10 Common Induction Cooktop Problems & Solutions

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Did I inspire you to bring home an induction cooktop? If yes, I am so delighted. Trust me; you are not going to regret this wise decision. Although, this appliance does come across as a tricky and complicated one. But it isn’t. Certainly, it is not a part of every household yet. So you might feel a bit unsure while using one.

10 Common Induction Cooktop Problems & Solutions

I am here to speak about all the common induction cooktop problems & solutions. You may have experienced a few already and felt unsure about how to tackle them. Well, by the end of my blog, you are going to know it all.

Before I begin, let me tell you the reason behind this blog. I have come across a few people who strongly believe in a certain “myth”. It goes as follows;

Myth: You cannot fix an obstacle with an induction cooktop easily.

Fact: Every induction cooktop problem has an easy solution.

If you are one of those and that’s holding you back from using the appliance, this is a must-read for you.


Common Induction Cooktop Problems & Solutions

Here’s a compiled list of common induction cooktop problems and their Solution.

The induction stove not detecting pan

Induction stove not detecting pan

If you are new to using induction cooktops, I am sure you have gone through this. It is because you are unaware of the fact that you cannot place any pan or pot. It needs to be “induction safe”. In case you are buying a new one, ask for an induction ready one. Manufacturers do state whether it is compatible with an induction stove or not. If you plan to use your old utensil, you can always check for this in the user manual. Another way of checking? Place a magnet in the base. If it sticks, then your pan will be able to handle an induction cooker.

The induction stove sensor is not working

induction stove sensor is not working

This is not a major complication and is easily solvable. The appliance is equipped with an infrared sensor. It shuts off automatically when no cookware is detected for a few seconds. If your sensor is turned off, it could be because the cookware is not in the centre of the cooking zone. Due to this, it does not get detected. Place it back right. Still not working? Please turn off the power for a few seconds and then switch it on. This can help your appliance reset.

The induction cooktop constantly beeping

Induction cooktop constantly beeping Problem Repair

Is your induction cooktop constantly beeping? It’s a sign you cannot ignore. The reason could be too much load on the control panel, wrong cookware or simply because of some technical issue. Check the vessel you are using, turn off the appliance for a while. If nothing works, get it checked by an expert. Is the appliance too old? If it is, a replacement might be an even better option.

The induction cooktop is not heating up

The induction cooktop is not heating up

If your induction cooktop is not heating up, the food ingredients will not get heated either. Hence, it needs immediate action. It could be due to various reasons. Maybe you are not using the right pan. Maybe there is a fault in the circuit board. It would help if you also looked into the main circuit unit. Another reason could be that the appliance does not have enough power.

Induction cooktop turning off

Induction cooktop turning off

Oh yes, this can be so infuriating. You are in the middle of your cooking. You haven’t turned off the appliance, but it shuts automatically. What exactly is the reason? Perhaps you have exceeded the cooking time limit, or the sensor cannot identify the pan (you know the reason for that). The cooktop can also overheat. It is best to turn off the appliance and take a break. The heat sensor may have detected something fishy going on in the internals. A quick restart might fix the issue, but if it doesn’t, it would be best if you get the cooktop checked.

The induction cooktop is not responding to touch

Induction cooktop not responding to touch

In case your induction cooktop does not respond to touch, it could be due to three reasons. Number one, your touch has switched it to lock mode by mistake. Unlock it. Number two, your appliance is not getting enough power. Check your power source to solve the issue. Number three, there is a fault in the circuit board of your appliance. This circuit board is placed right below the touch. In this case, you cannot fix it by yourself. It would be best if you consult a skilled professional.

Food is getting burned, or food is getting cooked unevenly

Wondering why is your food getting burned on the induction cooktop? It could be because your cookware is pretty light in weight and is getting heated up too quickly. So, the issue is not with the cooktop but with the cookware. Change it. In the case of uneven cooking, the fault is most likely in the vessel. The lightweight ones usually do not heat up evenly. You also need to ensure that the vessel covers the cooking zone perfectly. So, indulge in the right size vessel. Note that your cookware must also have a ferromagnetic bottom.

Food not getting cooked on an induction cooktop

Yes, this is one of the most common induction cooktop problems. I have come across people with this issue. They have given enough time for the food to get cooked. But there is no reaction. What’s the reason? The cooking setting is likely not right. There is a reason why the cooktop is equipped with different cook settings. Stick to basics. Don’t experiment unless you know what you’re doing. Also, make sure the temperature is adequate to deliver enough heat for the food to get cooked.

The induction cooktop is not turning on

You have switched on the induction cooktop, but it did not turn on. You tried again and again and again. Of course, you would get worked up about it. Wondering what is wrong? Why is the induction cooktop not grasping the instruction? Relax; your cooktop is can still work. Either the circuit board is defective, or the wiring is faulty. I would recommend you not to fix it yourself. It could get worse. Call a technician. They can fix the issue quickly.

Induction cooktop displays error code

Induction cooktop displaying error code

A reader of mine subjected this to BOSCH induction cooktop problems. Well, no. You could face this problem no matter which cooktop you are using. It means your appliance cannot read the temperature settings and the cookware. The only way out is to replace the sensor.

Those were the ten most common induction problems & solutions. Let’s be honest. An induction cooktop is so extravagant. Why not take all the measures to avoid as many problems as possible?


Tips for maintaining an Induction Cooktop:

maintaining an Induction Cooktop

  • Always use the right cookware.
  • Check your power supply.
  • Ensure there are no magnetic objects nearby.
  • Let children not fidget with the settings.
  • Do not cover it with a protection sheet.
  • Always clean the glass with a soft cloth, no abrasive materials.
  • Remove hard water spots immediately.
  • Some cleaners you must avoid completely- Flammable cleaners, chlorine bleach, dishwashing agents and metal scouring pads.
  • Do not leave the food unattended.
  • Take error notifications seriously.
  • Do not preheat the cookware.


One Last Thing:

So, you are convinced right that every problem has a solution? You can certainly fix any error with an induction cooktop easily. Here is something you must keep in mind. Repairing a cooktop may always not be very economical. If you think your appliance is old and often showing signs of issues, get it replaced. Do not just keep fixing the issue. You are just splurging unnecessarily at this point.

If there is any problem I have not spoken about, shoot below in the comment section. I will be happy to fix it for you. On your way to buy the best induction cooktop? Check our blog on the 9 Best Induction Cooktops in India 2024- Reviews & Buyers Guide.

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