How to maintain an Induction Cooktop? Step-by-Step Guide

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Are induction cooktops easy to clean and maintain? Yes, they are! If that’s holding you back from bringing one home, leave that thought behind. Just like a gas stove, microwave oven, mixer grinder or any other kitchen appliance, an induction cooktop needs regular cleaning and maintenance as well. But get one thing straight; it is not a challenging task. I know you don’t have all the time in the world spending hours cleaning this appliance. So here I am with some uncomplicated and easy tips on how to maintain an induction cooktop.

How to maintain an Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is one of the safest kitchen appliances. But don’t do the mistake of taking that for granted. It requires utmost care and attention. So, you should stay away from complications as much as possible.

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Before I tell you how to maintain an induction cooktop, you must be aware of the consequences of not maintaining one.

  • The efficiency of the cooktop will drop.
  • The cooking experience will become increasingly unpleasant.
  • Accumulation of dirt and debris.
  • The foul odour will spread in the kitchen.
  • Sensors will get weak.
  • The cooktop will beep unnecessarily.
  • The touch panel will no longer work properly.
  • The cooktop will turn on and off abruptly.
  • Heat distribution during cooking might become uneven.

Are you ready to deal with these hindrances? Certainly, not. So, pull up your socks and go all out to maintain your induction cooktop. Here’s my detailed guide on how to do it.


Best Ways to Clean and Maintain an Induction Cooktop

1. Bring home Induction Mats

Induction Cooktop Mats

Induction mats are available in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from as per your requirement. These mats will safeguard your appliance from possible burns, scratches and scrapes. It is designed with silicone and works as the perfect conduit by diffusing the heat between the pan and stovetop. It works on increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the cooktop.

The induction mats are also anti-slip, heat resistant and spillproof. Some of the best options you can find are – Lazy K Induction Cooktop Mat, Sungrace Induction Cooktop Mat for Magnetic Stove Cook, StyleMbro Induction Cooktop Protection Mat and Keadeso Induction Cooktop Protection Mat- nonslip silicone. Use one of these and keep your induction cooktop looking all new and sparkling.


2. No metal scouring pads

No metal scouring pads

Metal scouring pads are one of the most effective cleaning methods. It can eradicate the toughest stain and make the appliance look as new as ever. However, this is not the case with a glass surface. It’s tricky and delicate. Using an abrasive cleaner for induction cooktop is a bad idea. It can cause deep scratches. Therefore, avoid steel wool. Always remember, you must clean an induction with something mild and gentle.


3. No plastic and aluminium foil

plastic and aluminium foil using on induction cooktop

Plastic and aluminium foil is a big no. Make sure you don’t use anything containing these substances. If you do, you will watch it melt in no time. The bad news is that no cooktop cleaner can remove this plastic or aluminium foil.


4. Don’t wait before cleaning the following

clean milk from induction cooktop

In case of any spills, it is recommended by the manufacturers to wait until the appliance cools down completely. However, here’s an exception. You should immediately remove spills of sugar syrup, caramel sauce, melted marshmallows, milk and tomato products. You can use a razor blade scraper and a soft dry cloth to do so. Make sure you do not run the blade anywhere close to the display, though. It will impact visibility.


5. Only ‘induction safe’ cookware

induction safe’ cookware

Induction cooktops are coiled with copper and have a magnetic base. You must have read everywhere how important it is to use ‘induction safe’ cookware. It is because the magnetic base causes the surface of the appliance to heat immediately. If you use a non-induction vessel, it will not heat. Not only that, it will hamper the efficiency of the cooktop in the long run. So, you should do your best to keep such vessels away.


6. Magical solution

white marks on the induction cooktop remove with vinegar and water

How do you get rid of white marks on the induction cooktop? A solution of white vinegar and water can do the drill for you. Spray this solution on the induction and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth. I have also come across queries like how to clean induction with baking soda? That is a super effective method too. Add some baking soda, white vinegar and water to a bowl. Leave this solution on for 20 – 30 minutes. Use a damp cloth or a paper towel; you can wipe off with either. In case of any residue, use a dry cloth.


7. Keep away glass cleaners

Keep away glass cleaners

Most people believe that a glass cleaner is a good option to clean an induction cooktop as well. It is a misconception. I know a cooktop has a glass surface but keep away Windex and other cleaners. The reason being they contain alkali and are ammonia-based. If you happen to leave any remains of this, it can de-escalate the functioning of your appliance and cause major health issues. Ammonia is dangerous. Keep it far away.


8. Natural cleaner

clean glass cooktop with Soapy water and a piece of cloth

If you are looking for ways to clean the induction cooktop naturally, this part is for you. You will be surprised to know how basic the requirement is. Soapy water and a piece of cloth. Yes, that is all you need. I have come across many people who do not prefer using vinegar, baking soda and other cooktop cleaners. Guess what, you can expect the same result with and without them. Heavy stains, grease and burnt food. You can easily get rid of it all. Now the only hitch is that you must follow the procedure after every use to have no build-up. This natural mixture will not affect your glass in any way and leave it shining.


9. Restrict damages and scratches

Fix the scratches off your ceramic cooktop

If you want your induction cooktop to last long, you need to make sure of this. Not like you will damage and cause scratches intentionally, but you certainly need to be extra careful while using one. Yes, you have access to cooktop cleaners, but avoid having any scratches. It would also help if you cleaned the vessel thoroughly before use. Be sure of it being in good condition so as not to damage the surface. External factors like a diamond ring or sharp nails can also damage your cooktop. I advise that you stay very cautious.


10. Toothbrush, toothpaste and toothpick

clean glass cooktop with toothpaste

This induction cleaning method is a bit unusual yet effective. Natural and at no cost. Add some drops of water to the toothpaste and prepare a thick mixture. You could also squeeze in some lime to this. Rub hard with the help of the toothbrush until you get rid of all the stains and burnt food. Once done, you have cleaned all the major portion of it. Now comes the role of a toothpick. Remember, it is a bit pointy, so keep it away from the glass surface. Use it only for the edges. You may find some small bits of dirt, which can come off easily with something as sleek as this. You can also use a earbud to do so.


11. Place it right

Place induction cooktop in right position

Be sure that you are placing your induction cooktop on a stable and flat surface. Also, it needs to be a non-metallic surface. I wouldn’t call a cooktop a delicate appliance, but it is good to treat it with care and vigilance. Avoid keeping anything else nearby. Leave a gap of at least 5 inches around it. Lastly, ensure the surface stays clean.


12. Professional checkup

induction cooktop Professional checkup

You could do everything possible to clean and maintain this appliance. However, a professional checkup is always a good idea. In case of any faulty code or error, get it checked asap. Has the efficiency of your induction lowered? Please do not ignore it. It would get serious by the day. Calling a technician will be a great idea.

You are now well versed with how to maintain an induction cooktop. But the DONT’s are as important as the DOs. I will quickly brief you up on that.

  • Do not keep the induction cooktop on for too long.
  • Do not clean the appliance with abrasive material.
  • Do not keep the temperature very high.
  • Do not leave the food unattended.
  • Do not drop heavy items on the appliance.
  • Do not use curvy vessels.
  • Do not place it on an uneven surface.
  • Do not preheat the vessel.
  • Do not overfill your cookware.
  • Do not slide it too much.
  • Do not use any cookware which is not compatible.
  • Do not neglect any fault alarm.


One Last Thing

Was my blog useful? Believe me; if you do everything on this checklist, you can use the appliance like a boss. You know exactly how to maintain an induction cooktop.

My friend, if you think this is too much, I have a question for you. Are there any gains without any pain? There are no free lunches in the world. On top of that, the comfort and convenience factor of induction cooking is unmatched.

So, get started today!

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