Split AC vs Window AC – Which one should you buy?

Split AC vs Window AC

Split AC vs Window AC: This is a debatable topic even today. The output from the two appliances is the same – cool air. But the technologies used by the two are completely different. The sole reason behind me talking about this is to let you know everything about each one of them. While most … Read more

AC Power Consumption – Balancing Performance and Energy Savings

AC Power Consumption

At this point, with the climate being unpredictable and harsh, an air conditioner is a necessity. Summer months are near-scorchingly hot and can make life extremely uncomfortable if you don’t have an AC. With how widespread electricity is nowadays, and the generally better economy, people can easily get themselves AC units. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Types of Air Conditioner Filters and How They Work

Types of Air Conditioner Filters and How They Work

A filter is essential when you’re getting an air conditioner. The more filters, the better. If you’re about to buy an AC, then learning about air conditioner filters will help you significantly. Benefits of an AC with Air Filters There is a lot of air pollution in countries where industrialisation is present. Your home can … Read more