7 Reasons to switch over to a Memory Foam Mattress

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Oh, hello there, you beautiful people! I am so overwhelmed to have you back. Well, I am here to speak about memory foam mattresses and why you should switch over to them without having any second thoughts.

Reasons to switch over to a Memory Foam Mattress

What is better than having a good nights sleep in a blink of your eye? Absolutely nothing! Let me rather put it up this way. Isn’t it so disturbing to have a sleepless night? What are the repercussions? You begin to feel that you have insomnia. You cannot focus at work the next day. You are restless all day long and can’t wait to go to bed. But guess what? The cycle continues. It’s such a helpless situation.

Did you ever consider changing your mattress? Yes, there’s a high possibility of nothing being wrong with you or your sleep pattern. The problem may actually lie in your mattress. So, here I am to speak about the best mattress- The memory foam mattress. Let’s get started.


Memory Foam Mattress: How does it work?

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses as invented by NASA in the 1970s for aircraft seatings. With passing time, it did gain a lot of popularity in the commercial segment as well. From office chairs to sofas to pillows to home mattresses, memory foam has made its way everywhere!

The memory foam mechanism is incredibly simple. It gives you space wherever you press on it. Also known as viscoelastic foam, it will conveniently move when the user applies force and regains the individualist shape when the force is released. It means that the mattress will effortlessly mould around the person or body shape. The distinct features set aside the memory foam mattress from the standard one.


Exclusive Features offered by the Best Memory Foam Mattress

Exclusive Features offered by the Best Memory Foam Mattress

  • High energy Absorbent
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Responsive
  • Breathability
  • Ultra Base Technology
  • Air Grooves
  • Zero Gravity Form
  • Antimicrobial
  • High density


Why Should You Switch Over To A Memory Foam Mattress

Here are some irresistible reasons why you should switch to a memory foam mattress. I know for sure that after reading this, you will need no convincing. Your bed is going to scream for it. Some unknowns and some knowns!

1. It is Allergy resistant

Memory foam mattresses are constructed of polyurethane foam. The foam is fabricated with fibre with a very dense structure. This heavy and solid composition is resistant to pet dander and dust mites. It can also easily fight off mould. Over a while, mattresses are inevitable to accumulation of allergens. Pick up your mattress and have a look right away. You will be amazed at how you never paid attention to it. But with this bedding, you can be certain of not being a victim of it. Therefore, it is a commendable option for someone prone to allergies. And even if you are not, there is nothing better than sleeping in a hygienic environment. Right?


2. It has Exceptional Motion Absorption

Memory Foam Mattress Motion Absorption

Do you often toss and turn in the middle of the night and then wake up with your movement? It is sure to interrupt your sleep. And, of course, you don’t know how long it will take you to get your beauty sleep back. These foam beddings excel at minimizing motion transfer. They can also absorb all the energy and limit movement completely. Wait, I am not done yet.

Now comes the impressive part. If you share the bed with someone- your partner or your sibling, the foam bed will be a great pick. It restricts the energy to the confined area. So, whether you flip or flop, the other person will not feel a thing. Be ready for zero partner disturbance.


3. It Suits all kinds of sleepers

Memory Foam Mattress suits all kinds of sleepers

Yet another remarkable benefit. Foam bedding suits all kinds of sleeping positions. Are you a back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? Side sleeper? Choosing the right mattress for your sleeping position is so important. If you don’t, you may end up waking up tired instead of refreshed.

In most cases, every sleeper feels comfortable on a different kind of mattress. It means that one mattress is not ideal for all. What if I tell you this one is? Yes, that’s the best part about it. The memory foam mattress can make anyone and everyone comfortable. Its resilient nature can accommodate all sleeping positions.


4. It has cooling technology

Memory Foam Mattress cooling technology

Human body temperature can increase and decrease during the day and even at night. It is natural, and you cannot do anything about it. However, it is scientifically proven that the body temperature should always be slightly low when you sleep. And you can certainly make this happen by getting yourself the best memory foam mattress. Its special cellular structure allows good air circulation even on hot summer nights. The gel-infused layer draws all the excess heat from the body and lets it dissipate instead of intensifying throughout the night. Therefore, you will find your body relaxed, and you are sure to have a ‘good nights’ sleep.


5. It provides unmatched Pain and Pressure relief

Memory Foam Mattress provides unmatched Pain and Pressure relief

When it comes to mattresses, the most common problem I have come across is waking up with back or neck pain. It happens when the bedding is not suitable for your sleep position. Firstly, we have already discovered how memory foam mattresses are comfortable for all kinds of sleeping positions. Secondly, these beddings are equipped with multiple layers of foam. This is firm enough to support all body parts like the lower back, shoulders or hips, irrespective of the body weight. Therefore, you can wake up having no body ache.

The benefit does not end here. If you are already dealing with any kind of body pain, sleeping on this mattress will relieve you from it permanently. The memory foam bedding is structured to detect the sleepers body temperature. Areas of pain always have a higher temperature compared to the rest of the body. The memory foam discovers the difference in no time and works on lowering the pressure in that area. I am not saying that your body pain is going to vanish in one night. However, every passing day you will sense the difference. So, eventually, you can say goodbye to all your body pains.


6. Adaptive to every shape & size

Memory Foam Mattress Shape & Size

Memory Foam Mattresses are a true body fit! Every individual is unique- different body shape, size and weight. But this should not be your worry at all. The mattress can easily mould your body type and deliver the most pleasant experience. Here comes the best part. Another person with a different body type will have the same mattress responding to it in the most comfortable form again. So, foam beddings are designed to provide personalized sleeping. The body-comforting feature promises maximum well-being from head to toe.


7. No- Sinkage

Memory Foam Mattress No- Sinkage

The latest addition of beddings from memory foam is constructed with high-grade adaptive materials. You already know how well they can mould to the body shape. The malleable nature promises the perfect blend – neither too soft nor too hard. The firmness is on point. So, there will be no sagging. Another advantage is that these beddings are known to be less bouncy. Therefore, there will be no sinkage.


Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

Convinced right? Now, if you are already thinking about bringing home a memory foam mattress, I have two things to say. Firstly, you have made a wise decision. Secondly, you don’t have to look elsewhere. Glance through our blog 9 Best Mattress in India 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide to dig deeper on features.


Factors to consider before you purchase a Memory Foam Mattress

Factors to consider before you purchase a Memory Foam Mattress

While you are already hunting for one, make sure to keep these things in mind.

  • Memory Foam Type: There are two types of memory foam mattresses you can choose from: traditional and gel-based.
  • Traditional Foam Mattress: This type of mattress is polymer-based. It was designed in the mid-1990s to contour every shape and type of body. It can conveniently respond to body temperature and keep it in control. The traditional one works on lowering pressure on the back and other joints. It also does a great job of elevating body circulation. These mattresses have a responsive nature with a time range of 40-60 seconds. It is best for someone suffering from poor posture.
  • Gel-based Memory Foam Mattress: Also known as the Visco memory foam, this mattress has a gel infusion to reduce the response time and trapped heat. The gel infusion is either done into the foam or within the layers of the mattress. This mechanism can escalate the airflow, absorb all the body heat and draw the heat away from the sleeper. The responsive time for the mattress is only 30-40 seconds. This one is recommendable to someone who heats up in their sleep.
  • Memory Foam Density: These mattresses come in three different densities – low, medium and high. The high-density mattress is known for its durability, medium density is known for motion control, and the low-density ones are the most adaptive.
  • Mattress Size: You can be certain about finding the most appropriate memory foam mattress for your bedroom because they come in every size. If you are on a space constraint, choose a single bed or go for a king-sized one.
  • Budget: The memory foam mattresses come in every price range. It depends on the type, density and size. Therefore, you can surely get one suiting your pocket. Well, I am not asking you to splurge unnecessarily. However, I would like to remind you that uncompromised good night sleep is super blissful.


How to maintain a Memory Foam Mattress?

How to Maintain a Memory Foam Mattress

Here’s a compact list of Dos and DONTs. Following them is only going to benefit you.

  • DO use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust and mites.
  • DONT let the mattress get wet.
  • DO rotate the sides regularly.
  • DONT keep it near heat emitters.
  • DO place it on a robust platform.
  • DONT let your pets on it.
  • DO leave it to air out.
  • DONT jump on the bed.
  • DO use a mattress protector.
  • DONT ignore manufacturer instructions.


One Last Thought

While sleep needs generally differ from person to person, memory foam mattresses promise to suit all. Bedding can either make or break your good night’s sleep. And nothing can be as peaceful as having a sound sleep and waking up sprightly.

You know what they say- A Man is a genius when he’s dreaming. So, bring yourself the best memory foam mattress, dream on and get ready to conquer the world. Just remember one thing, never go to bed mad.

On that note, sweet dreams!

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