Different Types of Microwave Oven: Explained!

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Before you bring home the best one, you certainly need to know the types of microwave oven available today. It’s a known fact that a microwave can do much more than just heating the food. This basic appliance now has all the frills and fancies to it.

Different Types of Microwave Oven

There are so many different types of microwave options available today. Buying the right one can certainly be bewildering. I have come across a large number of queries about how to differentiate and decide upon one. This is what inspired me to speak about it. My detailed research is sure to help you.

Before I proceed to tell you about my exploration, there is something I want to mention. My folks have bought one based on my study and are super satisfied.

Shall we begin?


Types of Microwave Oven: Based on Application

There are so many types of microwave oven available in the market. I differentiated them based on their application. Trust me, this helped.


1. Microwave for Baking

Microwave for Baking


Cookies, Cakes, Croissants. Love all of them? This baking oven can serve you all of it in the most convenient way. How does this function? The microwave for baking has heating rods at the base and top of it to ensure even baking. Making pizza in this one could be a brilliant idea. You can treat yourself to melted cheese and crispy golden brown edges. Sounds lip-smacking, right? Oh yes, it can also fulfil your basic requirements like cooking and defrosting.

In most cases, these microwaves also have a fan option for the circulation of hot air. 230-degree celsius should be adequate for best baking results.

Pro Tip: Do not neglect the fan mode. It’s a must!

Let’s glance through the benefits and limitations of it.

The good side of Microwave for Baking:

  • Auto bake menus.
  • Convection roasting.
  • Crisping and browning options.
  • Voice feature.
  • You can use it for cooking as well.
  • The 2-in-1 appliance can save on your money and space.

The bad side of Microwave for Baking:

  • In case you plan to use it for cooking, it can be time-consuming.
  • It can create heat spots.
  • There are high chances of the body get overheated.


Best Microwave for Baking?


2. Microwave for Grilling

Microwave for Grilling


Are you fond of grilled and tandoori food? If yes, you are going to love this one. Roasted chicken, tandoori fish, grilled paneer and mushrooms, pizza, grilled pumpkin, baked potatoes. Isn’t your mouth already watering? Sounds super yummy.

This grilled microwave oven will keep you away from all the hurdle of setting up an outdoor tandoor for your barbeque nights. Wine and dine? The grilled delicacies are sure to set the night on fire.

How does this function? This microwave is equipped with a distinctive heater and coils for grilling at high temperature. You can use this appliance for your basic cooking and heating requirements as well. When you want to switch to grilling mode, you only need to press a button and activate it. What’s in store for you? Along with the microwave oven, you are going to receive all the accessories requisite for grilling.

Pro Tip: Ensure the microwave is equipped with an auto-off alarm.

Let’s glance through the benefits and limitations of it.

The good side of Microwave for Grilling:

  • It’s a feast for non-veggies.
  • Healthy cooking.
  • It is equipped with a child lock feature.
  • Powerful coking.
  • Can use it without the microwave feature.

The bad side of Microwave for Grilling:

  • Pricing can be a bit steep.
  • Cannot use it for baking.
  • A little bulky.


Best Microwave for Grilling?


3. Microwave for Cooking and Heating

Microwave for Cooking and Heating


It is also known as a solo microwave oven. If you are looking for a basic model, you can opt for this one. It will solve your purpose of cooking, defrosting and heating. Popcorn, coffee, pre-made pizza, marinated food, simple cooking, etc. This model can fulfil your basic requirements.

How does this function? The magnetron and microwaves produce heat due to friction. Thereby allowing your normal cooking, defrosting and heating. When it comes to basic cooking, the appliance will do its job efficiently by cooking it inside out. However, it is limited there. You cannot expect the mechanism to turn the food item crisp or brown. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend this one to you if you are looking for grilling and baking.

Pro Tip: Solo microwave ovens generally have a low capacity. Make sure you buy one depending upon the number of people at home.

Let’s glance through the benefits and limitations of it.

The good side of the microwave for cooking and heating:

  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Ideal for bachelors and couples.
  • Consumes minimum space.
  • Easy to clean.

The bad side of the microwave for cooking and heating:

  • No baking and grilling.
  • Basic model.
  • Does not have additional features.
  • Minimalist design.


Best Microwave for Cooking and Heating?


We are done with the different types of the microwave oven. Before you come to a decision, I want to mention certain factors you need to consider while selecting one.

  • What is your sole purpose in buying one?
  • What is your budget?
  • What’s the availability of space in your kitchen?
  • Are you looking for sensors?
  • Is the look and feel important to you?
  • What features are you looking for?

Once you answer all these questions, deciding on the best microwave for your home is a cakewalk.

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Wrapping Up:

There is no clear answer on which is the best type of microwave. It merely depends on what your requirement is. Are you dedicatedly looking for baking? Are you looking for exclusive grilling? Or are you looking for a basic one?

I would recommend you to buy the LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven.

Grilling, baking, cooking, heating, defrosting. You can use it for all. Do you want to know the impressive features? Anti-bacterial cavity, concealed heater, intellowave technology, health plus menu and energy saver mode. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed with this one?

What’s your pick? I would love to know.

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