack of a handle- it comes with a pocketless one, so the front of the door looks smooth and neat. Another one of the things we appreciate this product for is how well it provides a sleek design and excellent power savings without sacrificing any convenience.

Offers Plenty Of Space: Despite being somewhat compact, it can hold a lot of items. The bottle racks are so large you can fit in upto three 2 L bottles. The rest of its compartments are bigger, too; you get a larger vegetable crisper and a larger freezer.

Great For Storing Milk: You also get another small feature that helps you better store your items. There’s a chiller made specifically for smaller items like cans and milk, which gives them just the right amount of cooling.

  • Simple but efficient mechanisms.
  • Modern design.
  • Easy storage despite the small size.
  • Cooling retention when not being actively cooled.
  • Requires separate stabiliser.
  • Prone to scratches.
  • Needs to be defrosted often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the brand provide installation?

The product is a plug and use kind, so there’s no need for installation. You can still book the service, though. The technician will also provide a demo free of cost.

Does it have a lock?

Yes, there’s a lock.

Do I need to get a stabiliser to run this fridge?

No, it can operate without one.

Bottom line

In the category of Single Door Direct Cool refrigerators, this one is certainly an excellent choice. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at and comes with incredibly convenient features like a robust recessed handle, a spacious freezer, easy-to-use ice trays and even a large crisper.


4. LG 215 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Another refrigerator from LG, this one comes with a unique colour and features that would make it a joy to keep at home. With a 4 Star BEE rating and energy-efficient cooling that works excellently, this is one of the best single door refrigerators you can buy.

LG 215 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 63.3 x 53.4 x 132.6 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 215 Litres
  • Item Weight: 33 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 139 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 190 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 25 Litres
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 4-Star ratings that promise reduced energy consumption.
  • Can retain coolness upto 6-7 hours during blackouts.
  • Efficient Direct Cool system that forms ice in little more than 100 minutes.
  • Stabiliser free operation to protect the fridge from damage.
  • Smart Inverter Compressor for excellent performance with silent operation.

Reasons For Purchasing The LG 215 L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Power-efficient: This refrigerator is an excellent choice if you want to keep your bills down. It comes with a 4 Star rating due to the top-tier Inverter technology. Indeed, it works well and takes in little energy, especially with its efficient Direct Cooling system. Despite the low consumption, it can cool well enough to make ice in a comparatively short time.

Cools Well Without Any Noise: Speaking of performance, it also uses the Smart Inverter Compressor to provide unmatched cooling while balancing power consumption. It will regulate its speed based on your cooling demands and work silently without creating unnecessary noise.

Keeps Food Healthy: While cooling far better than an average refrigerator, this model can also ensure maximum health when it comes to your food items. It comes with an anti-bacterial gasket, so your food will stay fresher and healthier. The only thing it lacks in terms of health-related features is something like Whirlpool’s Microblock technology. But, for the most part, you can rely on this fridge to give you a large number of health benefits.

Runs Well Despite Power Issues: You can expect excellent long-term service from this refrigerator as it can efficiently handle voltage fluctuations. This LG Direct Cool refrigerator can operate at a voltage range of 90V to 310V to provide seamless performance. Also, the fridge can keep your food fresh for upto 6-7 hours during prolonged power cuts.

  • 4-Star ratings.
  • Protections against voltage fluctuations.
  • Quick ice production.
  • Silent operation.
  • Hard to dispose of the water from the back container.
  • The door is a little bigger than average and takes up a good amount of space once opened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the water collection tray?

It’s at the back.

Is the egg tray removable?

Yes, it is

Does it support base stands?

It does.

Bottom line

Here’s one more LG fridge. If you really want an LG fridge and you have a family size that won’t fit our earlier pick, you can go for this one instead. It’s a little harder to maintain, but it’ll still serve you well if you can overlook that.


5. Samsung 212 L 3-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator is one of Samsung’s newest and best products, offering unparalleled performance and a guarantee for longevity. Bring it home and enjoy complete peace of mind. This refrigerator has everything you need.

Samsung 212 L 3-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 66.5 x 53.6 x 141 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 212 Litres
  • Item Weight: 36 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 203 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 205 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 25 Litres
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Steel


  • Digital Inverter Technology offers high efficiency, low noise and durability.
  • Stabiliser free operation to allow the fridge to withstand voltage fluctuations.
  • Automatic Home Inverter connection during power cuts keeps your food fresh without stopping.
  • The large vegetable box serves as a convenient place to put all your fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Tough glass shelves where you can keep anything on, be it heavy or light.
  • Keep your food healthy with an anti-bacterial gasket.

Reasons For Purchasing The Samsung 212 L 3-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Unique Design: To begin with, the whole exterior itself is pretty minimalistic. That means it’ll be able to blend in easily with most kitchens. The unique thing about it is that it comes with an Island handle, which isn’t something you’d usually see in fridges of this price range.

Easily Withstands Voltage Fluctuations: The fridge is intelligent enough to cut off the power on its own if the voltage fluctuates. The compressor can even operate at 50°C while the stabiliser free operation range is 100-300V.

Ideal For Places With Power Issues: This refrigerator also handles itself well during power cuts by automatically connecting to your home inverter whenever there is a lack of electricity, keeping your food fresh longer. It’s also one of the few good models on the market that come with Solar Power support, so you can enjoy even more long term benefits.

Good Raw Cooling Power: The fridge can keep food very cool. In fact, though it’s not mentioned in the description, it can actually make ice pretty fast as well. The time it takes to make the ice is very close to refrigerators that are much more expensive than this one.

Efficient Storage: Storage is also convenient in this Samsung refrigerator. It comes with a large vegetable box where you can fit most of your fruits and vegetables without losing space to put in more. It has 212 Liters of capacity, with extra sturdy glass shelves that are nice to look at, spill-proof and durable. Additionally, the door rack is designed to hold in bulkier and heavier bottles, giving you even more flexibility.

  • Relatively good storage capacity.
  • Bright interior light.
  • Fares well with electricity issues.
  • 3 Star rating.
  • Sides heat up lightly.
  • The water container is a little hard to remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the heating of the side be a problem?

No, it won’t be as long as you keep some gap between the fridge and the wall you place it at.

Is there a base drawer?

No, there’s no base drawer.

Can I lock the door?

Yes, the door has a lock and key mechanism.

Bottom line

You could purchase this model if you’re really in need of space. If not, though, then we’d recommend you go to our second pick. This one will save you some rupees during the initial purchase, but the first option we picked will provide you with much bigger savings long term.


6. Whirlpool 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

As an ideal pick for a small family, you most certainly won’t regret purchasing this refrigerator, as it offers a great design and seamless performance at an excellent value. This is undoubtedly one of the best single door refrigerators in India.

Whirlpool 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 130.4 x 53.5 x 61.9 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 190 Litres
  • Item Weight: 36.4 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 132 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 158.5 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 14.3 Litres
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Steel


  • Base Drawer for you to keep your non-refrigerated food items.
  • 4 Star BEE rating to let you save up on your electricity bills.
  • Large freezer for extremely convenient storage.
  • Tough glass shelves that can take any load.
  • IntelliSense Inverter technology with a starting voltage of 95V.
  • 9 hours of cooling retention that keeps your food fresh during lengthy power cuts.
  • The moisture slider keeps moisture at an optimum level.

Reasons For Purchasing The Whirlpool 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Excellent Cold Air Retention: Being a fairly cheap Direct Cool refrigerator, it doesn’t come with any sort of special Cool Pack. It can still keep your food cold for several hours, thanks to the advanced Insulated Capillary technology. According to our tests, you should have your food stay fresh for as long as 7 hours, even on hotter days. In lukewarm or cool weather, it can keep your food chilled for even longer.

Provides Plenty Of Storage Space: Moreover, though it is a relatively small fridge, it comes with a conveniently large freezer where you can fit more items into. You can also keep pots and other heavy things on the glass shelves, as they are hard and tough to break.

Cools Food For Maximum Freshness: To start with, the fridge can make ice fairly fast. It can cool items just as fast. Plus, while it cools your food, it takes things a step further by a handy moisture control slider that helps keep the moisture at an optimum level.

Doesn’t Take Too Much Power: Also, the product can handle its power seamlessly without malfunctioning with the IntelliSense Inverter technology, protecting itself from electrical damage and saving you money in the long run. On top of it being a Direct Cool fridge, you’ll certainly get 4-star power savings.

  • Easy storage.
  • Lower chance of electrical malfunctions.
  • 4-Star BEE rating.
  • The water dispenser is not removable.
  • Produces noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the compressor and grill on the back covered?

Yes, they are.

How is it different from the earlier 190L Whirlpool fridge?

This fridge is a little more expensive than our earlier pick, and it also offers significantly more power savings since it has an inverter, unlike the other 190L model.

Bottom line

For a small family, this fridge is pretty much perfect. It has a fairly low purchase price thanks to the low capacity, and it’ll also provide far better power savings than a majority of single door fridges on the market. And, on top of all that, Whirlpool fridges are cheaper than ones offered by high-tier brands. If you can deal with the somewhat significant cons, you’ll be more than satisfied with this fridge.


7. Haier 195 L 4-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

A brand not previously mentioned in this list, Haier produces some of the best single door refrigerators available in the Indian market right now. Their fridges are known to have a focus on saving power and cooling efficiency.

Haier 195 L 4-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 62.8 x 53 x 121.8 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 195 Litres
  • Item Weight: 35 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 128 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 176 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 19 Litres
  • Inverter: No
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Steel


  • Superfast cooling for relatively quick ice formation.
  • PUF Insulation helps retain low temperatures efficiently.
  • Works without a separate stabiliser.
  • Defrost button that lets you manually defrost the fridge in no time.
  • Uses efficient R600a refrigerant gas that allows better cooling and contributes to a pleasant environment.

Reasons For Purchasing The Haier 195 L 4-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Remarkable Cooling Power: If you want to have ice form as quickly as possible, this one is the way to go. This refrigerator contains Haier’s 1 HIT (Hour Icing Technology) with which the fridge can create ice within a mere 60 minutes. Once the fridge is cooled, it can also keep an even and consistent low temperature with a thicker PUF Insulation. This insulation allows the refrigerator to keep the coolness at optimal levels.

Remains Stable During Voltage Fluctuations: This 195 L refrigerator can also withstand voltages as low as 135 V, meaning that it won’t get damaged by voltage fluctuations easily. You won’t need a separate stabiliser and don’t have to worry about the fridge malfunctioning either.

Solid Direct Cool Function: As a Direct Cool refrigerator, manual defrosting might take some effort. However, it comes with a defrosting mechanism that you can use to get rid of the frost easier and faster. The performance is so fast it’s practically instantaneous.

Environment-friendly: With this refrigerator, you can cool things at your home while enjoying many useful and practical benefits. But, it’s not only you who is going to benefit from this. If you use this refrigerator, you’ll also contribute to preventing Global Warming by using the newer and more eco-friendly R600a refrigerant gas.

  • Door Lock function.
  • Quick ice formation.
  • High 4 Star BEE rating.
  • Stabiliser free operation.
  • Relatively smaller bottom shelves.
  • Compartments aren’t adjustable.
  • Vegetable box is a little harder to pull out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the front door made of?

It’s a steel door.

Does it have a Cool Pack?

No, it doesn’t. It’s not the best at retaining cold air when the power goes out, but it lasts for a decent amount of time.

Will I be able to run this fridge on Solar Energy?

No, it doesn’t support running on Solar Energy.

Bottom line

Though not as space-efficient as most of the other options on our list, this fridge makes up for things in other ways. It offers reliable raw performance and has some of the fastest ice-making speeds we’ve seen in fridges at this price. Along with the other features it offers, that makes it a very viable option for small-medium sized families.


8. Godrej 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

From India’s own brand Godrej comes a minimalistic yet elegant and practical refrigerator that can tend to all your cooling needs.

Godrej 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 66.7 x 57.7 x 124.7 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 190 Litres
  • Item Weight: 35.6 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 113 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 159.13 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 18.73 Litres
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Steel


  • Built-in air vents for more efficient cooling.
  • 2.25 Litre bottle space so you can fit more bottles in without problems.
  • A large chiller tray allows you to put in bigger items.
  • Jumbo vegetable tray for you to put in your fresh vegetables.
  • Intelligent Inverter Compressor for silent operation.
  • Can switch to the home inverter to keep food fresh even after power cuts.

Reasons For Purchasing The Godrej 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Always Keeps Food Fresh: You’ll never have your fridge cool your food inefficiently with the in-built air vents. They’re designed and positioned in a way to spread air evenly everywhere within the refrigerator. Uneven airflow can spoil your food, but you don’t have to worry about that with this fridge’s cooling system.

Fits In A Large Amount Of Food: Not only can you cool well with this refrigerator, but you can cool a lot more items than you can with a regular one. Let us tell you about its storage capabilities. With this fridge, you get a 2.25 Litre bottle rack where you can fit in a lot of bottles without running out of space. But of course, that’s not the only big storage inside the fridge. With this refrigerator, you also get a larger chiller tray to put in small items, with a jumbo vegetable box to let you put in numerous fruits and vegetables.

Uses A Reliable Inverter: Moving on, along with the versatile storage, you also get an advanced Inverter Compressor that performs intelligently. It can adjust itself according to cooling needs and produce little to no noise whenever it is working. The refrigerator can also connect to your home inverter during power cuts.

Easier To Maintain: You’d have to deal with far less regular maintenance and repairs, as the components of this appliance are very durable. To begin with, the chiller is designed to produce a minimal amount of droplets, so the interior is never messy. The shelves are harder than your average shelves as well, despite being made of glass. We were able to put in items as heavy as 150 kg, with no repercussions. Hence, you won’t have to worry about breakage nor spillage.

  • No noise.
  • Spacious and optimised compartments.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Needs to be defrosted often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have an anti-bacterial gasket?

No, it doesn’t.

Does it use a reciprocatory compressor?

No, it uses a Smart Compressor.

Will it come with a stand?

There’s no stand included. That needs to be bought separately.

Bottom line

This one is certainly one of the least expensive high-end fridges we’ve come across, especially amongst all the other 4-star options. By going for this product, you’ll be getting good savings from both the initial purchase and the long term use. You’ll always have excellent customer support near reach, too, as Godrej is a local brand.


9. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This elegant refrigerator from Haier is popular because of its high durability and its sleek polished look. It also comes with a whole slew of features designed with convenience and efficiency in mind.

Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Item Dimensions: 66.7 x 57.7 x 124.7 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 190 Litres
  • Item Weight: 35.6 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 113 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 159.13 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 18.73 Litres
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Material: Steel


  • 1-HIT technology for ultra-fast ice production.
  • Easy to maintain with its simple defrost function.
  • Quality glass for a balance of utility, aesthetic and durability.
  • Exceptional cooling and freezing for you to keep your items fresh with ease.
  • Enough space for a small family.
  • Anti-Fungal Gasket to keep you safe from diseases.
  • Efficient cooling system to save costs.

Reasons For Purchasing The Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Comes With Quality Shelves: The glass shelves are some of the highest quality we’ve come across. They’re tough, so they won’t break under heavy load. They are also spill-free, so you can keep any items you want to cool inside there. We also appreciate how much space they have- you can put in far more items than you’d be able to put inside a normal fridge.

Provides Just The Right Amount Of Air: There’s more, though. With the spacious storage, you also get an efficient cooling system that provides good cooling to your food and ensures top-notch freezer performance. Plus, the interior itself is designed so that air distribution is even across all corners. That means that the air can also properly reach the items in the door rack, ensuring the freshness of everything in the fridge.

Retains Cool Air Better: Speaking of design- while this fridge looks good, there’s more to that aspect, too. Most notably is the thicker insulation. It works well and can retain cool air effectively when the fridge is running. Even better, it allows the fridge to hold in cool air even after the power goes out. It can do that for several hours, despite not having a cool pack.

Keeps Everyone’s Body Healthy: With this refrigerator, you can satisfy your own needs and also use it if you have a small family, as it’s ideal for either one. On top of everything, it’s better at keeping everyone safe with the Anti-Fungal Gasket that keeps food free of contamination.

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Quality glass.
  • Better cooling, freezing and defrosting.
  • Space large enough to support a small family.
  • Sides get a little heated sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make Ice?

It takes about an hour.

Is the grill covered?

Yes, it is.

Where's the lock?

It’s near the bottom.

Bottom line

If the size fits you, then we definitely recommend trying out this fridge. It has good pricing, the compartments are decently sized, and the cons are barely anything to worry about. Because of all that, it will exceed all your expectations when it comes to reliability and performance.


Best Single Door Refrigerators – Buying Guide and Tips

Single Door refrigerators, also known as Direct Cool Refrigerators, have only one compartment as the name suggests. The freezer is a part of the larger compartment.

This kind of refrigerator has its share of advantages and disadvantages, but its most obvious benefit is its price. Other types of fridges are relatively pricier.

The disadvantage is that these fridges have a manual defrosting mechanism which needs to be used every once in a while to clean up built-up frost. They also come in a smaller size, not going little more than 250 Litres of storage capacity.

However, suppose you’re willing to overlook that and want to go for a cheaper and smaller fridge. In that case, this type is definitely the one for you.

Here is a comprehensive collection of necessary knowledge you need to know to get an excellent single door fridge, created by our experts. Let’s start with the primary benefits and problems with getting a single door refrigerator.


Single Door Refrigerators

These fridges came out before their double door variants, and aren’t particularly modern. However, some manufacturers did indeed succeed in giving those fridges a new and futuristic aesthetic while loading them with features.

Suppose you want a refrigerator for a small number of people or are looking for something in a more modest budget. In that case, this is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

Advantages of Single Door Refrigerators

  • Easily affordable and doesn’t stress your wallet.
  • Direct Cool technology uses natural convection over fans, consuming less power.
  • A smaller capacity means a much smaller size. It takes up less floor space. It is a comfortable fit for any area of the kitchen.
  • Great for a small family of 2-3 members. Not only is it ideally suited to the cooling needs of a family of that size, but it also puts less weight on the financial side of the family.

Disadvantages of Single Door Refrigerators

  • Small storage capacity, going upto about 250 Litres.
  • The ice that collects inside needs to be defrosted manually, as it comes with Direct Cool instead of Frost-Free technology.
  • Only one compartment, so no separate cooling system for freezing and standard cooling. The whole fridge’s temperature goes up when the door is opened.
  • Little storage flexibility inside, with small freezer and cramped shelves.

Of course, if you buy one of the best single door refrigerators in the Indian market, you can easily overlook the flaws.

Now that we’ve talked about the pros and cons of this fridge in length let us see how well it goes up against its double door counterparts.

Single Door RefrigeratorsDouble Door Refrigerators
Single Door Refrigerators are well-suited to nuclear families.Double Doors can serve families with as much as 4 to 6 members with ease.
Capacity can only go up to 250 and a little more that.Double Door refrigerators can start at 235 Litres and go upto a whopping 495 Litres of capacity.
Direct Cool technology reduces power consumption.With Frost-Free technology consumption goes 30%-40% higher.
Comes with cramped shelves and a smaller freezer.Shelves are bigger, and freezer has more space.
Ice needs manual cleaning.Frost-Free technology automatically clears ice.
Cheaper prices, staying within a Rs 20000 range and can go as low as Rs 8000.Pricier, most model prices range from Rs 20000 to Rs 60000.

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Direct Cool Technology

All the Single Door refrigerators in our list utilise Direct Cool technology, as do all other Single Door Refrigerators. This technology is a little more dated than the newer Frost-Free technology available in Double Door models.

However, it comes with its own set of benefits and disadvantages that might be helpful to you in some ways.

Advantages of Direct Cool Technology

  • High energy saving.
  • Fridge exterior doesn’t heat up.
  • Excellent for small families.
  • Far less expensive.

Disadvantages of Direct Cool Technology

  • Ice needs manual cleanup.
  • Not available in refrigerators with higher capacity.
  • Exposed coils at the back tend to gather dust.
  • Uneven cooling due to lack of temperature control.


Direct Cool Refrigerators Vs Frost-Free Refrigerators

While one is better over the other in some ways, in the end, it depends on your needs. Let us provide a comparison between both to give you further clarity.

Direct Cool RefrigeratorsFrost-Free Refrigerators
Cold air circulates naturally.Electric fans are used to cool the interior.
More economical.Expensive.
Low power consumption.High power consumption because of electrical fans.
Only present in Single Door fridges.Can be found in multi-door refrigerators.
Restricted to refrigerators with a capacity from 50 to 250 Liters.Available in refrigerators of higher capacity.
Ability to keep food fresh is mediocre.Keeps food incredibly fresh.
Manual defrosting needed to get rid of ice.Automatic ice defrosting.
Exterior of the fridge remains cool.Fridge exterior can heat up.
Exposed coils are prone to attracting dust.Covered off coils mean the dust can't accumulate.
Suited to small families.Ideal for larger families.

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What is Defrosting?

When ice accumulates inside the fridge, it can hamper the airflow and the ice need to get cleaned to prevent that. This method of cleaning is called Defrosting. In Single Door refrigerators, the ice is defrosted manually while Double Door ones come with a mechanism that cleans out the ice automatically.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the specifics of a Single Door refrigerator, let’s discuss some of the general things you should be looking out for. You can find some fascinating features in the best single door refrigerators within the Indian market. Therefore, to make full use of them, you must know some vital functions of the fridge very well.


1) Capacity

Capacity is the first thing you should consider when purchasing a fridge. Not to mention, you’ll probably be seeing it first as well, since it is often the first specification written about the refrigerator. The Litre amount means the storage capacity of the fridge, so the higher the number, the better.

50 to 250 Litres is the standard range for most Single Door refrigerators. They’re not suited to a family bigger than three people, but they’re still ideal for any number below it.


2) Inverter technology

If you’ve decided to buy a single door refrigerator, then saving money is probably one of the points that convinced you to do so.

Single door refrigerators are extremely energy efficient. However, suppose you want to take a step further and save even more on bills. In that case, we suggest looking for a fridge with an Inverter compressor.

With this technology, the compressor can run at different speeds based on the cooling load. When the temperature dips below a certain amount, the compressor operates at a lower capacity, only increasing its power when the temperature rises again.

This type of compressor can save upto 20% to 30% of electric consumption. A regular compressor runs at maximum power, only stopping once it hits the set temperature. Then it turns on again when cooling is required. The process of turning on and off also consumes energy.

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3) BEE Star Rating

Refrigerators get rated for their power consumption by The Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Looking at the BEE rating, you can guess how much electrical bill you can save.

The start rating ranges from 1 to 5, the first being the highest power consumption and the other one being the least, respectively. 5 Star rated refrigerators can be rather expensive, but they’ll still save you a lot of money in the long run.

Although, 5 Star refrigerators are expensive within the Indian market, so your best bet is 3 and 4 Star ones for the best balance between utility and energy consumption. We suggest that you not go below 3 Star rated ones unless you’re on a tight budget.


4) Shelves

Choosing the right shelves is going to be a critical decision if you’re going to get a single door refrigerator. As they come with only one compartment, putting in the freezer, vegetable box and so forth will make the shelves less flexible.

So get something that has a decent amount of space for shelves. On another note, make sure you don’t pick shelves that have grills on the surface. They can lead to spillage. Instead, go for thick glass shelves, which can prevent spillage and also take a heavy load. Not to mention, they’re easier to clean as well.


5) Built-in stabiliser

You have to be extra paranoid for your fridge during voltage fluctuations. Often, they can break the refrigerator, and as India is a country prone to electrical blackouts and fluctuations, you have to choose something that handles these well. Afterwards, you can be free of any worries.

A built-in stabiliser keeps the power in your fridge stable during fluctuations, preventing damage. We strongly advise that you get a refrigerator with this kind of feature, for the best usage.


6) Noise

You’re going to be using a refrigerator often, and likely for a long few years. Some refrigerators produce loud noises as they work. If you do not want to listen to the grating noise of the fridge for such a long time, you should pick a newer model.

Old ones are the most prone to this kind of issue. Suppose you want to find a single door refrigerator that emits low levels of noise. In that case, we suggest you try to find something with an Inverter compressor.


7) Price

Single Door refrigerators are already quite cheap in comparison to ones with multiple doors. If you want to avoid getting scammed, we suggest that you look for ones that aren’t too cheap, even if the low price seems like a good deal. A refrigerator that costs somewhere between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 would be the best value for your money.


8) Warranty

Typically, a single door refrigerator can last several years while retaining high performance. However, electrical malfunctions have an adverse effect on these refrigerators, and they do degrade after 5-10 years. It would be best if you get something with a long time warranty.


Which is the best refrigerator brand in India?

There are a lot of refrigerators you’re going to see in the Indian market, some from brands that you see everywhere and some you’ve never heard of.

You must get something from a reliable brand; otherwise, you’d end up with a faulty product or terrible after-sales service when you run into issues in later years. We’ll tell you of some brands that have satisfied customers for years and have great value.

1) Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean company that is well known everywhere within the globe. They make all kinds of electrical products, including home appliances like refrigerators. They’re known to provide excellent customer satisfaction and create products that last a long time.


2) LG

Another brand from South Korea, LG is also known for its reliable and unique products, mixed with the good build quality and excellent features. They dabble in all kinds of electronic products, but refrigerators are one of their main products. You can easily use an LG refrigerator for a long time.


3) Whirlpool

Whirlpool is a manufacturer based in the United States. They create quality Home Appliances within one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. You can expect excellent service from Whirlpool refrigerators and be satisfied with them.


4) Haier

Haier is an old brand, and it has produced and sold a lot of home appliances at this point. If you pick a refrigerator from this brand, you can rest assured about the quality and durability.


5) Godrej

Godrej is an Indian brand and makes products specifically for the Indian market. If you’re looking for good, affordable refrigerators that perform well and durable, then this brand is a great choice.


Best Single Door Refrigerators: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What things should you think of before purchasing a Single Door fridge?

The first things you should consider before purchasing a Single Door fridge is the family size, energy consumption, space and features.

A Single Door fridge works best for a small family containing up to 3 members or less. One of the most notable things about this kind of refrigerators is their power efficiency. If you pick one with a good BEE rating, you can save a lot on your bills. Some of these refrigerators come with unique features which improve the performance of the fridge one way or another.


2. Why should I buy a Single Door refrigerator?

These refrigerators are known for how cheap they are and how little energy they consume. They are also small and fit in easily into your kitchen. It’s an ideal option if your family consists of less than three members.


3. Does frost accumulate inside Single Door refrigerators?

Yes, it does. When the water vapour inside the fridge comes in contact with its cold coils, the frost starts forming.

In Single Door refrigerators, the frost is manually cleared, often through some kind of defrosting mechanism that comes as a feature of the fridge. Some of these fridges have features that make manual defrosting quite easy.


4. Single Door or Double Door refrigerator, which is better?

It really depends on your preferences. Each kind of refrigerator has its upsides and downsides. Double Door refrigerators don’t need manual defrosting and cool well. However, Single Door ones cool food very well themselves.

If you don’t need large storage space and want to save up on some electrical bills, then Single Door refrigerators are the way to go.


5. How do Single Door refrigerators consume less energy?

Single Door refrigerators operate with natural airflow, without any external means such as fans. As a consequence, the power requirement is a lot smaller.

It doesn’t use energy by automatically defrosting ice as well, instead of needing to be defrosted manually. This results in even lower power consumption.


6. Are stabilisers necessary with refrigerators?

No, they aren’t. However, we suggest you get a refrigerator with inbuilt stabiliser. Your fridge will have protection from electrical damage, which can occur due to power fluctuations, a common problem in India.


7. What are the best brands for single door refrigerators?

For Single Door refrigerators, the best brands that produce high-quality products Haier, Whirlpool, Godrej, Samsung and LG.


8. How frequently do refrigerators need defrosting?

Single Door refrigerators need defrosting very often. Some form frost quickly and need to be cleaned up after every 24 hours. However, if you get something of good quality, it’ll easily last over a few days.


9. What size is the best for me?

For a bachelor, a small refrigerator within the range of 80-120Litres is an ideal option. If it’s for a small family, though, then we recommend something over 120 Litres, depending on the number of people.


10. How much power does a Single Door refrigerator consume?

Typically, a 3 Star refrigerator consumes up to 200 to 220 units every year. However, that can still change depending on your usage. 4 or 5 Star refrigerators consume even less.



That’s it for our recommendations for the best Single Door refrigerators in India. Make sure to pick the choice you feel like would serve you the best. Take everything from our buying guide into consideration.

We’ve gone through the products on our list with a fine-toothed comb. One of them is bound to be an excellent fit for you. If you follow our buying guide, you’ll undoubtedly find out the best refrigerator in India to choose from.

Good luck, and have a fun time shopping!

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