Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser: Know the Difference

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Are you struggling to know everything about the debatable topic- electric geyser vs gas geyser? My friend, I promise by the end of my blog, you are sure to make a decision.

Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser

So, don’t you worry, even if you are a beginner. I am here to speak about each one of them in detail, along with their strength and weaknesses. No matter how naive you are about this subject, only in a few minutes you will know everything about both types of geysers.

Whether it’s summer or winter, a hot shower feels relaxing and ecstatic. The output of both types of geysers is the same – Hot water, of course! But the mechanism, cost, efficiency, heating technology, lifespan and performance; of an electric and gas geyser differs substantially. So, let’s dig deep into both these heating appliances and discuss every little detail.

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How does an electric geyser work?

How does an electric geyser work

The working of an electric geyser is simple, and that’s the sole reason why it has made its way in almost every household.

With the help of a copper coil, the electric geyser emanates heat. This process increases the water temperature tremendously. The electric geyser is equipped with a water tank, which is then fitted with two pipes. One pipe is for the inlet of cold water, and the other one is the outlet for hot water. The water tank consists of heating elements protected by an insulated material and surrounded by a metal casing. A thermostat controls the heating element to ensure the temperature of the water does not exceed a certain value.


Types of Electric Geyser

When it comes to this heating appliance, you have two types of electric geysers to choose from- Instant and storage geyser. Let me brief you upon each of them swiftly.

1. Instant geyser

Electric Instant geyser

As the name says ‘instant’, this geyser is capable of heating water instantly. So, you can be certain about having a good flow of hot water instantly. These appliances do not have a good capacity. However, they do have a high heating rate.

2. Storage geyser

Electric Storage Geyser

The storage electric geyser is equipped with an auto cut feature to ensure there is no overheating of the geyser. It is built with a tank to store a large quantity of warm water. This tank is resistant to heat and is made of non-corrosive material.

What are the advantages of electric geysers?

  • Installing the electric geyser is very easy. It can be set up anywhere and has no specifications.
  • The electric water heater is easy to handle and maintain.
  • Electric water heaters do not require any additional installation procedure. Therefore, the upfront cost of the water heater is low.
  • The working of an electric geyser does not involve the release of any harmful gases. So, it is an eco-friendly option.
  • Electric geysers have no loss of energy in the working and consume less power.
  • The appliance can heat water speedily.
  • The life expectancy of an electric heater is high. The best electric geysers are highly durable.
  • The heating appliance is a safe option to use.
  • Electric geysers have a readily available source of electricity.

What are the disadvantages of electric geysers?

  • In case of a power outage, you cannot have access to an electric geyser.
  • The purchase cost of the appliance is on the higher side.
  • This heating appliance is not the best option to have if you live in an area that has frequent load shedding.
  • Electric geysers are certainly energy-efficient appliances. However, they do come at an operating cost.
  • The water heating appliance can get dangerous in case of any short circuit.
  • Some electric water heaters can take time to heat up.


How does a gas geyser work?

How does a gas geyser work

The basic differentiation between an electric and a gas geyser is that the latter uses LPG gas to heat the water. With the help of this mechanism, you can have a continuous flow and heat up as much as water until the gas cylinder gets exhausted. In the process of heating water, the gas geyser accumulates pressure and is then intervened by the pressure valve to discharge it completely.

This water heating appliance has a gas burner placed at the bottom of the tank. The water gets heated there, and it is then delivered through the pipes. The gas burner is ignited with the help of inbuilt batteries, and the pipes are covered with fins.

The process of heating water in a gas geyser is simple. It heats the water instantly as soon as the tap is turned on. The hot water flows through the pipe in a serpentine pattern. The flow stops as soon as the tap is turned off.


Types of Gas Geyser

Just like the electric geyser, even the gas geysers are in two types- instant and storage.

1. Instant geysers

Gas Instant Geyser

The instant gas geyser is ideal if you are not looking for a large capacity. Just like the instant electric geyser, this one too is capable of providing hot water instantly. Also known as tankless geysers, these instant ones are widely available in India.

2. Storage geyser

Gas Storage Geyser

The storage gas geysers work well for people who need hot water in large quantities. For example, if you are looking to use your bathtub multiple times a day, this type of geyser has a simple working and is easy to repair. However, the major drawback is that the storage gas geyser is not available in India.

To know a bit more about each one, head to my blog: Instant geyser vs Storage geyser – Know What’s right for you.

What are the advantages of gas geysers?

  • Gas geysers are the best option for large families. There is no limitation on the quantity of hot water.
  • The water heating appliance has an amazing recovery rate for reheating water.
  • The most magnificent advantage of a gas geyser is that it requires no electricity for its operation.
  • Gas geysers can conveniently function on pipeline natural gas and household LPG cylinders.
  • You can manually regulate the heating rate and the water level.
  • Undoubtedly, electric geysers are quick in their functioning. However, the best gas geysers can surpass them as well.
  • Gas water heaters that function on pilot lights will provide you with hot water even in a power outage. So, be sure of having access to hot water at any given point.
  • In case of any damages, repairing a gas geyser is not expensive.

What are the disadvantages of gas geysers?

  • The lifespan of a gas geyser is less than that of an electric geyser. The burners can get damaged easily.
  • The installation of a gas geyser is tedious and consumes more space. So, if you have any space constraints, this should not be your option. Also, the installation process is complexed and requires proper ventilation.
  • Storage gas geysers are not available in India.
  • Safety is the biggest drawback of a gas geyser. Unfortunately, the usage of the appliance has lead to deaths.
  • An increase in gas prices will directly elevate the cost of a gas geyser.
  • It is not environmentally friendly. The working of a gas geyser releases carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.
  • Over some time, these geysers are prone to the build-up of sediments. To eradicate these substances, you need to fit a drain in the tank.


Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser: Quick Comparision

ParametersElectric GeyserGas Geyser
SafetyCompletely safeCompletely unsafe
LifespanLast longCan get damaged easily
Geyser costA bit expensivePocket-friendly option
Heating water technologyElectricityGas
Chance of pollutionNILYes
AvailabilityInstant and storageOnly available in instant
Space requirementWall mountingConsumes more space
Heating water timeComparatively, takes more timeComparatively, takes lesser time
Impact on environmentNoYes
FlexibilityCannot work without electricityCan work without electricity
EfficiencyNo heat lossLoss of heat


One Last Thought

Electric geyser vs gas geyser: This is a one-off debate when we have a clear winner.

The topmost priority of Homeliness is to assure that our readers derive maximum benefit in every aspect. Therefore, our experts highly recommend you get your hands on an electric geyser. The efficiency and safety of the best electric geysers are totally unmatched. If taken good care of the appliance, it can last you easily for 7-8 years.

Hang on, how about being responsible citizens? We must ensure every appliance we use does not affect our environment. Hands down, an electric geyser outshines a gas geyser on this front. Well, the former will certainly cost you more than the latter. But every good thing comes at a cost.

What’s holding you back to have a blissful experience? Explore some options on my blog –11 Best Geyser (Water Heaters) In India 2023 – Instant & Storage.

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