IFB Washing Machine Review 2024

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IFB’s appliances are among the best-rated and most popular ones on the market. In the washing machine category, IFB washers are a terrific choice for anyone searching for a high-quality appliance equipped with various features designed to make life easier. In this IFB washing machine review, we’ll look at the brand’s unique features and some of its most popular items to see why they’re so successful.

IFB Washing Machine Review

IFB Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB is a great choice for high-quality, fully automatic front-load washing machines. Their front loaders use the least energy and save the most water, and they are already regarded as the best washing machines in this category. We’ll include some of the front loaders we’ve tested with our specialists and briefly discuss them below.

1. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Our IFB washing machine review begins with this 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine, which according to our experts, is one of the best front loader models of IFB. The product comes with some great features and attractive prices. Now, let us talk about some things that make this washer stand out the most.

IFB 6.5 kg 5 Star 3D Wash Washing Machine 1


Capacity6.5 kg
ControlFully Automatic
Star Rating5 Star
Number Of Wash Programs14
Build MaterialStainless Steel


  • Offers great removal for stubborn dirt through a 3D wash system.
  • Aqua Energie technology makes it easy to wash even with hard water sources.
  • Fourteen diverse wash programs offer enhanced flexibility.
  • Ideal for areas with power issues thanks to the voltage fluctuations protection.

Reasons To Buy

IFB 6.5 kg 5 Star 3D Wash Washing Machine 2

Cleans And Sterilises Clothes: We strongly advise trying out this washer if you want to have extra protection for your health. It uses hot water to do laundry every wash, so you can rest assured that all the bacteria on the clothes will be taken care of. Even better, it can do that with minimal power impact compared to other washers that manually need to be filled with hot water.

Extremely Versatile: This washing machine has the most wash programs on the list, matching only its high-capacity cousin below it. There are 14 programs that can handle various textiles and filth levels; the program selection system is also well-designed, unlike the 8 kg variant. Not to mention the Aqua Energie feature and the Voltage Protection feature, which allows it to adapt extremely well to unusual conditions.


  • Lots of wash programs.
  • Works with hard water.
  • Clean and easy-to-read LCD panel.
  • Minimal power consumption.
  • Child Lock function for extra safety.


  • Makes noticeable noise.

Star rating: 5/5

So, did anything we said pique your interest? You can look at the full review to learn more about this excellent washing machine.

IFB 6.5 kg 5 Star 3D Wash Washing Machine 3

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2. IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Many IFB washing machines have large capacities, and few of these washers can provide what this model can. It was largely chosen for our IFB Washing Machine Review because of its cutting-edge features and design, but there are plenty of other factors as well. Here is a quick description of these features.

IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star 4D Wash Technology Executive Plus VX ID Washing Machine 1


Capacity8.5 kg
ControlFully Automatic
Star Rating5 Star
Number Of Wash Programs14
Build MaterialStainless Steel


  • Handles hard water well thanks to Aqua Energie technology.
  • Uses a special 4D Wash system to get rid of the stickiest stains.
  • Keeps all delicate laundry items safe through a specially designed drum.
  • Equipped with a built-in heater for better washes and germ elimination from clothes.

Reasons To Buy

IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star 4D Wash Technology Executive Plus VX ID Washing Machine 2

Best IFB Washing Machine For Big Family: We’ve picked options for every kind of user when working on this list. If you’re looking for something premium with advanced features, large capacity and good build quality, you can stop at this Executive Plus VX ID model. It can perfectly wash any amount of load you put in it, and it can do so while barely putting a dent in your electricity bill.

Excellent Drying Speed: We came across various IFB washers with high dry speeds, but we didn’t choose most of them because they traded some washing performance for greater drying performance. This one, on the other hand, can provide among the greatest spin speeds among the brand’s offerings without sacrificing the core wash quality.


  • Adequate for 5-6 people.
  • Low energy and water consumption.
  • Allows loading clothes mid-wash.
  • Convenient LCD panel.
  • Self-cleaning interior.
  • Comes with a heater.


  • Options selection could be better.
  • Post-wash alert is too quiet.

Star rating: 5/5

Curious to see what else this beast of a washing machine has in store for you? Well, we also have a comprehensive review on it that you can check out.

IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star 4D Wash Technology Executive Plus VX ID Washing Machine 3

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3. IFB 6 Kg Dive Aqua SXS 6008 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine

If you’re a bachelor, a couple, or someone with a small family looking for a washer, then you don’t need to go further than this IFB model. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the other washers on our list boast, but it more than makes up for it with its solid build quality, ease of use, and great washing performance. Let’s take a look at what this machine has to offer.

IFB 6 kg 5 Star 2X Power Steam,Hard Water Wash Fully Automatic Front Load 1


Capacity6 kg
ControlFully Automatic
Star Rating5 Star
Number Of Wash Programs8
Build MaterialStainless Steel


  • Aqua Energie boosts detergent efficiency.
  • 8 wash modes assist in cleaning any kind of clothes with stubborn stains.
  • An in-built heater warms the water to extremely high temperatures for more effective washing.
  • Has a Time Saver function that cuts wash time by 45% without causing any damage to the garments.

Reasons To Buy

IFB 6 kg 5 Star 2X Power Steam,Hard Water Wash Fully Automatic Front Load 2

Ideal For Smaller Families: This washing machine is superb for bachelors and small families of up to 3 members. It doesn’t have a large capacity, but it more than makes up for it with its superior build quality and set of features. That makes it one of the more cost-effective options for low-capacity washers too, which is one of the primary reasons we decided to add it here to our IFB washing machine review.

Excellent Build Quality: One more great reason to get this washer is that it’s incredibly compact, one of the most compact options we’ve come across from IFB this far. This ties in with the needs of a smaller family, as it can easily fit into small homes while taking in minimal space. Even better, it’s built to last as long as higher-capacity washers, so it’ll serve you well for a long time.


  • Equipped with a heater.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low noise and vibration.
  • Takes extra care to protect fabric colour.


  • The display needs improvement.
  • After-sales service quality is mediocre.

Star rating: 5/5

So, think this washer meets your fancy? If you’d like to see what else this IFB washing model offers, you can check out our detailed analysis of it.

IFB 6 kg 5 Star 2X Power Steam,Hard Water Wash Fully Automatic Front Load 3

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IFB Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB is well-known for producing high-quality front-loading washing machines. They do, however, generate remarkable options in other categories. For example, their top loaders are among the best top-load washing machines on the Indian market. Here are a few noteworthy ones that stand out the most.


4. IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

When it comes to IFB’s top loader category, nothing comes close to this 7 kg fully-automatic washing machine. From its looks to its performance, it has everything going for it, which is why we’ve decided to put it as one of our top picks for the best IFB washing machines. Let’s take a look at what this advanced washer has to offer.

IFB 7 kg 3D Wash technology, Triadic Pulsator, In-built wheels, Smart Sense Fully Automatic Top Load 1


Capacity7 kg
ControlFully Automatic
Star Rating5 Star
Number Of Wash Programs6
Build MaterialStainless Steel


  • Triadic Pulsator Wash removes dirt in three steps by employing various approaches.
  • Smart Sensor optimises the washing process based on the load.
  • Aqua Energie dissolves detergent more effectively, resulting in more efficient cleaning.
  • The Crescent Moon pattern on the drum shields your garments from damage.
  • Rust-free construction and rat prevention provide optimal endurance.

Reasons To Buy

IFB 7 kg 3D Wash technology, Triadic Pulsator, In-built wheels, Smart Sense Fully Automatic Top Load 2

Best Mid-Range Washer: If you’re tight on the budget and can’t go for a high-end washer, this one is your next best choice. It offers the perfect balance between pricing, capacity and features. In fact, this washer has some unique features that made IFB a popular brand, like the Triadic Pulsator.

Does Washes Super Fast: Though it doesn’t offer many wash modes, this model has some of the fastest wash times among IFB’s top load washers. It can get large loads of laundry cleaned in no time, and it can do that without damaging clothes- a common issue with other top-load washing machines.


  • Quick wash times.
  • Advanced automated functions.
  • A good number of wash programs.
  • LED display that is both attractive and detailed.
  • Manual programme customisation.


  • Needs more wash programs.

Star rating: 4/5

Feel free to give our exclusive review a look to learn more about this washing machine.

IFB 7 kg 3D Wash technology, Triadic Pulsator, In-built wheels, Smart Sense Fully Automatic Top Load 3

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5. IFB 6.5 kg TL-REW Aqua Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This 6.5 kg washing machine comes with all the convenient features that top loaders are known for. Furthermore, it also has a fully automated operation to add to the convenience and provides an excellent washing experience. It’s a rather basic option, all things considered, but it’s an excellent pick if you’re looking to buy something that isn’t very pricey. Keep reading to see all the things we learnt about it.

IFB 6.5 kg TL-REW Aqua Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 1


Capacity6.5 kg
ControlFully Automatic
Star Rating5 Star
Number Of Wash Programs8
Build MaterialStainless Steel


  • The 3D Wash System removes sticky dirt.
  • The Triadic Pulsator cleans every corner of the fabric.
  • It has an integrated sensor that configures the washer based on the weight of the load.
  • Aqua Energie technology is capable of converting hard water into soft water.
  • It is simple to use thanks to a well-designed LCD panel.

Reasons To Buy

IFB 6.5 kg TL-REW Aqua Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 2

Best Entry-Level IFB Washer: This is one of the key reasons we chose this washing machine for our IFB Washing Machine Review. It’s difficult to find decent top-load washing machines at low prices, but this one performs an excellent job of providing good value for money. If you’re on a tight budget and searching for an IFB machine with powerful capabilities and exceptional wash quality, this model is worth a look.

Top-Tier Savings: Don’t be fooled by the lack of an inverter; this IFB washing machine can easily compete with the most power-efficient inverter machines from other brands. Even if you use it to clean multiple loads of clothes, it’ll barely consume much energy; the same even goes for water consumption.


  • Perfect for small families.
  • Great washing performance.
  • Safely handles voltage fluctuation.
  • Uses advanced sensors to set options automatically.
  • Works well in areas with hard water.


  • It’s noisy.
  • It takes up an unnecessary amount of space.

Star rating: 3/5

To see details about the performance and durability of this IFB washer, you can go check out our in-depth review.

IFB 6.5 kg TL-REW Aqua Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 3

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A Rundown Of Some Of IFB’s Best Features

IFB started nearly four decades ago, in 1974, as a manufacturer of engineering tools. Today it has established itself as a premium brand in the consumer electronics market.

Although the company started to manufacture washers much later in 1991, since then, the brand has come a long way and has established itself as the market leader in the washing machine category with its advanced technology and superior build quality.

For this IFB washing machine review, we’ve picked 5 special brand-exclusive features that make IFB washers stand out from other options.

Here are detailed descriptions of how they work.


1. AI Smart Sense: The Perfect Option For Savings

AI Smart Sense

The AI Smart Sense is one of IFB’s simplest yet most powerful brand-exclusive features.

An IFB washer equipped with AI Smart Sense can offer more efficiency by reducing power and water usage.

Another good reason we wanted to include this feature is that it can also use sensors to apply detergents based on the load. So, these washers are particularly convenient as you never have to put in extra effort to measure the right amount of detergents.

To top that all off, these washing machines can also set their settings by themselves based on the type of load the user puts in, ensuring that the best washes are done with minimal user intervention.

2. 4D Wash: For Deep Soak And Detergent Dissolvement

Like AI Smart Sense, the 4D Wash System is another simple but effective mechanism.

When you load your clothes and start the wash process, the washer sprays four strong jets of water from the top, with each jet going in a different direction. This helps the detergent dissolve properly while ensuring it reaches every nook and cranny of the clothes. Due to all that, the washer can make the best use of its resources to give the user a perfect wash.

3. O2 Air Bubble Wash: Using Bubbles For Enhanced Cleaning

IFB O2 Air Bubble Wash

This feature produces millions of air bubbles and discharges them into the surrounding water. They penetrate deeply into the fabric fibres, activate the detergent, and aid in the release of the most tenacious stains. The Air Bubble Wash System breathes freshness into your garments while also ensuring a thorough wash.

4. Cradle Wash: Safety For Your Fine Clothes

IFB Cradle Wash

So far, the features we’ve discussed in this IFB washing machine review seem like they aggressively work on the stains in clothes. So you might wonder, “Are my delicate clothes going to end up damaged?”

Well, IFB has your back with the Cradle Wash technology. This technology takes care of your fine and delicate clothes like laces, silk, baby wear etc., while the washer actively works on removing stubborn dirt from your laundry. It even goes as far as to ensure that the detergent isn’t too harsh on these fragile fabrics. Neat, huh?

5. Aqua Energie: To Help You Wash With Hard Water

IFB washing machine Aqua Energie technology

Hard water is a common problem in many places in India. Besides harming your health, it also creates problems for your washing machine.

Most high-end washing machines can deal with hard water to some extent. However, they usually don’t have a specific feature to handle such water. IFB washers, on the other hand, make use of Aqua Energie technology to turn hard water into soft water.

This technology consists of a special filter that breaks down the bicarbonates in hard water into tiny crystals. Since these crystals are small, they are washed away with water, reducing the chances of the supply pipe being clogged- the other parts of the washer are also more protected from damage. There’s also a beneficial side effect to the process; your detergents will dissolve better in water- both powder and liquid ones.


Other Things To Consider Before Buying an IFB Washer

Whether you’re getting a new washer as a replacement or getting a washer for the first time, it would be in your best interest to refresh your knowledge of all the things that make these machines tick.

We’ve made that easy for you by compiling a list of the essential specifications and general features you need to look at. This buying guide section will complement the features we wrote about for our IFB washing machine review. If you combine everything we say in the earlier section with everything in this one, you can certainly get yourself one of the best washers from IFB.

1. Capacity

washing machine capacity

Of course, it’s always best to start with the capacity. You never want to waste too much power and water or struggle to fit clothes into a washing machine too small.

When it comes to IFB washing machines, we can suggest some guidelines for you to follow. If you’re single, anything under 6 kg will be fine.

For a small-medium-sized family, your best bet will be to go for a washing machine with a 6 kg to 6.5 kg capacity. However, if your family holds five or more members, you should go for a washer with 8 kgs capacity or more.

Something else to keep in mind is the interior space- you won’t find this in any official description from the brand. However, if you look through the reviews, you can find if the interior fits the external size and capacity of the washer. Ensure to keep an eye out for information like that, as interior spacing can vary from washer to washer.

2. Form Factor

IFB top and front load washing machine

The next big thing to look at is how the washing machine is designed; there are two distinct designs- Front Load and Top Load.

The benefits and performance of your washer depend on which of the two designs you purchase. We’ll include basic descriptions of both washing machines for your convenience.

  • Front Load Washing Machines: Front Load washers have a vertical door on the bottom facing the user. You have to bend down to load clothes in these washers. But, to compensate for the discomfort, these machines clean clothes incredibly well, without causing the slightest harm to clothes.
  • Top Load Washing Machines: Unlike Front Load washers, these have a door at the top. Top Load washers offer similar performance while also coming cheap. However, they are slightly rougher on delicate clothes.

The differences mentioned above are the most distinct ones. However, both models have significant upsides and downsides. You can go for either type without worry; we’ve compiled our IFB washing machine review based on every kind of washer.

3. Automation

The amount of manual intervention needed in a washer can also vary greatly. Washers are primarily classified by their form factors, though their level of automation is also a thing to pick between.

  • Fully Automatic Washing Machines: Fully automatic washers need minimal user interaction. They can even load detergents on their own.
  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machines: Semi-automatic washers need more user input, which may seem irksome, but they have advantages compared to fully auto models. One of the biggest advantages is that you can manually ensure that little water gets wasted by having more control over the operation.

4. Inverter

ifb washing machine inverter technology

Inverter washing machines offer significant energy savings. They can adjust their performance based on the load they’re working on, which lets them cut down on power costs.

Compared to non-inverter washers, they practically provide double power savings, albeit at a higher price. Unfortunately, IFB doesn’t have a good enough selection of inverter washing machines.

You should still be well off if you pick a model from our list, though; we’ve done comprehensive power consumption tests on every one of the models. One of the major criteria we considered for this IFB washing machine review was energy usage, so you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills at all with our options.

5. Wash Programs

IFB Wash Programs

The number of wash programs available in a washing machine is definitely something you should remember to look at. Most models come with at least 3 wash programs for the most basic fabric types.

However, in some higher-end models, you can find as many as 8 to 14 wash programs designed to handle very specific types of clothes or stains. There are even options optimised to wash delicate fabrics like silk or baby clothes.

6. Spin Speed

ifb washing machine spin speed

While washing machines generally won’t completely dry clothes for you, models with good spin speeds can still help get the job done faster.

We recommend going for models with spin speeds higher than 1000 RPM. If you purchase a washer with a spin speed higher than that, it can dry your clothes up to 80%, so they’ll take very little time to dry fully once you leave them hanging on the clothesline.

7. Water Consumption

Considering water consumption is particularly important if you live in an area where water sources aren’t effective or easy to access.

Some washing machines come with special features to offer extra water savings, like the AI Smart Sense feature we emphasised in this IFB washing machine review. The type of washing machine you get will also greatly impact water consumption.

8. Durability

Good washing machines from all brands are usually made of durable material. You can take things a step further, though.

Firstly, you can ensure that the washer comes with something that helps it handle hard water; using such water constantly can wear down the machine. If you live in a coastal area, you must also get a washer that doesn’t rust easily- it has to be made of stainless steel.

Since washers generally work with water, manufacturers already ensure they’re rust-proof, so there’s not too much to worry about. However, we suggest keeping an eye out in reviews for any weaknesses against rust.

9. Extra Features

ifb washing machine child lock

There are specific extra features you can look for that will make your life a lot more easier if you make sure to get them.

Such extra features aren’t as game-changing as the ones we wrote in the first part of the review, but they’re great quality-of-life inclusions.

You can also find variations of these features among brands like LG and Bosch, which is another reason we didn’t add them to our main IFB feature list.

Here are some of the best ones you can find in good IFB washers.

  • Laundry Add: This one is an incredibly handy feature. Sometimes, you might occasionally forget to put in a piece of clothing. With a washing machine that has Laundry Add, you can load laundry even in the middle of a wash cycle without resetting the washer.
  • Auto Balance: Unbalanced loads in washers can lead to increased noise levels, which makes using the machines very annoying. Auto Balance distributes clothes evenly once they’re put in, reducing the chances for vibrations and, as a result, reducing noise production as well.
  • Time Delay: If you need to stick to a schedule but are usually busy, then a time delay can help. This feature lets you set up a wash cycle hours beforehand. Just leave your clothes in, and once the timer is up, the washer will start up on its own with any settings you apply.
  • Auto Restart: This feature is ideal for those that live in areas with power issues. When the power goes out and comes back again in the middle of a wash cycle, a washer with Auto Restart will automatically turn on with the settings it was using in the last wash and continue the cycle where it left off.
  • Voltage Fluctuations: There’s a microcontroller inside some IFB washers where the circuit monitors the voltage all the time. When that voltage exceeds the safe operating limit, the washing machine pauses. Then, when the voltage is stable, it resumes the operation. We’ve included a few models with this protection in our IFB washing machine review.
  • Child Lock: Last but not least, this one’s the feature to have if you’ve got kids. It’ll keep them from messing with the settings and hurting themselves or the washing machine.

10. Filters

ifb washing machine filter

Washing machine filters can help you avoid having lint accumulate in your washer’s interior or your clothes, and they can also get rid of other unwanted particles.

Although, do note that harsher particles like sand can still make their way into the washer and cause damage to it.

11. Warranty

As with all other appliances, your washer will likely break sometimes. Remember to get a reasonable warranty to ensure you spend as little as possible on repairs. Most IFB washers offer a decently long warrant – most of the models we’ve picked for this IFB washing machine review have a fairly long warranty. We advise doing light maintenance on your washer every once in a while, as that’ll go a long way towards saving you trips to customer care. IFB products are great, but since the brand is newer in India compared to others, customer service can be shoddy in some places.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few common questions we’ve seen people ask about IFB’s washers.

Do semi-automatic washing machines from IFB come with Aqua Energie?

No, they don’t. The feature is only present in the brand’s fully automatic washers.

Which washing machine from IFB would be the best for a room with little space?

If your room is cramped, you should try out the top load washing machines we’ve picked; they have a smaller footprint than their front load counterparts.

Why are there no semi-automatic washing machines on the list?

While IFB is a great brand, we didn’t find any semi-automatic models good enough to include in our IFB washing machine review. From our experience, the company’s fully automatic washers are better in every way.

If you’re looking for a semi-auto option, you’d be better off going for something from LG.

Can I find any good entry-level options from IFB?

Yes, IFB has a few entry-level models that come at an affordable price while offering powerful features- we’ve included a few in our review.

What features should I look for in an IFB washing machine if I have a big family?

For a large family, you’ll need a machine with a high capacity and powerful washing/drying abilities.

It would also be best to look for machines with multiple wash programs since more members mean you’ll have to clean all kinds of fabrics.



We hope you find something you like in our IFB washing machine review. There’s something on our list for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line washing machine with all the bells and whistles or a more budget-friendly option, we’re confident you’ll find a great IFB washing machine for your home.

If nothing meets your fancy, we’re sure our detailed buying guide on the brand will help you find the perfect match for your laundry needs. That’s all for this post. Thank you for reading; we wish you good luck with your shopping!

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  1. IFB washing machine service is the worst service I have seen in entire India. I bought a washing machine from ifb out let and it been stopped working in few weeks but then I started calling support and raised the compliance but never resolved its been 3 month still my complaint is not resolved

    • We’re sorry to hear about your inconvenience. From our experience we have seen that IFB’s after-sales service is satisfactory.

      Lockdown has been going on across India for the last three months due to Covid 19 Pendemic. In this situation not only IFB but all the brands are failing to provide proper service to the customers. We hope your problem will be resolved soon.

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    What kind of service is this I don’t understand.this is the only brand I think giving this kind of worst service. I have the call recordings too…and i can prove it.

  7. IFB washing machine service is the worst service I have seen in entire India. I bought a washing machine from IFB outlet and it been stopped working in a few weeks, but then I started calling support and raised the complain but never resolved my complaint.

  8. AMC service very very poor, after 10 days of the complaint, nobody from the company turned, and on phone, they reply irrelevant answers. Jaipur Service centre persons every time speak lie and provide false information. I strictly condemn this IFB product due to very poor service in Jaipur.

  9. This is the worst company fooling around the people selling used, refurbished products. We recently purchased an 8-kilo front load washing machine from the Reliance store as we opened the item a big crack on top of the washing machine also rubber ring that fits the front door is damaged. The item is used as it was assessed by the IFB technician. I recommended to the public not to purchase IFB products they are scamming people around.


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