An In-depth Analysis of The HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier

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HUL has a lot of excellent purifiers that can easily get into top-tier lists, and this model is a good example. We can certainly say that it can easily stand up to other top-quality water purifiers after a close look at HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier. Let us tell you everything we’ve learnt about it.

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 48.5 x 31.1 cm
  • Item Weight: 9.50kg
  • Purification Technology: RO+UV+MF+ Mineral cartridge
  • Storage capacity: 10 Liter storage tank
  • Pre-filter: Included
  • Water Level Indicator: Yes
  • Installation: Free
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Body Material: Plastic

Key Features

  • Uses a 7 stage purification method to deliver pure water with essential minerals.
  • Handles TDS levels upto 2000ppm.
  • Stylish design that looks good in your house.
  • Free installation upon purchase.
  • The installation kit has everything you need.
  • The digital screen is easy to use and lets you view the water purity level.
  • Notifies user when the germ kill kit is about to expire and eventually shuts off if there’s no replacement.

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier 02

Things We Like

  • Has a large tank.
  • A digital screen that is easy to use.
  • Has an advanced alert system.
  • Uses a seven-stage purification system that delivers 100% safe drinking water.
  • Stylish and compact.
  • The Iron cartridge adds other minerals into the water.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Expensive.
  • Customer service delays.
  • Loses a lot of water which might increase your utility bills.
  • No TDS controller.

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier 03

Reasons To Buy The HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier

Stylish design: HUL Pureit Ultima comes in a stylish design that incorporates a sleek exterior and a smooth black finish. Moreover, it has a dimension of ‎36 x 48.5 x 31.1 cm, making it a compact option.

Free installation: The company provides a technician to install the appliance within 24 to 36 hours after delivery. The installation is free. You’ll need to buy extra items, such as PVR, pipes, and pre-filter, which are not included in the purchase price.

Runs with TDS of up to 2000ppm: The HUL Pureit Ultima can handle TDS up to 2000ppm. It doesn’t have any ability to control the TDS levels, though.

An all-inclusive kit: The package comes with everything for an easy start. Inside, there is the water purifier and installation kit. However, the package doesn’t include a sediment filter, pressure reducing valve, booster pump, and Iron cartridge.

The seven-stage purification process: Like other HUL Pureit models, the Ultima uses a 7 stage purification process that incorporates the RO+UV+MF mechanism. In this method, the appliance uses an iron cartridge to add minerals to your water. Some of these minerals include calcium and magnesium, which boost the taste of your water and help change pH levels. In addition, the purification method is highly effective as it uses the RO method that eliminates all the impurities to deliver 100% pure water.

Digital Display: The HUL Pureit Ultima also has a unique digital display that detects water purity levels per second. It can detect up to 5000 times/second, giving you the confidence that the water is high quality. It can also issue alerts and has an auto-shut feature that regulates the purification process.

Advanced alert system: This unit has an advanced alert system that reminds you when the germ kill kit is about to expire. Also, it shuts off immediately after the germ kill kit expires.

Easy to use the button: The appliance is easy to use, and you can press the button to dispense water.

10 litres storage capacity: This Pureit model has a 10 litres storage tank capacity, so we highly recommend it for medium to large Indian families.

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier 04

A Few Notes About The Issues

Increased Water Wastage: Water Wastage may seem like an obvious thing since this is an RO purifier. However, there’s something that sets this specific model apart. Because of a design flaw, it wastes even more water than a standard RO purifier. When its tank is full, it still randomly starts the filtration process, creating extra waste water. You can avoid this by switching it off once the tank is full. This might mean a less constant flow of pure water, but this way, things will be more convenient for you. It’s not that much of a con, especially if you can make good use of the RO Waste Water.

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier 05

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that might clear any doubt you might have in mind.

What is the use of the digital screen in this model?

The digital screen notifies you when the germ kill kit is about to expire and shuts off immediately upon expiration.

Are the extra accessories important?

The other accessories are important since they improve the effectiveness of your water purifier. For instance, the pre-filter gets rid of impurities, whereas the iron cartridge injects the essential minerals into the water.

What does the seven-stage purification system mean?

The seven-stage purification system means that the water goes through different processes to get rid of impurities and dissolvable toxic elements. Besides, essential minerals are added to the water.

Can the HUL Pureit purify the municipal water?

Yes, it does since it can work up to the TDS level of 2000 ppm. Therefore, it’s a versatile option that works with water from different sources.

Does the HUL Pureit have a water-saving feature?

No, this model doesn’t help in water preservation. However, you can collect the water in a bucket instead of it going to waste.

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 litres Water Purifier 01


The purification process in this purifier is very thorough. It even goes so far as to add minerals to purified water for added taste. If you often need a lot of purified water, this one is a good option to try out. That’s because it’s one of the two high-capacity purifiers on our list. Unlike the KENT and Eureka models, this one has a purity indicator, which greatly adds to user convenience. Despite the large capacity, this purifier is also quite compact, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your home.

You can get the most recent details on the pricing and availability of this water purifier by looking at our list of the 9 best water purifiers in India 2024. You will find everything there.


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