8 Signs That Mean Your Microwave Oven Is Failing

Microwave Oven Is Failing

Like any other electronic device, microwave ovens are sure to experience wear after years of use. Most start showing major issues after 9 years of use, as stated by Consumer Report. To avoid fatal kitchen disasters caused by these issues, it would be best to get yourself a new oven. In this post, I’ll tell … Read more

13 Things You Should Not Put Into A Microwave Oven

Things Not To Put Into A Microwave Oven

Being cautious whilst using an oven may seem like an obvious thing to do. However, you’d be surprised to know how many people end up dealing with kitchen fires along with a myriad of other disasters because of the things they put into their microwaves. Don’t let yourself be in their shoes- it goes a … Read more

What Is A Rotisserie Microwave Oven? All You Need To Know

What Is A Rotisserie Microwave Oven?

Ever wonder why some microwave ovens are called rotisserie ovens? These ovens are a little different from your standard ones- they’re meant to cook meat in a specific way. So, what is a rotisserie microwave oven? In this post, I’ll explain that in detail and address some questions regarding the topic. Let’s get started. What … Read more

What Is The Auto-Defrost Feature On A Microwave Oven?

What Is The Auto-Defrost Feature

Everyone loves the convenience of microwaves, and I use mine for everything from defrosting and cooking meat to baking cakes. One of the best features I’ve come across while using my microwave oven is the auto-defrost feature. It makes the cooking process far more convenient for me. I can guarantee that it’ll do the same … Read more