How to clean a mattress? Best & Easy Ways

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Let’s begin with some honesty. How often do you clean your mattress? Well, I am sure you don’t remember the last time you did it. There’s nothing to shy about; most people fall in the same category. And I know the exact reason for this. It feels like a complicated and time-consuming task. What if I tell you it’s not. I am here to give you insights on how to clean a mattress in the easiest way.

How to clean a mattress

You cannot deny the fact that mattresses are highly exposed to food spills, unpleasant odours, dust, dirt, stains and sometimes even termites. What’s worse? Your mattress can smell of sweat, and this can result in a musty smell in the bedroom. How would you feel living in such an environment?

Let me bring forward some facts which have surely not crossed your mind until now. On an average, a person spends 33 years of their life either sleeping or attempting to do so. This is about one-third of their lifeline.

Another fact. Human beings shed skin cells every day. These skin cells settle into the crevices of the mattress. Dead skin cells are a paradise for hungry mites. Do you want them lurking on the platform you sleep on?

Now tell me, who is willing to sleep on a filthy mattress? I bet no one! So, let’s discover the best ways to clean a mattress?


Health Hazards Caused by sleeping on an Unclean mattress

Health Hazards Caused by sleeping on an Unclean mattress

Before we get to some secret hacks of cleaning a mattress, let me horrify you with the outcome of sleeping on a dirty one.

  • Stained mattresses give birth to bacteria and germs. Sleeping in these surroundings will attract infections and diseases.
  • Dust and dirt call for a reunion of bed bugs.
  • You may face difficulties in breathing.
  • Pest can transmit solid irritations.
  • Unclean mattresses trigger allergies.
  • Creepy crawly parasites will also give birth to skin problems like eczema.
  • Clogging up pathogens can lead to acne on the face and back.
  • Cold and flu!

Now, do you know how pivotal it is to clean your mattress? Let’s get to work!


How to clean a mattress?

Mattress cleaning, freshening and deodorizing is a must. And trust me, it is not as complicated as it sounds. I am here to reveal a list of options. Choose your way.


How to clean a mattress with a vacuum?

How to clean a mattress with a vacuum

Get your hands on the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress. Before starting the process, make sure to clean the attachment deeply with just lukewarm water and liquid soap. In case of any dirt or dust stuck on it, it will immediately loosen up and get washed away. So, the attachment will absolutely be pristine for use.

Now begin vacuuming your bed surface, cracks and crevices and sides of the mattress. The vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking up all the nasties which may not have been visible to the naked eye. Underpin your mattress and do the same on the other side. You may be surprised to see what you were sleeping on.


How to clean a mattress with baking soda?

How to clean a mattress with baking soda

I am sure you have already used baking soda to clean various home and kitchen appliances. Add it to this list as well. Baking soda can efficiently remove all the odour from the mattress and provide a refreshing feel. Now, here’s the deal with baking soda. The longer you keep it on, the better it is. I would recommend you leaving it on the mattress for at least an hour. But if you can do it overnight or for 24 hours, then even better.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to leave the window open. You can make use of a fine-mesh strainer or a flour sifter to sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress surface. This will absorb all the dirt, moisture and odour. There are two reasons for keeping the window open. One, all the odour will sway outside the window, and there will be more airflow. Two, the sun rays will kill all the bacteria and mould lingering on the mattress.


How to clean a mattress with a stain remover?

How to clean a mattress with a stain remover

I can vouch for it that no mattress is without a stain. Well, it’s just not yours; as I said, every mattress is unfortunately armed with it. Don’t we all love binge eating some snacky items while watching our favourite show on Netflix? The end result is not as happy as the process is. For spot cleaning, you need a stain remover. If it’s a liquid cleaner, do not sprinkle it directly onto the mattress.

Grab a clean white cloth and then dip it into the cleaner. Then blot the stained area with the cloth. Once done, take a clean cloth and wet it with either cold or normal temperature water. Continue blotting hard until the stain decides to leave your mattress. This method is simple yet effective. You can remove any stain on the mattress. My only concern is don’t let the stain rest on the mattress for days and days together. The earlier you remove it, the better it is. Also, the type of stain remover will vary depending upon the type of mattress. It would help if you looked into this aspect before trying out any.


How to clean a mattress with vinegar?

How to clean a mattress with vinegar

Well, if you are looking to stay away from harsh chemicals, the water-vinegar mixture should be good for you. This solution works as an organic deodorizer. Take an equal quantity of water and white vinegar and mix it in a spray bottle. Lightly spray this mixture onto your mattress. You must be sure of not overdoing it.

This means that do not make the mattress excessively wet. Then prop the mattress against the wall and spray the mixture on the other side as well. Leave the windows open (like in the case of baking soda) and let it air dry out.


How to clean a mattress with cornstarch?

How to clean a mattress with cornstarch

Moisture, dirt, stain; cornstarch can make all of it vanish and how! And the best part is that, unlike baking soda or vinegar, you don’t have to leave it on the mattress for hours. So, sprinkle some cornstarch on the mattress (where it is stained) and then moisten it by adding a few drops of water. Give it 5-10 minutes. Then use a clean cloth or a paper towel to blot the spot. Spotless and odourless- that’s exactly how you will find your bedding.


How to clean a mattress with hydrogen peroxide?

How to clean a mattress with hydrogen peroxide

Cleaning the mattress with hydrogen peroxide can be slightly tricky. I wouldn’t recommend you to spot-treat specific areas of stains. There are high chances it can discolour the foam and harm the mattress surface. So, grab a cup, mix a pinch of hydrogen peroxide, and make a solution with liquid soap. Spray this solution onto the mattress surface and let it air dry.


Points to Remember

Points to Remember to Clean Mattress

Dust, dirt, food spill and stains are just one aspect of this subject. There’s more to mattress cleaning. Certain circumstances are not in our control. For example, bedwetting, vomit, bleeding and urine stains. Yes, these things happen, and all you can do is take care of your mattress.

  • Best way to clean a mattress in case of bloodstains: Hydrogen peroxide treatment should work well to eliminate bloodstains.
  • Best way to clean a mattress in case of bedwetting and urine stains: Please treat it with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide + baking soda + liquid soap.
  • Best way to clean a mattress in case of puddles of puke: A solution of water and white vinegar should remove it efficiently.
  • Best way to clean a mattress in freshly spilt wine: You know what they say, stains of wine are dangerous. Especially if it’s red wine. Act upon this immediately. Pour some salt on the stained portion and let it soak the wine. After a few minutes, dab water on the stain.


Tips to keep your mattress clean

Tips to keep your mattress cleanTips to keep your mattress clean

  • It would be best if you cleaned accidental spills immediately.
  • Deep clean the mattress once in three months.
  • Change your bed linen once a week at least.
  • Follow the above-mentioned mattress cleaning methods once a month for sure.
  • Vacuum your mattress often.
  • Flip the mattress every few months.
  • Air your mattress once in a while.


One Last Thought

Yes, you are all set to tell your homies how to clean a mattress. While you can perform all these easy cleaning remedies, there’s something more you could do to keep it protected from accidental blunders. Investing in a mattress protector is a smart move. It is certainly not an expensive affair to indulge in and can increase your mattress lifespan substantially.

Hold on; there’s more. The best quality mattress protector is waterproof. So, it will keep away all the nuisance of liquid spills and stains.

But is it time for you to change your mattress? Our blog has everything your need right now – 11 Best Mattress in India 2023: Detailed Review from Experts.

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