How to reduce noise in Mixer Grinder? Know the Best Ways

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Is there a day in the kitchen you can go without using a mixer grinder? No right? From waking up and making your cold coffee or a chocolate milkshake to preparing chutneys for breakfast to pureeing tomatoes and onions for lunch and dinner. This appliance can do every possible thing, and let’s be so thankful for this invention. However, have you ever found your family getting disturbed by the noise of the mixer grinder? That’s the only sad drawback of it. And that’s why I am going to explain to you how to reduce noise in mixer grinder.

How to reduce noise in Mixer Grinder

Well, I am going to give you all the insights you could possibly know from anywhere. Do you know what the best part is? These are all tried and tested remedies by our experts. So, there’s 100% accuracy in results. All I need from you is your precious time. I promise it will be worthwhile.


What makes a Mixer Grinder Noisy?

What makes a Mixer Grinder Noisy

Before you get to a solution, you must identify the problem. So, let’s begin with identifying the potential reasons that make a mixer grinder noisy.


1. Mixer Grinders have a powerful motor

Mixer grinders are equipped with really powerful motors. The motor has fixed magnets and rotating electromagnets. The electromagnet rotates only 180 degrees, and hence the fixed magnets get flipped to ensure a complete rotation. This movement happens at a rapid pace so that all the ingredients get crushed and minced properly. This leads to the appliance getting noisy.


2. Mixer Grinder blades move at high speed

Are you aware of how fast a mixer grinder functions? Yes, that’s another reason for the appliance to get noisy. Mixer grinders run at about 20,000 RPM. To operate efficiently at such a high speed, the motor is obligated to work really hard. This entire mechanism ends in generating a lot of noise.


3. The vibrations of Mixer Grinders

When the motor functions at such a high speed, it makes the whole appliance vibrate. This means that the mixer grinder feet vibrates vigorously on the hard surface you have placed it on. So, yes, this gives birth to loud noise.


4. Grinding of heard ingredients

Crushing hard ingredients like peppercorn, ginger, sugar, etc., can create immense noise. Once you turn on the appliance, all the tough ingredients begin to rub against each other. The noise will certainly vary depending upon the ingredient and the jar material.


5. Mixer Grinder components

You are bound to face issues if the mixer grinder components are not of good quality. So yes, while you are trying to cut on the budget, be ready to face unpleasant consequences. I am not asking you to go all out on the spending. But with low price comes low quality as well. When manufacturers deliver affordability, they tend to compromise a bit on the quality of the product as well. They make use of cheap materials and bearings. Hence, when you avoid using a hi-end model, you also invite trouble with using a cheap one.


How to reduce noise in Mixer Grinder? Know it from the Expert

How to reduce noise in Mixer Grinder

I wouldn’t lie by saying that you can make the noise disappear. However, I can give you some brilliant and easy ideas that will help you reduce the noise substantially. So, let’s find out how to reduce mixer grinder noise.


1. Keep the mixer grinder away from the wall

Be smart and keep your mixer grinder at a distance away from the wall. There’s a scientific reason behind it. The flatter the surface, the more noise it is capable of reflecting. The wall reflects the sound generated by a mixer grinder, and it further bounces around and creates even more noise. For this very reason, you must prevent placing the mixer grinder in a corner. There’s a reason why I am specifying about the ‘corner’. Because most people place it in a corner, and that’s an ideal situation for the sound waves to be at the maximum level.


2. Rubber feet can do the drill

Rubber works amazingly well in diminishing vibrations. The lesser the vibrations, the less noisy the appliance will be. Well, pick up your mixer grinder and have a look. Most probably, the appliance will have rubber feet. Considering this aspect, manufacturers ensure that every mixer grinder comes along with rubber feet. Rubber is known to be an acoustic noise-dampening element. It is capable of making drastic changes in the sound level.


3. Make use of a soundproof box

In my opinion, this is one of the most effective ways of dealing with a noisy mixer grinder. You can either get hold of one from the market or make it yourself. In either case, it is not an expensive affair. But placing the mixer grinder inside the soundproof box will solve your problem tremendously.


4. Soundproof the kitchen window

In most cases, you may not need this. However, I am considering extremity right now. This solution is for people who have their kitchen windows adjoining their neighbours. It will be a great idea to soundproof the kitchen windows. It will keep the noise completely inside your house and ensure your neighbours have no complaints whatsoever.


5. Place it on a sound dampening mat

When you are finding out the most effective solutions on how to reduce noise in mixer grinder, there is no way you can miss this one. Placing your mixer grinder on a sound damping mat is one of the smartest things you can do. We have already discussed how vibrations can lead to a really noisy mixer grinder. Using the sound dampening mats can make a huge difference. The reason being, once sound waves hit them, they do not vibrate. Because of this, they cut off the entire transmission. So, no vibration and no sound.


6. Use the mixer grinder at the right time

As silly as it sounds, using the mixer grinder at vague hours will only make it worse. If you start your day early, do not begin by using the mixer grinder at odd hours. For example, if you have woken up at 6 am and start preparing your breakfast and lunch at that hour. Keep the work of the mixer grinder for a later time. However, less noisy your appliance will be, there will be some omission of sound for sure. It will only end up disturbing the people in and around your house. Also, avoid using the mixer grinder in the afternoon, during peak hours of napping.


7. Use the right mixer grinder

How about using the best mixer grinder? Trust me; it makes a huge difference. Buying a dependable brand makes a huge difference. There’s a reason why Bajaj, Philips, Preethi Zodiac, Sujata, Philips are famous and promising. The exclusivity in the features is impressive. Noise control being one of them. Therefore, investing in a well-grounded one makes it a wise decision. To know everything about each of them, do not forget to check my blog – Which are the Top 9 Best Mixer Grinders in India? Know it from the Experts.


How to Maintain a Mixer Grinder?

How to Maintain a Mixer Grinder

Barring the things mentioned above, it will be a sensible option to maintain the appliance as much as possible. You will be amazed, but in some or another way, maintenance can help lower the noise significantly. You know what they say ‘small things make a huge difference’. In this case, it’s completely true.

  • Avoid grinding hot ingredients.
  • Please do not run the mixer grinder for more than three minutes at once.
  • Keep the appliance away from moisture.
  • While you are operating the appliance, go from low to high. Do not jump at the highest speed right away.
  • Make sure the jar is locked properly.
  • Clean it properly after every use.
  • Avoid using local accessories. Stick to what’s provided by the manufacturer.
  • Grease the mixer grinder blades periodically.
  • Ensure the mixer jars do not overflow at any point.
  • Do not fill the jar with ingredients that are not meant to go inside.
  • Seek professional help when required.


One Last Thought

Go ahead and share knowledge with all your friends and family on how to reduce noise in mixer grinder. You are now skilful in doing so. Well, besides noise reduction, taking care of the appliance is important. Most manufacturers provide a ten-year warranty on the motor and five years on the body. But what beyond that? Yes, I promise your mixer grinder can last you longer, provided you treat it with utmost care.

To begin with, you must first identify the problem. Once that’s done, what am I here for? I have a solution to every problem. Hey, I am not joking. Check my blog – Common Mixer Grinder Problems & Solutions, to know it all.

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