Can Air Purifiers tackle COVID-19? Expert Explains

Can Air Purifiers tackle COVID-19?

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. The fear is real. Of course, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing can minimize the spread of coronavirus significantly. Have you given ventilation a thought? Can air purifiers tackle COVID-19? The earlier days of coronavirus had everyone disinfecting their groceries or anything brought from out before they … Read more

Air Pollution in India – A Brief Highlight

Air Pollution in India

According to a report, almost 76% of people in the country live in a place that does not meet the air quality standards. However, contrary to popular belief, this issue does not only occur during a specific time or season. Instead, it usually stays preeminent throughout the year. Aside from affecting our daily lifestyle, air … Read more

Indoor Air Pollution: Everything You Should Know About It

Indoor Air Pollution

When talking about air pollution, we generally tend to refer to outdoor-related issues. But, did you know that the air quality of your indoors can get affected by several factors as well? According to IHME, the effects of indoor air pollution cause around 1.6 million deaths in the world each year. But how does the … Read more