8 Compelling Reasons You Should Replace Your Old AC

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If the AC you’re using is more than 10 years old, it might be time to invest in a new air conditioner. Sooner or later, your old AC is likely going to break down completely and, in some cases, even become a huge risk to your safety. Getting a replacement is a way better option than wasting money on a broken AC.

Reasons You Should Replace Your Old AC

If you’re unsure whether you should stop using your old model, here are some important reasons you should replace your old AC that will certainly convince you.


8 Reasons You Should Replace Your Old AC

1. More Frequent Bacteria Buildup

Old AC Bacteria Buildup

An old AC doesn’t simply mean bad performance; it also means risk to your health. Filters can easily get less effective over time, and certain spots inside the AC can become ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. These, in turn, can be blown around your room, leading to significant health problems like respiratory issues.


2. Old Models Use Harmful Refrigerants

Old AC use R-22 Refrigerants

All air conditioners use refrigerants to cool the air. However, there are various kinds of refrigerants. Many older models use Freon or R-22, a refrigerant now known to be dangerous to the environment. It depletes the ozone layer, which is supposed to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It’s very inefficient, too. So if your AC isn’t cooling very well, getting a new one that uses a better refrigerant can really help you get good performance.


3. Higher Risk Of Fire Hazards

Old AC Firing

An old AC is bound to frequently suffer from malfunctions like a broken fan or ineffective heating pipes. If the AC does have issues like that, the AC can overheat and possibly even cause a fire. The electrical wiring can be an issue, too. It frays over time, and you can’t even notice, as some parts of the wiring are dep within the unit and often away from all the places you can safely check on without consulting a technician. Bad wires can easily cause fires before you take your old AC for its next scheduled technician checkup.


4. Higher Bills

Old Ac Higher Bills

An old, inefficient AC will use up a lot more energy to run. This will show up on your monthly energy bills. Not only that, but an old unit is also much more likely to break down and need repairs, which can be expensive.

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5. Unstable Temperatures

Old Ac Unstable Temperatures

Older ACs can obviously deteriorate and lose efficiency over time. At some point, the wear and tear will be bad to the point that repairs won’t help you at all. Even if you can get the AC running perfectly, it won’t be able to provide the cooling you need at all. Sometimes it might even mess up and make the air too cold, rather than the temperature you set it to.


6. Refrigerant Leaks

Old Ac Refrigerant Leaks

Normally, refrigerant leaks are an easy fix if they’re on the refrigerant line. However, if the compressor itself leaks, it’s better to for the best split AC instead. If you don’t get a new AC and the old model is using Freon, you’ll not only have to add more refrigerant more frequently, but you’ll also be damaging the environment.


7. Water Leaks

Old Ac Water Leaks

Older ACs don’t handle high humidity very well. Condensation can easily build up on their coils and block condensate drains, causing water leaks and damaging the AC unit. These leaks can even damage your ceiling, walls, and floors.


8. Leaky Ducts

Leaky Ducts

As your AC ages, the ducts connecting it to your vents can easily become leaks. You might not even notice at first, as the leaks are often small. However, over time they can get larger and cause all sorts of problems. The biggest problem is that you’ll be losing a lot of cooled air, which will make your AC work even harder and drive up your energy bills. These leaks can also lead to moisture buildup, causing mould and mildew growth. Not only will this make your home smell bad, but it can also cause respiratory problems for you and your family.


9. Misaligned Thermostat Sensor

Old Ac Misaligned Thermostat Sensor

While older ACs can have unstable temperatures for various reasons, the most common one is because of a misaligned thermostat sensor. After using the AC for a long time, the sensor can move out of place from the evaporator coils. As a result, the AC will constantly cycle on and off, causing the temperature to feel uncomfortable. That’s not the only thing you have to worry about, either. The constant turning on and off can cause the AC to break down more often as well.

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Replacing your old AC is a great way to save money on maintenance expenses and keep your home both cool and safe during the summer. Don’t wait until it’s too late, or you might regret it. Plus, the latest Inverter AC models offer a lot of extra convenience and energy features as well. So go on ahead and select a new AC from top AC Brands before summer comes back in at full blast.


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