IFB vs Samsung vs LG Washing Machine: Which one is the Best?

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Bringing home the best washing machine can be so intimidating. There are a plethora of brands assuring lots of tall promises. Some may seem genuine some wouldn’t. In this competitive world, how do you decide on which is the most dependable brand? IFB vs Samsung vs LG washing machine: Which one is the best?

IFB vs Samsung vs LG Washing Machine

As per our experts, the above mentioned three brands certainly have the potential to satisfy each user. However, the disparity lies in what each of them has to offer. Before I begin, I would like to clarify that I am not here to tell you who’s better than who. In my opinion, each of them is promising and guaranteeing with their performance. So, how do you do decide on which is the right one for your household? Leave that to me!

IFB vs Samsung vs LG Washing Machine: Know it from the Experts

Coming back to the question, how do you decide on which is the best washing machine brand for your household? Our experts have compared the three well-deserved brands in every aspect and pointed out the exclusivity and limitation of each one of them. Let’s begin glancing through it.

1. IFB

IFB Washing Machine

Found in 1974, the brand was originally known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited. Eventually, the name got changed to IFB. The company caters to all Home appliances like dishwashers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, chimneys, washing machines and more. The brand is, however, well recognized for its washing machines. Front-load, Top load, Washer Dryer refresher; the brand has it all. The Indian company can give any other International brand a run for their money.

IFB front loaders have a capacity ranging from 6.5 – 8.5 kgs. At the same time, the top loaders range from a capacity of 6.5 – 10 kgs. The brand is known to be pocket friendly. Rather, you could say it is convenient for every pocket. You can find a washer ranging from INR 18,000 – INR 45,000.

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What are the exclusive features offered by IFB?

Ball Valve Technology

ifb washing machine Ball Valve Technology

IFBs ball valve technology ensures efficient use of resources. Users have often complained about a large chunk of detergent being washed away right at the start of the wash cycle. To eliminate this problem, IFB has introduced ball valve technology. The appliance uses a ball float right at the beginning of the outlet pipe to block the drainage of washing powder and release the water. The technology enhances the wash performance by preventing detergent wastage.

Foam control

washing machine Foam control tech

Excessive foam has the capability of lowering the friction between the clothes. Due to this, the clothes rub less against each other and end up not being cleaned. Therefore, IFB has introduced foam control technology to keep it under control. IFB washing machines are equipped with a sensor to detect any additional foam. If the appliance discerns extra foam, it dilutes it by pumping in additional water from the inlet. The washing machine then pumps the diluted foam out and then resumes a normal wash cycle. This process increases the time of the wash program by a few minutes.

Triadic Pulsator

washing machine Triadic Pulsator

The Triadic Pulsator technology is discovered by IFB, especially for its top loaders. The mechanization involves three features – soft scrub pads, swirl jets and centre punch. IFB washing machines use soft scrub pads to abolish all the stubborn dirt particles smoothly. The swirl jets initiates a forceful flow of water to dislodge grime from every corner of the laundry. Lastly, the centre punch subtly squeezes all the dirt out. All these three features combined deliver a perfect wash.

Bi-axial rotation

IFB washing machine Bi-axial rotation

Not all, but only the best IFB washing machines are equipped with bi-axial rotation technology. This mechanism provides a flawless 360-degree wash to the laundry. The process involves the horizontal rotation of clothes and is also tumbled vertically. So, the procedures ensure a 4-way rotation of clothes in the dirt. This ensures a 100% loosening of all the dirt from every corner.

Smart Weight Sensor

washing machine detergent loading

Only the premium IFB models are equipped with a smart weight sensor to guarantee the optimized use of detergent and water. The technology senses the laundry load minutely and provides the quantity of detergent based on that. Also, the appliance absorbs the quantity of water accordingly. Not just that, but the smart weight sensor technology optimizes the wash cycle and the spin time accordingly. The technology also smartly notifies the user in the case of an overload. This prevents the appliance from repairs and damages.

What is the warranty period offered by IFB?

IFB provides four years on the product in the front-load washing machines and 10 years on the motor. The warranty remains the same even in the case of the top load washing machines.

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2. Samsung

samsung washing machine

Samsung as a brand needs absolutely no introduction. The company was founded in 1938 in South Korea and diversified in the electronics niche in 1960. The brand is well recognized not just in India but throughout the globe.

Samsung continues growing and innovating with its air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, cooking appliances, smartphones, televisions and more. Speaking about the washing machines, Samsung caters to top loaders, front loaders and semi-automatic washing machines.

Samsung washers have a capacity ranging from 6 – 10.5 kgs falling in the price range bracket of INR 9.000 – INR 70,000. For a detailed review, glance through our blog – The 7 Best Front Load Washing Machine in India (2023): Expert Picks.

What are the exclusive features offered by Samsung?

Ecobubble Technology

samsung washing machine Ecobubble Technology

Samsungs Ecobubble technology is designed for efficient mixing of water and detergent, helping it to penetrate well into the fabrics. The process begins with activating the detergent chamber. The pre-dissolved detergent mixes well with the water in the Ecobubble generator. In this stage, the detergents do not get influenced by the tension of water. Therefore, they are dissolved quickly. It leads to the generation of varied tiny bubbles, which escalate the tension between the fabric and the stain. Due to this, the detergent instantly penetrates the stain and eradicates them even in low temperatures.

In short, the Ecobubble technology helps the user not to waste time in pre-soaking the laundry and heating the water.

Digital inverter technology

samsung washing machine Digital inverter technology

Digital inverter technology has been introduced to enhance the efficiency of the washing machine. The Samsung motor speeds up and down and holds the speed when required to ensure the best results for a promising wash quality. In this process, the motor also ends up consuming less power compared to the traditional ones. This working of the motor generates less noise and friction, delivering a smooth functioning. Samsungs digital inverter technology also helps in increasing the lifespan of the appliance since it involves fewer moving parts.

Hygiene steam

samsung washing machine Hygiene steam

The hygiene steam wash is introduced only to deliver 100% germ-free clothes. The powerful feature enhances the quality of the wash cycle when the steam seeps deep into the grimy clothes. The working of the feature is pretty simple, though. The bottom of the drum releases the steam so that every item gets thoroughly soaked. The process eradicates 99.9% of inactive allergens, bacteria and germs.

Diamond Drum

samsung washing machine Diamond Drum

The best Samsung washing machines are uniquely designed with a diamond drum for the proficient cleaning of clothes. The cubic shaped drum ensures that the clothes do not get damaged in the process. The ‘soft curl’ design creates a perfect environment for gentle washing by ensuring that the fabrics don’t catch in the drum.

Magic Dispenser

samsung washing machine Magic Dispenser

The exclusive magic dispenser feature is present in all the best Samsung front loading washing machines. Once the drum is filled with water, the technology dissolves the detergent and liquid substantially for dramatic cleaning. Before the wash cycle begins, the washing machine diffuses it evenly to ensure no detergent residue remains.

What is the warranty period offered by Samsung?

In the case of the Front-Loaders, Samsung provides a 3-year warranty on the product and a 10-years warranty on the motor. The warranty period remains the same even on the top loaders.


3. LG

lg washing machine

Found in 1947, the South Korean company LG has become one of the finest brands in India today. LG offers a variety of high-quality products like smart TVs, soundbars, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, dishwashers, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, computers, smartphones, air purifiers and, of course, washing machines.

LG scores an edge with washing machines since it is equipped with all the high-end and splendid features. The brand has an array of top and front loaders, pleasing every pocket ranging from INR 13,000 to INR 75,000.

LG offers various options to choose to range from 6.5 – 11 kgs. Let’s have a look at what the best LG washing machines are offering.

What are the exclusive features offered by LG?

Turbo wash

lg washing machine Turbo wash

The turbo wash feature is introduced only so that the user can get more done in less time. The mechanization is a killer combination of the drain, rinse and spin to reduce the time required to eliminate all the dirt. The feature utilizes the power motion wash action with escalated water temperature. This speeds up the wash cycle. The technology enhances the washing and ensures efficiency by moving the clothes in all directions.

LG ThinQ

LG smart ThinQ technology

The smart ThinQ technology introduced by LG makes life easy and operating the appliance effortless. With the help of the LG ThinQ, you can start and stop the wash cycle conveniently from the app. The utility does not end there. You can monitor the laundry from wherever you are and get notifications once it is done. Also, you can keep track of the consumption of energy for every wash cycle and set reminders for scheduled maintenance.

Auto-restart and auto tub clean

LG tub clean

Both features offered by LG are exclusive and equally imperative. To begin with the former, the brand has introduced the auto-restart feature to make things simpler for people facing power failure often. With the help of this feature, the washing machine will begin the cycle exactly from it stopped in the power cut.

Also, the auto tub clean feature will help keep the tub absolutely clean by eliminating all the dirt and odour from the drum. The feature helps in preparing a clean tub for the next wash cycle.

Twin Wash

LG Twin Wash

Introduced in 2015, LG’s unique twin wash feature comprises two washers- the main front load washer and the bottom has a mini top load washer. The feature is incorporated to wash two loads at one time. The front main washer is used for heavy and large items, while the bottom mini washer is used for delicate clothes. So, the appliance washes two loads simultaneously without damaging any clothes.

6 Motion Drum Movement

LG 6 Motion Drum Movement

The best LG washing machines have six drum motions to ensure effective wash cycles with different combinations. The motions include filtration, rolling, scrubbing, stepping, swing and tumble. Once you select the wash program and turn on this technology, the drum will move in various directions. This movement will provide proper care for the fabrics.

What is the warranty period offered by LG?

Top loaders and Front loaders, LG offers the same warranty period on both appliances- 2 years on the product and 10 years on the motor.

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IFB vs Samsung vs LG Washing Machine: Which one is the Best?

Our experts have compared the three brands based on a few parameters. Let’s have a quick look.

Rotation per minute (RPM)Comparatively lessMoreMore
Warranty period4 years on the product, 10 years on the motor3 years on the product, 10 years on the motor2 years on the product, 10 years on the motor
Advanced wash technologiesA fewYesYes
In-built heaterYesYesYes
Energy ratingFive starsFive starsFive star

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One Last Thought

Coming back to where we began from. IFB vs Samsung vs LG Washing Machine: Which one is the Best? There’s no winner here. Every potential brand has its individuality.

First, know the features of each of them and then decide on your budget. Speaking only in terms of the pricing, IFB washing machines are great for people low on their budget. Ready to go slightly higher? It’s time to explore Samsung and LG.

PS: Looking to explore top loaders and front loaders separately?

Each of the above blogs deserves your precious time. Don’t miss out!

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