Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker: Which one is better?

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Ever heard of the phrase – change is the only constant in life. Well, it holds true even in the case of this tiny little gadget. The look and functionality of speakers have evolved and how. Bluetooth speaker vs smart speaker – this is much spoken about in the tech market.

Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker

I am not acquainted with anyone who is not fond of listening to music. Is there any household that does not own a pair of portable speakers? Very very few! Rather I have constantly been getting queries about which is the best Bluetooth speaker today. And why not? The market is flooded with excessive options. A commoner like you is bound to get all muddled up.

The existence of Bluetooth speakers made many own it. But the emergence of smart speakers has left everyone in awe. The advanced technology has been more than overwhelming and impressive. But is it really required?

Before we begin comparing the two speakers, let’s know what each speaker is capable of. Today with me, you will know the true utility of each one of them, along with their upsides and downsides.


Bluetooth Speakers: A detailed review

Bluetooth Speakers


Bluetooth speakers require no setup whatsoever but only a Bluetooth connection pairing from your television, smartphone, laptop, or any other device. The finest part about it is that it needs no special app for its functioning. You can pair your Bluetooth speaker to any device with the help of near-field communication technology. You only have to hold the Bluetooth tab for a few seconds and then let it discover the device you want to pair it with.

You can find Bluetooth speakers in all shapes and sizes. They are battery powered but do not need a constant source of power. Some of the best Bluetooth speakers also let you have a 360 degree immersive sound experience.

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What are the advantages of a Bluetooth speaker?

What are the advantages of a Bluetooth speaker

  • The biggest upside of the device is its portability. You can carry these speakers wherever you like without any hassle. Parties, camps, hikes or just simple gatherings. It will slip into your bag easily.
  • You need no internet connection to operate a Bluetooth speaker. And therefore, you can use it anytime, anywhere!
  • The efficiency of these speakers is top-notch. Even though they require a power source, they can last for 2-3 days once they are charged.
  • Bluetooth speakers require no installation process, no setup! It’s as effortless as turning it on and using it.
  • Don’t judge this little monster by its size. The level of volume generated by this tiny device is magnificent.
  • You can easily find pocket-friendly options as well.
  • Connect your phone to the Bluetooth speakers conveniently and attend your calls even while driving or multitasking.
  • Today, all gadgets support Bluetooth. This means you can pair it with any device.
  • These speakers involve no cables. So, you don’t have to deal with any clumsy wires and adapters coming out of the device.
  • Ditch the DJ! High-end Bluetooth speakers are a great option for parties.
  • Even if you are a rookie user, worry not! Using Bluetooth speakers is absolutely straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • Most of these speakers are environmentally friendly. They would not get harmed by the sun rays or dust. Some of them are also water-resistant.
  • This device needs no configuration.
  • Bluetooth speakers have a wide operating range of 100 meters.

What are the disadvantages of a Bluetooth speaker?

  • Bluetooth speakers will not function if the audio device is not within a 30 ft range. It means it has an operating range to be followed.
  • These speakers are open to interception.
  • Compared to its counterpart, Bluetooth speakers may lack the richness and depth in the sound.
  • Bluetooth speakers are not equipped with advanced features.
  • You cannot have access to online streaming music.


Smart Speakers: A detailed review

Smart Speakers


In a nutshell, smart speakers feel like human beings every time you interact with them. They patiently hear our voice commands and immediately respond by delivering whatever we ask for. The smart device has a built-in internet-connected computer of its own. It requires no external help.

These speakers are wi-fi connected. Anyone on the same wi-fi network can control it. Smart speakers can easily pull up songs, podcasts, news, internet radio, online music streaming and more with just one vocal command. Smartly, these speakers can also send out your requests to your home devices like air conditioners, lights, locks and more.

These smart speakers like Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod; diligently cater to all your requests.

How do they work? Internet-connected smart speakers, like the Amazon Echo, Google Nest Mini, or Apple HomePod, listen for voice commands and automatically retrieve whatever you want to listen to. They hear out your voice, address it to the cloud, process it and then respond. These speakers need an active wi-fi connection to function.

These are WiFi-connected speakers, and they need an active internet connection to work. The device does not need to be paired with a phone but requires an intricate setup through an app.

What are the advantages of a Smart speaker?

What are the advantages of a Smart speaker

  • Smart speakers come with voice recognition. So, command like a boss!
  • They are capable of streaming high-quality sound straight from the internet.
  • They have a sophisticated circuit.
  • Smart speakers can get all your boring task done up conveniently. For example – make calls on your behalf, schedule appointments for you or even answer your questions. All you have to shout out is, ‘Alexa, what’s the weather like?’ You will know it sooner than you think.
  • These speakers promote touch-free operations. This is super beneficial especially if you are multi-tasking.
  • Smart speakers are a best of both worlds. You could use it just as Bluetooth speakers as well.
  • You can have the same music playing in multiple rooms with these speakers.

What are the disadvantages of a Smart speaker?

  • It’s all fun and games till the wi-fi acts up. Without a strong wi-fi connection, you cannot operate these speakers.
  • Compared to the Bluetooth speakers, these are way more expensive.
  • Not all smart speakers are portable.
  • Improper voice recognition by the smart speaker can be a threat.
  • Smart speakers can be hacked, and this can intimidate your privacy.
  • They are not battery powered and need an energy source to function.


Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker: Which one is better?

Getting back to the question, which speaker is better? Let’s compare both types of speakers on some crucial aspects to help decide which is the right option for you.

1. Sound Quality

Bluetooth Speaker Sound Quality

Sure, Bluetooth speakers are marketed for their sound quality. The best ones provide a booming sound and great acoustics. But try keeping your laptop or phone away from the speaker, only to see how the music will crack, and the audio will not sound as promised. On the contrary, smart speakers are a retreat for music lovers. They provide exhilarating vocals and powerful bass. Also, you can expect the same result, regardless of where your device is placed. Isn’t that cool?


2. Portability

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers score very high on the portability aspect. Take them along to the beach, hike, party or just a drive. You will have an enjoyable experience wherever you are. The same is not the case with smart speakers. They are not battery-packed and need a solid wi-fi connection. It’s hard to stay connected to a strong wi-fi when you are out. Also, smart speakers demand electricity.


3. Voice recognition

speaker voice recognition

There is no such thing as voice recognition with a regular Bluetooth speaker. But with a smart speaker, you have this luxury and how. These speakers are equipped with voice assistants to provide a completely hands-free operation. You don’t need to pick up your phone and search for any music. You can command the smart speaker to play your song and pause whenever you want.


4. Ease of setup

Ease of setup

Bluetooth speakers involve no setup. Turn on the appliance and start using it. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Smart speakers do require a small arrangement. Users also need to install an app and connect it with the device. It needs a bit of learning.


5. Price

Who doesn’t care about money? Saving up on that extra bucks never hurt. It is very easy to find some economical Bluetooth speaker options. It almost starts with shelling out only a thousand bucks. On the contrary, smart speakers come at a heavy price. Well, I am not saying all. You can find some moderately priced options as well. But they are not going to be as economical as Bluetooth speakers. Everything comes at a price!


6. Smart Features

smart speaker alexa feature

If you are looking to turn your house into a smart home, nothing can do justice as the smart speaker. Not just with music, but these speakers let users enhance their lifestyle in the most aesthetic way. You can control the lighting, air conditioner and other gadgets of your home. Alexa is kind. She would do anything you would ask her to.


7. Privacy concerns

smart speaker privacy concerns

Smart speakers are luxurious, and how! They are constantly listening to you to be at your service 24*7. However, this can also be a matter of concern. The prime functionality of these speakers unintentionally intrudes on personal privacy.


8. Know your requirements

Know your requirements for choosing speaker

Last but not the least, it is very important you know what your requirements are. If you are looking for a compact device only to fulfil your music requirements, Bluetooth speakers can suffice all your needs. But if you are looking for a personal assistant, who can along with music, set reminders for you, give you daily news and be ready to serve you at any given point, then smart speakers it is!

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Final words

And that’s a wrap to my comprehensive blog on- Bluetooth speakers vs Smart speakers.

Okay, let me simplify this further for you.

Get yourself the best Bluetooth speakers if you are looking for a compact and portable device to serve your music requirements. But if you are looking for a whole-house music device, gaming gadget and much more, get yourself the best smart speakers.

Guess what? You also have the option to get both!

Regardless of what you choose, you can bring music graciously into your life.

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