How to save electricity at home

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So you want to know how to save electricity at home. In a word, the most straightforward answer is that you need to reduce electricity consumption. Sounds pretty easy. But it is challenging to implement in everyday practice.

How to save electricity at home

Here are some Tips & Tricks on how to save electricity at home

Move to LED bulbs

Do you still use traditional lamps or Tubelight? It would help if you replaced them with LED bulbs or LED Tubelight today.

LED bulbs are much more energy-efficient, last longer and provide a much brighter light than traditional lamps.

Turn off unnecessary lights

Many times we keep lights on unnecessarily. Do not turn on the lights unnecessarily. Also, you need to turn off the lights when not required. It would help if you made it as your daily habit.

Use Sunlight

Many people keep the lights on inside the room during the day. Do not turn on the light during the day. Instead, open windows and let the natural light come into the room.

Use AC correctly

AC is an appliance that consumes a lot of electricity.

If it’s not too hot, use a ceiling fan instead of an AC.

You should set AC at 25℃. It will help you save electricity. Keeping the AC temperature too low can lead to higher power consumption.

When the AC is on, you need to make sure your room is entirely airtight. Also do not open the door repeatedly.

If you are using an old window AC, then you should now replace it with a modern energy-efficient split AC.

Switch to energy-saving fans

India is a tropical country. India has hot weather for nine months a year. Therefore, your fan has to run for almost whole year. That’s why a fan is one of the significant contributors to your electric bill throughout the year.

Old Traditional fans consume a lot of electricity. If you are using an older fan, you should replace that with a modern energy-efficient fan.

Use refrigerator properly

Keep your refrigerator away from heat sources such as sunlight or the oven.

Do not open the door of the fridge unnecessarily. Repeatedly opening the refrigerator door will put pressure on the compressor and increase the power consumption.

Do not keep hot foods in the refrigerator. Let them cool before placing in the fridge.

In the case of a manual refrigerator, you should defrost the freezer regularly. It will help to keep your electricity bill low.

Do not store too much food in the fridge. Leave some space inside the refrigerator to allow the airflow circulate freely.

If you are using an old traditional refrigerator, you should replace it with a 5-star energy saving refrigerator.

TV and Computers

When we do not use the TV or computer, we put it in sleep mode. But even though they are in sleep mode, they consume little power.

Soundbox, set-top box connected to the TV and printer, a sound speaker connected to a computer also consume power.

So when you’re not using a TV or computer, please turn it off completely.

Washing Machines

Many of us use the washing machine daily. In this case, power consumption goes up.

Do not use the washing machine daily. Instead, use it in full load at an interval of 2 to 3 days.

Reduce the use of extractor fan

Do not use the extractor fan unless necessary. Instead, open the windows, let the fresh air come inside the room.

These slight changes will make a big difference at the end of the year.

Unplug Electronics

When unused electronics are plugged in, a small amount of power is wasted. It is a significant amount of energy if calculated throughout the year.

Therefore, be sure to unplug all electronics while going out for a few days vacation.

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