How to choose the Best Induction Cooktop? The Ultimate Buying Guide

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The emergence of the best induction cooktops in our modular kitchens is now becoming an in-thing. The reason behind it is pretty straightforward. The convenience, style and safety of the appliance are totally incomparable. Therefore, knowing how to choose the best induction cooktop should be foremost.

How to choose the Best Induction Cooktop

Like any other home and kitchen appliance, this one, too, requires a well-deserved thought. Choosing the right induction cooktop can be a bit intimidating. As a user, the first thing you may look into would be the colour or design. What if I tell you that besides that, there are many more things to consider while selecting this appliance? Some of the factors are a bit technical. And that’s why am I here to simplify the process for you.

Alright, you don’t have to be muddled about this anymore. My buying guide is here to lead you through the process of choosing the best induction cooktop for your home.


Why should you choose an induction cooktop?

Why should you choose an induction cooktop

Before I get to the process of selecting one, let me give you enough reasons for getting an induction cooktop. The advantages of an induction cooktop are innumerable. Let’s get familiar with them.

  • The appliance is sure to provide an easy cooking experience.
  • Cooking on an induction cooktop does not heat the kitchen environment.
  • The temperature settings can be controlled with precision.
  • Cooking on the appliance can happen faster than you can imagine.
  • Induction cooktops are energy-efficient appliances.
  • Every induction is equipped with an auto shut off feature. So, it is automatically turned off when there is no pan on it.
  • Inductions have a wide temperature range.
  • Carry it where you like. The appliance is highly portable.
  • The cooktop surface does not get very hot.
  • Installing an induction cooktop is super easy.
  • You can easily turn on and off the appliance.
  • The conversion of energy to the cookware happens in no time.
  • The appliance has smart sensors, which make the cooking process even more convenient.

Have I given you enough reasons to splurge on this appliance? Let’s now head to the most important part of my blog- Factors to consider while opting for an induction cooktop.


How to choose the Best Induction Cooktop for your home?

Follow my simple guidelines and get yourself the best induction cooktop. Ready to begin?

1. Size of the Cooktop

Size of the Cooktop

Let’s begin with the basic parameter – cooktop size. Buying the cooktop size as per the size of your pan is important. In case the cookware is smaller or bigger, the cooktop will fail to detect the pan. And because of that, the pan won’t heat up. Therefore, the cooktop size and cookware must match each other. Make sure to choose the right size.


2. Number of Cooktops

Number of Cooktops

An induction cooktop can have various induction zones- 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. In India, the single induction cooktop zone is the most popular one. Our blog has some really cool and interesting options – The 9 Best Induction Cooktop in India 2023: Know it from the Experts. The standalone induction zones are portable and economical compared to their other counterparts. However, if you wish to go bigger, remember to have enough space.

  • For three induction zones – 60 cm should be sufficient.
  • For four induction zones – 70- 75 cm should be sufficient.
  • For five induction zones – 90 cms should be sufficient.


3. Temperature settings

Induction Temperature settings

The temperature settings of an induction cooktop is an important aspect to look into while purchasing the appliance. Remember that every induction cooktop must begin with a low-temperature setting by default. In case you are looking for a portable induction, you will find appliances with a maximum power of 1000 – 2100W. I would recommend choosing the latter. Higher the power, faster the cooking.


4. Pre-set cooking menus

Induction Cooktop Pre-set cooking menus

The pre-set menus are integrated into induction cooktops for the convenience of the users. You will find about 4-6 menu options like boil milk, deep fry, cooker, saute, idli and more. It would be best if you certainly indulged in a cooktop with these options. Once you select the right mode, the appliance will adjust the temperature according to the requirement of the dish. This optimal temperature control delivers a perfectly cooked dish with just one dish.


5. Control Panel

Induction Cooktop Control Panel

Not everyone recommends looking into this aspect, but I would ask you to do so. Induction cooktops have a digital control panel with all the settings. Most likely, you will find two options – press button or touch panel. The press button panel is generally cheaper than the touch sensor control panel. However, the more convenient and certainly has an aesthetic appeal. Also, remember to see that the display has options like – temperature, menus and power. Also, it should not be very closely placed.


6. Safety sensors

Induction Cooktop Safety Sensor

The best induction cooktops are designed with safety features to monitor the bottom of the cookware to ensure it does not get damaged at any point. Not just that, but the sensor will also know when the pan is empty and is placed in the cooking zone. In this case, the heating element of the appliance turns off immediately. This one’s imperative!


7. Auto heat-up mechanization

Induction Cooktop Auto heat-up mechanization

The auto heat-up feature is not available in all cooktops but is definitely in the best ones. Let me tell you how it works. With this feature, the cooking zone will heat up at a high setting and then eventually lower the temperature after a certain point. This feature is super handy when you first boil something at a high temperature and then simmer it down.


8. Overflow protection

Induction Cooktop Overflow protection

The overflow protection feature is present only in the high-end models. In the case of any liquid or food spill, the appliance will first beep and then shut down eventually. This feature is embedded to keep the appliance clean and protected against overflows.


9. Pause Button

Induction Cooktop Pause Button

If you opt for a premium induction model, be ready to have the pause feature. Certainly, you know the meaning of pause, and that’s exactly what the feature does when you need to take a break from the cooking. Once you turn on the pause feature, all the controls on the panel will get locked. Once you are ready to resume the cooking, press the button again.


10. Wok Cooking

Induction Cooktop Wok Cooking

I’ll be honest with you. Not a must-have feature, but yes, you would love having it if you are fond of making Chinese food at home. The wok cooking feature is available only in the top-notch induction models. You can turn on the wok feature if you plan to make something like stir fry or pan-fried.


11. Safety cut-out

Induction Cooktop Safety cut-out

Just like the safety sensors, the safety cut out feature is also requisite. With the help of this feature, the power by the induction cooktop will cut off immediately if the appliance is on for a long time without the regulation of the temperature. Especially when the temperature is on a high setting. However, certain food items require continuous cooking for an extended period. In this case, you should look for an induction cooktop with long safety-cut outs.


12. Pan detection

Induction Cooktop Pan detection

Last but not the least, pan detection is one of the basic features to look for in an induction cooktop. With the help of this feature, an induction cooktop will automatically detect the pan once it is in the cooking zone. Also, once you remove the pan or place a plan incompatible with the induction, the appliance will detect it and turn off its operations. To a great extent, this mechanism helps in less wastage of energy.


Important Points to Remember

Induction Cooktop Cooking

Before we bid goodbye, I would like to bring forward certain facts about the appliance before and while you use it.

  • All the above-mentioned features deserve your attention. But there’s something more you must give importance to. The brand of the appliance is an important factor to look into. Invest in a well-recognized brand like Philips, Prestige, Pigeon, Havells, Preethi or Bajaj. For a detailed description of each of them, don’t forget to drop by our blog – The 9 Best Induction Cooktop in India 2023: Know it from the Experts.
  • Avoid roasting pepper or marshmallows on an induction.
  • If you wish to use your existing cookware, place it on the induction and see if it responds. It’s great news if it does, isn’t it?
  • Much has been spoken about induction not being safe because of the electromagnetic fields. This is a myth!


One Last Thought

Are you all geared to enjoy the thrill of cooking with the best induction cooktop? You are now well versed with every aspect to be considered while choosing the appliance. So, make a wise decision, enjoy a pleasant and effortless cooking experience.

Hang on; it doesn’t end there. You are in for a true treat, my friend. Get ready to harness your time and energy rightly! Using the right induction cooktop is blissful.

And that’s a wrap to my buying guide. If you have any further unanswered questions, you know I am more than happy to help you.

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