How to get rid of sunburn? 10 Quick & Easy Ways

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Summers are here, and we can’t wait to soak up the sun. Gorgeous beaches, rip-roaring excursions, the gleaming sun, sand and beachwear. Of course, you cannot do without a pair of shades and slathering lots of moisturiser. A lot of you guys have some serious tanning goals. But you definitely have plans to get burnt, right? Even the thought of it sounds a bit crazy. So, allow me to walk you through my checklist on how to get rid of sunburn in some easy and quick ways.

How to get rid of sunburn

It’s no surprise how sunburn can buzzkill your free-spirited vibe on your beach holiday. You are supposed to be out there chasing the scorching sun while you take a dip on the beach. But here you are frenziedly researching ‘how to remove sunburn from face quickly’. Hey, you are on the right page! There’s everything you are looking for.

Our skin expert team drops in some tried and tested remedial measures to save you from the bright-red burn and itchy skin. So, greet your sun-filled vacay with our precautionary and antidote measures.


How to get rid of sunburn?

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Whether mild or severe, a sun rash cannot be taken lightly. Don’t let the sunburn ruin your summer spirit. Summer fun is something no one wants to miss out on.

1. A cool shower

Doesn’t this sound like the easiest thing to do? Although you may have come across the idea of taking a hot shower to cure sunburn, skin experts don’t endorse that thought at all. A high temperature will, in fact, only aggravate your inflammation. Keep the water temperature low and feel some coolness. It will help you relieve some instant itchiness and reduce inflammation. Do not rub with a towel immediately once you are done with a cold shower.


2. Pat some potatoes

Sounds strange? But the potato treatment tops on the ‘how to get rid of sunburn home remedies’ list. Patting potatoes is one of the most natural and quickest ways of relieving the pesky burn. Potatoes contain solanine in a high proportion which can effectively prevent the formation of blisters. Also, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, you can soothe your rash quickly by rubbing a slice of potato. Its coolness will neutralise the blaze, and the starch-based compounds will provide some temporary relief.

You can also prepare a thick mixture by putting the potatoes in a blender. Gingerly apply the paste on your sunburn patches and once dry head for a cool shower.


3. Deeply moisturise

Lather up a moisturiser for a quick recovery. Your sunburnt skin desperately needs a moisturiser. It will pacify your irritated skin and also reduce soreness. Moisturisers with powerhouse ingredients like vitamin E, almond oil, aloe vera, shea butter, sandalwood, cucumber and some essential oils can effectively compose your irritated senses. A vitamin E infused best moisturiser can feel blissful to your icky blisters. It is proven to heal your broken skin beautifully.

Do not indulge in any, but only a trusted moisturiser. Grab one from my blog – Top 7 Best Moisturizer for oily skin: Tried & Tested Picks 2024, and Expert suggests 7 Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in India: 2024 Picks.

Here’s a tip. Chill the moisturizer in the refrigerator for some phenomenal relief.


4. Treat yourself to some milk or yoghurt

Dipping a cotton ball in milk or yoghurt and then putting it on your sunburn should feel nothing less than awesome. As we all know, milk contains lactic acid. This acts as a great exfoliant and possesses antioxidants that can reduce the burning sensation tremendously. Milk also contains vitamin A and D that can swiftly repair damaged cells. The same is the case with yoghurt. It contains enzymes and probiotics that can heal the sunburned skin efficiently. It is rich in protein, soothing and protective. Plain yoghurt has the power to remove the top layer of your burns in only a day. However, stay away from the flavoured ones. They contain high quantities of sugar and also have fewer enzymes.


5. Ice pack and cold fluids

Prolonged sun exposure definitely causes a lot of heat in the body. Sunburns also cause hydration in the body by drawing fluids away from the body. You need to calm your body temperature and hydrate yourself enough. So, drink enough and drink as much. As a matter of fact, you must drink more than the recommended eight glasses of water. Drinking plenty of cold water and other fluids will help restore electrolytes and replenish the lost fluids. It’s one tiny effort to heal your sunburn quickly.

Don’t discount the basic home remedy for sunburn, dark skin – ice pack. It’s a basic fundamental; you need something to absorb the heat when you want to soothe your skin. Your blistered skin is ideally demanding for something cold to ease it out. So, pull out some ice cubes but don’t allow direct interaction with your sunburnt skin. That will give you an ice burn. Swathe them in a cloth and then apply them to your face. This conventional home remedy will aid your skin heal.

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6. Cucumbers and aloe vera

And that’s a power-packed combination. Even the visuals of cucumbers and aloe vera seem so refreshing. Cucumbers are hydrating and can cool down the skin so graciously. They have all the natural antioxidant properties and, therefore, can do wonders to your sunburnt skin. There are two ways of embracing yourself with the cues of cucumber. You can mash it in a blender to prepare a thick mixture and then apply it to the affected areas. You can also put on the cucumber slices to your sunburn patches. Cucumber also has the capability to soothe your peeling skin. However, cucumber may not be an ideal solution for a large sunburn.

Aloe vera is popularly known as a go-to-after-sun solution. It is anti-inflammatory and, therefore, can swiftly reduce your skin redness. It also has the potential to promote wound healing and repair burnt skin. To treat a sunburn, you could place an aloe vera plant on your infected skin or get the gel out from the bottle. In either case, it works. It will tranquillize your inflamed skin and feel super soothing to the skin. Apart from this, you can also indulge in a ready-made product. The market is flooded with sunburn removal cream for face with aloe vera as its main ingredient. Take a pick.


7. Perks of baking soda

Whenever I come across the query ‘how to get rid of sunburn dark skin overnight,’ I can only think of baking soda. Yes, it’s magical. Baking soda is conventionally recognized as an effective solution for burns, and a sunburn is no exception. It helps heal inflammation, redness and pain. In short, everything.

Baking soda can stabilize the pH levels in your body and alleviate sunburn pain. You can either make a baking soda paste or sprinkle some of it in your cold shower. To prepare a paste, you only need to dilute it with water. Please do not add anything else to it.


8. Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Another no-effort remedial measure. Coconut oil is present in most of our houses, so no additional investment is required here. Coconut oil works as an exceptional moisturiser for the skin since it is packed with saturated fats. When your skin is sunburnt, it will definitely feel itchy and dry. Coconut oil will hydrate your skin and relieve you from feeling itchy. Now, the deal is that you cannot directly apply it to your sunburnt skin. Begin with cooling your skin with some cold water or ice cubes, and then move to some coconut oil application.

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8. Take the burn out with a few teabags

Green tea and black tea can effectively treat irritated and damaged skin. Tea properties also involve some antioxidant compounds that repair burnt skin and calm irritation. To treat sensitive areas like the under eye or the eyelids, these tea bags are one of the safest healing solutions. Soak the teabags in cool water, and after a few minutes, place the tea bags directly on the sunburned area.

Another way of refining with tea bags is to dip a cloth or cotton in the same water as the teabag. You can then tenderly pat the cloth/cotton on the affected skin. This will definitely reduce pain, bring down swelling (if any) and soothe the skin.


9. Medication

While it is simple to indulge in some of the best home remedies for sunburn, there may be a time when nothing will seem to work. That’s when you know you need professional help; you need medication.

You may have come across suggestions on popping an aspirin or ibuprofen, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it without any medical consultation. Also, when you experience extensive itchiness, intense blistering, swollen sunburn patches or feel excessively hot even when you are at home, take that as a sign to seek medical help immediately.

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The 10 DONTs of Sunburn

Just like the precautionary and corrective measures, you must also factor in the DONTs of sunburn.

  • Do not ice the sunburned affected area directly.
  • Do not wear body-hugging clothes until your wounds have healed.
  • Do not indulge in any makeup. It will only irritate your skin further.
  • Do not pop an anti-inflammatory without the doctor’s approval.
  • Do not overdo the sun.
  • Do not skip the sunscreen.
  • Do not avoid the dermatologist, if necessary.
  • Do not indulge in any product which contains alcohol or any other nasties.
  • Do not scratch your inflamed skin.
  • Do not pop your blister.

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Last Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on how to get rid of sunburn most easily and quickly. There is definitely no miraculous solution to your brutal sunburn. When the sunburn is mild, you can expect it to cure within 3 days. But in case of a severe one, the sunburn could take about a week or even more to get off you.

Besides the above mentioned sunburned tips, there are three most important things to factor in. First, always stay hydrated. Second, stay indoors and preferably at a cooler temperature. Third, do not get sunburned again. I know you did not intend to in the first place. But moving forward, you ought to counter some additional preventive measures. Even though you have completely healed, your skin is super sensitive right now and prone to getting a heat rash again. So, stay as protected as you can.

Sun, tan, beach! Anyone?

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