Safe Drinking Water Guidelines in India

Safe Drinking Water Guidelines in India

The scarcity of pure drinking water in India is increasing day-by-day. Due to the ever-growing rate of pollution, the number of waterborne diseases is amplifying as well. That, in turn, affects the health and the wealth of the country’s residents. However, if we all try our best, then this issue can be countered quite easily, … Read more

The Right pH Levels of Drinking Water- Explained!

The Right pH Levels of Drinking Water

Various levels of pH in water are going to have a different effect on your body. Sometimes water with a certain pH level may taste odd, while other times that water might end up making you sick. So, here we will talk about which pH levels are safe for drinking water. Besides, we’ll also talk … Read more

6 Innovative Ways to Re-Use the RO Waste Water

Re-Use RO Waste Water

Having a water purifier at home certainly makes life more comfortable. In fact, having one of the best water purifiers means you get to keep your water free of dangerous pollutants like heavy metals, viruses and bacteria. However, despite all that, not all the water that goes through the process comes out purified. Most water … Read more

How to Save Water – Best Tips 2023

How to Save Water

Despite the simple nature of ways on how to save water, the topic still remains a mystery to many. Most of us still find ourselves wasting a lot of water despite vowing to reduce the wastage. The tips we are providing here will give you several ways of saving water. Additionally, we have a golden … Read more

Water Pollution Causes, Effects & Prevention

Water Pollution Causes, Effects & Prevention

Every person in the world needs access to clean safe water as clean water is essential for good health. In fact, access to clean water is so important that the United Nations has declared clean water as a fundamental human right. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the water pollution causes, effects … Read more