An in-Depth Analysis Of The Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

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Eureka Forbes Ltd is one of India’s leading water purifier brands with a presence in all the regions of the country. The company has an enviable reputation for providing world-class products and services that improve the quality of people’s lives. This sleek and elegant Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS water purifier is one of the most popular models from the company. Let us tell you everything you need to know about it.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 35.5 x 30.0 x 45.0 cm
  • Item Weight: 5.90kg
  • Purification Technology: RO+UV+MTDS
  • Storage capacity: 7 Liter storage tank
  • Pre-filter: Not included
  • Water Level Indicator: No (Comes with Tank Full indicator instead.)
  • Installation: Free
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Body Material: Food Grade Plastic

Key Features

  • Compact design that blends with other items in the room.
  • TDS system allows you to set your preferred water taste.
  • The multi-purification process eliminates all impurities, including the dissolvable toxic elements, while maintaining the minerals.
  • 6000 litres of high-quality Cartridge ensures a long-lasting pure water supply.
  • A smart indicator conveniently tells you the tank’s water purity level.
  • An energy-saving feature that switches off the tank when it fills.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier 01

Things We Like

  • You can adjust the water taste to suit your preference.
  • The design is sleek and looks good in your home.
  • The 6000-litre purification capacity ensures a long-lasting supply.
  • The purification process is pretty fast.
  • It’s easy to use.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Technicians charge for the installation of an integrated diverter and pre-filter.
  • Water tends to drip slightly from the tap.
  • Low-quality back cover.
  • Water level indicator not included.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier 02

Reasons to Buy The Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Ease of installation: What we liked most about Eureka Forbes is that the company offers installation upon purchase. After delivery, simply call the customer service number, and the engineer will be at your doorstep within 24-36 hours.

Compact design: The Eureka Forbes water purifier comes in a sleek design that looks good on your walls after installation. It’s wall-mountable, and once set, it matches with other items in the room.

Allows users to adjust TDS: The TDS regulator is another reason we consider this model one of the top water purifiers in India. It ensures your water does not lose its mineral content, and it’s safe for your family. Therefore, you not only get clean water but one with essential minerals.

Advanced RO, UV, and MTDS purification method: Quite often, the water from the municipal supply is loaded with various elements such as chlorine and fluoride. The advantage of the Eureka model is that it uses a multi-stage purification method. This system starts at the filter stage, adjuster, and mineral cartridge. Therefore, this eliminates all the impurities in the water, including dissolvable items such as salts, heavy metals and chlorine.

High-quality cartridge: Cartridges are small components that help remove particles from the water. This model has a 6000 litres cartridge, the quality of which is top-notch and excellent value for money.

7 litres storage tank: The 7 litres tank is an important aspect of this product since it can serve the needs of small to medium families in India. Therefore, this provides a long-lasting water supply to meet your needs.

Advanced water quality indicators: You can assess how purified the water is with the purity indicators. The buttons are smart and easy to understand.

Energy-saving feature: This appliance’s energy-saving function is a bonus feature as it switches off when the tank fills up.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier 03

Things You Should Know Before Buying

Some Hassles During Installation: The installation team can overcharge you more often than not. Don’t let that dishearten you, though- the other aspects of this purifier are still top-notch.

Dripping Water: The tap isn’t designed well. Even if you turn it off, the purifier will still drip water for a while. The flow of the tap is good, though, and filling containers is easy with no spilling.

Not That Great For Wall Mounting: The plastic used in making the back cover doesn’t seem reliable. When we mounted the purifier to the wall, it barely seemed to be able to handle the stress. So if you prefer that sort of installation, avoiding this model might be a good idea.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier 04

Frequently Asked Questions

During our testing procedure, we came up with a set of questions and answers to help you understand how the device works.

Does the Eureka Forbes Water purifier kill all germs?

Yes, the appliance uses ultraviolet light and reverse osmosis to eliminate all the bacteria, viruses, and other impurities present in the water.

Does the product change the taste of the water?

Yes, one advantage of the Eureka Forbes water purifier is that you can adjust the taste of the water depending on your preference.

What is the use of the pre-filter?

The pre-filter is an important part since it removes large debris or objects from the water, which prolongs the RO membrane’s lifespan. Also, it works well where the water is muddy and removes the soil and other debris.



This Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-litres RO water purifier’s size can support the needs of a small to a medium-sized Indian family. One of the best things about this purifier is its cartridge, which stacks with the RO+UV+MTDS purification process to provide even cleaner water. The actual purification process is very fast as well. To conclude, the Eureka Forbes water purifier is a good option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly appliance. It’s highly efficient, compact and a good value for money.

More information about this product can be found in our post about the 9 best water purifiers in India 2022, which includes brief overviews of the items we’ve reviewed, as well as pricing and availability.


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