How to reduce AC power consumption? Tips & Tricks

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How to reduce AC power consumption? This has become a matter of concern today! Energy bills have now become a rip-off. They have reached sky-rocket prices and can literally take away your peace of mind, especially in metropolis cities.

How to reduce AC power consumption

Let’s be honest; we certainly cannot do without turning on the air conditioner at home. So, that’s not the solution. Also, these tough times of COVID-19 have made us spend maximum time at home. This means the usage of the appliance has gone up tremendously. So, instead of curbing ourselves to luxury, why not figure out how to reduce AC bills?

My simple tips are going to give you incredible results. I am aware of how troubled all are with the spiked up energy bills. So, glance through my tried and tested methods. Execute them confidently and deal with the heat graciously. Oh yes, without the fear of escalated electricity bills.


How to reduce AC power consumption? Expert Tips

1. Keep it shady

Keep ac in shady area

As simple as it sounds, keeping it shady can make a huge difference. It will significantly help your room stay cooler. Not necessarily in the wee hours of the night, but this one’s imperative in the day. Especially on a hot summer afternoon. The reason is that the scorching sun rays can go through the windows and make the room warmer. Therefore, block the sun rays by keeping the blinds or curtains closed. Also, dark-coloured windows can absorb heat to a great extent. Using tinted windows can also help in stopping the sun rays from entering the room. So, keep it as shady as possible.


2. Ensure the air filters are clean

ac air filter cleaning

Blocked air filters can restrict the flow of air tremendously. When the airflow is blocked, it makes the unit work harder, increasing energy consumption significantly. In no time, you will become a victim of outrageous energy bills. Therefore, replacing and cleaning them from time to time is a must. I would recommend you clean the filters once a month. If that does not help, replace them. Consult a professional and take a call.

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3. Annual maintenance

ac servicing

I have often noticed people being negligent about getting an annual maintenance done. My friend, this is a big mistake. Getting it serviced and checked by a professional can certainly help in increasing the efficiency of the unit. Even the best air conditioners can lose their efficiency without servicing. Also, remember one thing, trained professionals are experienced. And they definitely know more than what you do. So contact the manufacturer and sign up for the service schemes they are offering. If you are curious about how to reduce AC power consumption, take this one step forward today.


4. Do not keep the fan off

Here is another common mistake I have noted people make. Keeping the fan off while the AC is on. Remember one thing, AC + Fan = sensible decision. The combination of both keeps the room well ventilated by circulating the cool air in all corners. Fan and AC together will also drive out all the hot air and provide efficient cooling. Once your room reaches the desired temperature, you will not need the air conditioner anymore. As a result, the consumption of energy will automatically be diminished. So, one smart way of preserving energy is keeping the fan on.


5. Every degree matters

set the ac temperature anywhere between 22 – 24 degrees

Who has the habit of setting their air conditioner temperature at 16 and 18 degrees? I know the idea behind doing so is cooling the room faster. But what if I tell you that it’s going to give you escalated energy bills. Okay, now let me tell you something; I bet you didn’t know. Every degree you lower, your air conditioner will consume 6% more energy. So, set the temperature anywhere between 22 – 24 degrees and see the impact on your energy bills. This is one of the best and efficient ways of AC power consumption.


6. Keep away the heat emitting devices

In case you think you do not have heat emitters at home, you are mistaken. Even the simplest devices can produce bucketloads of heat. What all do you have in your room? Television? Computer? Air Purifier? Printer? If you are using all of it when the air conditioner is on, you are doing it all wrong. Keep the use of appliances as limited as possible. Maybe turning off the television is not an option, but what about the others? Avoid using the air purifier, printer, computer or any other appliance. The reason being the amount of heat in the room will increase, and your air conditioner will have to work harder than it should to cool the room. Unfortunately, it will result in high energy bills. So, keep minimum appliances on.


7. Say goodbye to old units

Say goodbye to old ac units

How old is your air conditioner? Every appliance has a lifespan. An AC should last you about 10-15 years if it is well taken care of. Once it crosses that, it will start to give you trouble. If you keep repairing it, you will benefit in the short term from the air conditioner functioning. How about thinking long term? Beyond a point, every air conditioner loses its efficiency. In such a situation, it has to work really hard to cool the room. In the process of doing so, the air conditioner also consumes a lot more energy than it should. You already know the result of this.

So, while you are figuring out ways how to reduce AC power consumption, first say goodbye to an old unit. Which are the 7 Top Best 1.5 Ton Split AC in India 2023? and Top 9 Best Window AC in India 2023: Review and Buying Guide from the Experts have some amazing options.


8. Seal the room windows

Seal the room windows while ac on

Begin with checking your windows for any air leaks. If the windows in your room are poorly sealed, fix them right away. A room with air leakage will only diminish the efficiency of the appliance. That’s because the air conditioner will have to work really hard to cool the room. Thereby consuming a lot of energy. Are you looking to reduce your electricity ac bills? Seal the windows right away!


9. Activate the sleep mode at night

Activate the ac sleep mode at night

The sleep mode is a money saver mode. And almost every conditioner is equipped with this mode. It lets you have a comfortable sleep at night by maintaining the optimum temperature in the room. The sleep mode increases the temperature by one degree every hour until it reaches the desired temperature. And finally, the appliance will turn off automatically. So, you are actually consuming energy while you are asleep. This certainly is a ‘good night’.


10. Invest in the right size

Invest in the right ac size

Air conditioners do come in different sizes – 1, 1.5, 2 tons. The bigger the room, the more tonnage is required. Invest in a one-ton air conditioner if your room size is less than 140 square feet. 1.5 tons should suffice for room size 140-180 square feet. And if your room size is more than 180 square feet, do not consider anything less than 180 square feet. The theory works as follows. If you invest in a 1-ton air conditioner when your room size is about 160 square feet, your unit will not be able to cool the room quickly. Rather it will take very long and end up consuming a lot more energy than required.

So, invest in the right size and keep away exorbitant and alarming energy bills. Now, if you are looking for some options, you are sure to find it on our blog – Which are the Top 9 Best AC Under 40000 in India (2023)? Expert Speaks.


11. Bring home an Inverter Air conditioner

Bring home an Inverter Air conditioner

The best inverter ACs are equipped with all modern cooling technologies and hi-end features. The working of the compressors works such that the compressor draws less or more power depending upon the heat inside the room. The speed and power are adjusted depending upon the requirement. This mechanism allows less competition of energy by the unit. Therefore, they are known as energy-efficient appliances.

So, if you are thinking about how to reduce AC power consumption, do not forget to drop by our blog – Top 9 Best Inverter AC (Air Conditioners) in India: Reviews from the Expert.


One Last Thought

The answer to your question – how to reduce AC bills, is simple. Simply follow my above-listed checklist. Besides the detailed ones, there are a few minor things you could do too. Buy an energy-efficient model. A 5 star rated AC will give you lower energy bills than a four and three-star model. Clear out objects near your air conditioner. Have light colour walls in the room. Well, these are small initiatives but can make a huge difference.

So, here’s to keeping cool with low energy bills. Do not deprive yourself of cool air anymore!

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