How to Find the Best Washing Machines under 15000 for your Home in 2024? Take a Look

Last Updated on 15 February, 2024 by Sourav Roy

The invention of a washing machine has truly been a blessing in disguise! However, I see some people holding themselves back due to the affordability. Hey guys, now no more hesitating. Because I have a list of 9 best washing machines under 15000 – ONLY! Yes, you read that right.

Best Washing Machines under 15000

Just in case you think that you will get a compromised one in this budget, you are mistaken. My list has all the top-notch models providing maximum convenience and exceptionally clean clothes. But how do you decide which is the right one for your house?

Step 1- See what every product has to offer you. Note down the capacity, features, price range and wash technologies.

Step 2 – Look over the buying guide and the points you must consider while choosing one for your household.

Step 3 – It’s time for assessment! Find the one suiting your requirements and bring that one home right away.

So, tell me, wasn’t that easy? Well, it indeed is. Also, the prices mentioned for every washing machine is not something you would want to miss. Without wasting a second more, let’s get going.


1. Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine

We’ll begin our review with an excellent offering from Samsung. As you can already make out from the name, the model comes with a capacity of 6.2 Kg. Thus, it will be an ideal option for smaller families. It does not come with a specific star rating. But, as a top-loading model, it does not consume too much electricity.

Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 6.2 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 31 Kg
  • Dimensions – 56.8 x 54 x 98.2 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 680 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 6
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 50dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 50dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 59dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 220V
  • Build Material – Stainless-Steel


  • It has five different water levels, which allows you to be more effective with your resources.
  • A magic filter is available for gathering lint and other little particles.
  • The Eco Tub Clean feature keeps its interior clean and mould-free.
  • It comes with six wash cycles for more versatility.

Reasons To Get The Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine

Thorough Wash System: There are plenty of features on this washer in terms of general wash power. It also offers a little more than that, though- it comes with an ACTIVWash+ system, which features a small sink. Here, you can both pre-treat the heavily soiled laundry and hand-wash some of your delicate items to deal with certain tougher stains. Plus, there’s also the Wobble Technology which helps prevent your woollen clothes from getting tangled up through the washer’s multi-direction wash flow. That means you can freely wash your delicate clothes without any worry of damage.

Great Overall Design: Despite the relatively less size and weight, this washer is built with some rather solid material. Its components are made of stainless steel, so they can last you a long time. The drum itself is also designed to last while providing plenty of other benefits as well. It’s a diamond drum, so you can expect good treatment of your delicate clothes. There’s no risk of damage. Aside from providing more safety for your clothes, the Diamond Drum is also capable of enhancing general wash quality.

Easy To Maintain: Thanks to the Eco Tub Clean technology, the model can keep its interior fresh and clean throughout the washes. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, which keeps you from needing to fix any issues resulting from the use of such chemicals. You’ll also get an automatic notification if the washer needs any manual cleaning. So, you don’t have to wait to clean until it’s too late to do so.

Comes With Extra Convenience Features: Like other the best washing machines under 15000, this one, too, comes with the Quick Wash system. So, you can have a quick clean whenever you’re in a hurry to go out somewhere, and the clothes you need aren’t washed. Just be sure that the load you put in is small to get the best results from this feature.

  • Ideal capacity for smaller families.
  • Dries clothes fairly well.
  • Can be cleaned and maintained quite easily.
  • Comes with a wide array of advanced features.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Can be a bit noisy.
  • Clothes tend to get tangled sometimes.

Common Questions About This Product

Does the drum rotation speed stay the same?

No, it varies between 600-700 RPM.

Is the motor an inverter motor?

No, it’s a normal one.

What's the usual power consumption of the washer?

It usually uses up around 200-250 Watts of power.


Though the washer has fewer programs than what other models offer, we still think it deserves to start off our list because of how well-rounded it is. It can provide consistent and powerful performance, and the programs are optimised to work well for most fabrics. You can also expect a long time of good service with this washer, as it’s from Samsung.


2. LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Are you thinking about buying a model from LG to take care of your washing needs? Then, we would suggest this model to you. It comes with a 6.5-kg capacity and, thus, will be an ideal option for a bachelor or two-person family. Moreover, it also has a 5-star BEE rating. Therefore, it will not consume too much power at all.

LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 6.5 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 35.5 Kg
  • Dimensions – 63.3 x 53.4 x 117.2 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 780 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 6
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 48dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 48dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 74dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless-Steel


  • It has a smart inverter motor, which can adjust the electricity consumption of the model proficiently.
  • The BMC Motor Protection System helps in prolonging the longevity of the motor.
  • Has a stainless steel drum designed for better cleaning and for more gentle treatment of delicate fabrics.
  • The Tub Clean features ensure the most hygienic washes.

Reasons To Get The LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Good Dry Speed: For an entry-level top-loading washer, this machine offers some of the best dry speeds in its category. It offers more than what our last washer has in terms of RPM. You’ll also have an easier time working with bigger loads because of both the increased capacity and drying speed.

Offers More Power and Efficiency: To begin with, it comes with remarkable washing power. It can get rid of just about any kind of tough stain, thanks to the Turbo Drum. The process works so well thanks to the amount of force provided by the pulsator and the specially designed drum spinning in opposite directions. Moreso, the washer can use the power very efficiently, without costing you resources. It also comes with a Smart Inverter Motor, which can read the load and use just the right amount of power for the amount of laundry inside. Hence, there won’t be any unnecessary waste of electricity.

Easy To Maintain: The machine is stainless steel, so you already have to spend very little effort dealing with the side effects of rusting. You won’t have to deal with constantly making sure that your tub is odour free to keep your clothes safe, either. The washer does all of that work by itself, as it has an auto-clean feature.

Offers Plenty Of Conveniences: It’s quite good at dealing with power outages. If the power goes out and comes back on, it’ll run with the exact same settings it was on. There’s no voltage stabiliser, though, but that’s to be expected with most washers. We tried running it while simulating voltage fluctuations, and it was able to handle that very well without the need for us to add in a separate stabiliser. Plus, the washer has a drying noise level of around 48dB. Hence, it can work noiselessly most of the time. Besides, due to its top-loading design, it will be much easier for you to put in the clothing without any issue.

  • Comes with the coveted child-lock function.
  • Has a water-proof control panel.
  • Durable exterior and interior.
  • Auto-restart feature for more proficiency.
  • In-built heater for warming the water.
  • Expensive.
  • Feels a bit heavier and space-consuming.

Common Questions About This Product

Will there be any negative effects of using hot water to wash with this machine?

No, it can perform perfectly well even with hot water.

Is there a Jet Spray mechanism?

No, there’s no Jet Spray. There aren’t a lot of good LG washers under 15k that offer such a feature. If you need something like that, you could look at our Haier washer review below, which offers a similar mechanism.

How much does it dry clothes?

It dries clothes upto 60% or so. It doesn’t fully dry them.


If you’re looking for the best inverter washer at the price, you can look at this one. It’s also a great option if you’ve got a medium-sized family. The cons aren’t very significant either- just be prepared to spend a bit more money on it. Because of the inverter, this washer is also a little more expensive than our last pick, despite offering similar performance.


3. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whether you are looking for something sleek or efficient, this model from Samsung can be perfect for you in both aspects. It has an overall capacity of 6.5-kg, which, in turn, makes it a perfect choice for a family of 4-5 individuals. Moreover, it also comes with the common Eco-Tub feature. So, you will not have to clean the model to keep it odour-free manually.

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 6.5 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 29.5 Kg
  • Dimensions – 56.8 x 54 x 90.6 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 680 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 6
  • Noise Levels While Drying – N/A
  • Noise Levels While Washing – N/A
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 51dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 220V
  • Build Material – Steel


  • It offers six different wash cycles for better washing proficiency.
  • Comes with a special Child Lock system to keep kids away from the washer.
  • Designed to provide safe and efficient treatment for all fabric types.
  • The model comes with a tempered glass lid for better visibility and durability.

Reasons To Get The Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Perfect For Delicate Clothes: While the washer has good performance, it’s especially noteworthy for being able to wash more fragile clothes perfectly. One of the programs is optimised to provide such clothes with the perfect treatment. The drum is also passively designed for exactly that purpose- it has a soft curl design, which reduces stress on clothes during wash. This benefit stacks with the ones offered by the program, ensuring that your clothes are always in their best state without any damage.

Comes With A Magic Filter: You won’t only get rid of the toughest stains with this washing machine, but also certain particles stuck to your clothes that don’t come off easily- like lint. That’s due to the powerful filter. You won’t have to replace it for a while either- it’s a plastic filter, but the plastic is of high quality, so it’ll last for a long time.

Works Well Even In Monsoon: You won’t have to worry about how long your clothes will take to dry during rainy seasons. This washer only has 680 RPM drying speed, but it’s optimised for that specific season. Even when the day is cool, your clothes will dry up incredibly fast. It also dries clothes faster in general, thanks to these optimisations.

Great For Power Savings: Although there’s no BEE rating for this product, we’d say that its power savings come close to a 4 Star rated washer. There are some reasons for that. Keep in mind that this is a Samsung product. Almost every product from the brand is expected to have great power savings- this washer doesn’t waste any resources and is incredibly efficient. In fact, though it doesn’t mention it much, it’s actually equipped with an Inverter, so these savings are very consistent. If you still want to save more money, though, then there’s also a program dedicated to energy savings. Both of these will make sure you’ll never have to spend too much money on your electricity bills.

  • Beginner-friendly and quite easy to use.
  • Offers six different wash cycles.
  • Has a powerful motor.
  • Sleek and exquisite design.
  • Does not make too much noise while working.
  • Consumes a lot of time to complete the wash cycles.
  • It can be a bit expensive for a few people.

Common Questions About This Product

Can I manually fill the washer?

Yes, though we suggest using a tap connection and filling the washer through it. You’ll get better performance that way.

Will this washer be able to just dry clothes without washing them?

Yes, the Air Turbo feature can be used on its own.

Is there a built-in heater?

No, it doesn’t have that.


If the pricing of our earlier washer put you off from buying it, then you can take a look at this option instead. It doesn’t have electricity consumption as low as its LG counterpart, but it does come quite close. And since it’s a Samsung washer, you can expect top-tier performance and durability. In fact, because of how well it does in all 3 aspects plus the lower pricing, it’s incredibly popular amongst people on the Amazon Store. It’s a best seller there too.


4. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whether you are considering doing frequent or seasonal washing – this model from Whirlpool can be ideal for you in almost every aspect. As you can already see, it comes with a 7.5-kg capacity. Thus, it will be an ideal alternative for bigger families. However, for the same reason, it will require quite a lot of room space as well.

Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 7.5 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 31 Kg
  • Dimensions – 54 x 54 x 98.5 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – ‎740 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 12
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 63dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 63dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 72dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless-Steel


  • The 1-2-3 Wash System makes it easier for novice users to get a hold of it quickly.
  • The overall design, including the LED digital display, looks sleek and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Offers more energy efficiency than average 5-star washers.
  • Hard Water Wash technology makes it easier for you to wash your clothes in less favourable conditions.

Reasons To Get The Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Convenient For Newcomers: Like a lot of other similarly designed Whirlpool washers, this one also has the super handy 1-2-3 Wash System. It’s a simple concept, but we appreciate its practicality and would recommend this washer to anyone that doesn’t know how to use programs well. With one press of a button, the washer will select an appropriate program on its own. The feature even does turning the washer on and starting the wash cycle for you. Because of that, it’s also a good option if you’re often in a hurry. In that case, it’ll work especially well in conjunction with the Fast Wash mode, aka Express Mode, which reduces the time of a wash cycle.

Takes Care Of Lint Easily: Like most other models on our list of the best washing machines under 15000, this one also features a Magic Lint Filter. It helps remove lint from the interior of the model and from your clothes so that both will be pristine in all ways. No stains and no lint sticking to any of your clothes.

Practical Design: The washer looks sleek in general and can fit into tight spaces easily. There are other plus points to its design as well, and that’s not only the stainless steel build. The tub is designed to retain extra water so that you can have some handy whenever there’s shortage of any from other sources. Further, the back control panel is also a small but handy touch- there’s less risk of you accidentally pressing buttons while loading in clothes or any water splashing into the panel.

Adapts Well To Pressure Changes: One of the best things about this line of Whirlpool washers is how well they can deal with unusually low water pressure. That’s done through the ZPF technology- the wash tub fill speed will be exactly what you expect from a high-end washer, even when the water pressure is as low as .17mpa.

  • Comes with a Child Lock feature.
  • Uses advanced sensors.
  • Runs well even under low water pressure.
  • Has a durable exterior.
  • Can be perfect for larger families.
  • A bit noisier than the average washer.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

Common Questions About This Product

Is the body fully made of metal?

Yes, it’s full metal.

What's the motor binding made of?

The motor binding is of copper.

Is the result the same for every fabric?

No, the results will vary based on fabric type.


If you’re new to washers, then this washer is probably a very obvious choice. It can serve you well and provide you with top-of-the-line performance without any specific setting adjustments. Although, if you’re used to washing machines, and know how to adjust them according to the load and other factors, then you can even squeeze more out of the results. All in all, it’s an excellent option and just the sort of quality that Whirlpool is known for.


5. Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Are you looking for a smaller washing machine to help you get through your bachelor’s life? Well, then the Panasonic 6-kg model should be your go-to option. It is stylish, easy-to-use, and can be accommodated almost everywhere. Furthermore, it comes with a 2-year warranty period as well. Sounds like a treat, doesn’t it?

Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 6 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 29 Kg
  • Dimensions – 51.5 x 52.5 x 91.5 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 680 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 8
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 73dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 73dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 72dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Steel


  • Offers low energy consumption, despite lacking an inverter.
  • Its Power-off Memory feature can be quite handy during the occurrence of a power cut.
  • The Magic Filter of the model keeps its interior lint-free and fresh.
  • Enhanced drying ability thanks to the Air Dry mode.

Reasons To Get The Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Automatically Sets Water Level: If you’re new to washing machines, you might wonder why the water level is so important. It makes a significant impact on not only the quality of the results of a wash but also on your water reserves and electricity bills. Here’s a way how: If you put in too little water, the stains won’t come off clothes properly.

If you put in too much water, the washer will waste the excess water and also put a small rise in your electricity bills when it tries to deal with the excess water. Even more, too much water can even cause malfunctions in some cases. That’s why the Fuzzy Control Technology of this washing machine is so useful- you don’t have to bother measuring the right amount of water for a wash; the appliance can gauge that accurately by itself.

Dries Clothes Effectively: You can have your clothes be dry for the most part, even though the RPM speed is average. The washer is designed to passively provide better drying, which makes it dry clothes faster than the typical 680 RPM washer can. Just turn on the Air Dry mode, and it’ll do exactly that. It’s one of the reasons we consider this washer as one of the top options, as even some of the higher-end washers only come with the same RPM but without any extra features.

Excellent Power Efficiency: The washer has a 5 Star BEE rating. Though there aren’t a lot of energy-saving features, it’s actually passively designed to use up as little resources as possible. In fact, this washing machine is actually one of the best power-saving options you can get around the Rs 13,000 price range. So, you won’t have to deal with a lot of expenses over long term use. As a small plus, the body itself is quite durable as well, so you’ll also save a good amount of money on maintenance.

Good Wash Capacity: There’s not much needed to say about the machine in this regard. It’s incredibly good at washing. Like most quality washers, this one has great cleaning capacity for every fabric, even incredibly delicate ones. It also has a whole host of features specifically meant to improve wash quality, so you won’t have to worry in that regard while you’re considering if you want to get this washer. It comes with a magic filter too, so little particles like lint being in your clothes won’t be an issue for it to deal with.

  • Does not take up a lot of space.
  • Comes with a sleek and compact design.
  • Can be used for washing almost everything.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Does not have an expensive price tag.
  • Not ideal for smaller families.
  • Very noisy.

Common Questions About This Product

Is the drum fully made of steel?

Yes, it’s 100% stainless steel.

Does it come with a detergent box?

There’s one for liquid detergents.

Can I manually fill in water?

Yes, but if you let the washer do it, then it can automatically put in the right amount of water based on the load.


This washer is perfectly viable for just any sort of requirements. It has low power consumption, and it’s very space-efficient. That alone is enough for us to consider putting it here on our list, and then there’s the fact that it offers a good amount of high-end features. Although, you might want to look at our other options if you’ve got a small family. That’s because you’ll pay quite a bit for the product but won’t be able to use its enhanced capacity to full potential. It offers more space than even other 6 Kg washers do.


6. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Unlike most other models on our list of the best washing machines under 15000, this washer from Bosch does not really feature a remarkable physical attribute. But, with regards to features and efficiency, it can be considered as better than most other products. So, let’s learn more about the model before comparing it with others.

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 6.5 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 33.2 Kg
  • Dimensions – 60 x 58 x 99 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 680 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 7
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 65dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 65dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Cast-Iron


  • Offers good space, power and water efficiency.
  • Its Power-off Memory feature can be quite beneficial during the occurrence of a power cut.
  • The Magic Filter of the model keeps its interior lint-free and fresh.
  • Can dry clothes up to 70% or even more, based on the thickness of the fabric. 

Reasons To Get The Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Incredibly Powerful Wash System: It’s common knowledge that the more varied the wash process is, the better the results will be. That’s how the PowerWave Wash System of this machine works. It moves the clothes inside around in multiple directions through strong water flow- so the washer can reach even the deepest spots of any cloth, ensuring a thorough wash. No matter how worrying a stain looks, you can trust this appliance to get rid of it for you. There aren’t any other features that directly affect the wash process, but this one alone does the job very well on its own.

Comes With A Good Filter: The Magic Filter in this washer is good at taking care of lint and other smaller particles as well, like pieces of paper or small threads sticking out of your clothing.

Good Choice For Beginners: Like the Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star, this one is also specialised to offer great service to anyone using washing machines for the first time. There’s a One Touch Start feature, which is similarly designed to Whirlpool’s 1-2-3 Wash System. Just press the button, and the machine will select the appropriate wash program to run based on the load and fabric type you load in.

Additional Convenience Features: For a start, there’s the child lock feature which you don’t often see in normal washing machines. If you’ve got a small-medium sized family consisting of a kid, then this machine will provide more convenience. You or your kid won’t accidentally break the lid either, as it’s made to be durable. It won’t close harshly, and the glass itself is the tough kind to minimise the chances of any damage.

  • Convenient yet powerful features.
  • Does not require frequent maintenance.
  • Offers amazing performance in almost every aspect.
  • Saves both energy as well as water.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • The installation procedure takes some time.
  • Its spare parts are quite expensive.
  • The spin speed could have been a bit better.

Common Questions About This Product

Does it have a BLDC motor?

No, it doesn’t.

Is there a heater?

No, there’s no built-in heater.

Will the brand provide a demo during installation?

Yes, you’ll get a demo.


Bosch isn’t as well known for washing machines as other brands like Samsung, LG or Whirlpool are. If you’re one of the people that didn’t know about the brand, then we’d say you’re missing out. It has incredibly reliable performance, and the internal design is some of the best. That’s even more evident due to the fact that Bosch is a German company, a country which is one of the ones known for its innovative technology. As long as you have a good budget and are prepared to pay for parts in case of malfunctions, you’ll be glad about your purchase.


7. Whirlpool 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If you are considering switching from a semi-automatic model to a fully automatic one, then this model should be perfect for you. But why are we saying so? Well, for starters, it comes with an easy-to-use and informative control panel. Therefore, you can set it up pretty easily. Moreover, the features of the model are quite simple as well.

Whirlpool 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 6.2 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 28 Kg
  • Dimensions – 56 x 54 x 90 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 740 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 12
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 62dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 62dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 72dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Steel


  • The Spa Drum stays hygienic and offers a decent washing job in almost every aspect.
  • Spiro Wash offers 20% better cleaning than any other washing motion available out there.
  • Its Delay Wash feature enables you to set a proper time for washing as per your convenience.
  • There’s a Child-Lock System that can keep your children from messing with the settings.

Reasons To Get The Whirlpool 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Intelligent Features: The washer comes with the incredibly powerful 6Th Sense Technology. It pretty much does everything for you ranging from selecting programs, load sensing, all the way to automatic load distribution. It can even keep the tub clean on its own, without any manual interaction. Unless you want to be super specific with your wash, all you’ll need to do is press the 1-2-3 buttons, which will make the washer do all the work from you based on all the data it gets from its sensors. 

Versatile Wash Programs: You can be very specific about how you wash your fabrics, thanks to the large number of wash programs available. There’s even a “Bedsheets” program, which makes this washer ideal for such pieces of fabrics. It can easily fit any sheets in and clean them without any damage or discolouring. There’s also a program meant to provide perfect washes even in hard water conditions. 

Dynamic Wash System: As we said in one of our earlier product sections, the more dynamic and varied water flow is, the easier stains come off. This washer uses a circular and powerful motion to move clothes in different ways and clean every little bit of stain off of them. You don’t need to worry about any damage, though. Even if the drum isn’t something like a Diamond Drum, it’s of good quality, and the programs also help greatly when it comes to cleaning more fragile clothes safely.

Convenient Delay Wash: The delay wash feature is very flexible. You can leave clothes in the washer to soak and go to sleep after setting the timer, and it’ll start cleaning clothes in the morning, even when you’re asleep. The delay lasts as long as 24 hours, so you can be productive without worrying about washing your clothes in time. 

  • Ideal for both soft-water and hard-water washing.
  • Can be used by beginner users.
  • Has detailed but easy to use control panels.
  • Comes with 12 different wash programs.
  • Has the capability of storing water.
  • Makes a lot of noise.
  • The Lint filter isn’t very effective. 

Common Questions About This Product

Does it have a digital display?

Yes, it does.

Can I manually select the program, or does it only do it automatically?

You can set the program manually.

Does it have a heater?

No, it doesn’t.


This one’s one of the most compact washers we have on our list. If you’ve got a cramped room, you could go for this option. There’s no need to worry about any compromises in terms of performance- though it’s relatively small and lightweight, it can offer phenomenal performance. Its main highlight is its usability, though. Indeed, it’s remarkably convenient and easy to use.


8. Panasonic 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The washing machines from Panasonic usually come with an affordable price tag. Nonetheless, they are, indeed, quite amazing when it comes to offering a proficient performance. And, this product here is the perfect example of it. So, to begin with, the model comes with a capacity of 7 kg. Thus, if you live in a medium-sized family, it will be a decent option.

Panasonic 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 7 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 31 Kg
  • Dimensions – 51.5 x 52.5 x 92 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 680 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 8
  • Noise Levels While Drying – N/A
  • Noise Levels While Washing – N/A
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 65dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Steel


  • Tub always stays hygienic by keeping bacteria away.
  • Comes with an Air Dry feature, which can quickly dry out wet clothes.
  • Self-diagnose issues and notifies the owner to make troubleshooting easier.
  • Fuzzy Control Technology makes it convenient to set the right water level.

Reasons To Get The Panasonic 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Ideal For Larger Families: If you liked our earlier Panasonic washer but couldn’t get it because it doesn’t meet the size requirements of your family, you can consider this one as an option. With the bigger capacity, you can even put in clothes of as many as 4 members without ruining the washer’s efficiency.

Ensures The Best Water Level For Every Load: Similarly to our last Panasonic washer, this one can also gauge the weight of the load and suggest the right water level for the wash. In this case, the feature also works effectively even if you put in more load than you would in the other Panasonic machine. In essence, the feature is well-optimised to work with the machine’s increased capacity.

Cost Efficient: This line of Panasonic washers is even handier for those that live with a lot more people. The 5 Star power savings are only one of the things that will save you a lot of money. The self-diagnosis feature is also pretty accurate, and it will notify you about most issues so that you can get them fixed as soon as possible without letting them worsen. Though the body isn’t made of stainless steel like the other washers, it’s also quite durable, so you won’t have to worry about spending money on fixing damages.

Powerful Aqua Beat Feature: Like a traditional hand wash, this washer is also good at beating clothes to clean them of stain and dirt thoroughly. The Aqua Beat feature can move the clothes inside around with powerful blasts of water, coming from multiple directions. The drum itself is designed to enhance the effectiveness of this feature passively, so your clothes will receive a gentle treatment and get properly clean every time.

  • A perfect option for medium-sized families.
  • Plenty of flexible wash programs.
  • Can save a lot of energy while working.
  • Runs quietly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wash programs are a little complicated.
  • Its overall durability could have been better.
  • The outer water pipe is a little short.

Common Questions About This Product

Does it have an anti-rat mesh?

Yes, it does.

Is there inverter technology?

No, it doesn’t use inverter technology.

Can I use the dryer function on its own?

Yes, you can use the dryer without using the wash function.


This one’s a good alternative for the Whirlpool 7.5 Kg washer we reviewed earlier. If you’ve got a medium-big family but wanted to pay less during the initial purchase, then this washer can be a good compromise. It offers enough capacity to support several people and also has a similar performance to our Whirlpool pick.


9. Haier 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Are you considering going for an affordable model but do not want to compromise with the quality? Well, then, this 6.5-kg model from Haier would be an ideal option for you. So, let’s take a look at its salient features, shall we?

Haier 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Capacity – 6.5 Kg
  • Overall Weight – 29 Kg
  • Dimensions – 52 x 59 x 93 cm
  • Max Rotation Speed – 800 RPM
  • Number Of Wash Programs – 8
  • Noise Levels While Drying – N/A
  • Noise Levels While Washing – N/A
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 73dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – PCM


  • Comes with powerful features that directly enhance wash quality.
  • There are eight different wash programs available in the model for more flexibility with different fabrics.
  • The washer functions properly even during low water pressure conditions.
  • Its LED display section looks clean and offers plenty of useful information.

Reasons To Get The Haier 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Special Drum Design: Similarly to Samsung’s washers and Whirlpool’s washers, this one also offers a distinctive drum design that offers additional benefits. This Washer’s Oceanus Wave Drum is designed to provide a stronger water flow so that clothes get cleaner without any added force from solid objects. As such, you won’t need to worry about any of your fabrics getting damaged.

Works Perfectly Well Under Low Pressure: One of the best traits of this washing machine is how well it runs with low-pressure water. Even if your water is close to Zero Pressure (something like 0.001-0.002 MPA), the washer will still function optimally. Not even some of the top-tier washers in this price range have such an ability.

Advanced Features For Better Washes: Like the rest of the best washing machines under 15000, this one also comes with some extra features meant to add to the washing power. The one we think is the Jet Stream Technology- after all, any feature that makes the water reach more of the fabric is what helps the most in getting good results. It makes water flow from top and bottom with a very powerful force, so it can get rid of pretty much any tough stains. There’s a powerful Pulsator that can help clean up heavy pieces of fabric with strong motion and without doing any damage to more fragile pieces of clothing.

Solid Design: It’s a fairly durable washer. The drum itself is made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that the machine won’t lose effectiveness over time because of rust. Your clothes will stay safe without any damages from rust buildup. While being able to last a long time, it’s also easy to install since it’s smaller and less heavy than normal options. There’s one more thing you might enjoy, too- the LED display is super convenient and easy to read.

  • Offers decent performance in almost every aspect.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Comes with a sleek and convenient design.
  • Provides a whopping 10-year warranty on the motor.
  • Features a wide array of additional equipment.
  • Makes a lot of noise.
  • Not too effective for hot water washes.

Common Questions About This Product

Will it be able to run with Salt Water?

Yes, it can run with that.

Is there any fibre on the body?

No, it’s entirely metal.

Will it work with hard water?

Yes, it can work, but there are better options on the list that run better in such water conditions.


If you want a washer that’s simply reliable, then this one should be one of the first ones you consider buying. It offers good wash quality regardless of fabric, and it’s also one of the best washers you can get for running with low water pressure. Design-wise, it’s pretty remarkable, too, as it’s relatively compact and lightweight.


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Best Washing Machines under 15000 – Buying Guide

Best Washing Machines under 15000 – Buying Guide

So, as of now, we have only gone through the reviews of some of the best washing machines under 15000 in India.

However, you may not be able to buy a suitable model for you just by going through it. Besides, it would be best to learn more about the washing machines, their features, and some other crucial factors.

As these appliances are considered to be a household staple, it becomes almost imperative for you to be educated about them. So, without making any further ado, let’s get started with our buying guide section.

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Types of Washing Machines

The washing machines are generally classified into two different categories with regards to their working procedure. The following section will cover a little bit of information about them. So, be sure to go through it as meticulously as possible.


1. Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

As the name implies, these types of washing machines do not require any human intervention for working. You can preset them up and switch them on when needed.

The models will automatically start working and finish up the job quickly. Anyways, the fully automatic washing machines usually come with a wide array of features and can be a bit expensive. But, regarding washing, they are much more efficient than their semi-automatic counterparts.

The washing machines of this category are generally classified into two different options. These are –


A. Top-loading Washing Machine

In essence, the top-loading models are quite common in the still-developing countries. They are somewhat inexpensive and offer a decent job in terms of washing. As you can already understand from the name, you will need to put your clothing in from its top section. Therefore, you will not have to deal with waist strains or any other health-related discomfort at all.

Advantages of Top-loading Washing Machine

  • Usually comes with a cheaper price tag.
  • Does not weigh too much at all.
  • Generally consumes only a small amount of power while working.
  • Can be ideal for people who are suffering from waist issues.
  • Can work perfectly in a low level of the water as well.

Disadvantages of Top-loading Washing Machine

  • Requires a huge amount of water for washing clothes properly.
  • Might be a bit less efficient than the front-loading models.

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B. Front-loading Washing Machine

Unlike the previous option, the front-loading washing machines tend to have an opening in the front section. Therefore, if you want to wash your clothes, you will need to put them in by bending your waist. These models usually come with an efficient drum design. Therefore, they can easily clean the dirt from your shirts and pants without any fuss. Moreover, front-loading appliances also come with a wide array of washing cycle settings.

Advantages of Front-loading Washing Machine

  • Most of these products feature an in-built heater module.
  • Much more water-efficient than the top-loading models.
  • Offer a better wash quality and proficiency in most aspects.
  • Has quite a lot of wash cycles for more efficiency in terms of working.

Disadvantages of Front-loading Washing Machine

  • Has a higher amount of initial cost.
  • Its wash cycles can be a little bit slower than usual.
  • Weight and price can be higher than the top-loading models.

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2. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Unlike the former, the semi-automatic models do require the assistance of a human being. It usually comes with two different tub sections. One of them is used for washing clothes while the other helps in drying them.

Once the washing procedure is done, then you will need to transfer the wearables in the drying tub manually to dry them. However, these models tend to be pretty easy to work with. So, if you are a beginner, then a semi-automatic washing machine would be an ideal option for you.

Advantages of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • Does not require a continuous flow of water.
  • Usually consumes a small amount of water while working.
  • The washing cycles of these models do not require much time for working at all.
  • Has a lightweight design and, therefore, can be relocated quite easily.
  • Inexpensive and easy to use.

Disadvantages of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • Requires manual intervention.
  • Does not come with a lot of features.
  • Might need a lot of space, as they are quite huge in size.

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Front-loading vs Top-loading – Which One Should You Buy?

While buying the best washing machines under 15000 in India, most people tend to feel torn apart between two choices – top-loading and front-loading. And, there is no need to blame them as well.

Each of these options is quite efficient in its own accord and can be a crucial member for almost any household. So, which one is going to be suitable for you? Let’s learn more about them to find out the answer to your question.

1. Usage of Water

In terms of washing speed, the top-loading models are quite slower than the front-loading ones. Due to this reason, they tend to require more wash cycles than their “more efficient” counterparts. Hence, excessive water usage can be seen more prominently in the top-loading models than the front-loading ones.


2. Cleaning Procedure

The front-loading washing machines usually employ a specialized tumbling method to clean up your clothing items. Therefore, it can thoroughly wash up everything without having to use a large amount of water. Conversely, the top-loading models usually clean the clothes with the help of an agitator. Thus, it is not really an ideal option if you are considering washing woollen wearables.


3. Styling or Outlook

In truth, the factor of a washing machine’s outlook would depend entirely upon your choice. For example, if you are looking for something sleek, modish, and contemporary, then a front-loading product would be perfect for you. Moreover, these products tend to have an easy-to-reach control panel, as well. On the other hand, the top-loading models usually feature a traditional appearance. The controls of the same will available in the top section.


4. Washing Frequency

How many times do you usually clean your clothes in a week? If you do not wash them frequently, we would ask you to go for a front-loading washing machine. They tend to be less spacious with regards to their top-loading counterparts. However, if you consider using the model only once a week, then a top-loading washing machine would suffice for you.


5. Quickness

In terms of quickness in washing, both top-loading and front-loading models perform almost equally. However, there is a hitch. The top-loading washing machines with an agitator are far more efficient in this field than any other option. So, if quickness is your deciding factor, then the top-loading ones will be the winner for you.


6. Pricing

The pricing of a model usually depends on the features and the overall quality of a washing machine. Thus, in this case, either of these options can be a winner. But, in most cases, the front-loading products tend to feature a higher price tag due to their overall proficiency and feature. If you think about purchasing the best washing machine under 15000, you cannot really put pricing into your consideration.


7. The flexibility of Installation

The top-loading washing machines usually come with a smaller and compact sizing. Thus, it becomes easier for the owners to stack them anywhere in their house and start using them. But, the front-loading models come with the ability to get stacked along with a dryer. Therefore, in this case, they will have a smaller footprint in your home than the top-loading models.


8. Spin Speed

During the last spin cycle of washing, the front-loading models tend to spin faster (almost 33%) than the top-loading ones. Therefore, in this period, the former can remove more water than the latter. Hence, your clothes will get dried even quicker than usual. However, we would ask you not to go by this parameter only when choosing between a top-loading and a front-loading model. Instead of doing so, you can simply check out the RPM of the model before buying it.


9. Molding

The issue of mould buildup is quite prominent with front-loading washing. Due to their design and placement of the drum, it becomes pretty difficult for most owners to clean them thoroughly. Hence, after a few days, a pungent odour starts coming out from the model. However, the top-loading models, owing to their construction and design, usually do not encounter too much moulding issues. So, they will be the perfect choice for you in this aspect.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Washing Machine under 15,000

So, as of now, we have learned a little bit about the types of washing machines available in the market. Besides, we have talked about the core differences between a top-loading and front-loading model as well.

However, only this small amount of information will not be enough for you to find the best washing machines under 15000. In addition to this, you will also need to know about a few factors, which will help you find the most suitable model.

So, let’s get started with it.


1. Capacity

In essence, capacity refers to the overall volume of the interior section of a washing machine. On average, a 4-cubic-feet model can accommodate around 16 pounds of clothes without any issue.

Conversely, a 6-cubic-feet product will be able to wash 20-24 pounds of laundry at a time. So, as you can already understand, you can opt for the former if you live with a smaller family. The latter would be ideal for larger families.

Also, while checking out the model’s capacity, you will need to consider its size as well. A washer, which comes with a larger capacity, will have a huge interior section too. So, be sure to check and measure out the place where you will keep the machine.


2. Wash Settings

Do you want to buy the best washing machine under 15000? Then, only considering its capacity is not going to be enough for you. Aside from this, you will need to follow through with its wash settings as well.

But how is it going to help you out with regards to washing clothes? Well, for starters, you can select the type of water you will use for your task with them.

For example, cold water is an ideal option for working with delicate fabrics, while warm water is perfect for synthetic clothes and coloured items.

Aside from it, you can also set up the cycle to make the whole washing task even more efficient.


3. Spin Speed

The spinning speed of the model, in essence, does not affect its working ability at all. Instead, it mostly affects the drying capability of the same. So, if you want your clothing items to dry up as soon as possible, opt for a model with a higher spin speed. For efficient drying, choosing a product with at least 700-rpm speed can be ideal for you.


4. Drum Material

The drum section of washing can be made of two different materials, which are – plastic and stainless steel. Now, if you are considering buying an affordable model, then you might get the former option. It will be a bit lightweight and less durable. But, it will work decently on almost every occasion.

However, the second option is far more durable than plastic and, thus, does not require maintenance at all. Besides, it also has the capability of offering thorough cleaning without affecting the quality of the cloth. Nevertheless, a model with a stainless steel-made drum can be a bit pricey. So, be sure to avoid them if you are on a tight budget.


5. Inverter Motor

The inverter is, in actuality, an advanced technology, which can improve the efficiency of a model in many ways. To begin with, it can increase the spinning speed of the washer and improve its drying capability by a mile.

Moreover, it can also reduce the consumption of electricity. So, with them, you do not really have to worry about your bill getting hiked up. Lastly, these motors are water-proof as well. Hence, they will not rust or get damaged in any way.

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6. Quick Wash Feature

Do you always tend to be in a hurry all the time? Well, if your answer is yes, then you will solely need the feature called Quick Wash. It is a simple technology, which can increase the washing or tumbling speed of the washer’s drum section.

Hence, it can mix up the detergent much more profusely and offer an excellent wash within a small amount of time. However, this feature is only available on the best washing machines under 15000 in India. So, you might have to spend a little bit of extra cash to acquire it.


7. Inbuilt Heater

As you can already understand from the name, an in-built heater is ideal for making the water a little bit warm. This way, it becomes easier for the washing machine to clean up the toughest stains pretty quickly.

Moreover, if the washer comes with a water-saving mode, you can also keep the saved water warm for a prolonged time. It is more of a convenient feature rather than being efficient in almost every aspect.


8. Child-lock Feature

Do you have some overly-conscious smaller ones in your house? Are they quite prone to try out everything they find out on their sight? Then, the child-lock feature can come in handy for you. With it, you can keep the setting section of the model entirely locked.

This way, no one else will be able to touch or caricature with it at all. Unlike most of the other features mentioned here, this one is available in almost any of the modern washing machines. So, you might be able to find it even on the cheaper products as well.


9. Auto-dispense Feature

Some of the high-end washing machines generally feature a small section where you can put in a small amount of detergent and softener. Now, once you switch it on, the washer will automatically begin to dilute them and use them automatically on the clothes.

This feature is known as auto-dispense. It is quite smart and well-organized as well. It will use the exact amount of product that is required for washing your cloth. This way, you can both save your time, effort, as well as washing essentials with this component.


10. Noise and Vibration

Whether you believe it or not, almost all of the washers tend to make a lot of noise. And it is quite natural as well. Hence, if you want to save yourself from the ruckus, we would ask you to take a closer look at this aspect.

A suitable household model will need to have around 55 dB to 65 dB of the noise level. Otherwise, it will make you feel annoyed and prevent others from working or studying peacefully. The issue of vibration and noise is quite co-related.

So, if you are buying something that does not vibrate much at all, it will automatically make less noise.


11. Energy Efficiency

The energy consumption level of a washing machine usually depends on two different things. The first one among them is obviously the BEE star rating of the model.

If you are buying a 5-star model, then it will consume only a small amount of electricity while offering a decent washing job. But, as the 5-star models are pretty expensive, we would rather ask you to choose a 4-star washer for your purpose.

Another aspect that can help you understand the level of energy consumption of a model is the availability of an inverter motor. In essence, it is an advanced feature that automatically regulates the speed and efficiency of the model. So, it might prevent the model from using too much power while washing a small number of clothes.


12. Smart Connectivity

Did you know that you could connect your washing machine with your phone? Yes, that’s right. With the newest models, you can, indeed, do so if they have a smart connectivity system.

To activate it, you will, first, need to download the official application of the washing machine. After that, you can connect through it manually.

Once connected, the washer will be able to provide you with customized notifications for your purpose. For example, it will tell you when the washing assignment has been done. It might also offer some insights into the technical issues that it has been dealing with. This way, it will be easier for you to find out the problems and talk with a technician at the earliest.


13. Price

There was a time when most people used to consider washing machines to be luxurious home appliance. However, since then, the scenario in this aspect has been changed quite massively. Now, you can even find the best model within a small amount of price.

Nonetheless, finding the same is not going to be a piece of cake for you. For that, you will need to consider all the tips mentioned above properly.


14. Warranty

Do you consider buying a washing machine to be a one-time purchase? Then, you will definitely need to be careful about the warranty period of the model.

For the best bet, we would ask you to opt for something that comes with a warranty period of at least three years.

It should provide you with enough time to understand the product more profoundly and learn its mechanics properly. Once you have acquired proper know-how, you will not be able to affect it in any way.


Best Washing Machines under 15000 – Frequently asked questions

1. How much detergent will you need for cleaning woollen clothes in a washing machine?

Well, detergent usage will depend on the number of woollen clothing you are putting in your washing machine. For example, if you want to wash around three to four clothes, only one spoonful of detergent will suffice for you. In some cases, the hardness of water can also affect the usage of the same.

In this case, you will need to be more observant and check the washing machine after the cycle is finished. If there are any soap suds available at the bottom of the machine, then you are using more detergent than required.


2. Which brand in India offers the best washing machine?

There are currently more than 15 brands available in India that provide high-end washing machines at a consumer-friendly price. Thus, choosing one of them becomes pretty tricky. But, if you can set up personalized criteria, then your task will be a bit easier.

For example, if appearance and outlook are crucial buying factor for you, then LG or Samsung would be ideal options for you. Both of these models are quite efficient in their own accord and feature a decent outlook as well. But, if you want to choose something more affordable and efficient, then a Haier or Whirlpool model will be ideal for you.


3. What is the perfect amount of spin speed in a washing machine?

The spin speed of a model usually does not affect its performance or proficiency in any way. But, it does affect the drying speed of the product. If you are worried about that, you can go for any more, which has an rpm level of over 650.


Final Words

Buying the best washing machine under 15,000 is, indeed, a crucial decision for everyone. So, you will need to be as careful as possible. Hopefully, we helped you to understand a few things through our review and buying guide section.

So, to be safe and careful, you will need to go through as many products as possible while shuffling through the washers. Hopefully, you will find something that suits both your requirements as well as preferences.

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