Gold Fin vs Blue Fin Condenser Coils in AC – Which works better?

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While you are in the process of getting yourself the best air conditioner, choosing an appropriate condenser is important. Well, I don’t blame you if you are naive about this. And that’s exactly why I am here to speak about Gold Fin vs Blue Fin Condenser Coils in AC.

Gold Fin vs Blue Fin Condenser Coils in AC

The ongoing debate has given birth to a lot of perplexities. Being a commoner, getting the facts right in place is gruelling. But you cannot go wrong with deciding on the condenser. It plays a pivotal role in the performance of an air conditioner. The wrong condenser can hamper the functioning of the appliance and deteriorate the cooling capabilities. So, let’s get you aware of the functioning and both types of condenser coils.


The role of condenser coil in an air conditioner

The role of condenser coil in an air conditioner

Condenser coils are a series of pipes with a fan attached to them. The main function of these fans is to absorb all the heat from indoor and throw it out. The refrigerant circulates through the condenser coil, and all the cool air outside flows through the coils. All the heat is absorbed in the process, and condensation moves from the gaseous to the liquid state. The emerging high-temperature liquid pressure then moves to the expansion valve.

Similarly, the evaporator coil is a string of pipes and has a fan attached to it. The evaporator coil absorbs all the heat by circulating all the hot air around it. This process results in cool air, and this is then released into the room. The refrigerant proceeds towards the compressor and the cycle is repeated over and again.

There is no denial about the condenser coils being important for the cooling capabilities of an air conditioner. The types of condenser coils involve copper and aluminium fabrication. Feel free to glance through my blog to understand them in detail – Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil in AC: Which one is better? And for the efficiency of the coils, the types of fins matter.

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What are condenser coil fins?

What are condenser coil fins

The fins play a huge role in the functioning of the condenser coils. They are a coating over the condenser coils and can substantially diminish corrosion. This plays a big role in enhancing the efficiency of the air conditioner. The coil fins also direct the heat away from the appliance. This process helps in dispersing the heat quickly.


What are the types of condenser coil fins?

Gold fin vs Bluefin condenser coil: It’s high time this much spoken about topic deserves the right importance. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.


What are Gold fin condenser coils?

What are Gold fin condenser coils

These condenser coils have gold nano-coating and act as a shield between the coils external factors. This coating protects the coils amazingly from any harsh climatic conditions, rust or corrosion. Also, the plating acts as a protective barrier from atmospheric salts, acid and water droplets. It is synthesized from titanium oxide and therefore is hugely conducive for heat transfer.

The gold fin condenser coils do not impede the natural conductivity. This helps the refrigerant in procuring a low temperature in less time. As a result, the heat is absorbed effectively.

Advantages of Gold fin condenser coils

  • Gold fins are capable of accelerating the defrosting process.
  • This technology is 100% eco friendly.
  • It is a thin yet super powerful coating.
  • The gold fin condenser coil works exceptionally well even in humid climatic conditions.
  • It can work in enhancing the lifespan of the condenser.
  • Gold fins contribute towards lowering the air conditioner energy consumption and running cost.

Disadvantages of Gold fin condenser coils

  • Gold fin condenser coils are high on cost.
  • These fins are not easily available.

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What are the Bluefin condenser coils?

What are the Bluefin condenser coils

Certainly, Bluefin technology also works as a coating to the condenser coils. The copper and aluminium condenser coils are generally coated with bluefin. Also known as the epoxy coating, Voltas first adopted it.

The chemical composition of bluefin involves uncured or cured prepolymers. Epoxy Resin is restored into the thermostat polymers that have a high resistance level. This epoxy composition can effectively avert amassing moisture, acid, salt and other corrosive materials. The chemical is highly non-reactive to all of it. Also, the low surface tension of the fins halts the accumulation of water droplets and moisture. Along with rust prevention, this mechanism enhances the coil longevity.

Advantages of Bluefin condenser coils

  • The blue-coated condenser fin keeps the water droplets, salt and acid away from the air conditioner.
  • The technology enhances the heat transfer procedure and the cooling capabilities of the appliance.
  • It is relatively cheaper compared to its counterpart.
  • Bluefin conserves the energy consumption of the appliance.
  • It is easily available in budgeted air conditioners.
  • Keeps the dust and grime far away.

Disadvantages of Bluefin condenser coils

  • Bluefin coating interferes with the heat transfer rate.
  • The additional layer can also hamper the process of condensation.
  • This technology does not contribute to enhancing the air conditioners efficiency.
  • It is not available in high-end AC models.

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Blue Fin vs Gold Fin Condenser Coil: Quick Comparision

Let’s have a crisp comparison between the two condenser coil fins.

Bluefin condenser coil finGold fin condenser coil fin
The technology is relatively cheaperThe technology is relatively more expensive
Can prevent accumulation of dust, grime, salt, acid and water dropletsCan prevent accumulation of water droplets, salt and acid.
It impedes the natural conductivityIt does not impede the natural conductivity
The technology hampers the transfer of heatThe technology enhances the transfer of heat
It does not enhance the working of the air conditionerIt enhances the functioning of the air conditioner

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Blue Fin vs Gold Fin Condenser Coil: Which one is better?

In the debate of gold fin vs Blue fin condenser coil: who wins the battle? Let’s get to the final say.

Each of the fins is pretty close in the working principle. The disparities are minor. But can make a huge difference in the long run.


When should you choose the Bluefin condenser coil?

  • If you are restricted with your budget and looking for a budget air conditioner.
  • It is recommended for coastal areas and humid climates.


When should you choose the Gold fin condenser coil?

  • If you wish to opt for a premium air conditioner. All the best air conditioners have this technology.
  • It is recommended for a normal and humid climate.
  • If you are looking for eco-friendly technology.



That was all about gold fin vs blue fin condenser coil. If you are looking to get yourself the best air conditioner, it’s about time you head to my blog. There are budget as well as premium options.

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