How to choose a Washing Machine Capacity? Expert Speaks

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Much has already been spoken on which type of washing machine is the best. Inverter vs non-inverter washing machine, Front-load vs Top Load, Fully Automatic vs Semi-automatic; we have vocalized each subject in detail.

How to choose a Washing Machine Capacity

Here comes another significant subject. How to choose a washing machine capacity? If you haven’t thought about it, it’s about time! I have observed people blindly selecting the washer capacity by word of mouth, salesman suggestions or just television ads. Can I be a bit brutal enough and say that you are doing it all wrong?

Selecting the right washer capacity also requires a whole lot of planning. It needs intricate thinking and some amount of retrospection.

Our skilful experts from Homeliness will guide you on every step to decide the right washer capacity for your family. You have no work to do on this. Peacefully sit down and read on.

What Does Washing Machine Capacity Mean?

What does washing machine capacity mean

Washing machine capacity is defined by the weight of clothes the washer can take in the appliance. In short, it’s the washer’s capacity to wash the laundry load. Washing machine capacity is measured in terms of kilograms (kgs). If by far, you have thought that’s the machine’s weight, you are slightly mistaken. This is the laundry weight the washer can clean.

So clearly, the more the washing machine capacity, the more laundry load the appliance can take. But there’s also a glitch to this. The more the capacity, the more the washers running cost (water and electricity consumed). Also, the dimensions of the washer will be more. So, it will occupy more space. And that’s why you must choose the right washing machine capacity. Why would you unnecessarily want to waste water, electricity and space in your house?

Also, choosing a washing machine with a lesser capacity (than required) can be problematic too. It will lead to you doing the laundry more number of times than actually needed. A sheer waste of time!

How Do You Measure Washing Machine Capacity?

Washing machines do come in varied sizes from 6-10 kgs. Of course, the capacity will be mentioned by the manufacturer. But as a user, you also have the right to cross-check if you like. Leave away the wet laundry. You can know the true washing machine capacity only with dry clothes.

In simple words, a washing machine with a capacity of 7 kgs can take up a laundry load of dry clothing upto 7 kgs and promise to clean it efficiently. Certainly, once the clothes get wet, they will weigh more, but this will not hamper the functioning of the appliance.


How To Choose A Washing Machine Capacity? Size Guide

How to choose a Washing Machine Capacity

Let’s go step by step? I will guide you on how to choose the right washing machine capacity. You have to follow my guidelines simply.

1. How Large Is Your Family Size?

This one’s basic yet the most important parameter to decide the correct washing machine capacity for your home. How large is your family? More number of people, certainly, requires a larger washer. For example, if it’s only you and your spouse, you could do with the most basic and compact washing machine. Buying one with a massive capacity makes no sense.

On the contrary, if you are about 4-5 members at home, the same washing machine will be highly inconvenient. If you feel you are going to do away with overstuffing the appliance, you are mistaken. It will result in the deterioration of your washing machine, frequent repairs and a short lifespan. Did I mention your laundry will not come out clean?

2. How Many Clothing Items Make Up For 1 Kg Of Laundry?

How many clothing items make up for 1 kg of laundry

I don’t expect you already to know the weight of each pair of clothing. Well, I don’t even expect you to weigh your laundry every time on a scale. You could do this roughly. An estimated figure should be enough for you to calculate your laundry load.

  • 1 kg of laundry = 1 pair of denims + 1 shirt
  • 1 kg of laundry = 5 t-shirts or shirts
  • 1 kg of laundry = 2 bath towels.

Sometimes there can be exceptions. But as a general rule, these numbers should suffice your calculations.

But when it comes to washing bulky items like curtains or blankets, there is an exemption to the rule. You cannot mix them with anything, and they also need more room for proficient cleaning. To get single-sized bedding clean, I would recommend a washer with at least 6.5 kgs capacity. But king-size bedding would need at least 8 kgs. Now, if you are thinking of putting in a full-sized curtain, which is floor-to-ceiling, a washing machine with a capacity of 10 kgs should be good enough.

While you are filling up your washer with these bulky items, remember to put just them. Do not put anything else along, even if it’s just a shirt.

3. What Is The Washing Machine Capacity Required By 1-2 People?

Under an ideal situation, I would recommend you pick a washing machine with a 5-6 kgs capacity. Now you must wonder how many clothes can comfortably fit in a washer with a capacity of 5-6 kgs. As a general rule, you can pleasantly accommodate 20 T-shirts. To give you a more detailed breakup of clothes in specific it would be 2 shirts/t-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans or trousers. If you want to fill it up with household items. 2 small towels, 2pillow covers, 1 bedsheet and 2 dish towels; is what the washing machine can accommodate.

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4. What Is The Washing Machine Capacity Required By 4-5 People?

As I said earlier, the more people, the larger the washing machine capacity required. With a household member count of 4-5 people, you need a washing machine capacity of at least 7-8 kgs. What can you accommodate? A whopping count of 35 t-shirts. Sure, my breakup is ready. 3 shirts, 2 pairs of denim (adult) and 2 pairs of denim (children). Well, I am assuming there’s a child at home. You can happily accommodate 3 small towels, 2-bed sheets, 2 pillow covers, and 3 dish towels for the household items.

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5. What Is The Washing Machine Capacity Required By 6-8 People?

Well, this is quite a number. So many people at home, you definitely need a washing machine with a large capacity. If you ask me, I would say you need nothing less than a 10 kg washer. With 6-8 people at home, you are going to have a huge pile of dirty laundry coming out every single day. You cannot compromise on the capacity for sure. A 10 kg washer will bring you out laundry of at least 50 t-shirts in a day.

Now you are starting to think that’s a huge number, and you definitely won’t have 50 t-shirts to wash in a day. But have a look at the breakup. You can add 10 shirts and 10 bottoms (jeans or trousers) as well. If you want to load it with household items, you can add on 3 small towels, 6 pillow covers, 4 dishcloths and 3 bedsheets.

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How To Decide Washing Machine Capacity?

How to decide Washing Machine Capacity

In a nutshell, the washing machine capacity can be decided in three steps.

  • Know the family member count.
  • Know the laundry load (approximate).
  • Know the combination of laundry.

There’s another point I would like to put across. A 6.5 kg capacity washing machine can accommodate almost the same at 7 kg. A 7.5 kg capacity washing machine can accommodate almost the same at 8 kg; so on and so forth. So, don’t get confused on this one anymore!

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You are now familiar with the procedure on how to choose a washing machine capacity.

Barring the guidelines mentioned above, there are two major aspects you must look into. First, have a look into the washing machine dimensions and compare them to the space available for it at home. It obviously needs to fit in comfortably. Second, keep your family expansion in mind. A washing machine is going to last you for 10 years or more. You are not going to be changing it every year. It would be best if you considered family expansion plans. Better safe than be sorry!

Hey, all set to get yourself the best washing machine? Check out some evergreen and ever performing options on our blog!

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