How To Make Your Earphones Last Longer: The Do’s and Don’ts

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It’s no secret that most earphones don’t last very long. Have you ever had to deal with one of your earphones suddenly not working? What if I told you that you could stop that from happening with little to no effort?

How To Make Your Earphones Last Longer

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the best tips on how to make your earphones last longer.


How To Make Your Earphones Last Longer

Make Your Earphones Last Longer


As a bit of a music enthusiast myself, I’ve gone through several pairs of earphones in the past few years. Sometimes, I’d accidentally damage the cable, and other times, I’d end up walking around with them under the rain. Sound familiar? Well, then what I’ve got to say will definitely help you out. Let’s get started.


1. Cleaning Eartips

Cleaning Eartips

Most people I know rarely do this, but you can actually clean the tips of your earphones and make them last longer. Often, earwax can build up on them, leading to decreased sound quality and even actual damage in rare cases. All you need is some water and a cotton swab to clean them. Remove the rubber tip from your earphones and wet the cotton swab with water. This should help you get rid of all that wax and even dirt.


2. Avoid Unplugging The Connector With The Cable

Avoid Unplugging The Connector With The earphone Cable

When you unplug your earphones, always hold the connector and not the cable. This might seem like a minor thing, but it can actually do a lot of damage over time. If you repeatedly tug at the cable, it can fray and eventually break. Try to avoid doing that as much as possible, and you should be able to keep your earphones working for a long time.


3. Avoid Tangles As Much As Possible

Avoid Tangles As Much As Possible

When you tangle up your earphones, it puts a lot of stress on the cable, eventually leading to damage. To prevent something like that from happening, you can use a certain technique that significantly reduces the tangling issue. Here’s how the technique works: you need to take the wire and wrap it around your index and pinky finger in a loop. Keep doing that, and you’ll eventually end up with a nice, tangle-free coil.

Additionally, it would also help if you avoided haphazardly storing your earphones when you’re done using them. Don’t simply toss them in your backpack or pocket – that’ll only lead to more tangles.

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4. Use The Storage Case Your Earphones Come With

Use The Storage Case Your Earphones Come With

A lot of times, people just throw their earphones in their bags or pockets without any protection. This is a terrible idea, as it can easily cause damage. The best way to store them is by using the storage case that usually comes with the earphones. This will help keep them from getting tangled and protect them from dust and other debris.


5. Avoid Bending The Cable At Sharp Angles

Avoid Bending The Cable At Sharp Angles

When you’re not using your earphones, try to avoid bending the cable at sharp angles. A lot of people tend to let their earphones hang off the edge of their desks. You might want to do that to avoid tangles, but you’ll still end up damaging your cable. That’s because the cable will be under extra stress, especially if the eartips are hanging downwards and pulling on it. Everything I’ve said earlier is much better at keeping your earphones tangle-free without risking damaging them in other ways.

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6. Keep Your Earphones Away From Heat Sources

Keep Your Earphones Away From Heat Sources

In most cases, you shouldn’t have to worry about this, but it’s best to be aware as many places in India can get incredibly hot at times. If your earphones aren’t made of good materials, they might deteriorate in certain conditions, like when you leave them inside a car on a scorching hot day. Doing such a thing can affect the plastic of the earphones, especially if it’s low quality plastic. Regardless of the materials used, I’d recommend keeping your earphones cool and not letting them get unusually hot to make them last longer.


7. Avoid Letting Your Earphones Come In Contact With Liquids

Avoid Letting Your Earphones Come In Contact With Liquids

Unless your earphones have an IP rating, you should avoid letting them come in contact with any liquids at all. Even something like excess sweat can damage the earphones, and that’s because it can easily get into any opening. If you do happen to get your earphones wet, make sure to dry them off with a hairdryer completely before using them again. That way, there’s no risk of them getting damaged.

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There you go; now you know how to make your earphones last longer. By following these tips, you’ll not only reduce the risk of damage but will also keep them tangle-free, making things more convenient to use. There’s only so much you can do, though. The best solution for avoiding many of these problems is to have a genuinely good pair of earphones.

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