11 Convenient Ways To Get Rid Of Refrigerator Odour

Ways To Get Rid Of Refrigerator Odour

Have you ever had your fridge start smelling weird all of a sudden? That’s a very common refrigerator problem and an unpleasant one at that. It’s even worse when the smell is particularly strong, as that means it’ll stay for a while. However, you can skip the wait and immediately remove such smells. I’ve written … Read more

Most Common Refrigerator Problems And How To Fix Them

Most Common Refrigerator Problems

At this point, refrigerators have become a major part of people’s everyday routine. If your own refrigerator malfunctions, you’ll have a monkey wrench thrown into your plans for the day, and if the problem is significant enough, you even have to deal with spoiled food. Worry not, though- I’ve got your back. Here’s a comprehensive … Read more

How To Reduce Refrigerator Noise: 7 Effective Tips

How To Reduce Refrigerator Noise

Everyone loves the convenience of having a fridge until it starts making horrendous sounds. A buzzing compressor, rattling loose condenser coils or fans that sound like jet engines can be incredibly annoying and disruptive. However, there are a few ways you can take care of these issues without putting in too much effort. In this … Read more

How to clean a refrigerator? Easy & Effective ways

How to clean a refrigerator

Isn’t your refrigerator the workhorse of your kitchen? And that’s why I am here to tell you how to clean a refrigerator. A fridge filled with fingerprints and dirt on the outside is such an unpleasant sight. But you know what’s worse? The inside thronged with a foul odour and food splatters. The glimpse of … Read more

Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator: Which One To Pick?

Top mount vs Bottom mount refrigerator

If there is any appliance that can enrich your culinary skills, it is certainly the refrigerator. Beyond the basic dynamics of the brand, capacity, features, colour, there’s something more I would like you to look into. Top mount vs Bottom mount refrigerator: Ever gave this one a thought? The good olden days only involved the … Read more

Refrigerator not cooling? Here’s what you need to do

Refrigerator not cooling

Is your refrigerator not cooling enough? It’s time to know all the potential reasons and solutions with me today! Have you ever invited friends over for drinks and found the wine to be warm despite refrigerating it for hours? This could be so embarrassing! How about opening the refrigerator on a hot afternoon with the … Read more