9 Best Soundbars in India (2024)- Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on 17 February, 2024 by Sourav Roy

Are you looking for the best soundbars in India to boom up your TV sound and other audio devices? You’ve come to the right place, then. Unlike home theatre systems which are bulky and expensive, a soundbar is a slim piece of equipment that can immerse your living room with cinematic sound.

Best Soundbars in India

Soundbars are stylish and complement the traditional complex home theatre systems. With advancements in technology, modern soundbars are packed with special enhancements to boost your home cinema experience. If you are looking to buy one, we’ve provided detailed reviews of the top models. There is also a comprehensive buying guide written by our experts. Now, let’s jump straight into the discussion.


1. Sony HT-RT3 600 Watt Real 5.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Dolby

Sony is well-known for providing refined and high-quality sound products. It’s no wonder the Sony HT-RT3 tops our list as the best soundbar for home use. If you are looking for a top-notch surround system, this model is a real deal for the money. It has impressive features, as highlighted below.

Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Audio Soundbar Home Theatre System


  • Soundbar Dimension: 90 x 5.2 x 7 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 2.1kg
  • Connectivity Options: ‎Bluetooth, NFC, USB, Optical, HDMI
  • Output Power: 600 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar, 2 Surround Speakers and 1 Subwoofer


  • 5.1 channel for superior Dolby digital sound.
  • Sleek design that ensures your setup is neat and well organised.
  • One-touch listening feature for more convenient use with smart devices.
  • Easy installation with fewer cables.
  • Optical inputs, USB and HDMI Arc ports for easy connectivity to TVs, and smart device sticks.

Reasons To Purchase The Sony HT-RT3 600 Watt Real 5.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Dolby

Easy Smartphone Connection: The best part about this soundbar is that you can stream your favourite music with the one-touch listening feature, thanks to Near Field Technology (NFC). You can integrate with your smartphone, as long as it’s NFC compatible and play your favourite music. Even better, you can also connect seamlessly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Offers Immersive Audio: As this soundbar is 5.1 channel, it can produce a superior sound that will engulf the entire room. The package also includes an external subwoofer, 3-inch soundbar, and rear speakers that help deliver an authentic cinema experience. Plus, there is the S-Master amp which purifies the audio output further. As a Dolby Digital system, you can be assured of high-quality sound from the 5.1 audio channels. Even better, the external subwoofer magnifies the bass and lets you enjoy every sequence of the sound.

Compact Units: With an overall measurement of 90×5.2x7cm for the soundbar and 19×39.2×31.5cm for the subwoofer, this system will occupy little space in your room. Although it has a small profile, you’ll be surprised at how powerful the sound will immerse the room.

Power-efficient: The soundbar has a power output of 600W to enable you to achieve a loud and booming audio experience. However, you don’t have to worry about this unit’s power consumption since it only consumes 85 watts.

Effortless Installation: Installation of this soundbar is a breeze and will only take you a few seconds to have everything set up. Simply plug and wire up the speakers using the colour codes and enjoy an authentic cinema sound straight from the package. Unlike traditional units with many wires and cables, this one has all the cables inside the subwoofer. Therefore, your living room will be neat and well organised.

Multiple Connectivity Features: Additionally, this unit has other solid features, such as the HDMI Arc port. These functions enable connection to televisions and other portable devices. You don’t need an additional cable to connect to your TV, so the setup is simpler. It has a USB port, as well, so you can connect the soundbar to your smartphones, USB sticks, and tablets. Moreover, you can charge several devices and play MP3 files. Another feature worth mentioning is the optical inputs port that allows connection to a TV, Blu-ray disc player, and TV. So, you get to enjoy cinematic content in the best way, especially with Dolby digital sound.

What We Like
  • Delivers authentic cinema sound.
  • Has plenty of ports for easy connection.
  • Quick installation.
  • Has a USB port.
  • Sleek design that occupies less space.
  • Doesn’t have a lot of wires.
  • Low power consumption.
What We Don't Like
  • It can be a little confusing operating it in the first few days.

Common Questions About This Product

Is installation free?

Yes, but only for the first time. There’s a yellow card included in the package, which grants you a one-time free installation from the brand.

How do I connect it to my TV?

You can usually do that through the Optical cable. However, if possible, you should try using the HDMI ARC for the best results.

Can I use it without connecting the rear speakers?

Yes, the soundbar will still work fine.


If you like watching high-quality movies, this product is a great option. It’ll complement the visual clarity with the perfect audio immersion. You will certainly experience being part of the movie yourself, thanks to the guaranteed surround sound granted by the presence of extra speakers and the 5.1 channel support.


2. Yamaha YAS-109 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 120 Watt with Dolby

The best soundbars on the market have high-quality sound and offer a true cinematic experience. However, it can be a little difficult to find one with a clear sound. To address this concern, Yamaha has some rather high-etch products, like the YAS-109 unit. But what makes it tick? Let’s find out in our discussion.

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer


  • Soundbar Dimension: 5.28 x 13.08 x 88.9 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 4.51kg
  • Connectivity Options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Output Power: 120 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar


  • Alexa Voice Control support for added convenience.
  • Overall dimensions of 5.28 x 13.08 x 88.9 cm make this soundbar extremely space-efficient.
  • 120W power output for high-volume audio.
  • Dolby Audio 2.1 channel and DTS virtual X sound formats provide better general audio and surround sound.
  • The virtual operation includes Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi, and Spotify connect.
  • Two HDMI, digital optical, Ethernet in and subwoofer out for convenient connections.

Reasons To Purchase The Yamaha YAS-109 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 120 Watt with Dolby

Solid Audio: The YAS-109 is a 2.1 Dolby Digital sound system and features two built-in subwoofers that enable it to produce a smacking bass. It delivers an all-inclusive experience, despite the 2.1 channel speaker configuration. With two mid-range drivers, woofers, and tweeters from the compact profile, this bar ensures a clean and well-balanced soundscape as you watch your favourite movie. All things considered, the sound is immersive and packed down at mid-volume.

Balanced Tones: This unit offers a remarkable stereo frequency response as well. You’ll get a balanced sound profile with a satisfactory reproduction of lead instruments and audio. To put it simply, the YAS-109 is ideal for several uses, such as listening to music, watching movies and shows. It has a booming sound and can reproduce vocals fairly pure and clean at mid-volume ranges.

Easier Control: Of course, it has some innovative features, too, like the Alexa Voice Control. It enables you to give commands by just talking, which are encoded for interpretation and execution. The best thing about that is that the soundbar can operate reliably regardless of accent.

Practical Design: The YAS-109 has a sleek and plain profile and is wrapped in black colour. The edges are round, and there are two ports that help with the bass reproduction. It’s a compact device that is barely conspicuous in the room. Indeed, you can fit it underneath your TV set as it’s not very tall and doesn’t obscure the view. Likewise, the remote is incredibly small. Although, the buttons are still easy and comfortable to click. You’ll find the power cable opening and other holes for mounting on the wall at the back. The build quality of this soundbar is outstanding, and even though it’s made of sturdy plastic, there is a black fabric cover to protect against dirt.

Extra Wireless Functionality: Another feature that we love is the Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to stream your favourite music, podcasts, and videos wirelessly to the soundbar. As long as you stay at a reasonable range, the connection will be strong, and there won’t be any delay in the audio.

What We Like
  • Sleek and elegant design that takes less space.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Has Bluetooth feature for use with wireless devices.
  • Delivers high-quality sound.
  • Clear voice and sound clarity.
  • Has a built-in Alexa voice control feature.
What We Don't Like
  • The 2.1 surround technology is outdated.
  • The sound is less compressible under high volume ranges.

Common Questions About This Product

What material is used on the front grill?

The front grill is made out of fabric.

Can I put it on a wall?

Yes, you can. It’s wall mountable.

Is there any charge for the installation?

There’s no installation required. The device is plug and play.


If space efficiency and convenience is a factor in your decision, then look no further. This compact system will fit perfectly into your home. With voice control being present, it’ll also offer you the highest convenience.


3. Bose Soundbar 700 with Alexa Voice Control Built-in

If you are looking for an array of decent sound modes when watching movies, television, games, and sports, this Bose Soundbar deserves your attention. It is one of the best soundbars in India and is several steps ahead of other models in terms of quality and reliability. Without a doubt, this model will upgrade your movie-watching experience.

Bose Soundbar 500 with Alexa Voice Control Built-in


  • Soundbar Dimension: 10.8 x 97.8 x 5.7 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 4.76kg
  • Connectivity Options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Output Power: 500 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar


  • Comes in a combo design that includes the soundbar and subwoofer model.
  • Has built-in Alexa control for seamless integration with smart devices.
  • 10-inch bass module for a more organised setup.
  • Wireless connectivity for extra convenience.
  • HDMI cable allows connection to a TV set.

Reasons To Purchase The Bose Soundbar 700 with Alexa Voice Control Built-in

Compact, Sleek and Stylish: Each component of this soundbar is superbly made while keeping design and sleekness in mind. This soundbar feels like it was made to immerse you in an entertainment centre. From a design standpoint, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t take much space. The subwoofer is a ten-inch device that you can hide anywhere in your living room.

Solid Audio: This soundbar sounds better than most products within the same range. It doesn’t disappoint, and as usual, you can get excellent bass in the complete unit. The sound quality is far better than average. All other tones of audio are well-balanced and immersive as well. All in all, this soundbar is well-equipped to carry any user’s entertainment to a far higher level. There aren’t any distortions either.

Offers More Convenience: The brand certainly keeps up with the trend of offering highly innovative products. Another feature is the Alexa Voice Control, which you can use to operate your soundbar from anywhere by speaking. The microphone is far better than average too, and it can let the soundbar react to your voice from a fairly far distance. The best thing is that as long as you’re not too far from the soundbar, it’ll always react to your commands.

Quick Installation: Due to the simplicity in design, the setup is incredibly easy. With a wireless connection, you’re up for an outstanding cinematic experience with just a touch of a button. On the technical bit, the unit comes with an HDMI cable, adapter headset, two AAA batteries, and an external power supply so that you can enjoy your soundbar right away. We like the inclusion of the HDMI cable, as it gives you another way to connect to a TV.

What We Like
  • Flexible and versatile.
  • Simple and compact design.
  • Outstanding audio quality.
  • Wireless connections make the setup easy.
  • Compatible with many devices.
  • Has built-in Alexa voice control for easier integration with smart devices.
What We Don't Like
  • Requires users to download the Bose Music app, which is not mentioned in the instructions.
  • Comparatively expensive.

Common Questions About This Product

Do I need to use it with a stabiliser?

If you don’t have voltage fluctuations, then no need for one. However, if the fluctuations in your area are very high, then it might be best to get a stabiliser for the soundbar.

Does it have any mount brackets?

No, there’s none included in the package.

Is there any option to get a subwoofer alongside the soundbar?

No, you’ve got to buy that separately.


If you liked our earlier soundbar but couldn’t trust the brand, you can try this one. Just about everyone knows how good of a brand Bose is. As such, not only will you get quality audio and voice control, but a premium build quality as well.


4. JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass, Dolby Digital Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

The JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass Soundbar is an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-rounded soundbar system with modern features without spending a lot of money. You can get this model without breaking the bank since it’s reasonably priced and delivers a superb performance.

JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


  • Soundbar Dimension: 45 x 2.3 x 3.7 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, HDMI ARC Port, Optical Port, USB
  • Output Power: 300 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar and 1 Subwoofer


  • Dolby digital ensures authentic movie sound.
  • 300watts of power for loud volume and powerful bass.
  • Bluetooth feature for seamless connectivity.
  • Optical and HDMI port for an easy connection.
  • High-quality finish and sleek design that complements your living room.
  • Has a USB port for connecting compatible devices for easy transfer.

Reasons To Purchase The JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass, Dolby Digital Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Easy Connection: The JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar has many features, including Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi streaming, and an HDMI connection. With the Bluetooth feature, you will have a wireless and hassle-free connection to your TV and other devices. Also, you can pair with other devices and select your favourite playlist from the devices and enjoy the music without moving from the couch. Moreover, you can plug in a USB drive and have quick access to your favourite MP3 music. The USB drive comes with other benefits, like charging your mobile devices and uploading music files from portable devices.

Excellent Surround Sound: Don’t let the 2.1 channel audio put you off- though it may not seem like it, the device can actually offer very immersive surround sound. With Dolby Digital being present, you can get far better surround sound than most other 2.1 channel soundbars out there.

Enhanced Compatibility With TVs: The optical and HDMI (ARC) ports also enable a quick connection to your television. Thus, you can watch your favourite shows on the TV and enjoy a truly cinematic experience.

Offers Booming Audio: Another reason to consider this JBL soundbar is that it delivers a robust bass and high volume at a 300W Max power unit. You don’t need to worry about the bass drowning vocals out. You’ll get clear and easily distinguishable audio even at the highest volume levels.

Decent Design: The soundbar will look good in your living room, thanks to its elegant finish. Although the soundbar is a bit large, the subwoofer is super-sleek and does not compromise on the space or sound quality.

What We Like
  • Provides superior sound clarity.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for integration with many devices.
  • You can plug in a USB device to listen to music.
  • The subwoofer is sleek and elegant.
  • Easy to use, right out of the box.
  • Has an HDMI port for connecting to the television.
What We Don't Like
  • The sound woofer is a bit large, and you need to think about the space.
  • Uses 2.1 surround technology.
  • Comparatively expensive.

Common Questions About This Product

Do the speakers have a removable battery?

Yes, they do.

Can the soundbar play audio from a USB that contains video files?

No, the files need to be in pure audio format.

Does the soundbar have Dolby Atmos?

No, it only has Dolby Digital.


This product consumes a bit of space just like our very first product, so if you would like a speaker that can be moved around the room quite frequently, you might have to think twice about this product. Although, the sound quality is definitely good for watching movies, especially with the extra enhancements like the bass. It could absolutely bring out the best aspects of whatever you’re watching every single time.


5. Polk Audio Signa S2 220W, 2.1 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

For several years Polk has made a name in the audio equipment market in India. If you’re looking for something high-tier, the Polk Audio Soundbar is just what you need. This soundbar is one of the best soundbars in India and is chock full of incredible features that will always keep you satisfied and entertained.

Polk Audio Signa S2 220W, 2.1 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar


  • Soundbar Dimension: ‎8.18 x 89.99 x 5.46 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 1.77 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, HDMI ARC
  • Output Power: 220 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar and 1 Subwoofer


  • 220W output for a powerful sound and booming bass.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming from compatible devices.
  • Has USB, Optical, and HDMI(ARC) for easier connectivity.
  • Space-saving 2-inch low profile design.
  • Uses a special voice adjustment mechanism for clear sound and volume balance.
  • Compatible with HD and 4K television and lets you watch a variety of TV shows.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 for an incredible surround sound.

Reasons To Purchase The Polk Audio Signa S2 220W, 2.1 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Voices Are More Audible: The first thing you’ll notice about the Polk Audio soundbar is the Voice Adjust Mechanism. It is a unique setup that enables clear vocals so that you don’t miss any word from what you’re watching or listening to. Also, it helps clear any distortions in sound to deliver an awesome audio experience free of scratchy noises.

Excellent Overall Audio: Another thing to note about the performance is that the soundbar works with a Dolby Digital 5.1 system. As you may imagine, this advanced technology can fill your room with low and compressed sound, all of which will be perfectly balanced. In terms of clarity, this soundbar can deliver precise, smooth, and fine sound even on low volume. Amazingly, the sound doesn’t even crack at higher volumes.

Incredibly Bassy Subwoofer: Without a doubt, the subwoofer is the heart of the soundbar, and the best part is that it has an amazing bass effect, very deep and boomy. The soundbar and subwoofer combination will immerse your entire room in seriously powerful bass and sound effects for overall enjoyment.

Easy Setup and Connection: The setup is easy, and it’s just a matter of activating the system and connecting with your TV or other devices. You’ll also enjoy flawless Bluetooth connectivity. It’s powerful enough to let you connect to devices instantly.

Clean Yet Compact Design: The subwoofer and the soundbar have a simple design and are all stunningly black, and you’ll want to keep them anywhere in your living room. We love the remote, which is small but packed with all the controls to enable you to operate the system from wherever.

Works Well With TVs: The HDMI (ARC) is another notable feature of this soundbar. It enables seamless sound transmission from the Smart TV apps to the Signa S2 using one HDMI cable. In addition, you can control the soundbar volume using the TV remote control.

What We Like
  • Delivers high clarity of sound.
  • Has a stunning appeal.
  • It’s compatible with many devices.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Bluetooth allows for connection to wireless devices.
  • Has an HDMI cable for connecting the unit to a TV.
What We Don't Like
  • It costs more than most models in our review.

Common Questions About This Product

What's the height of the subwoofer?

It’s about 34cm.

What's the RMS output?

It’s 40W for both the soundbar and the subwoofer.

Will the soundbar work in a TV without HDMI?

Yes, there are other connectivity options.


Though this soundbar costs a little more than what you’d expect, it does offer audio and build quality far better than average. And, like the earlier Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar, it’s also incredibly space-efficient. If you want a good and well-rounded soundbar, this one is an excellent choice to go for.


6. Sony HT-S20R 400 Watt Real 5.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Dolby Digital

You don’t need a lot of wires to experience the benefits of a 5.1 channel. With your normal TV, you can improve the sound by owning the Sony HT-S20R soundbar. This competitively priced unit emulates the traditional home and comes with a lower budget. The soundbar delivers a theatre-like experience and surrounds sound to fill a large room. The unit uses a power output of 400W so that you get an exciting landscape as you watch your movies.

Sony HT-S20R 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System


  • Soundbar Dimension: ‎76 x 5.2 x 8.6 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 2.0 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI ARC, Optical Port
  • Output Power: 400 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar, 2 Surround Speakers and 1 Subwoofer


  • 5.1 channel for an immersive cinematic sound experience.
  • The power output of 400W provides all-around powerful audio.
  • One cable connectivity via HDMI ARC for connecting to your TV.
  • Has a USB port for connecting your USB stick and more, allowing you to be more versatile with how you play your media.
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration with smart devices.

Reasons To Purchase The Sony HT-S20R 400 Watt Real 5.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Dolby Digital

Comes With A Lot Of Accessories: This soundbar comes in a neat package that houses a subwoofer and several speakers. All the pieces consist of durable plastic, and the size is slimmer than most home theatres. You’ll also find an audio cable, two AAA batteries, a setup manual, and an AC cord alongside the soundbar. Plus, the setup is easy, and you can use it immediately after unpacking.

Offers A Lot Of Immersion: The speakers and the subwoofer work harmoniously to deliver immersive and cinematic sound. With the Dolby Digital 5.1, you can enjoy superior surround, thanks to the audio channels. The soundbar has an excellent sound throw, and the subwoofer is boomy even at maximum volume. Different modes such as music, cinema, auto, and standard enable you to listen to everything in the best way. Also, it lets you select voice or night modes to maximise your user experience.

Extra Connectivity Options: The unit is versatile, and besides enjoying movies and television shows, you can stream your favourite music via Bluetooth connectivity. The USB plug-and-play lets you use a USB device or a memory stick to listen to your favourite music.

Easily Connection To TVs: Another reason to consider this soundbar is the one cable connectivity through the HDMI ARC. What this means is that you can connect to your TV set using only a single cable. If your TV is not HDMI compatible, you can use an analogue input to enjoy your movies and music.

What We Like
  • The sound quality is impressive.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy setup and use.
  • Has HDMI (ARC) and cable support.
  • Compatible with many devices.
  • Has Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Has several modes that enable you to customise your user experience.
What We Don't Like
  • The HDMI cable needs to be bought separately.
  • Occupies a lot of space.

Common Questions About This Product

Can I keep the rear speakers on my wall?

Yes, they’re wall mountable.

Does it have a 3.5mm jack?

Yes, it does.

Will I be able to use it with a smartphone?

You can use it with a phone through Bluetooth connectivity.


There’s nothing to really go wrong with when it comes to Sony. If you want good surround sound, you can trust these speakers. After all, they don’t only come with the audio quality the brand is known for. The extra surround speakers contribute a lot to the experience as well.


7. Philips Audio HTL8162 160 W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

The Philips brand has a good reputation in terms of sustainability and performance. Philips HTL2163b/12 is one of the products on our review list. The Philips soundbar comes as a standalone soundbar and an external subwoofer that delivers an electrifying action. Bluetooth connectivity allows linkage to multiple devices.

Philips HTL2163B/12, 120W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker


  • Soundbar Dimension: 96 x 7.2 x 9.8 cm‎
  • Soundbar Weight: 3.13 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, USB
  • Output Power: 120 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar and 1 Subwoofer


  • Dolby digital for superior sound quality.
  • Has an external subwoofer for thrilling action.
  • Virtual surround sound offers more immersive cinematic sound.
  • Audio-in feature for connection to other devices such as iPhones and MP3 players.
  • USB that allows connection to various devices.

Reasons To Purchase The Philips Audio HTL8162 160 W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Sub woofer

Outstanding Surround Sound: Everything about this soundbar is advanced, and the speaker has a virtual surround audio mechanism that delivers remarkably rich, deep and immersive cinematic surround sound. The quality of the stereo source is superb and brings multi-channel audio and the most genuine sound to your home. If you have this unit, there’s no need to buy other speakers to have a generous level of sound in your living room.

Convenient To Use With Phone: Another incredible feature is the Audio-in function, which lets you play your favourite music via a smartphone. With this feature, you only need to connect the music source to an audio jack, sit back, and enjoy high-quality sound. Through the Bluetooth feature, you can also listen to music on your phone and control the playlists wirelessly and conveniently as well. Like most modern surround systems, this Philips model also has a USB port and therefore, you can enjoy MP3 and WMA music by linking your mobile. Besides, you can also connect to multiple devices. That’s not all; we also love this device’s versatility since it can support other compatible devices.

Practical Design: This model is designed to deliver the perfect sound whenever you need it and wherever you need it. With a 6 x 84 x 5 cm dimension, this unit will not overcrowd other items in your room. Indeed, it doesn’t have untidy wires that will generally add clutter to your living area. That notwithstanding, it’s extremely lightweight at only 4.53 kilos, and therefore you can carry it easily when on the move. The exterior of the soundbar looks pretty pleasing in general too. Thanks to the glass panel, you won’t think it’s an average soundbar when you look at it. Lastly, the grille on the body is also designed to produce an unobstructed and clear sound.

What We Like
  • High quality and clear sound.
  • Has a USB port for connecting several devices.
  • It is easy to set up, and the operation is smooth.
  • Easy operation with remote control.
  • Allows for Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sleek and low profile device.
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t work well with very high volume.
  • Could use some more features.

Common Questions About This Product

Does the soundbar come with HDMI cables?

No, you have to get that separately.

Will I be able to connect this to any TV?

It works with any TV that has HDMI or RCA.

Can it connect with Bluetooth projectors?

Yes, it works for just any device that produces audio and has Bluetooth.


We primarily picked this one out for its design. If you want something that doesn’t take a lot of space and also complements the decor, then this speaker is certainly a must-have. Of course, that’s not to say the audio quality is anything to scoff at. You’ll be sure to get some of the best sound quality on the market. In fact, this speaker offers some of the best surround sounds among the other products on our list.


8. JBL Cinema SB261, 2.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

If you are looking for a cinematic effect when watching fast-paced action movies, you can get every thumping sound with the JBL Cinema SB261 soundbar. It’s a decent appliance with high-quality sound for TV viewing. Undoubtedly, few audio devices can match this model at the price.

JBL Cinema SB261 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


  • Soundbar Dimension: 90 x 6.7 x 6.3 cm‎
  • Soundbar Weight: 1.65 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, Optical Port
  • Output Power: 220 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar and 1 Subwoofer


  • With a 220W power output, you’ll have an experience that matches no other.
  • Dolby Digital enables sound delivery via many channels.
  • Bluetooth technology for a wireless connection with other devices.
  • A wireless subwoofer that provides deep-toned music and movies.
  • HDMI(ARC) enables a connection to a TV set.

Reasons To Purchase The JBL Cinema SB261, 2.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Offers Extra Connectivity: In this modern world, we cannot ignore the fact that wireless connections come with a lot of conveniences. With JBL Cinema SB261, you can utilise Bluetooth technology to listen to your favourite music. Plus, you can pair other compatible devices for seamless integration.

Comes With A High-end Subwoofer: On top of that, this unit comes with a wireless subwoofer that provides an extra deep bass for impressive movie sounds. In addition, it doesn’t have annoying wires that would normally clutter your living room. Thus, your room will stay neater and organised, unlike the old home theatre systems.

Sleek Looks: You’ll be impressed by the overall size of this soundbar, which is sleek and compact. Certainly, it’ll complement your room décor, and it’s definitely something to show off to your buddies. The remote itself is fairly small as well, though the buttons are still comfortable to use.

Runs Perfectly With A TV: One more striking feature is the HDMI (ARC) connection that gives room for a simple setup and an awesome user experience. With the HDMI, you can connect your TV and tap the acoustic thuds to your soundbar. That’s not all; you can connect your optical cable via the optical port for an enhanced user experience.

Convenient Setup: There is a broad assortment of mounting hardware that comes with the package. These include remote control, remote batteries, power cords, HDMI cable, mounting bracket, and user guide.

What We Like
  • Durable body.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Has an HDMI(ARC).
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Doesn’t cause much of a mess with wires.
What We Don't Like
  • Subwoofer bass isn’t adjustable.
  • Uses 2.1 channels.

Common Questions About This Product

Does it come with DTS?

No, there’s no support for that.

What's the output of the subwoofer?

It’s about 60W.

Can I connect the soundbar with my computer?

Yes, as long as your computer supports Bluetooth connections.


For the price, the build of this soundbar is of premium quality. The sound is clear, and you can feel the punch even at a low volume. Don’t let the 2.1 channel system worry you- surround sound is also top-notch. As such, this product works extremely well if you like watching action movies to bring a thrilling feeling right inside your living room. In addition, it has an LED feature that helps in adjusting the different modes.


9. LG SJ3 300 Watt 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

LG is a trending name in the audio category, and many Indian customers will choose their soundbar over other products on the market. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the LG SJ3 soundbar is one of the best soundbars in India on the market today.

LG SJ3 2.1Ch 300W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


  • Soundbar Dimension: 95 x 7.1 x 4.7 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 2.47 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, Optical Port, USB
  • Output Power: 300 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar and 1 Subwoofer


  • A power output of 300w for a powerful booming sound.
  • Adaptive audio control that harmonises the sound in your room.
  • TV Sound sync that synchronises with a compatible LG TV.
  • ASC feature analyses content from TV and converts it to a crisp, clear sound.
  • Bluetooth standby mode for automatic connection.
  • A compact unit with an overall dimension of 95 x 7.1 x 4.7 cm.
  • Dolby Digital provides enhanced surround sound.

Reasons To Purchase The LG SJ3 300 Watt 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Excellent Audio Overall: To begin with, this fantastic product comes with a wireless subwoofer that provides enhanced accuracy and dynamic sound through a wide variety of channels. In addition, this LG unit is packed with an auto-sound engine that optimises the sound regardless of the volume level. For good measure, you can place the subwoofer anywhere without compromising on the space. With the 2.1 channel configuration, too, this LG model has a complete sound arsenal.

Bluetooth Connectivity: This soundbar supports audio streaming by Bluetooth. You can connect your smart devices by tapping against the unit’s bodywork. Additionally, the standby mode lets you transfer sounds to the soundbar immediately when you turn on the device.

Enhances The Experience Of Watching TV: To begin with, there’s the ASC feature which analyses the content from the TV in real-time. Even more, this innovative feature can detect what you are listening to and automatically adjust it to a crystal clear sound. The TV sound sync feature enhances your experience by allowing you to listen to TV audio from your soundbar without any delays. There’s no need for manual optimisations.

Good Design: The soundbar can offer you some of the best durability available on the market- from what’s evident from the endurance tests done by our experts. The looks, in general, are premium and classy as well. Even better, the exterior of the soundbar is meant to mix in with most modern TVs, complementing the overall setup.

What We Like
  • Supports wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • The sound quality is clear and superb.
  • A sleek design that occupies less space.
  • Doesn’t use a lot of wires.
What We Don't Like
  • Lacks an HDMI port.
  • Requires an equaliser to thump bass via a phone.

Common Questions About This Product

How do I connect this soundbar to a TV without HDMI?

You can use the Optical Port.

What's the subwoofer weight?

It’s about 1.2kg.

What's the subwoofer's RMS?

It’s about 300W.


There surely isn’t a doubt this product is one of the best on our list. LG is expected to produce good performing products, and this soundbar is definitely one of them. This speaker suits all sorts of activities, such as playing music, watching a movie, hosting a party, and even gaming. It plays audio well in just about any sort of content, and it’s also one of our most feature-rich picks.


10. Infinity Sonic B200WL by Harman 160W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Infinity is one of the best brands as far as high-quality soundbars are concerned. Their 2.1 channel model is a good example of this statement. The B200WL soundbar is sleek, easy to set up, and comes with a wireless subwoofer that can rest anywhere in your room.

Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


  • Soundbar Dimension: 95.4 X 53.6 X 27.4 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 6.56 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, USB Port, Auxiliary
  • Output Power: 160 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar and 1 Subwoofer


  • Wireless streaming with compatible devices.
  • Extraordinary deep sound for enjoying movies, video games, and music.
  • Multi-connectivity via Bluetooth, optical input, Aux, and USB.
  • Sleek and low-profile design for an easy fit in just about anywhere.
  • A wireless subwoofer for thumping bass.
  • A multifunctional remote for maximum convenience.

Reasons To Purchase The Infinity Sonic B200WL by Harman 160W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Enhanced Connectivity: The multi-connectivity options allow you to enjoy crystal clear sound virtually from any compatible device. For example, you can connect to various devices via Aux, optical input, and USB port. There is also wireless streaming, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Also, you can pair the soundbar with your devices seamlessly.

Versatile Remote: You’ll enjoy using the small-sized remote, which comfortably fits on the palm of your arms. Even better, it’s a multi-purpose device with many controls for various functions. For instance, various equaliser modes allow you to customise your sound needs for news, movies, or music.

Excellent Acoustic Experience: With 160-watt power output, you’ll get to experience powerful and immersive audio, especially during action sequences. The soundbar can also play sounds very well with high volume, with zero distortions. The wireless subwoofer also pumps a deep bass that pushes you to listen to the beat and drown in a movie-like environment.

Quick Installation: The package comes with everything to help you get started on a positive note. There is a wall mount with screws, power cords, 3.5mm audio cable, subwoofer, remote control, and user guide. If you are apprehensive about the initial setup, worry not. The installation is easy right from the box and provides plug & play connectivity. Plus, you can refer to the simple quick-start guide if there’s something that is not clear.

What We Like
  • High quality, sleek and compact.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Offers a lot of versatility.
  • Wireless transmission via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Balanced and clear sound.
What We Don't Like
  • Vocals tend to drown out a little when playing bassy tracks.

Common Questions About This Product

Can I keep it on a wall?

Yes, there’s wall mounting support.

What are the dimensions of the subwoofer?

The dimensions are 18 x 23 cm.

Does it support Dolby Atmos?

No, there is no support for that.


Coming from a trusted brand, this product works nearly as efficiently as LG. The difference is that this product tends to lose sound quality when playing audio with vocals. It does make up for things in other ways, though, and it’s especially good for playing bassy tracks.


11. MI MDZ-27-DI Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

If you’d like to improve the sound from your television or any audio device without spending a lot of money, the Mi Soundbar is an excellent choice. Within the price range, it can still deliver a high-quality sound output like the high-end options.

Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers


  • Soundbar Dimension: ‎83 x 7.2 x 8.7 cm
  • Soundbar Weight: 1.92 kg
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Optical
  • Output Power: 28 Watts
  • Items Included: 1 Soundbar


  • Eight sound speakers deliver very immersive sound.
  • Enhanced and deep bass that provides the right boom.
  • Sleek and lightweight, very easy to fit and comfortable to move around.
  • Several connectivity options for enhanced user experience.
  • Allows for wall to wall installation.

Reasons To Purchase The MI MDZ-27-DI Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Plenty Of Connectivity Options: The first thing that strikes us about this soundbar is its versatility. There is a wide range of connections available to give you an avalanche of choices. For example, the Bluetooth feature allows for a wireless connection between the soundbar and compatible TVs, computers and mobile devices. Other options include Line-in, Aux-in, and optical.

Looks Great: You will love the low-profile design of this soundbar that will look sophisticated in your living room. The good thing about it is that you can even place it under the TV without blocking your view. Also, you don’t have to worry about wires littering your living room, and you can also set them on your wall. In the package, you’ll also find screws for mounting to a wall. Besides, there are rubber grips that hold the device to a surface. Also, this contemporary piece of equipment is wrapped in stylish mesh fabric to protect against dirt. For durability, this soundbar will see better days since it’s built to last.

Offers High-Quality Audio: Most users in India look for deep bass when shopping for a soundbar. You can benefit from the Mi soundbar since the bass is very strong and will bring the best sound from your movies and songs. In addition, it has hidden radiators that elevate your living room to a cinema-like environment.

Easy To Install: There’s not much thinking you need to do when it comes to installing this soundbar. For a start, you don’t need to bother with wire management. The actual process is pretty short, too- you just need to go through 3 simple steps, which really adds to the convenience.

What We Like
  • High quality and durable.
  • Crisp clear and immersive sound.
  • Low profile device.
  • Multiple connection options.
  • Enhanced sound delivery.
  • Neat with no wired connection.
What We Don't Like
  • Only a few screws for mounting the soundbar.

Common Questions About This Product

Can I play music on it without a TV?

Yes, there’s support for other audio sources.

Is there support for 5.1 or 7.1 channel audio?

No, there isn’t.

Will it work on desktops?

Yes, it runs on both desktops and laptops.


This one is a fairly basic speaker. However, as expected from a product from Xiaomi, it offers excellent raw sound. There aren’t a lot of unique features, yet the sounds are well-balanced, natural and immersive. You can also save a few rupees with this soundbar, as it’s a fairly cost-efficient option.


Best Soundbars in India – Buying Guide

Now that we know the best soundbars on the market, let’s get started on the buying guide. As you may already know, it’s important to know everything about the audio equipment you are about to buy. Luckily, our buying guide is completely thorough and has all the information about soundbars you’ll need. Keep reading.


What are Soundbars?

Since we already know the basics about soundbars, here we provide additional information about this essential equipment to help you make an informed decision before you part with your money.

A soundbar is an all-inclusive speaker system for delivering top-notch Television sound without the need for extra space, a home theatre receiver, or a complicated setup. It’s a long slender cabinet with more than two speakers to provide surround or stereo sound.


Soundbars Vs Home Theatres – Which one is better for me?

When looking for a high-quality sound system, it can be confusing to decide whether to buy a home theatre or a soundbar. We shall take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Good home theatres have provided many people in India with entertainment for many years. However, soundbars are modern systems that offer a lot of convenience to many people.


1. Home Theatres

A home theatre consists of five satellite speakers and a subwoofer. All these components are stationed on the sides of your TV, at the front, and the others at strategic locations around the room. After that, you have to install an amplifier inside a TV cabinet to manage the sound tracts.

Advantages of Home Theatres

As the name suggests, a home theatre transforms your living room into a cinema.

  • Home theatres provide your home with total immersion to help you enjoy movies, video games, and music at the superior sound.
  • They create a cocoon of sound in your home, allowing better surround audio.
  • They can enhance the appearance of your living room.
  • Most home theatres have a sound calibration tool that restores your living room sound atmosphere.
  • The setup is more customisable.

Disadvantages of Home Theatres

Although a home theatre setup can be spectacular, it requires careful planning of your living room. There is a lot of logistics involved, and you may need to call in a professional to help with the installation.

  • You’ll need more space for each speaker. You may need to move some things to create room for the wires, which can get a little complicated.
  • Despite being bulky, home theatres are expensive and not a suitable option for someone on a budget.

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2. Soundbars

Soundbars have several benefits over home theatres. Whether you want a soundbar that you can plug into an MP3 player or one that supports Dolby Atmos, there’s a model for you. Notwithstanding, not all soundbars are the same, and some offer an awesome audio experience than others.
For an ardent TV viewer or a music lover, you’ll want a soundbar that amplifies the sound and one that’s compatible with other devices. For instance, you can choose a versatile unit that you can stream with your smartphone or hook up to your TV.

Advantages of Soundbars

  • They are less bulky than traditional home theatre systems.
  • They are sleek and occupy less space in the living room.
  • They have a wide range of features, such as Bluetooth connectivity.
  • They are cheaper than home theatres.
  • Some offer multiple wireless connections.
  • They are multi-channels and immerse your room with cinematic sound.

Disadvantages of Soundbars

  • Some lack enhanced features found in home theatres.
  • Soundbars may not work well in larger rooms.
  • Surround sound quality is decent but certainly not good as what a Home Theatre can offer.


Special Enhancements – DTS and Dolby Audio

Soundbars and home theatres are not the only solutions for creating a high-quality sound immersion in your home. DTS and Dolby Audio are special enhancements that you can also use. A soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos is popular with movie lovers as it may have superior enhancement features such as graphic EQ. These enhancements are the best way to create a wireless home theatre.

With advancements in home cinema, different surround systems are coming up every day to bring realism to your movie nights. Dolby Digital and DTS sound formats are the most popular and use sound compression techniques. It means that they allow movie producers to record sound for easy reproduction in homes and cinemas. Both techniques deliver a thrilling sound from different channels.

The major difference between the two is the encoding of sound. Dolby Digitals uses a lower bit rate to produce high-quality sound, whereas DTS uses a higher bit rate. Both systems are popular in home cinemas, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, smartphones, computers, and games consoles.

Although, do note that these require synchronisation of many wireless speakers to create a sound environment. The speakers can be connected via Wi-Fi to your TV or amplifier.


Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Soundbars in India

When shopping for the best soundbars in India, there are several things to keep in mind. We shall expound on the most important things to consider before you part with your money in our discussion below.

1. Size

When shopping for a soundbar, its size should be an important consideration. Aesthetically, it should not be larger than the TV’s base as it can otherwise block some of your views or overcrowd your TV stand. A sleek design can also complement the other electronics in your living room.


2. Subwoofer

The majority of soundbars on the market come with a subwoofer, which is a separate wireless device. This device provides an extra boomy kick, creating a deep bass that engulfs your room. Therefore, unless your soundbar has an internal amplifier, a subwoofer is something you definitely have to get.


3. Connectivity

It’s crucial to pay attention to your soundbars’ connectivity. Most options feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to enable you to stream music from compatible devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. Therefore, your soundbar can be a stereo as well. Also, you can check other connections such as the HDMI and optical ports for an easy switch to other audio sources.


4. Channels

Channels are individual speakers or sound sources. Modern movies and TV shows offer up to five sound channels, and the same case applies to a surround system. A Dolby digital embed system has right, left, and centre sound sources. Also, there are two rear speakers on the sides, which also differentiates a soundbar from a home theatre. All the speakers are contained in one unit. For a 2 channel soundbar, there are two speakers to the right and left.

A Dolby Atmos soundbar is unique because it fires the sound more dynamically, and this works well in living rooms with horizontal ceilings and hard materials. When it comes to choosing the number of channels, the more they are, the more immersive the sound.


5. Placement

Placement is where you shall mount your soundbar. Before you buy, it’s important to consider where you’d like to mount it on your wall or just lay it on a table-top surface. Regardless of the placement, one thing is for sure; you need to have enough space.


6. Voice Recognition

Some soundbars have a voice control feature that allows users to give commands or ask questions. You can use this feature to control your soundbar’s playback, and you can also use it to search for shows, music lyrics, and other such things. It’s not an essential feature, but it can be incredibly handy if you can’t get your remote or if the room is too dark for you to operate said remote.


7. Front Display

Many soundbars feature a front display that provides visual feedback of the volume and the mode. It’s an essential feature that enhances your user experience. Some have LED screens that correspond to your current mode or setting.


8. Chromecast Support

Some soundbars have the Chromecast feature, which lets you stream online content like music and podcasts directly to the soundbar itself, without using an external device. However, do keep in mind that the Soundbar must be Wi-Fi enabled to work with this feature. You can set the Chromecast feature up from your smartphone using the Google Home app.


9. Budget

Before you embark on your search, the budget you have is an important consideration. Some high-end soundbars are expensive due to an array of features. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from getting a high-quality product within your budget limits. Some top brands such as Sony and LG have several soundbars at different price ranges.


10. Warranty

Whenever you purchase any electronic device, it’s important to think about the warranty. A warranty is an assurance that the manufacturer will take back the device if it cannot work, as per the specifications within a certain period. Depending on the price, a warranty can last from 1 year.


11. Brand

Some buyers will bet their money on the brand when shopping for electronic products. And it’s quite understandable since some brands have made a mark in the industry owing to their sustainable efforts to supply the market with top-notch products. Before you buy, read customer reviews on the product and make an informed decision.

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Best Soundbar Brands in India

The Indian market is saturated with several brands that provide audio equipment. Regardless of what the market offers, most buyers will consider a brand first before purchasing their favourite equipment. And they’re right to do so, as certain brands make the majority of the best soundbars in India. Let’s have a look at the top brands in India.


1. Sony

Sony Corporation is a Japanese company that has made a mark in Electronic products and appliances. Although its headquarter is in Tokyo, there are many subsidiaries all over the world, with India having a share. Having been around for over fifty years, its products are high quality and reliable. Sony soundbars are some of the best in the market, and Indian shoppers have positive reviews about them.


2. Bose

Bose is an American company that manufactures and sells sound equipment. Bose products are decidedly superior both in terms of build quality and audio. Most people consider them as luxury items. The company has made in-roads into the Indian market, and more people are considering the Bose soundbars to upgrade their sound.


3. JBL

Like Bose, JBL is an American brand that manufactures and sells superior audio equipment such as loudspeakers, headphones, and soundbars. Also, it offers other products such as portable home theatres that meet the unique needs of its clientele. Both regular people and audiophiles approve of JBL’s soundbars. The Indian market is awash with JBL soundbars, proof of customer loyalty.


4. Yamaha

Yamaha is a Japanese company that manufactures highly innovative sound equipment such as home theatres and soundbars. Most users of the Yamaha attest to the fact that the sound quality is crisp, clear, and immersive.


5. Philips

Philips brand is a Netherlands company that has existed for many decades. It has many branches worldwide, and Philips India is one of them. It’s famous for the provision of virtual sound equipment such as soundbars and subwoofers. Also, there are other electronic types of equipment such as home theatres and TV sets.


6. Mi

The Mi is from Xiaomi, which is one of the best brands with innovation. The brand is popular in the smartphones market. However, it has also ventured into audio equipment. The soundbars from Xiaomi are top quality and enhance your user experience. Many users in India are opting to buy them.

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Best Soundbars in India – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a soundbar?

A soundbar is a single sleek, and tall speaker mounted at the base of your TV. Some soundbars have over one speaker, and the length creates an immersive sound effect. A soundbar is like a home theatre system, only that it’s less bulky, has few wires, and is less expensive.
Some soundbars can be connected via an optical or HDTV cable and are sold alongside subwoofers. Overall, it’s a useful device, and there has been remarkable progress when it comes to the quality of the sound it can produce.


2. What is the best soundbar?

The best soundbar should deliver clear and high-quality sound. Also, a rectangular soundbar delivers more immersive sound in your living room. Also, a sleek and stylish design will complement your space. A wireless connection is more convenient as it allows you to connect your soundbar to compatible devices.


3. What is the difference between a soundbar and a sound base?

The majority of soundbars come as one or multiple devices. To offer a powerful and deep bass performance, a soundbar features a wireless subwoofer which is a separate speaker you can tuck at different locations in your living room. The subwoofer automatically connects with the other speakers to reproduce immersive sound.

On the other hand, a sound base features a flat system that incorporates everything into a single unit. You can place it under your Television or mount it on the wall.

Overall, soundbars can provide better audio. The best soundbars in India can easily give most soundbases a run for their money. Still, both systems can magnify your television’s audio with less fuss or wire. They have a minimum design and quite often have one cable connected to the TV and another to an electricity outlet.


4. Why is a subwoofer necessary?

A subwoofer is a separate speaker that enhances sounds to cinematic quality. Typically, it’s a bulky piece of equipment with a generously sized driver that blows to the air to deliver audio with a rumble. With a soundbar, you can certainly achieve clear sound; however, your walls will shake to the beat when you amplify it with a subwoofer.

A subwoofer’s advantage is that you don’t have to worry about its placement since you can squeeze it behind the sofa or at the far-end corner. Some subwoofers are wireless and only require plugging into an electrical outlet.


5. Do I need extra speakers to use with the soundbar?

A soundbar’s advantage is that it surrounds you with good audio without taking up a lot of space. However, some come with over two channels or speakers, which comprise rear and front speakers. The multiple speakers are more like the traditional home theatres and may require more space in your room. Also, things can get a little messy if the speakers are connected via cables or wires. Although you can try to tuck them under the carpet or in a wall conduit, it will cost you more.


6. How can I stream from devices other than a TV with a soundbar?

Quite too often, the surround system comes with multiple connection options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. When shopping for a soundbar, it’s vital to consider whether it allows for a wireless connection and if the devices you are using are compatible.


7. What is the difference between a home theatre and a soundbar?

When the word home theatre is mentioned, think about a speaker set up with many channels that occupy a lot of space in the room. Also, keep in mind the wired connections all over the house. These pieces of equipment have been around for some time; however, the soundbars are the new entrants.

Although they’re not completely replacing the home theatres, they are small and convenient for many users. They take up less space and hence an excellent choice for someone living in an apartment. Good home theatres can still offer you an excellent experience.


8. What is Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel?

It means that the Dolby Digital technology used in the soundbar supports sound reproduced in five channels which are 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer. Some more advanced systems support 7.1 channels, which include many overhead speakers.


9. Between a soundbar and a home theatre which is the cheapest?

Traditionally, home theatres have been known to cost more since they have more features and different channels to deliver sound. Luckily, some soundbars are available at lower prices yet deliver an impressive sound. However, you can still find some soundbars with great features, though you might need to pay more to own them.



We have come to the end of our discussion, but one thing is for sure, soundbars are incredible devices that improve the sounds of your audio equipment. However, deciding what you want is not always easy since there are many things to keep in mind.

Soundbars are not here to replace traditional home theatres; however, they offer space-saving and cheap solutions to many users in India who would love to improve their TV’s sound.

You can enjoy an authentic cinematic sound right at home and have a thumping bass from several channels. Now, you can effortlessly get yourself the best soundbars in India.

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