How to choose a pressure relief mattress?

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Are you confined to spending extended hours on your bed? Well, then you definitely must be acquainted with the procedure of how to choose a pressure relief mattress.

How to choose a pressure relief mattress

Unintentionally, you may be a victim of restricted mobility. Spending prolonged time on the bed and having minimum motion could result in massive bedsores. Also known as pressure ulcers, they can cause some serious damage to the body. In a situation like this, choosing the right type of mattress is inevitable. The only solution to this problem is indulging yourself in a pressure relief mattress.

What is a pressure relief mattress? How is it different from a regular mattress? What are the different types of pressure relief mattresses? How does each of them help? Yes, pause your curiosity right away because all your questions will be answered by me today.


What is a pressure relief mattress?

What is a pressure relief mattress

A pressure relief mattress is designed exclusively to protect your body from bedsores and pressure ulcers. It provides enhanced support to the persons head, neck and body by redistributing the body weight. This mechanism works on relieving pressure points and escalating blood circulation. This mattress also propagates the comfort level and supports all the stress points in the body.

Body sores can be small or large in size. Pressure relief mattresses are designed with air pockets to provide a smooth surface. These air cells repeatedly inflate and deflate to work on the pressure points, ultimately leading to relaxed muscles.

The apex of these types of mattresses is the air unit which gets altered as per the sleeper’s position. It works on providing pressure at the right places and relieves stress from where it isn’t needed. To your notice, you can also get rid of skin irritations with a smooth surface.


Who is a pressure relief mattress designed for?

Who is a pressure relief mattress designed for

In case you are wondering if this mattress deserves a spot in your house, let’s figure it out together. If you belong to any of the following situations, you certainly need a pressure relief mattress.

  • This mattress is ideal for people prone to pressure ulcers or bedsores.
  • In case of any surgery, you will definitely have to spend more than the usual time on the bed. This mattress is a must.
  • It is a bliss for people unable to move independently on the bed.
  • Pressure relief mattresses are specifically designed for people who spend extended hours on the bed.
  • It is much needed for people who have become bedridden due to different challenges in life.

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What are the different types of pressure relief mattresses?

The duration and intensity of the pressure from a mattress are very subjective. It differs depending upon the type of pressure relief mattress. Each of them is carefully designed for different requirements.


1. Foam pressure mattress

Foam pressure mattress

If you believe in the say prevention is better than cure, foam pressure mattress is your saviour. It is a low-tech static mattress that responds to a persons body shape, movement and heat. The mattress surface stays static and relieves pressure over time by redistributing the person’s weight individually at a continuous low pressure.

The mattress has the potential to shift the cells along with the patient’s body and provide partial immersion. This lowers the chances of skin tearing off during any movement. The mattress can also beautifully impart reactive therapy. It applies constant pressure to the skin until the patient is repositioned.

What are the advantages of foam pressure mattresses?

  • A foam mattress is a great remedy for people at low-medium pressure ulcer risk.
  • It lowers the chances of shearing with movement.
  • The mattress can redistribute the persons weight over a large area and relieve pressure.
  • The air pockets in the foam layers can lower pressure substantially.
  • The mattress can easily mould around the user’s body.
  • A great option for patients who are confined to the bed.

What are the disadvantages of foam pressure mattresses?

  • A foam mattress is great in preventing pressure ulcers but not in treating them.
  • It can trap the person’s body heat and cause the surface to get hot.


2. Hybrid pressure mattress

Hybrid pressure mattress

A hybrid pressure mattress is an excellent combination of air and foam. It has a unique cell structure to deliver a reactive therapy like the foam mattress. The mattress is designed with foam being encased within individual air cells. Unlike the foam mattress, this one is worthy for people with existing bedsores. Also, the mattress can deliver optimum relief of pressure while maintaining high-end comfort.

The foam cells in the hybrid mattress are capable of lowering the vibration and provide exceptional airflow. This ensures the mattress can contour well to the individual’s body shape. The end result has a supportive sleeping surface.

What are the advantages of hybrid pressure mattresses?

  • A hybrid mattress can minimize motion transfer.
  • It provides a good bounce to the person.
  • It is highly breathable. The mattress can provide good airflow to the body.
  • High on body contouring.
  • The mattress gives good support to the joint and back.
  • The comfort layer in the mattress can cradle the body.

What are the disadvantages of hybrid pressure mattresses?

  • The mattress is heavy in weight.
  • The hybrid mattress is generally priced on the higher side.


3. Alternating air pressure mattress

Alternating air pressure mattress

Alternating air pressure mattresses are ideal for healing developed pressure ulcers. It is also capable of preventing bedsores for people who are unable to move. This works as a constant pressure relief for people. These mattresses have air bladders that slowly inflate and deflate. It works efficiently to avert any skin breakdown.

The name ‘alternating’ comes from the mechanism of redistributing and relieving pressure alternately. With this technique via a dynamic lying surface, the airflow is controlled completely. The inflated air cells provide support to the person, and the deflated air cells impart relief to the skin cellule.

What are the advantages of alternating air pressure mattresses?

  • Exceptional prevention from skin breakdown.
  • The alternating air pressure mattress is ideal for any patient.
  • It can soothe any kind of muscle pain.
  • The mattress provides a high level of comfort.
  • It ensures no constant movement under the person skin.

What are the disadvantages of alternating air pressure mattresses?

  • This mattress is slightly prone to making noise.
  • It is high on cost.


4. Low air loss mattress

Low air loss mattress

The low air loss mattress is specifically designed for patients who already abide by skin breakdown. The mattress can mimic the patients’ movement easily, allowing them to reposition easily. Also known as LAL, the mattress can heal bedsores that are already developed. This works as an active therapy and keeps the user comfortable and cool at all times.

The low air low mattress has sundry inflatable air tubes which deflate and inflate alternately. This mechanism relieves pressure under areas like heels, shoulders and hips, ensuring perfect air circulation.

What are the advantages of low air loss mattresses?

  • Appropriate for people already a victim of bedsores.
  • The mattress can adjust pressure points effortlessly.
  • The mechanism prevents skin breakdown.
  • The mattress provides a cool sleeping surface.
  • It is ideal for the prevention and cure of pressure wounds.

What are the disadvantages of low air loss mattresses?

  • The mattress requires a constant source of power supply.

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How to choose a pressure relief mattress?

How to choose a pressure relief mattress

Those were the most popular types of pressure relief mattresses. How do you select the right one for you? Here are some aspects you must factor in before concluding.


1. Number of hours on the bed

Bedsores are majorly birthed due to high immobilized time on the bed. Due to no movement, the blood supply to the skin gets cut off. This results in massive pressure ulcers. The more the intensity of it, the more skin issues are caused. If you spend most of the day on the bed, you must choose the pressure relief mattress accordingly.


2. Weight of the person

The persons weight plays a major role in deciding how to choose a pressure relief mattress. If you are really heavy in weight, you definitely must opt for a high-tech electric pressure relief mattress. This automatically repositions the person taking away all the physical stress from the person.


3. Mobility level

Mattress decision should depend upon the mobility level of the person. If a person is immobile, he will require a hi-tech mattress that automatically allows periodic repositioning. A mattress with high inflation and deflation mechanism will be comfortable for an immobile person.


4. Health conditions of the patient

The health conditions should play a pivotal role in figuring out how to choose a pressure relief mattress. How healthy is the person to reposition himself decides the risk of bedsores? Another interrelated factor is the age of the patient.


Wrapping Up

The best pressure relief mattress can work miraculously in relieving comfort and providing support to the person. Whether you are a patient or it’s just a lifestyle issue of extended hours on the bed, make no room for compromise on this front.

My blog on how to choose a pressure relief mattress is highly sensitive and concentrated for the love of my readers. Whether you are bedridden or simply waking up with body aches, you know what you need right away.

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PS: Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it.

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