What Is Hard Water? All You Need To Know

What Is Hard Water

When browsing through information regarding water purifiers, you’ll often see the term “Hard Water” being thrown around. What is hard water, exactly? Does it affect people that drink it? Do water purifiers prevent harmful effects caused by drinking hard water from happening? Does hard water affect these purifiers in other ways? Well, if any of … Read more

What is Alkaline Water And What Are Its Benefits?

What is Alkaline Water And What Are Its Benefits

You’ve probably heard people talk about how great alkaline water is and all the incredible benefits it can offer to the body. What is alkaline water, exactly? In this post, I’ll break that down and go into details about this type of water. I’ll also talk in-depth about how it can benefit your health and … Read more

8 Common RO Water Purifier Myths Debunked

Common RO Water Purifier Myths Debunked

Water purifiers have become an important part of our lives due to the increase of various water-borne diseases. With the amount of pollution in water these days, it has become even more crucial to drink purified water. However, there are various myths surrounding these purifiers, many of which bother a lot of users. To help … Read more

Different Types Of Water: Everything You Need To Know

Different Types Of Water

You’ve probably heard of Sparkling Water or Alkaline Water- similar to these; there are different types of water out there. You must know the composition and health impacts of each kind so that you can keep yourself as healthy as possible. Some water types may seem safe but, in reality, need more purification to be … Read more

How To Clean Water Purifier Filters? Expert Instructions

How To Clean Water Purifier Filters

The purpose of Water Purifiers is to provide people with clean and fresh water so that they can stay healthy. The filters inside the purifier need to be clean to achieve that. When not cleaned, they can get clogged and stop the purifier from working properly. To help you avoid that, I’ve written this post … Read more

Is RO purified water safe to drink? REVEALED!

Is RO purified water safe to drink

Is RO purified water safe to drink? Lots have been spoken on this subject. In fact, I would say it’s been quite a debatable topic. Yes, certainly, RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers offer various advantages. However, the apprehension rose when WHO (World Health Organization) stated the health hazards from drinking demineralized water. And that’s exactly … Read more