How to treat acne at home? 5 Easy & Effective ways

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What makes a grand entry and takes the longest time to leave? Yes, that’s the unpleasant acne! And it only leaves us with major disappointment and awkwardness. That’s why I am here to bring forward some easy ways of how to treat acne at home.

How to treat acne at home

Commonly known as a pimple, it surely is everyone’s enemy. And if you are unlucky, you may get one night before your planned beach vacay or just on the day of your family function. What a disaster, isn’t it? Whether it’s a last-minute pimple or a whitehead around your nose, nothing can seem shattering and frustrating at that point. In today’s fast-paced life, it’s one of the most common problems – at every gender, every age group. So yes, we have all battled trying to find out ‘how to get rid of pimples‘.

Sadly, pesky pimples can hamper your self-confidence and also feel super painful. But the good news is that you can get rid of it completely with some of the home remedies. Visiting a dermatologist every time for acne may not be a likely plan. And having all the patience in the world to watch it go slowly is certainly not possible. So, follow my checklist of home remedies for pimples.


What causes acne?

Whether you are an adult battling severe skin issues or a teenager going through the hormonal roller coaster, acne leaves no one. They don’t differentiate in age or gender and attack everyone with the same zest. Of course, pimples arrive when you least expect them. But what causes it?

Here are some of the factors that cause acne, whiteheads or blackheads.

  • Hormonal changes is one of the biggest challenge faced by teenagers. It can cause major acne amongst adults. When a person is in the puberty phase, androgens enlarge the sebaceous glands and create more sebum. This oil counters the bacteria on the pores and leads to major acne. And therefore, even pregnancy and PCOD cause acne.
  • Nutrition and skin health go arm in arm. Lack of vitamin A and C can deteriorate skin health and thereby lead to pimples. Also, controlling deep-fried food, dairy products, alcohol, sugar, and carb-rich food helps curb acne significantly.
  • Stress always affects the overall health of a person. In fact, when you are stressed, it is certainly noticeable on the face. Your skin looks dull, and your stress-related hormones get aggravated. That hormone pumps up the oil production and causes ugly looking pimples.
  • Unfortunately, genetics is also one of the causes of acne.
  • Sleep deprivation can seed major chemical imbalance in the skin. And this can trigger acne.
  • Exposure to air pollutants can impact the skin in many ways. The harmful chemicals attached to the pollution can penetrate the skin, weaken the skin barrier and trigger inflammation. Of course, it can cause acne.
  • Skin infections can also lead to pimples or whiteheads.

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How to treat acne at home in five easy ways?

We know the causes, now let’s get to some of the easy and effective ways to treat acne at home. Trust me; it won’t harm a thing!

how to get rid of pimples

1. Green tea

Most of us swear by green tea for promoting good health. Green tea is not just a sipping game; it goes beyond it. It is high in flavonoids, antioxidants and tannins; therefore can smartly detoxify the body. What it also has is exceptional antibacterial properties. So, it can effectively help you get rid of pimples and even other marks. You can also gently reduce the growth of evil and lessen sebum production. Besides benefiting health, it also works as a great home remedy to treat pimples.

All you need to do is boil some water and slip in green tea leaves or sachets. Once the water is boiled, set it aside for a while and let it cool down. Grab a cotton ball, dip it in the green tea water and apply it to the pimples. You can do this twice a day for quick results.


2. Squeezy lemon

We love lime juice, don’t we? But now, we are not adding it to our drinks or food; we are squeezing it for our face. Lime juice has exceptional exfoliating and astringent properties. Thanks to the high antibacterial nature, lemon juice, hands down, scores very high in treating acne. It is super packed with vitamin C and, therefore, can brighten your skin splendidly. It is also a direct source of citric acid, and so it can diminish the appearance of scars beautifully.

Squeeze some lemon in a bowl and add some rose water and honey to it. Apply it directly to your pimple and keep it for about fifteen minutes before you rinse. Then wash your face with cool water.


3. Moisturize it right

Believe it or not, a moisturizer can control your acne. The right moisturizer can combat many skin issues, and acne is one of them. People with acne-prone skin shy away from using moisturizers because they feel it can create more oil. What if I tell you this is a myth? Moisturizers do not clog pores, do not add to breakouts, do not build-up to the oil, and definitely do not aggravate acne. In fact, you can expect an exactly opposite outcome.

The best moisturizer can help you regulate oil production significantly and decrease breakouts remarkably. Secondly, it can help you get rid of acne. It may not be an overnight procedure, but gradually, you will see sure shot results. To get yourself suitable as per your skin requirements, take a pick from my blog – Top 7 Best Moisturizer for oily skin: Tried & Tested Picks 2024 and Expert suggests 7 Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in India: 2024 Picks.


4. Toothpaste it, baby

Yes, it’s as simple and basic as it could get. You may have come across this suggestion several times but not tried it yet, thinking how a simple toothpaste can help you get rid of that big fat and ugly pimple, right? But the truth is that toothpaste can work beautifully on zits. Well, it was certainly not designed to apply to the skin. But if it can kill bad breath, that means it can help you get rid of bacteria.

Toothpaste contains ingredients like triclosan, alcohol and baking soda that can effectively dry out the pimple and eventually help you get rid of it. You need to apply it to the problem area for a few hours.


5. Aloe-it up

Undoubtedly, aloe vera is super beneficial for the skin in many ways. It has all the essential antibacterial properties that can effectively treat redness, inflammation, pimples and more. It also has anti-fungal properties that prevent skin infection and soothe skin burning. In a nutshell, aloe vera is an anti-acne medicine. The reason being aloe vera has the capability to prevent dirt build-up and sebum production, which is an ideal breed for acne. In the case of pimples already, aloe vera can reduce redness and help you get rid of it completely. It can also lighten scars caused by acne.

You could team aloe vera with lemon juice to make it an effective home mask. Apply this on your face and get ready to energize your skin. However, you could use aloe vera gel as a standalone remedy as well.

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Final Word

And that was a gist of how to remove pimple marks easily at home. But besides applying things to your face, there are a few basic things that can contribute massively to your acne reduction. For instance- exercise regularly, do not stress out for every little thing, get enough sleep, cut down on dairy products, exfoliate as much as you can, treat your skin to yoghurt and papaya, and follow a proper diet.

A simple practice like icing your pimple can also help big time. With all of the above methods, you are sure to get rid of the acne breakout or that one big fat pimple. This means if you have woken up with a zit one day, you don’t have to freak out. You know all the possible solutions already.

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