An In-Depth Review Of The LG 6 kg 5 Star Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine

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This LG 6 kg 5 Star Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine is the first LG washer we reviewed. Our experts think this fully-automatic washer is one of the best washing machines in India because of its modern features and cost-effective pricing. Let us give you a thorough rundown of this product’s performance.

LG 6 kg 5 Star Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine


Capacity6 kg
ControlFully Automatic
Star Rating5
Dimensions44 x 60 x 85 cm
Product Weight62 kg
Max Rotation Speed1000 RPM
Number Of Wash Programs 10
Build MaterialSteel


  • Two inverter Direct Drive motors work together to offer maximum washing efficiency while ensuring minimal noise production.
  • Makes clothes extra cleaner through a dynamic drum which moves clothes in several directions to reach every spot.
  • Uses a steam wash mechanism to remove germs alongside regular dirt and stains.
  • The 6 Kg capacity is ideal for couples and small families.
  • Auto Tub Clean makes maintenance easier by keeping the drum odour and residue free.


  • Doesn’t use much power.
  • Low noise.
  • Effectively cleans different types of fabrics.
  • Comes with a child lock.
  • Robust build quality.


  • Not the best for washing heavy clothes.
  • The power plug is a bit too big for a regular outlet.


Reasons To Buy This LG 6 kg 5 Star Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 6 kg 5 Star Front Loading Inverter Washing Machine 1

Power Efficient: The most important feature of this washing machine is its inverter technology. One of the advantages of this technology is that it can automatically adjust the motor speed depending on the washer’s internal load. As a result, inverter technology can significantly reduce power consumption. In fact, the energy savings offered by this washer are so good it’s rated 5 Stars in that regard.

Efficient Performance: Another essential feature of this washing machine is the 6-motion direct drive technology. There are mainly two advantages of this technology; let’s discuss them briefly. Firstly, the benefit of 6-Motion Direct Drive technology is that it rotates the drum in multiple directions. The rotation occurs in various directions, and it cleans stubborn stains while taking care of your delicate clothes, so they do not become damaged during washing.

Low Noise Production: The use of Direct Drive technology also means that, unlike traditional washing machines, the drum is connected directly to the motor without using any pulley or belt. That minimises mechanical friction, leading to dramatically less noise and vibration.

Multiple Programs: Moving on, this washer can provide you with a plethora of wash programs. The more programmes a washer has, the more versatility it provides. Using these programs, you can take advantage of the additional washing facilities; they’re more than sufficient to clean most materials adequately.

Has A Child Lock Feature: While this washer is primarily made for couples or singles, we also think that its capacity will work well for small families with three members, primarily because of the Child Lock feature. Plus, there’s another point towards the capacity; the interior washing space is bigger than what you’d get in other 6 kg washing machines.

Designed To Last: To begin with, we ran this washer through some tests to see how well it’ll last. It performed well even when we washed clothes with particles on them that might damage the interior (like sand). Even if you somehow run into problems with this washer, you can easily use the Smart Diagnosis feature to fix the issue yourself without bothering to reach out to a technician.

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LG 6 kg 5 Star Front Loading Inverter Washing Machine 2

What We Didn’t Like

Doesn’t Handle Heavy Clothes Well: Due to its small capacity, you can’t effectively use this washer for heavy clothes. We could only fit a few of those during tests without compromising the machine’s performance. If you need to do something like that, we recommend going for a washer with a higher capacity.

Needs A Separate Adapter In Some Cases: To use this washer out of the box, you need a socket for a 16A plug. If you don’t have one, you must buy an adapter separately.

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LG 6 kg 5 Star Front Loading Inverter Washing Machine 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a stabiliser?

No, this LG 6kg Front Loader doesn’t come with a built-in stabiliser.

Is this washer easy to move around?

No, you can’t move this washer around easily as it doesn’t have wheels.

Can it handle hard water?

Only to a certain extent. We wouldn’t recommend getting this washer if the water in your area has a high hardness level.

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LG 6 kg 5 Star Front Loading Inverter Washing Machine 4

Bottom Line

This LG 6 kg 5 Star Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine is more cost-efficient for medium-sized families. In most cases, a family of such size won’t be able to make good use of a bigger washer like one with an 8 kg capacity. So, if you’d like to save up on some money, this washer is the best choice regarding front loaders. It even comes with a child lock and health-protection features, which aren’t things you see in washers of similar price. In fact, we’d say this is one of the best LG washing machines we’ve reviewed in this price range.

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