Common Gas Stove Problems & Solutions: Know It All

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No prizes for guessing that a gas stove is an indispensable part of your kitchen. The more you use, the more you get victimized with problems. And that’s why my blog will familiarize you with the potential gas stove problems & solutions.

Whether you are using a cooktop or a gas stove, the majority of the problems faced are common. Now the strange part is that most people feel that every gas stove problem requires the involvement of an expert. That’s a misconception! Well, some do, but some don’t. You will be amazed to know how effortlessly some gas stove problems can be fixed and their convenient solutions.

Now comes the interesting part, the solution lies in what causes the problem. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of each obstacle, and you will know exactly what has to be done. Because without a gas stove, the kitchen is completely busted!


What are the common gas stove problems & solutions?


1. Gas stove burner getting weak

Low Flame on a Gas Stove Burner

Here comes one of the most common gas stove problems. Even if you have picked up the best gas stove from the market, you are bound to face this issue eventually.

What causes a weak gas burner?

  • A dirty burner head.
  • Defected control valve.
  • Little air or gas supply to the burner.

How to increase flame on a gas stove?

Repair Gas Oven Valve

  • First, look into the burners and check if they are clogged. There are high chances of discovering food crumbs in the gas burner hole. Also, don’t be surprised to find dirt particles around them. Yes, if you don’t clean them periodically, you are bound to find all kinds of tiny bits blocking and making them clean. The only way to sort this is to clean it with the help of baking soda and vinegar. For an in-detail guide, drop by my blog right away – How to Clean Gas Stove? Expert Tips.
  • The control valve is highly responsible for controlling the gas pressure. This means a defect in the control valve can directly impact the strength of the flame. The only way to fix it is to get it replaced.
  • To know if the lack of air or gas supply has caused the problem, adjust the pipe a little bit and check again. If the flame resumes like before, the solution to it is the clogged pipe. Getting rid of all the blockage is easy. Soak the pipe in soapy water for an hour or so and add some dishwashing detergent to it. All the gunk will loosen up, and there will be no further blockage. Hang on; you are not done yet. You must also further know how to connect gas pipes to stove. Guess what? It’s simple, and you can do it all by yourself.
  • Step 1: Turn off the gas burners.
  • Step 2: Disengage the gas regulator from the cylinder carefully. In case you are wondering how to go about this, you can simply youtube the video.
  • Step 3: Adjoin the regulator and the stove connector with the pipe.
  • Step 4: Attach the regulator back to the cylinder.
  • Step 5: You are done! How simple was that? Oh, make sure the gas pipe has no leaks.


2. Gas stove knob not turning

Gas stove knob not turning

Jamming of gas stove knobs is also one of the common problems. As and as the appliance gets old, you may start facing issues with the knob as well. Let me tell you what causes difficulties in the functioning and how to fix the gas stove knob.

What are the gas stove knob problems?

  • A dirty gas stove knob.
  • A broken gas stove knob.
  • A cracked gas stove knob.
  • A jammed gas stove knob.

How to fix the gas stove knob when it’s inoperative?

How to fix if Gas stove knob is jammed

  • In the case of a dirty gas stove, the solution is obvious, isn’t it? Most people tend to ignore the knob while cleaning the gas stove. They totally forget that the knob is one of the most used gas stove elements. Naturally, while cooking, your hands tend to get oily and dirty. And every time you touch the knob, it gets passed on to it. So, when you prepare your weekly gas stove cleaning procedure, don’t skip the knobs. Simply detach it and put it in soapy water. Leave it for a while. Also, remember to clean the shaft on which the knob works.
  • A broken gas stove knob has only one solution. Replace it immediately.
  • A cracked gas stove knob is a common sight. With high usage, the knob is prone to cracks. People generally start finding adhesives to fix the cracked gas stove knob. But I would recommend getting it replaced.
  • In case the knob is jammed, it can be sorted within a few minutes. Add a few drops of oil on the sides and get it fixed.


3. Gas burner popping up noises

Admit it that your gas burner does emit unpleasant noises at times. Well, that doesn’t mean you need to change the gas stove. Let’s know what causes a noisy gas burner and how to fix it.

What causes the gas burner to make noise?

  • Violation of oxygen to gas ratio.
  • Malfunction in gas equipment.
  • Low-quality gas supply.

How to say goodbye to a noisy burner?

The problems associated with a noisy gas burner are slightly technical. Sure, you can try to fix any of the problems mentioned above. However, that’s slightly technical. I would totally recommend getting professional help. Diving into these issues can get marginally risky. If not done the right way, you could unwillingly get involved in an accident.


4. Gas burner not lighting

Gas burner not lighting

Here’s a problem that does not rely on the lifespan of the appliance. You could face this issue even if your gas stove is new. Let’s know the culprit behind it.

Why does the gas burner not light?

  • It is clogged with dirt or food particles.
  • The wires have a loose connection.
  • The igniter is faulty.

How to fix the gas burner when it is not lighting?

Stove Burner Won’t light Fixing

  • Grease, food crumbs and debris can definitely hamper the functioning of the burner. Before you try to fix it, remove the grate which is covering the troubled burner. Then remove the burner cap. The burner base is now easily available for you to fix it. We have already discussed above how you can efficiently clean the burner. Once you are done, pick up a toothpick to remove the tiny remains of unwanted particles from the hole.
  • Here’s a rare hindrance in the list of gas stove problems and solutions. Before you get to the wiring, unplug the main source gas supply. Then you can go ahead and remove the grate and the burner cap. Separate the burner base and check for loose wiring. If you can independently fix the connection, do it swiftly, then put back the burner base, grate and cap. In case you are a little sceptical, you can seek professional help for the same.
  • If both the above issues are in place, then hands down, the culprit is the igniter. Again you have two options here – Call for professional help or fix it yourself. If you are planning to put your hands in it, begin the same way. First, cut the power supply. Second, remove the burner grates. Third, remove the burner cap. Fourth, use a screwdriver to detach the burner base. Then decouple the wires from the igniters. Replace the igniter and then place all the other components back.


A compiled list of Gas Stove Tips

Clean a Gas Stove Top

Now that you are well educated about the gas stove problems & solutions, it will be wise to be well familiar with the gas stove safety tips.

  • Always keep the gas stove in good condition.
  • Use the right size vessel.
  • Keep a check on gas leaks.
  • Follow the rules of careful cooking.
  • Keep away any inflammable objects.
  • Realign the burner regularly.
  • Don’t place heavy utensils on a glass stove.
  • Repair cracks immediately.
  • Be mindful of the flame.
  • Choose professional help when required.


Final words

Hey expert! Yes, you are one now. You are well aware of the common gas stove problems & solutions. You know exactly how to deal with every issue. Some gas stove problems don’t require professional help, but some definitely do. I leave that to you. Take your call wisely. But remember, if your gas stove is giving too much trouble, maybe it’s time for a replacement. Fixing it aimlessly will make no sense.

On an average, a gas stove should last you about 7 – 10 years. But if you are troubled before time, I recommend getting your hands on a new one rather than repairing it frequently. Any minor fault in a gas stove can be a big hindrance. How would your kitchen even function? Sounds frightening, right? Head to our blog – Top 9 Best Gas Stove in India 2023 – 2, 3 & 4 Burners. I promise you will find one suiting your requirements.

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