How to increase the cooling of Air Cooler? 7 Tricks that will cost you nothing

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Unlike an air conditioner, an air cooler is an all-season cooling appliance. Whether it’s summer or winter or monsoon, bedrooms or living rooms or open spaces, you can bring home the best air cooler and use it anytime and anywhere. Once you are done with the former, you must know how to increase cooling of air cooler. You cannot be getting in touch with the manufacturer for every little thing, right? Especially when I am here to tell you the drill.

How to increase the cooling of Air Cooler

Remember the innocent days when we opened the refrigerator door only to feel the cool air. That’s how pleasing and calmly it feels. In the times of sweltering summers, having only an air conditioner may or may not suffice your requirements. This is the sole reason for the growing popularity of an air cooler. So, even if you have the best air conditioner at home, it should not influence your decision of getting home an air cooler.


How does an Air Cooler work?

How does an Air Cooler work

Before we get to how to make air cooler more effective, you must be well versed with how the appliance works. So, let me tell you how an air cooler works briefly. The working of the appliance is absolutely uncomplicated. It functions on the basic principle of evaporative cooling.

  • Step 1: Store the water in the air cooler reservoir.
  • Step 2: This water flows to the cooling pad through a pump.
  • Step 3: The cooler then extracts all the heat from the outside and guides it through the cooling pad.
  • Step 4: The water in the cooling pad absorbs all the heat and then evaporates.
  • Step 5: The temperature of the air lowers substantially once all the heat is absorbed.
  • Step 6: The fan then diffuses cold air into the room.
  • Step 7: The process of absorbing the heat and releasing cool air continues.

The work of an air cooler is straightforward and undemanding. You only need to keep in mind that the appliance requires a continuous supply of water.


How to increase cooling of Air Cooler?

1. Keep it in good working condition

Keep air cooler in good working condition

Like any other appliance, you must keep your air cooler in good working condition to derive optimum results. By doing so, you are only going to benefit. Your air cooler will certainly work most efficiently and will last long. The best part about maintaining an air cooler is that you need no professional to do it. You need to follow some basic and simple steps for incredible results. So, let me tell you how to maintain an air cooler.

  • Do a weekly cleaning to ensure there is no accumulation of dust.
  • The fan blades need to be in the best condition. It’s solely responsible for delivering air to you.
  • Cooling pads should be maintained and changed when required.
  • You must lubricant the motor from time to time. It is the adherent of the air cooler and definitely defines the efficiency of the appliance.


2. Keep the windows open

Keep the windows open with Air Cooler

When you want to get well-versed with ways to increase the efficiency of an air cooler, you must unlearn the rules you follow with an air conditioner. In fact, it works the reverse way. Let me tell you why.

An air conditioner cools the room effectively when the windows and doors are tightly sealed. But that’s not the case with an air cooler. We have already established in the appliance’s working that an air cooler adds water to the air. This makes the air moist and humid. To eliminate all the humidity and damp air, keeping the windows and door open is necessary. This will ensure all the hot air goes out and the room temperature comes down quickly.

Well, I am not asking you to open up all the windows in the room. You could open one or two. Know the right combination based on trial and error. Expert recommends a space of 2 square feet of unrestricted air relief. However, if you are using your air cooler in closed rooms with no accessibility to windows, then you must turn off the water pump to eliminate humidity.

Coming back to your question, how to use an air cooler in the room? Here’s what you need to do.


3. Ice, ice baby!

how to add ice to the air cooler

Not just your drinks, but now freeze some extra ice for your air cooler as well. This one’s a tried & tested way. Adding just a few ice cubes to the air cooler can enhance the cooling tremendously. Ice will make the pads cooler and disperse cool air. The modern air coolers are equipped with a dedicated ice compartment to provide maximum convenience to the users.

The process is super simple. You only have to add some ice. However, you have to be mindful of the quantity. Adding too much can lower the evaporation process. In that case, the efficiency of the air cooler will drop down drastically. I would recommend making use of ice only in case you are dealing with oppressive heat.

Pro Tip: Air coolers come along with ice chambers and ice trays. Opt for the one with an ice chamber.


4. Clean the air cooler before every use

Clean the air cooler before every use

No matter how often or seldom you use the appliance, cleaning it before every use is imperative. Remember one thing, an unclean air cooler will never be efficient enough to deliver the best. The good news is that cleaning an air cooler is absolutely hassle-free and not at all time-consuming. What process of air cooler cleaning should you follow?

  • Every air cooler has dust filters at the back of it. You must check if any debris or dust is sitting on it. If yes, remove it right away.
  • Make sure the cooling pad is sparkling clean. Clogged cooling pads put a lot of pressure on the motor, which will diminish the efficiency of the air cooler.
  • Keep the water tank clean as well. You only need water and some liquid soap to do so.
  • Wipe the fan blades and the air cooler exterior with a wet cloth.

Sounds easy, right? Often wonder how to make air cooler more effective? These minor efforts can enhance the efficiency of your air cooler and how! So, pull up your socks and get going.


5. Position it well

well position of air filter

The best part about an air cooler is that you can position it where and how you like. There’s no drilling and grilling in the wall. It’s portable, and you can change positions at your convenience. Firstly, choose an air cooler as per your requirement. Air coolers do come in varied sizes. If you have even the slightest confusion, our blog – Which is the Best Air Cooler in India 2023? Top 11 Picks has all the details.

You will be astonished to know that when you are always looking for gimmicks on how to make air cooler more effective, the answer is so simple. A small effort like placement can do wonders. Placing the air cooler next to the window is a wise decision. The cooling formula works like this – More blistering the heat, quicker the evaporation and cooler the air exhaled by the fan. Amplified ventilation works well for air coolers. It can drive out all the moistness from the room in no time.

However, it would be best if you were careful about one thing. Do not open the windows widely when you place the air cooler there. Make an experiment. Open a little, judge the cooling and then decide the cooling. I’ll leave this to you.


6. Use cold water

Use cold water in the air cooler

This sounds obvious, but I am not sure how many of you are following it. Yes, you can use room temperature water as well. However, using cold water will be magical, especially if you want to avoid using ice cubes.

The basic goal of an air cooler is getting cool air. So, if you are struggling to find out how to get cool air from the air cooler? Follow the simple principle of using cold water. It’s as simple as it could get.


7. Examine the cooling pads and saturate them before use

saturate air cooler cooling pads

This is a secret that can escalate the efficiency of the air cooler tremendously. The general working of an air cooler involves the cooling pads taking time to absorb the water. This also delays the process of you getting cool air. So, here’s an easy way you can enjoy instant cooling from the air cooler. What you need to do is, before you turn on the cooler, saturate the cooling pads for a few minutes by filling the water in the tank.

The pump will run the water through the cooling pads. So, the cooling pad will get soaked in advance. This will help in saving your precious time. It will also lower energy consumption substantially. Once you turn on the air cooler, you are all ready to experience cool air. Just remember to fill in the water reservoir completely before you turn on the appliance. This will help in delaying a refill.

A regular examination of cooling pads is requisite. Clogged cooling pads will result in a buildup of minerals. As a result, the efficiency of the air cooler will dwindle. Clean it when required, change it when required.


8. Air cooler tank – no leakage and periodic draining

Air cooler tank draining

We have already discovered how important it is to clean the water tank. Well, you must keep an eye in case of any leakage. Do not give this a miss. It will lessen the capability of your air cooler. So, repair it immediately. If that’s not possible, opt for a replacement.

The water tank of the air cooler should be drained out when it’s not in use. This is a common problem. I have noticed users being lazy about doing it. It may come across as a minor move to you. But guess what, it can have major side effects. When the air cooler is not functional and has water resting in the tank for no reason, it can grow bacteria and mineral buildup. This is sure to lower the efficiency of the cooler.


How to maintain an Air Cooler?

Lubricate Air cooler fan and motor

It is kind of inter-related to your query on how to increase cooling of air cooler. Your air cooler will be promising when you maintain it. Oh, and guess what? Doing it is no biggie! Some basic efforts will help elevate the efficiency tremendously.

Tips for maintaining an air cooler

  • Compared to an air conditioner, an air cooler is certainly pocket friendly. However, that should not lead you to compromise on the handling. Handle the appliance with utmost care.
  • Inspect the wiring periodically. In case of any fault, seek professional help immediately.
  • Vacuuming the grills and fans will be a great idea.
  • Regular cleaning is a must. Do not neglect it.
  • Run the appliance with a cleaning tablet once a month.
  • Store the air cooler properly when not in use.
  • Ensure you fill the tank with quality water.
  • Lubricate the fan and motor once in a while.
  • Clean the exterior with a simple damp cloth.
  • Do not fidget with the electrical cord.


One Last Thought

Well, guys, I hope your query on how to increase cooling of air cooler has been resolved. Now that you have stayed with me till the end, you deserve to know a bit more.

We tried experimenting by going a bit out of the box, which did pure wonders to the cooling capabilities of the air cooler. I would like you to do the same. Add some houseplants to your living room or bedroom, wherever you plan to place the air cooler. It will drastically lower the humidity by sucking up the moisture. It will help the appliance cool the air quickly.

Another way of eliminating the excess moisture in the room is by running a dehumidifier. This simple effort will help cool the room quickly, regardless of how hot and humid it is outside.

So, it’s time to say goodbye with the hope of seeing you soon again.

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