Hand Blender vs Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor: Know the Difference

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Are you an occasional or everyday cook? Regardless of it, all these appliances can certainly put you at ease and help you cook a storm in the kitchen. Hand Blender vs Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor: Yes, we have a winner. But the winner stands different for every category.

Hand Blender vs Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor

Even though all the appliances mentioned above are used for blending, the functionality of each one is poles apart. Rather I would say that each of them is ideal for different food ingredients. This means that you are doing it all wrong if you are using an inappropriate tool for your food prep. Or rather if you are using the same appliance for every meal prep.

How do you lose in the bargain?

  • The process of mixing, grinding or blending will take longer.
  • You will not achieve the desired results.

When you are spending, why not spend it the right way. Hand Blender vs Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor: Know the Difference with me today!


Hand Blender vs Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor

Let’s get into the integrity of the three appliances and know their functionality, advantages and disadvantages.

1. Hand Blenders

Hand Blenders

Also known as immersion blenders, the appliance is handy and works splendidly when the food item is hot. It is equipped with different attachments to ensure multi-usage. The high-speed rotating blades of a blender are incomparable. And therefore, with its help, you can have the food ingredients result into a fine liquid in no time.

You can easily immerse the hand-held blender into the cooking pot or any other bowl. This factor certainly escalates the convenience level. Let’s know a bit more about the functionality of the appliance.

Uses of a Hand Blender

Uses of a Hand Blender

  • Immersion blenders make sure you can enjoy fluffy eggs at home. Please make use of it to beat the eggs.
  • It lets you enjoy easy and tasty homemade mayo.
  • Make your salad dressing in no time.
  • Salsa dip, pesto sauce, tomato puree, cheese sauce, smoothies!
  • You can conveniently prepare baby food with the help of a blender.

Advantages of a Hand Blender

  • A hand blender is compact in size and light in weight.
  • The portability of an immersion blender is peerless.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • The appliance can blend efficiently, even in large quantities.
  • It can blend the smallest ingredient.
  • Immersion blenders are affordable to every pocket.
  • The rotation speed of the blades is beyond compare.
  • Operating a hand blender is not noisy.
  • You can directly place a hand blender in the cooking pot.

Disadvantages of a Hand Blender

  • Hand blenders are not suitable to use on thick food items.
  • The usage of the appliance may result in food splatter.
  • Immersion blenders can be dangerous to use around toddlers.
  • The hand blending stick may feel a bit unstable sometimes.
  • You cannot use the appliance to grind dry spices.

DOs and DONTs of a Hand Blender

  • DO chop thick ingredients before using a hand blender.
  • DONT blend whole in a blender.
  • DO store it in a dry place.
  • DONT blend any hot food ingredients.
  • DO clean it after every use.
  • DONT leave the hand blender submerged in any liquid.
  • DO add some liquid to slim down a thick paste.
  • DONT use the hand blender continuously.


2. Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinder

Let me begin by saying that a mixer grinder has made its place in almost every kitchen today. It is an indispensable kitchen appliance and has a role to play in almost every meal preparation. The appliance comes with various numbers jars. It varies depending upon the brand you select. Each of the jars has blades rotating at different speeds.

Some of the big names are – Bajaj, Preethi Zodiac, Sujata, Prestige and Philips. To know about each of them in detail, don’t forget to check my blog – Which are the Top 9 Best Mixer Grinders in India? Know it from the Experts.

Uses of a Mixer Grinder

Uses of a Mixer Grinder

  • You can prepare lip-smacking chutneys and purees super quickly and easily.
  • With a mixer grinder, you can grind sugar and oats in no time.
  • You can grind all dry spices like – cloves, ginger, pepper, cinnamon and cardamom easily.
  • Today, idlis and dosas have become a staple Sunday breakfast for most Indian households. The best mixer grinders will allow you to prepare a fine batter for fluffy idlis.
  • Dips, sauces, juices and smoothies!
  • Besides the regular applications, you can smartly use the mixer grinder to mincemeat as well.

Advantages of a Mixer Grinder

  • The biggest advantage of a mixer grinder is that it is a time saver kitchen appliance.
  • You will have access to different speed options to maintain food consistency.
  • Mixing, grinding, whipping, blending! You can do all of it with this one appliance.
  • The appliance is very simple to use.
  • A mixer grinder can certainly impart a modular look to your kitchen.
  • The appliance falls in a wide price range.
  • Maintaining a mixer grinder is effortless.
  • The appliance can reduce your cook time tremendously.
  • A mixer grinder will let you prepare fresh ginger garlic paste without any hassle.

Disadvantages of a Mixer Grinder

  • The biggest disadvantage of a mixer grinder is that it can get really noisy. No matter what brand or model it is.
  • The appliance is a bit bulky. Therefore, it can occupy a substantial amount of space.
  • Grinding of tough ingredients can lead to vibrating of the appliance.
  • The mixer grinder jars are equipped with sharp blades. It can cause serious injury to the fingers if not taken care of.
  • The appliance has some hard spots to reach near the blades. Cleaning them can get difficult.

DOs and DONTs of a Mixer Grinder

  • DO place the mixer grinder on a levelled platform.
  • DONT fill the jar till the brim.
  • DO increase the speed gradually.
  • DONT put in any hot food item.
  • DO clean it well after every use and make sure there are no food particles remains.
  • DONT add ingredients when the appliance is functional.
  • DO make sure the jar lid is shut properly.
  • DONT place the ingredients along with the jar in the refrigerator.


3. Food Processors

Food Processors

A food processor and a mixer grinder are the same. This is a big myth. The difference between the two appliances is considerable enough. Besides mixing, grinding, blending and whipping, a food processor can also be used for kneading, cutting, juicing, dicing, grating and mincing. Am I missing any other culinary activity? And that’s why a food processor is the most versatile kitchen appliance.

My blog on The 9 Best Food Processors In India 2023 – Expert Recommendation is totally worth a read. You don’t want to miss it!

Every food processor comes with a distinctive number of jars, attachments, speed settings and bowls for different food requirements.

Uses of a Food Processor

Uses of a Food Processor

  • The best food processor can provide you with grounded meat, just like it is available in grocery stores.
  • You can conveniently chop nuts for cookies, cakes or brownies.
  • The appliance delivers even grinding of flour.
  • Mayonnaise, salsa dip, smoothies, sauces and dips!
  • The shredding attachment will let you shred cabbage, carrot, broccoli and cheese.
  • The slicing disk lets you slice all veggies and fruits conveniently.
  • Biscuits, pie crusts, scones; you can prepare all of it in a food processor.
  • You can conveniently knead the dough and prepare homemade bread and pizza.

Advantages of a Food Processor

  • You can reduce your cook time by more than half with the help of a food processor.
  • You don’t have to fear trying out new recipes anymore.
  • A food processor lets you enjoy safe and mess-free cooking.
  • With this appliance, you can cook large meals without any hassle.
  • Food processors are highly versatile.
  • The appliance is easy to use, even if you are a newbie.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • A food processor helps in healthy meal prep.
  • It can shred fruits and vegetables beautifully.

Disadvantages of a Food Processor

  • Just like a mixe grinder, even a food processor can get noisy.
  • The appliance is not very good at handling liquids.
  • You need to be extra careful while cleaning around the blades.
  • Irregular maintenance of the appliance can lead to malfunctioning it.
  • Food processors occupy maximum space compared to the above two.

DOs and DONTs of a Food Processor

  • DO use the right attachment according to the food ingredient.
  • DONT plug it in when the switch is on.
  • DO keep the lid tightly shut.
  • DONT put in hot liquids.
  • DO speed up only when required.
  • DONT prepare mashed potatoes in the food processor jar.
  • DO use the pulse button when needed. It’s there for a reason.
  • DONT use it in place of a blender.
  • DO add small or medium-sized ingredients.
  • DONT run the food processor for a long time at a stretch.


Hand Blender vs Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor

Hand Blender vs Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder

Before we conclude, how about doing a minor comparison. You are now well versed with the functionality, pros and cons of each of them. Like I said earlier, there is a winner for every category.

What is a hand blender best for?

  • Perfect for preparing smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Ideal for wet ingredients.
  • If you are looking for a low-budget blending option, you must get a hold of this appliance.
  • Hand blenders are perfect solutions to make a homemade cheese sauce, dips and other purees.

What is a mixer grinder best for?

  • Mixer grinders are ideal for grinding chutneys.
  • The appliance is the best solution for grinding sugar and spices.
  • I would highly recommend making idli-dosa batter at home with the help of a mixer grinder.
  • Mixer grinders can efficiently help your prepare coconut milk gravy for your food items.

What is a food processor best for?

  • A food processor can save you from all the effort required to slice vegetables.
  • The appliance can grind flour and knead dough conveniently.
  • It can help you do all the food preps in large batches.
  • The beating of cake batter, shredding of vegetables and grating of cheese; grab the best food processor and get anything and everything done with the help of just one appliance.


Hand Blender vs Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor: One Last Thought

Let me wrap up by saying that all the above appliances cannot replace each other. To some extent, yes, they can play the same role but certainly not deliver identical results.

Unfortunately, I cannot decide on your behalf which appliance you need to choose. You know your household requirements the best. So, choose the best hand blender, best mixer grinder, or best food processor, depending on your cooking demands.

If you still have a pinch of doubt in your mind, don’t hesitate to shoot in the comment section. Your satisfaction is my priority. See you soon!

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