How The JBL Flip 5 Can Spice Up Your Fashion And Music – An Extensive Review

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JBL is one of our favourite brands now. Not only have they gotten into our lists every year, but they’ve also managed to do that with more than one product. The JBL Flip 5 is supposed to be one of their best products, and it does not disappoint. Let us tell you why.

JBL Flip 5 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 1

Dimensions18.1 x 6.9 x 7.4 cm
Battery Life12 hours
WaterproofNo, only Splashproof
Charging Time2.5 hours
Bluetooth Range10-15m
Max Power Output20 Watts
CompatibilitySmartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Audio Players
Exterior Build MaterialFabric Mesh

What We Like

  • Good sound quality in terms of both clarity and bass.
  • IPX7 waterproofing keeps the speaker safe.
  • Party boost lets you connect multiple speakers and blast powerful music when hosting parties.
  • Many colour choices, along with a sturdy design.

Why Is It Good?

  • Premium sound.
  • Waterproof.
  • Ideal for parties.
  • Racetrack-shaped drivers.
  • Bass radiators.

What Are The Drawbacks?

  • No Mic for hands-free calling.
  • Only uses Bluetooth 4.2


Why Do We Recommend The JBL Flip 5?

JBL Flip 5 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2

Tougher Than Average Build Quality: JBL never skimps on build quality, and the JBL Flip 5 is no different. It’s made of plastic, but it feels good to the touch and looks like it can take a beating thanks to the durable fabric and rugged rubber housing. The speaker is also IPX7 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Racetrack-shaped Drivers For Better Bass: The JBL Flip 5 uses a unique driver design that gives it unparalleled bass. The drivers are shaped like a racetrack, producing deep, rich bass without sacrificing clarity. We were able to hear vocals perfectly when we tested the speaker with very loud and noisy soundtracks.

Pairs With Other Speakers: The JBL Flip 5 can connect wirelessly with other JBL speakers to create a powerful sound system. This is perfect for parties or any situation where you need to fill a large space with sound.

Good Battery Life: You’re not getting 24 hours’ worth of life compared to speakers like the Sony SRS-XB33. However, the modest 12-hour duration is still reliable. We spent a few days testing the speaker at different volumes and found that it lasted fairly long without any inconsistency. If you go outside, you can still enjoy your tunes for a full day without worrying about recharging.

11 Expressive Colours: The JBL Flip 5 is available in 11 colours, so you can find one that fits your style. The colours are all very vibrant, and the speaker looks good in any of them.

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JBL Flip 5 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 3

Take Notes

Uses Outdated Bluetooth Version: One downside of the JBL Flip 5 is that it uses an older Bluetooth version. The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.2, not Bluetooth 5, which is the latest version. This means that you won’t get the same range or battery life as you would with a speaker that uses Bluetooth 5.

No Hands-Free Calling: The JBL Flip 5 doesn’t have a built-in microphone, so you can’t use it for hands-free calling. If you’re looking for a speaker you can use for calls, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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JBL Flip 5 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 4


Does it have AUX?

Yes, it has AUX in.

Can I get calls with this Speaker?

No, it doesn’t have a mic.

Do I need to charge it when it's connected with an AUX wire?

Not exactly. You won’t need to do so if it’s connected to a TV with the AUX wire. However, you need to have a little charge before connecting or disconnecting.

What is it charged with?

You can charge it with a Micro USB cable, and you can also charge it with a mobile charger.

Why not the JBL Flip 6?

We’ve also tested that model, and we think it has more significant flaws than its predecessor. Since Bluetooth speakers are already very small, they need to have decent bass. The Flip 6 doesn’t have that, though. Hence, it’s not versatile enough for us to consider it one of the best Bluetooth speakers. The bass is really bad, making it a bad option for the price it costs- it should cost at least 2k less because of the quality of the bass.

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JBL Flip 5 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5

Bottom line

This speaker’s design may appear simple, yet it is one of the best designs we’ve seen when researching the market. The majority of the thousands of reviews on its product page confirm this. Speaking of reviews, this speaker is clearly a fan favourite among the general public, with over 100k ratings, the majority of which are 4.5 stars. Indeed, we’re not the only ones that believe this speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

The only significant drawback is the lack of a microphone, which is situational. It’s also easy to ignore the fact that Bluetooth 4.2 is used. It’s unquestionably a pleasure for the ears. This minimalist and elegant gadget can be used indoors and outdoors and comes in several colours. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy using it.

JBL Flip 5 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 6

To see updated information regarding the availability and price of this Bluetooth Speaker, you can check our list of the 9 Best Bluetooth Speakers In India 2024. It’ll have everything you need.

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