How to find the perfect Bluetooth Speakers? Experts reveal

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Hey music lovers! I have something exciting in store for you today. My detailed blog is here to guide you on how to find the perfect Bluetooth Speakers.

How to find the perfect Bluetooth Speakers

If you are hesitant about ditching cables and going wireless due to technicalities, don’t be. The sound of music on the best Bluetooth speakers is magical. It is indeed an appreciable companion for beachgoers, a great option for pool parties and can also replace your damaged stereo system in the car. So yes, this tiny and portable music equipment has great potential. Every occasion demands high-quality sound, isn’t it? Music is divine. Undoubtedly, this system contributes massively to making every experience beautiful.

So, here’s my Bluetooth speaker guide to help you grab the best one. Before we begin, I promise my blog is intricate but does not involve any complexities.


How to find the perfect Bluetooth speakers?

In the spree of searching for the best Bluetooth speakers, all you have to do is follow the mentioned checklist.

1. Battery Life

Battery Life

Here’s one of the most important aspects to factor in. Bluetooth speakers with good battery life are extremely crucial. I would rather put it up as it is one of the most basic requirements while choosing the equipment. As a thumb rule, the larger the speaker, the more the battery life.

Typically, the battery life lasts between 4 – 24 hours depending on your speakers’ connected with. Also, high volume escalates the battery consumption substantially. Therefore, it is also important you charge the speakers sufficiently.


2. Wi-fi connectivity

speaker Wi-fi connectivity

Some of the best Bluetooth speakers are incorporated with wi-fi connectivity for an enhanced sound experience. This feature allows a multi-room set-up with a home hub. It’s ideally very simple to use. You only have to turn on the wi-fi settings and proceed with the device connection. This connection between the Bluetooth speakers and the audio source has no limitation on the range.


3. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Water and speakers are not really compatible with each other. Therefore, considering waterproof Bluetooth speakers is a great idea. Honestly, no speaker is 100% waterproof. However, Bluetooth speakers claiming to be water-resistant can stay protected from water to a great extent.

The IP (Ingress Protection) ratings indicate the water repellency of the speakers. Principally, Bluetooth speakers have an IPX4 rating, but anything more than IPX8 can withstand immersion to a great extent. If you are a beachgoer or a pool partier, this should definitely be your criteria.


4. Sound Quality

Speaker Sound Quality

Of course, not every Bluetooth speaker has the same audio output. Buying a basic speaker with standard sound quality is not really enthralling. Investing in speakers with good sound reproduction is a smart move. The music will match meticulously with the primary audio source. Three factors define the audio quality – drivers, bass and frequency response.

  • Drivers: Drivers are highly responsible for bringing life into Bluetooth speakers. Speakers with big drivers can churn out loud and explicit sounds. Drivers are also responsible for impacting the stereo sound of the speakers. The best Bluetooth speakers have at least two drivers completely separated from one another, so the sound output from each of them don’t mingle.
  • Bass: Unarguably, the bass is one of the most important elements defining the quality of sound. Bluetooth speakers with superior bass can efficiently spawn out a low and high-frequency sound. However, Bluetooth speakers with high bass consume batteries like water. And that’s a major downside.
  • Frequency response: In layman’s language, frequency response is nothing but sound range reproduced by the speakers. Speakers with a bad frequency response can frequently distort the audio quality. Generally, the best Bluetooth speaker brands offer a good frequency response.


5. Microphone


Not just music, you could use the Bluetooth speakers for conversations as well. If that’s what you are considering, you definitely need a microphone in your Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to technology, these speakers can be used as speakerphones. This feature serves the purpose of having a hands free conversation. Simply pair your phone with the speaker and begin talking.


6. Multiport connectivity

speaker multiport connectivity

Bluetooth is definitely the primary source of connectivity. But barring that, a multiport connectivity Bluetooth speaker should be your ideal pick. Some of them are equipped with a headphone jack to provide maximum flexibility of connecting speakers to the phone with just one wire. Also, the aux port lets you connect an mp3 player and iPod as well. Furthermore, you can also opt for speakers with a provision of a pen drive, SD card and TF card slot.


7. Durability

Bluetooth Speaker Durability

We have already discovered how buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a brilliant idea. But indulging in dustproof and shockproof speakers should be on your checklist, especially if you are a traveller. These Bluetooth speakers have a silicone shell that safeguards the equipment from rough weather and wears and tear.


8. Near field communications

 Bluetooth speakers With NFC

Popularly known as NFC, these speakers make connectivity effortless. Connecting basic music sources like an iPod or a phone is easy. With the help of NFC, you can bypass that option and play music swiftly. This smart feature allows compatible devices to connect simply by placing them together. However, NFC is mainly functional in the case of android phones.


9. Bluetooth version

Speaker Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth version is also one of the predominant aspects to look into. Starting with Bluetooth v.1, it was one of the foremost versions but now has become outdated for sure. Eventually, Bluetooth versions like 2.1, 4.0 and 5.0 gained a lot of popularity.

The primary motive behind the higher versions is to allow the gadget to carry more data. As a result, the speakers provide a true-hearted audio representation. So, the higher the version, the better the capability. However, it comes at a cost.


10. Brand

speaker brand

Always and I mean always, watch the brand you are indulging in. A good brand provides a sense of reliability, dependability and authenticity. Some of the popular names are – Bose, Sony, JBL, Philips, Boat and more. I could take a guarantee of each of them and assure you that they would never disappoint you. They have sustained their reputation as the best Bluetooth speaker brands for advantages like advanced features, beautiful design, convenient controls, and prodigious compatibility.


Final words

How to find the best Bluetooth speakers? Isn’t the process super easy? Well, those were the focal points you must look into. So, even though the market is flooded with excessive options, I see no reason for you to get confused. I haven’t mentioned one of the obvious factors, and that’s the cost. It definitely plays an important role in influencing your buying decision. However, this criteria is pretty personal. So, you must factor in your budget and then begin to explore.

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