6 Reasons You Should Buy The LG 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Washing Machine With Wind Jet Dry

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When it comes to semi-automatic washers, LG doesn’t really provide very good options. However, this LG 7 kg 5 Star semi-automatic washing machine can easily stand up to its more advanced counterparts regarding performance. How? We’ll tell you all the reasons in this detailed review.

LG 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Washing Machine


Capacity7 kg
Star Rating5 Star
Dimensions47 x 79.5 x 97.5 cm
Product Weight33 kg
Max Rotation Speed1300 RPM
Number Of Wash Programs3
Build MaterialPlastic


  • Fast drying with high spin speed and special air vents.
  • An extra lint collector reduces the chances of the washer breaking down by catching the lint from clothes during the wash.
  • Built to last with a body made of high-quality plastic and rat-resistant chemicals.
  • Comes with a dedicated Gentle wash mode to help clean delicate clothes without causing harm to them.


  • Good for delicate clothes.
  • Simple controls.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Doesn’t have lint buildup.


  • Not very quiet post-wash.
  • No wheels.
  • Short power cord and inlet water pipe.


6 Reasons To Buy This LG 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

LG P7020NGAZ 1

  1. Outstanding Drying Capacity: The spin tub rotates at a high RPM to provide optimal performance. Your clothes will come out as clean and dry as when you first wore them. In fact, this washer has the highest spin speeds among all the high-end LG washing machines we’ve reviewed. Of course, any good washing machine worth its salt comes with good drying capabilities. But, this one also uses an extra mechanism called Wind Jet Dry to make drying even faster; this mechanism uses air vents to circulate air inside and reduce moisture.
  2. Perfect For Delicate Fabrics: There’s even more to this washer. You get powerful washing capabilities without compromising your fabrics. The wash programs come with a lot of thought put into them. You have the option for regular washes, but you can also choose specific settings if you need a more delicate wash. Additionally, there’s a Strong wash mode for when you’re having trouble with tough dirt stains. We’ve noticed that the Strong wash mode even works nicely for harder-to-clean garments like jeans.
  3. Handles Detergents Well: Though there’s no information on paper, this machine can handle detergents very well. Whether you use powder or liquid detergents, it’ll provide proper distribution of either to clothes, using everything you put in with maximum efficiency. There won’t even be any residue left for you to clean up.
  4. Comes With A Collar Scrubber: Top loaders are usually better for washing scruffs and collars of clothes; this one comes with a convenient collar scrubber. If you use it in combination with a normal wash, you’ll get results that match even some of the most expensive top-loading washers.
  5. Top-Tier Build Quality: This LG 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine also deserves points for its build quality. It’s made of sturdy, high-quality plastic and can easily stand the test of time. There’s even a cherry on top of that; this washer is equipped with Rat Free technology, which keeps its internals safer from unseen pests. Thanks to all that, you won’t have to deal with many problems with this model. Do note that the chemical is used in places you won’t be touching, so you or your clothes won’t become toxic.
  6. Best Semi-Automatic Washer For Medium-Sized Families: With its 7 kg capacity, it’s more than capable of serving a small family. There’s no child lock, but the overall capacity is more than enough to handle the laundry of three to four people.

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Reasons To Avoid

  1. Loud After Washing: We would advise not using this washer if you have anyone sleeping in the next room. It performs quietly enough during wash, but a very loud buzzer rings at the end of the cycle. It runs for one minute straight, and there’s no way to stop it from ringing automatically.
  2. No Wheels: This one is certainly an inconvenience, as many other semi-auto washers come with wheels that make them easier to move. However, if you want something from LG, you have to make this compromise. Their best semi-auto washing machines don’t have wheels. If you really need the portability, you can buy a separate base to move the washer with.
  3. Short Pipe And Cord: As it comes out of the box, you must place this washer close to the electric outlet and water source. However, this isn’t much of a con, as you can get extensions for a fairly low price.

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Does it have an inverter?

No, there’s no inverter technology included with this washer.

What's the motor type? Copper or aluminium?

This washer uses a copper motor.

Does it fully dry clothes?

No, it dries upto and around 80% based on the thickness of the fabric.

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LG P7020NGAZ 4

Bottom Line

This LG 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Washing Machine With Wind Jet Dry is the best option for anyone on a lower budget. It comes with a much lower initial cost than our earlier washers while offering excellent performance and a high capacity at the same time. Don’t let the lack of an inverter worry you; it can still provide the 5 Star rated power efficiency it claims on paper; we’ve run extended tests on it with various loads to make sure of that. Additionally, you’ll also get one of the best benefits of semi-automatic washers if you go for this model; a much shorter wash time.

You can find information regarding the pricing and availability of this washing machine in our comprehensive post of LG Washing Machine Review 2024. It includes all the products we’ve looked at, as well as some buying tips.

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