How to maximize AC cooling in summers? Experts Reveal

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Yes, it’s still the winter season. But I am here to well prepare you for the heat and humidity coming your way. Let’s find out how to maximize AC cooling in summers.


Today, the demand for the best air conditioners has surprisingly become immense. Well, I would say it’s now a must-have appliance in every household. Rather, every home has more than one AC, and that’s because Indian summers are dreadful, and every year feels hotter than the previous. This appliance has spoiled us for luxury. But there’s no better feeling than chilling in an air-conditioned room on a sweltering summer afternoon.

How to maximize AC cooling in summers

But let’s face it, it is not just a ‘summer appliance’. We use an air conditioner throughout the year, and it feels blissful. Have you been in a glitch where your AC is new and working perfectly, but you cannot feel enough cooling? Or you have been tossing and turning the entire night, and your sweat is glued to your bed sheet? This is only going to make you restless all night.

Buying the best air conditioner is only half the battle won. Get smart and use it the right way. Yes, there are ways to maximize the cooling. As we proceed, you will realize you were well aware of it but didn’t implement and give it enough importance. So, here are some ac tips for summers you must act upon.


How to maximize AC cooling in summers?


1. Keep the bordering area around the condenser unit free

Keep the bordering area around the condenser unit free


The space around the condenser (outside) should always be vacant so that it does its job right. If heavy objects surround the condenser unit, it won’t perform efficiently. The airflow will be impacted, and the efficiency will diminish. Also, the cooling will be impacted immensely if dust and debris are found sitting on the condenser unit. So, please keep it clean, keep it free.


2. Turn on the ceiling fan

Turn on the ceiling fan with ac

Most people believe that keeping the ceiling fan off will help the AC cool the room faster. This is definitely a myth! Air conditioners and ceiling fans should always work together. When the fan is operational, it helps circulate the AC airflow faster. It also creates a chill wind and stimulates the air conditioner.

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3. Keep an eye on the air filters

Keep an eye on the ac air filters

Air filters are generally the major culprit behind hampering AC cooling. If the filters are clogged with grime or debris, it will cause the unit to work hard to draw in the air. Also, if the filters are damaged or old, it will put a lot of strain on the appliance. And because of that, the AC will take longer to cool the room or sometimes you may find zero cooling and only feel air coming out.

So, it is dominant to keep an eye on the filters. Clean them when needed, replace them when required. The air conditioner’s performance depends a lot on the state of these filters.


4. Install energy-efficient windows

Install energy-efficient windows

The U.S Department of Energy proposes installing energy-efficient windows. These windows help in keeping heat outside. They have a low-emissivity coating that diminishes the room’s overall heat, which directly increases the cooling in the room. These windows also provide better insulation.

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5. Use the right lighting

Using LED lights in room

By ‘right’, I mean energy efficient. Incandescent lights throw out a lot of heat, and this causes the room to get hot quickly. They are far away from being energy efficient. Using LED lights is a good option, and they release less heat and do not get into the way of air conditioners. Another tip to keep the room cool will be to use fewer lights at one time.


6. Keep a check on the vents

Keep a check on the ac vents

Like the filters, the vents also attract a lot of dirt and dust. And if you have pets in the house, pet fur can also be one of the major obstacles. This can diminish the efficiency of the appliance substantially. Therefore, a regular inspection of the vents is a must. Vacuum them whenever required.


7. Examine your outside terrain

Asphalt and other concrete surfaces arounf your home

Ever thought about this? Yes, your outside belongings can also impact your inside room temperature. Asphalt and other concrete surfaces can absorb a lot of heat and thereby raise the temperature around the room. In this case, the AC will work harder to bring down the inside temperature. So, having heat-radiating elements around your home is not a good idea. Though it’s known, planting trees can significantly lower down the temperature.


8. Regular air conditioner servicing

Regular air conditioner servicing

Last but the most underestimated one. Service your air conditioner whenever required. Please don’t wait till it breaks down or stops cooling. Avoiding periodic servicing can result in a much bigger problem and will only have your regret on a hot sunny day. Fix up the annual servicing with a reliable professional and keep away those unpleasant repairs.

These technicians will also look into the drainage pipe if it is in the best condition to make sure it does not negatively impact the cooling. Besides, every component will be checked thoroughly, and you will be all ready to beat the heat graciously!

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AC Tips & Tricks

AC Tips


Barring the ones mentioned above, here are some AC tips & tricks much known to you. Unintentionally, we tend to neglect the most obvious ones. So, here’s a list that you must always pay attention to.

  • Close the blinds in the room.
  • Keep the doors and windows shut.
  • Keep the AC temperature on a medium-high setting.
  • Keep the condenser unit sheltered.
  • Be sure your windows have no air leaks.

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Wrapping Up

Okay, here’s a catch. Even though you have followed the checklist sincerely and taken care of the maintenance aspect, there is a chance your appliance is still not cooling the room the way it should. So, how do you maximize the AC cooling in summers?

Well, it’s time for an upgrade. Every appliance comes with a limited lifespan, and so does an air conditioner. There’s no point in investing heavily in repairing the appliance and being unhappy with the performance. You definitely need a new one, and there should be no second thoughts about it.

And that’s everything you could ever dream of. Get hooked onto my blogs and find your ‘ONE’.

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