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Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine – which one should you buy?

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Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine – Which one should you buy? Are you confused? Then, this article is perfect for you. In this article, we will compare the top load and front load washing machine and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of them. We hope this article will clear all your confusion and help you to buy the best washing machine in India.

Front load vs top load washing machine

Older people may still remember Indian women would spend the entire day washing clothes. Throughout the day they worked hard to clean clothes.

But now the washing machine has made our life a lot easier. Now you don’t have to spend all day cleaning your clothes. A washing machine does that job for you very efficiently.

Washing machines are primarily of two types, such as fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machine. Fully automatic washing machines are again of two types. These are front loading washing machine and top-loading washing machine. Which of these is best suited to your needs and budget? It is normal for you as a buyer to be confused.

A washing machine is a major purchase. You certainly don’t buy new washing machines every year. After purchasing a washing machine, you expect it to serve your needs for the next ten years uninterrupted.

That is why you should consider all the factors and then decide which washing machine is right for you. Let us briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of front load and top load washing machines.


Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine


As the name implies, you load clothes from the front to the front-loading machine. On the other hand, the clothes are loaded from the top in case of a top-loading washing machine.

In India, top-loading washing machines are more popular than front-loading machines. But in western countries, people prefer front-loading machines.

A top-loading machine can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic. Whereas, the front-loading machine is always full automatic type.

Uses of water

One of the most significant advantages of a front load washing machine is that it consumes much less water than the top load machine.

The front load washing machine works by tumbling action, so it requires 40% less water to soak clothes. On the other hand, enough water is needed for the top-load machine to soak the clothes.

The water crisis is increasing day by day. In this situation, if you are worried about water conservation, you should select a front loading washing machine.


One of the significant advantages of a top-loading washing machine is that it is very convenient to use.

In the case of a top-load machine, you don’t have to bend to load or unload clothes. You can do this by standing upright.

On the other hand, in the case of a front-load machine, you have to bend to load or unload clothes. This is especially difficult for those who suffer from back pain.

If bending is a problem for you, then you must select the top-loading washing machine.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is an essential factor. The energy efficiency of the product should be taken into account when purchasing a washing machine.

A front-loading washing machine consumes less power than a top-loading machine.

So if you are conscious about the energy efficiency of the product, then you should buy a front load washing machine.


The top load washing machine works with an agitator. As a result, it can wash clothes faster than the front load machine.

If time is an essential factor for you, then you should buy a top-loading washing machine.

Mid-cycle Addition

In the case of a top load washing machine, you can add clothes to mid-cycle. If you forget to add a cloth for some reason, you can pause the washing cycle and add the fabric. When you close the lid, the cycle will resume.

On the other hand, one of the significant disadvantages of a front load washing machine is that once the washing cycle begins, you can no longer add clothes.


Indian buyers are much more price-conscious. Therefore, the price of the product is significant for Indian consumers.

Usually, front load washing machines are expensive compared to top-load washing machines.

However, the front load machine provides better washing performance, saves more power and water than the top load machine. Therefore, a little higher price is reasonable.



So far, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of front load vs top load washing machine. We found that both types of washing machines have some advantages and disadvantages.

We hope that at this point all of your confusion regarding front load vs top load washing machine is cleared. Now decide what suits you best as per your requirement.


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